On Hugh Hewitt’s Thursday radio program, National Review columnist Mark Steyn, who has a forthcoming book called “After America,” explained the United States won’t be able to maintain its military prowess and create a social welfare system on par with Sweden at the same time. And he suggested Americans get used to the latter.

“[I] think when you look at what happened in say, the United Kingdom between the early 1950s and the late 1990s – basically the proportion spent on social programs and the proportion spent on defense inverted and flipped,” Steyn said. “And that will happen here. I mean, we might as well get used to it. The idea that the United States can have the kind of government on the scale that Obama and Harry Reid foresee with $15 trillion dollars of debt, adding another $7 trillion dollars of debt and maintain a military of global reach, is simply incredible. You can have one or – you can have Swedish scale government, or you can have the U.S. military, but you can’t have both. And I think if you look at which way Obama or Harry Reid or Dick Durbin or any of these guys would want to jump, it’s pretty obvious which way they’re going to go.”

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