The U.S. government has spent $288 million on ammunition for the troubled Afghan National Police (ANP), according to a detailed quarterly report issued by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR).

The United States also has spent more than $366 million on weapons for the ANP and intends to spend another $14.2 million arming the force, according to SIGAR’s report, which highlights a massive amount of waste and abuse in Afghanistan.

A total of $3.4 billion has been spent on equipment and transportation, including weapons, for the ANP, according to the report, which found that “most of these funds were used to purchase weapons and related equipment, vehicles, and communications equipment.”

Taxpayer dollars continue to be wasted on the ANP, SIGAR found.

“SIGAR’s audit of ANP vehicle maintenance,” for instance, “found that the United States spent $6.8 million over 17 months to maintain vehicles that had already been destroyed.”

The United States is set to spend an additional $19.4 million on vehicles for the ANP, according to the report.

SIGAR also found that “a U.S.-funded Afghan Border Police Company headquarters was sitting largely unused,” raising concerns “about the long-term usability and sustainability of an ANP provincial headquarters,” according to the report.

The United States has also provided major funding to pay for ANP salaries.

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