According to our recent survey, more than a few members of our Armed Intelligentsia think TTAG should stay away from politics. This site didn’t start in a market research group and it isn’t going to slavishly follow one either. If it has a trigger, it runs. Saying that, I killed yesterday’s question of the day—War. Huh. What Is It Good For?—because it wasn’t gun enough. I reckon this one is. “NATO has scaled back operations with Afghan soldiers and policemen to lower the risk of insider attacks and reduce local tensions over an anti-Islam video that prompted protests in Afghanistan,” reports. Ditto the U.S. . . .

“The U.S. military has suspended the bulk of joint field operations with Afghan troops amid a wave of so-called insider attacks and concern about protests over an anti-Islam film,” reveals.

Insider attacks (a.k.a., green on blue) have taken out 51 troops so far this year. Despite new rules for keeping a watchful eye on Afghani “partners,” including mandating that soldiers keep a loaded gun on their person during any and all joint ops, the killing continues. An Afghan police officer gunned down four U.S. troops in Zabul yesterday.

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