The violent, embarrassing riots that occurred at UC Berkeley weeks ago have been a stain on America’s reputations for peaceful protest and freedom of speech.

UC Berkeley

After a long look at the repercussions of the UC Berkeley riots, the conclusion by many is that the university has no interest in apprehending the violent criminal antagonizers.

Given that the event occurred on a college campus, the last great bastion of institutional hierarchy remaining to serve our nation’s youngest generation, one would believe that every ounce of resources would be exhausted in an effort to bring those responsible to justice.  Such is not the case, however, as UC Berkeley is willingly botching the investigation, allowing these leftist, millennial miscreants to roam free.

“A week ago ago, I blogged to critique the bizarre theory, advanced by Berkeley Professor Robert Reich among others, that Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos might have secretly sent more than 100 thugs to Berkeley to break up his own speech. My post attracted many comments, including many that seemed to support Reich’s theory.

“For those who think there might be some plausibility to Reich’s truly wacky idea, this Feb. 12 Los Angeles Times article may be a useful corrective. An intrepid Los Angeles Time reporter interviewed some of the “black bloc” protesters actually involved in the attack. Here’s what the reporter’s article describes:

“'[Berkeley authorities] were going to allow it to happen until they determined that it was too dangerous for it to actually happen,’ the black bloc member said. ‘So what other choice did we have?’

“‘Berkeley put the blame for the violence at the Yiannopoulos event squarely on the black bloc faction, which campus police said numbered 100 to 150 members.  . . .’

“‘Videos show black bloc members using firecrackers as a shield to get close to the Student Union, where they pulled down barricades. They took turns whacking at its windows with their sticks, rocks and the crowd-control barriers themselves. The bulk of the blows were directed at the Amazon store.  Videos also show black bloc members tackling and assaulting Yiannopoulos supporters.’

Now, with a great many days separating us from the ridiculous event in question, and with no Black Bloc provocateurs in custody, the question remains: Does the left dictate justice on campus these days?

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