Well, now we have it.  Are you happy yet?  According to the

expert, Mr. Gruber, all we have to do to stop this Communist

scheme is to gut the mandate.  Well, a little more than that

would be for the House to defund it, or at least some of the

most egregious parts of it.  So, why is it so bad?

In the most professional exegesis yet of the abomination

called the Affordable Care Act, the true plan of the Act was

illustrated by a University of Chicago professor of

economics, Casey Mulligan, in a speech at Hillsdale College

Free Market Forum in Indianapolis.  In it he pointed out how

the elaborate scheme, with its thousand of pages of the most

confusing rhetoric, is a perfect Marxist outline for wealth

distribution.  Large corporations with over fifty employees

would be taxed (something Justice Roberts got right) in a

way that wouldn’t be called a tax.  They would be required

to provide health insurance or pay a fine.  This, of course,

would provoke companies to reduce employees to part time.

Part time employees would then earn less and the government

(you and me) would provide them a subsidy.  Part time

workers, therefore, would actually make more money than full

time and those non-workers would receive greater subsidies

from the Communist pot for not working at all.

The workers receive less and the non-workers more; get the

picture?  And now that we’ve “read the act,” in “economics

expert Nancy Pelosi’s terms,” we can fully realize how a

knife in the back really feels.  As many have expressed over

the past many months, this Act is the perfect job killer and

redistribution of wealth yet devised.  President F.D.

Roosevelt couldn’t have done better.  We must realize that

offers of “a free ride” always draw a crowd; even those who

“have” are often tempted to indulge when there is a handout.

As a famous industrialist years ago, when asked how much is

enough, replied, “just a little bit more,” is a perfect

example of this behavior.  Mankind, in our basic nature, are


Mr. Gruber spilled the beans when he spoke of the ignorance

of the American voters and how they could be scammed.  Being

the main architect behind the ACA, he fully understood that

rushing this piece of garbage through Congress in the dead

of night, with its incomprehensible gibberish, would

preclude anyone, Nancy included, from reading the bill.  Now

that more and more of it is untangled, the House has the

“mandate” to undo, gut, bury and recycle the whole bill.

Can they do that?  We’ll have to wait and see.  Dr. Mulligan

describes the effect of the ACA as causing “Tax Distortion.”

When companies are taxed, they change the way they do

business; many times, out-sourcing.  When you tax labor, you

get less labor.  The horrendous cost to the economy and jobs

mandates that this scheme be stopped before it gains any

more steam.  I still trust most people to know what’s best

for them and their families, Common Core excluded.