Allowing concealed carry on campus will only perpetuate rape culture, according to the University of North Carolina’s The Daily Tar Heel’s editorial board.

In an editorial published on Monday, the student newspaper criticized the school’s Students for Concealed Carry organization and claimed that the school’s student group “took advantage of the national dialogue on sexual assault to push their own agenda.” According to the editorial board, concealed carry would only further place the blame for sexual assault on victims.

“Like other items on the list of measures that would supposedly prevent attacks, guns would not address the causes of sexual assault,” the editorial board wrote.

“Even worse, they could reinforce rape culture because the burden of stopping assault would be further placed upon women.”

The opinion column also said that allowing concealed carry on campus would also “create the unintended consequence of increased homicides stemming from intimate partner violence.”

“To reduce sexual assault, focus should be maintained on preventative programs that challenge rigid gender roles and promote healthy relationships as well as intervention trainings that teach peers to be active bystanders rather than on measures that will not solve the problem,” the editorial wrote.

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