I have a good friend and former colleague who happens to be quite a bit to the left of me.  He wrote a column recently bemoaning the fact that Republicans in Congress are holding up the nomination by President Obama of another left-wing bureaucrat to head the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  The headline of the article, which my friend probably didn’t write–authors usually don’t write their own headlines for publications–said the hold-up likely will “cause irreconcilable political divisions”.

That claim never was made in my friend’s article, but I could see how an even more leftist headline writer could have inferred it.  I confess the idea disturbed me.  I would point out that there already are irreconcilable political divisions in this country created by this president and democrats.  I list a few:


  • Stripping the U.S. military to a mere shadow of its former self.  We couldn’t fight and win one war against half a dozen countries around the world, much less one and a half.  Anyone who says we’re still the strongest country in the world has no idea what he’s talking about, I can show you the numbers.  We have one heavy division left.  North Korea has 140 of them and China many more than that.  We once had nearly 300 fighter aircraft on “ready alert” to defend the borders from air attack, today we have two!  Those we have are aged and no longer the best in the air.  Our navy is a shadow of its former self, its ships and armaments are a generation old, short on supplies, men and equipment and it’s scattered around the planet.
  • Spying on all Americans–a day foreseen by George Orwell in 1984, written in 1949–realized in our time under this president.  Anyone who believes it was an “accident” I’d like to sell some prime beachfront property on the wrong side of a waterline somewhere.
  • Destroying the coal industry, and likely the utility industry, in the name of junk science–global warming.
  • Using the levers of government–the IRS–to target conservative Americans, including me, I’m sure.  I have contributed to a couple of Tea Party organizations.
  • Rhetoric labeling anyone who disagrees with him as less-than a loyal American.
  • Attacking the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution and Americans’ right to bear arms. Many responsible people keep weapons against the rampant decay of our society. That decay can be laid at the left’s feet along with their fellow-travelers in Hollywood and in our educational systems.
  • Nationalizing an industry–health care–along with many other major steps toward rampant socialism.
  • Forcing religious people to support and pay for things they strongly disagree with, namely abortion and homosexuality.


I could go on and on, but there never has been a more divisive administration, nor one that has created more “irreconcilable differences”.  Those are real divisions.  Refusing to approve the nomination of another left-wing bureaucrat is a minor thing and it’s extremely doubtful conservatives will even be able to block the nomination in the democrat-controlled Senate.  It seems leftists/socialists don’t have much of a grasp on reality or what really constitutes an “irreconcilable difference”.