If you have been a Patriot Update subscriber for any length of time, you have seen products advertised from our online retail store, Patriot Depot. It has produced hundreds of bumperstickers including several that are nationwide best-sellers. You’ve seen them: “O.B.A.M.A.“, “I’ll Keep My Guns, Freedom, and Money…” and “Socialism…”

Recently we designed and ordered some specialty bumperstickers of GOP  presidential candidates Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry. Our full-service printing company, Waymaker Communications, contracted with another printing company to print. When the boxes were opened, the owners noticed some design on the front of the bumper stickers. A big and bold union label had been added: “Sign Display. Painters and Allied Trades, No. 1 Local 820.″

Keep in mind that the hundreds of bumperstickers we have previously done never contained any such marking. Waymaker has a long history with this company. The owners believe that one or more of the employees wanted to make a political statement.

Have some union employees finally seen the light realizing that the unions now do more harm than good? Have they realized that it was the unions that ruined the American auto and manufacturing industries , caused thousands of Americans to lose their jobs and brought about the decline of many thriving American cities?

Why else would the union label be added to the front of these stickers? Are they now supporting the GOP?

Let’s hope so.