Wow. How bad is this bill if even liberal Unions are against it.
Check it out:

President Obama, despite launching a full-court press to woo skeptical Democrats, is struggling to cobble together the votes for his trade agenda in the House — as union leaders ramp up their own pressure campaign to kill it.

The so-called fast-track trade bill — which would limit Congress’ ability to amend future trade deals negotiated by the White House — cleared the Senate last month with the help of 14 Democratic senators.

But the White House faces an even bigger lift in the House, where progressive lawmakers aligned with labor groups are urging their colleagues to oppose the Trade Promotion Authority bill. The issue has flipped the script in Congress, with Republican leaders backing it and rank-and-file Democrats largely opposed. Democratic leaders remain officially undecided, as the president fights for the 218 votes needed to pass.

House GOP leaders have said they are confident they’ll be able to push TPA through this month. But even Speaker John Boehner acknowledged this week that supporters are still short of the necessary votes.

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