Organized labor is bringing 10,000 volunteers and a $25 million budget to the latest round of the union-rights fight in Ohio, pushing an effort to repeal a new state law reining in public-employee unions.

Unions argue that Republicans overreached this spring when they passed Senate Bill 5, boosting health-care and pension contributions for the state’s 360,000 public employees and taking away most of their legislated collective-bargaining rights. The state and regional Democratic Party is offering technical assistance and support to the repeal effort, recruiting thousands of volunteers, providing voter lists for canvassers and helping with fund raising.

A Republican strategist on Tuesday launched a campaign of his own to support the law in the November election that aims to win financial support from businesses. Building a Better Ohio is expected to roll out television and radio ads, but it isn’t clear how much the group will spend on its effort.

Republican Gov. John Kasich signed Senate Bill 5 into law in April and said it would help the state dig itself out of an $8 billion budget gap over the next two years.

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