We all know the adage that reminds us that theft costs us all. Shoplifting raises prices. Someone has to pay for the losses caused by such theft. It is basic to economics and is not hard to grasp. This though seems to have escaped the students and staff of one Ivy League school.

Heat Street reports

Students and faculty members at Cornell University are demanding that the prestigious Ivy League university provide both housing and sanctuary for illegal immigrants who are enrolled in or work at the school.

Over 250 people attended a protest on Thursday in the Arts Quad, which was hosted by the Cornell Coalition for Inclusive Democracy. Per the Cornell Daily Sun, the protesters asked for the University to provide funds for illegal immigrants—even those unprotected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Also on their list of protesters’ demands was a call for the University to provide safe harbor to international scholars “fleeing dangerous situations abroad.”

Now, even though many of this group’s demands were already being met, they decided that they should protest anyway. But, the one thing that we would have to ask is the same one we always must ask when we are told that something should be provided for free: who is going to pay for it?

This group should be reminded that there is absolutely no such thing as a free lunch. If there is a financial assistance program, someone has to pay for that program. I know, the government pays for it, but where do they get that money?

Even if we demand that the University pays the difference and no extra money comes from the state or federal government, where will that money come from? It will have to originate from the tuition paid by the student or their parents.

So, why not let these people put their money where their protest is. I love a real ideologue. They are always willing to pay for their convictions, right? Every one of these protestors should go and volunteer to contribute to the things they are demanding.

Student and professor alike should be willing to do their part. Just have these protestors pay twenty percent more for tuition and housing. Have the professors take a forty percent cut in salaries and benefits.

But, unlike the Christian, the leftist does not want to give their money to pay for what they want to be accomplished. The Leftist wants to use someone else’s money.