Advocating a diminution of US influence is a mainstay of the left.
The elites or illuminati, the candy-keistered-liberal-cream-puffs that they are, have made anti-Americanism globally fashionable. And that includes their purportedly red, white and blue representatives.
This is a collective that favor burquas to budgets and care more about Ben Affleck than Benghazi. And clearly tyranny to America.
Those that campaign for a contraction of American power should be careful what they wish for. Their intellectual orthodoxy, from which only the very brave dare to dissent, is deeply flawed.

Not one of the global challenges facing the world today can be secured without American power and purpose. Objectives as diverse as defeating terror, widening economic opportunity and building a world order based on mutual respect are impossible without it.
The global middle class that has emerged in China and India are history’s vindication of US leadership. Should American power and purpose have been absent in the last sixty years, neither of these nations would be home to this recent reality.
Even casting an Australian eye over the region in which my country finds itself, it is abundantly clear that the world requires US leadership and engagement. The Korean Peninsula, south-east Asian terrorism, the Taiwan strait, Kashmir and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction- all regional flashpoints necessitating resolution that cannot be achieved without the fifty bars and thirteen stripes.

What destiny may befall good nations were America inadequate in might? The world is the safe place that it is solely because of the United States. Yet no one on the left would agree. For them, a weaker America and a stronger anyone or everyone else is better for the world. Their world of the pink unicorn and flying fairies is substantially anemic.
When the books of history are written about our time, what will they say? The choice is ours. Did we succumb to Islam, or did we subscribe to freedom? Did we carry the future generations or did we drown them in socialism? Did we slowly suffocate them in government or did we breathe virtues of victory? Did we teach them to strive for mediocrity or did we allow them to build a vocabulary and lifestyle of overcoming the odds?
America must remain a colossal and shattering power for the good of the world. If not, world demise will happen quicker than a knife fight in a phone booth.

The elites should stop drinking the Kool-Aid and try Coca-Cola.