When millions of Americans are living at or below the poverty level, tens of thousands of American children are going hungry and not having warm clothes to wear, and the US is facing nearly $20 trillion worth of national debt, why are we sending billions of dollars to help support other countries? This is a question that many conservative Americans have been asking for a few years.

During one of the 2012 GOP presidential debates, the question of foreign aid was asked. Herman Cain, just said the issue was complex and needed to be evaluated, which to many seemed like a political way of saying he didn’t know what he would do. When the question was turned to then Texas Governor Rick Perry, he said:

“It’s time for us as a country to say no to foreign aid to countries that don’t support the United States of America.”

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich somewhat agreed with Perry but offered some moderation to Perry’s flat zero start. He said that countries wanting US aid need to justify why and how much they want. Then Rep. Michelle Bachmann said she would reduce foreign aid, but not start at zero, especially in the case of Pakistan because it is an issue of national security.

At the time, some commentators said that foreign aid is only a very small part of the US budget. Over the past couple of years, it had run from $45 billion to $49 billion a year. Barack Obama had requested $50.8 billion in foreign aid for the 2012 fiscal year.

However, at the time, we wondered if the $45 billion to $50 billion figures were just official foreign aid and did not include all of the extra millions that are given to or spent in countries like rebuilding mosques and sewer systems in Muslim nations or the $50 million spent on fighting AIDS and other diseases around the globe?

Democrats have a habit throwing our hard-earned money at the feet of nations that vow to destroy the United States. In June of 2012, the Muslim Brotherhood took control of Egypt. Due to their history of being an extremist Islamic group that supports terrorism, the US Congress put a stop to some of the foreign aid money that had been committed to Egypt. Obama, acting like the dictator he was, decided to ignore Congress and the will of the people and ordered the funds to be released. Congress had also put a hold on the sale of military aid including the sale of fighter jets, but Obama overrode Congress again and sent the war planes and other military aid to Egypt.

Obama stood in support of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood even when they were slaughtering Christians in their homes, streets and churches. Obama and then Egyptian President Morsi were the best of friends, at least in Obama’s mind, and Obama turned his back on his own nation to embrace his Muslim brothers in Egypt.

As President Donald Trump works to keep his campaign promise to reduce federal spending, the issue of foreign aid has once again surfaced, which is why Rasmussen Reports asked voters what they thought about foreign aid. They reported:

“The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 57% of Likely U.S. Voters believe the $42.4 billion the U.S. government is slated to give in economic and military aid to other countries this year is too much. Only six percent (6%) say it’s not enough, while 27% rate the level of foreign aid as about right.”

“Just 22% feel U.S. taxpayers are getting a good return on their investment in foreign aid. Fifty-three percent (53%) say taxpayers are not getting their money’s worth. Twenty-six percent (26%) are undecided.”

Broken down by political party affiliation, they found that 73% of Republicans and 53% of voters not affiliated with any party said the US pays too much in foreign aid. Not surprising, only 45% of the Democrats who responded to the survey said the US is spending too much on foreign aid.

In the same poll, 78% of all likely voters say they believe President Trump is mostly interested in finding solutions that benefit the United States.

Just wished I was asked about foreign aid. Not only do I believe that we pay too much in foreign aid and other foreign spending, but that the US needs to focus on our own financial issues and not those of other nations, especially those nations that want to destroy us. Why are we spending billions of dollars rebuilding parts of the Middle East when our highways and bridges are deteriorating around us. Just think what could be accomplished if we used the foreign aid money here in the US, rebuilding our own nation first. It would not only help rebuild our infrastructure but it would help put tens of thousands of Americans back to work. It’s a win-win situation.