Agriculture Sec. Tom Vilsack announced $6 million in grants Tuesday — Earth Day — to 10 universities for the study of the effects of climate change on agriculture production.
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According to Vilsack, climate change is already having an effect on agriculture in the United States.

“With longer growing seasons and an increased number of extreme weather events, climate-related changes are increasingly posing new challenges and risks for America’s producers,” Vilsack said Tuesday.

USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) grants are said to be aimed at not just getting a better understanding of what climate change is doing to agriculture production, but also at developing ways farmers and ranchers can confront it.

“Every day, farmers and ranchers see the impact that changes in climate patterns have on their operations, and they are contending with drought, floods or extreme temperatures,” Vilsack added. “The discoveries these grants will lead to will be invaluable for American farmers whose livelihoods directly depend on the nation’s land and water resources.”

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