Hey Ogden City Leave Them Kids Alone.

They were king and queen of their homemade castle, but now a city in Utah is threatening to impose heavy fines and even a lien on the family home if they don’t tear it down.

Jeremy Trentelman built a cardboard castle for his kids, who are 2 and 3 years old, in their front yard.

Last week, though, Trentelman reportedly received a letter from Ogden City Code Enforcement officials stating that the castle was violating city code — which prohibits people from putting junk in their yards.

Trentelman has 15 days to take the castle down, or faces a $125 penalty.

Trentelman posted a response on his Facebook page: “ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDIN ME!!!?!”

He later told KUTV, “They can also file criminal charges against us and levy the fines as a lien against the house. So they’re not playing.”

Ogden code prohibits people from leaving “junk or salvage material” on their lawn, which could pose as a fire or safety hazard.

Trentelman said had he not received the demand to dismantle the fort, he would have taken it down in a few days anyway. But after getting the warning from Ogden, he says he will keep Casa Castle up until just before the penalty.

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