While the media have lavished attention upon the Occupy Wall Street movement (although perhaps not on every aspect of that movement),they have turned a blind eye to a march two national patriotic organizations have scheduled for Veterans Day —11/11/2011 —calling for the immediate resignation or impeachment of Barack Obama,Joe Biden,and every official in the Obama administration.

The march on Washington is being organized by Veteran Defendersand the Patriots Union,headed by Major General Paul Vallely.

Its flyer states,“Veterans have called for the resignation or impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama,Joseph Biden,and every member of the Obama administration and they are headed to Washington,D.C. —November 11,2011.”

Americans patriots must stand with military veterans “not just to celebrate our soldiers,”the flyer continues,“but to take our government back from anti-American thugs currently destroying the greatest nation on earth!”

The organizers hope to effect the resignation or impeachment of the president and vice president,Hillary Clinton,Eric Holder,Janet Napolitano,Leon Panetta,Hilda Solis,Timothy Geithner,Arne Duncan,Lisa Jackson,Supreme Court justices Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor,Nancy Pelosi,John Boehner,Mitch McConnell,Harry Reid,every czar,and every other member of the most corrupt administration in memory.

This rally is not merely for veterans. Veteran Defenders’s “Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic” states,“We call upon ALL independent truckers,independent contractors,all non-union workers,all independent business owners,agents and investors,all who support free-market capitalism and the right to work,earn and own,to march together with our veterans and former service members on November 11,2011 – Veterans Day!”(Emphasis in original.)

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