My childhood mentor was my dad, a women’s gymnastic coach and Baptist deacon. So, I’m still doing handstands at age 52, and I’m still going to a Baptist church every Sunday. (They don’t call it Baptist anymore though.)

Obama’s childhood mentor was a community organizer and a communist.  So, that’s what Obama is still doing.  His childhood “church,” Honolulu Unitarian was Marxist.  His Trinity United “Church”of 20 years was Marxist.  And his current “spiritual advisor”  Rev. Jim Wallis is a Marxist. (They don’t call it Marxist anymore though.)

People don’t change.

I was raised in Bible World. We read the Bible at home and discussed it at dinner. We attended church 3 times a week to worship and fellowship with other believers. Our friends were Christians. We read magazines like Decision by Billy Graham. I went to Bible College. I know pastors of large churches. I know the grandson of Billy Graham. I know a Christian lawyer who hangs out with Christian professional football players. So, you see my world is Christian World.

Obama was raised in Communist World.  His parents, grandparents, childhood mentor, comrades, books, organizations, lingo, Marxist professors, and “churches” if you dare call them that all talked the talk and walked the walk of…Marxist World.

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