Zo’s audio book “WEAPON OF A.S.S. DESTRUCTION will be available after JAN. 27, 2012

WEAPON OF A.S.S. DESTRUCTION (A.merican S.ocialist S.tates) Is the rapid fire, armor piercing, bull’ony burning, donkey stompin’ audio book written and read by AlfonZo Rachel.

It’s a work by a Christian conservative republican to help nuke the liberal narrative, and set the record straight about conservative republicans instead of people hearing it from the donkey’s mouth.

It’s a work to defend the faith with the funk, and CONSERVE our REPUBLIC and protect our God Given rights.
It comes at a time when people now more than ever say, “There’s no difference between republicans and democrats anymore.”

That’s because people are hung up on the inevitable fallibility of human kind, instead of sticking to principle. This of course will leave people disenchanted. The principles of the republican party are much different than the democrat platform if the democrats have any redeeming principles at all.
However, liberalism can infect both sides, and when it does, the PEOPLE on either side will look the same; they will look like democrats.

Liberalism causes people to say there’s no differences between the parties.
When we have republicans who deviate from principle and say, “We need to avoid the issues of, faith, abortion, marriage, illegal immigration, etc. then we have republicans that are infected with liberalism, and we can’t tell them from democrats.

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