First Coast News accurately reported on my adventure at the Media Center in Tallahassee yesterday,  “Victoria Jackson of Saturday Night Live fame joined the press conference. She described herself as a “beginner political activist” who’s concerned that the country is moving toward Communism and Socialism because, she believes, the government is increasingly “taking over.”

“This is the opposite of capitalism. It is the opposite of free enterprise and what made America the greatest nation in the world. This bill would be supported by the occupiers, Valerie Jarett, Van Jones, Obama, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Communists, Fascists, Socialists, whatever you want to call it, it’s the government taking over. It’s the government picking the winners and losers. Even though it looks pretty on the outside it’s the way our country is being destroyed right now.”

The bill would provide $16 million in tax credits for renewable energy sources next year and tens of millions of dollars in the following years. The opponents say the Obama administration has already given $17 billion dollars in stimulus money for renewable energy and they think it’s waste to send more cash for those industries.

“Obama is doing this. I call it Communism. Others call it Fascism. But I’ve had enough of it,” said Jackson.

The FSU News said,”Jackson… held up a copy of Sen. James Inhofe’s book about global warming, “The Greatest Hoax,” and said government subsidies and tax breaks for wind, solar and other alternative energy sources is a form of communism.  She mentioned President Obama, Fidel Castro, Josef Stalin, and Mao Tse Tung as advocates of government involvement in business. She also cited a United Nations “Agenda 21” economic development and sustainability initiative that is frequently raised by Tea Party and other conservative activists.  “This is government getting mixed up with business. This is the opposite of capitalism, the opposite of free enterprise,” she said. “Government, get out of our lives. Obama is doing this. I call it communism. Others call it facism. I’ve had enough of it.”  “Oh, you know who else likes this? The United Nations – Agenda 21, OK? Freedom, people, wake up!”

This was my first foray into the actual government process, beside calling and writing my representatives.  My heart was beating fast, but I had studied the issue with Karen Schoen ( ), Bob Root ( and Pam and Rick Dahl (

Bills like 7117 are the sneaky way the Left is killing America.  All of their poison is candy coated.  On the outside, HB 7117 looks like a nice bill that would bring jobs to FL.  Lick the sugar coating off and it’s poison.  Shame on you Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, for advocating this bill.  Looks to me like the Progressive crooks or Soros has sucked you in.  Did they bribe you or threaten you?

This HB 7117 experience for me opened up a can of worms.  I had no idea that the United Nations had “acquired” The Everglades.  I had no idea that the United Nations controls, monitors, maintains and manages many U.S. sites deemed “places of ecological and cultural importance” like the Washington Monument, the Statue of Liberty,  and Yellowstone….”!  I am beside myself with anger.  Senator Bill Nelson is in on this.  He supports the U.N. taking over America!  Call him now.  202-224-3121  Read this by Kris Anne Hall: Florida’s Sovereignty Eroded.

Constitutional attorney KrisAnne Hall says  “This perspective (HB 7117) is not new to Putnam, he has been in favor of the globalization of FL for sometime now.  He supported the collabortion of FL with the U.S. Dept. of Interior and the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture and the United Nations to take private land ownership from the citizens of FL and turn it over to U.N. management.  If you go to the World Heritage Center web site ( ) you will find out that the U.N. already has power over many United States landmarks.  What Putnam did was advocate the Wetland Reserve Program which is …”

U.N. Acquires More of the Everglades

I noticed that some opponents of the bill at the press conference used the euphemism “crony capitalism.” I think the more appropriate word is communism.

One friendly reporter with long hair, a big smile and a beard asked me if this was a “bit”! A comedy bit! I responded by telling him no, that “in 2007 I had my political awakening when I heard someone was running for President who was left of Hilary. But, she’s a socialist! What would that be? …communist!! In 1970 at Dade Christian School I read George Orwell’s prophetic fiction “1984.” My school taught us that communism wouldn’t take over America by force because of the 2nd amendment but it would take over from within, by the breakup of the family unit and by immorality; sex, drugs and rock n roll. In my lifetime, between the ages of 12 and 50 this has happened.” I said that my activism is real because I have children and grandchildren and I don’t want them growing up in a communist country. I started to cry. This part of my speech seems to have been edited out by the three or four cameras that were in the room at the Media Center in Tallahassee today.

See complete press conference here: