A shout out to Bob Barr!! The Baptist church shown is on the upper West side. The handstand at “The Bull” was filmed by a stranger. I don’t know why he turned my camera sideways, unless it was to capture the whole gymnastic trick and not get hit by the oncoming traffic surrounding us. Interesting that this M.D. who was explaining Obamacare to me, and supporting it, accidentally mentioned that he’d just left the medical profession. I asked him why and he wouldn’t answer. He did “poo poo” the “death panels” (the government deciding who gets what care and who doesn’t), which are an actual fact in the Health Care Bill that “had to passed so it could be read.” There is also in the bill, a private “army” that answers only to Obama. To read the accurate Beatitudes go to Matthew 5. To read the story of the rich, young ruler who came to Jesus to ask “What shall I do to inherit eternal life?” go to Luke 18:18. Here you will also find the “Eye of the Needle” story.