I was buying a used pick up truck at a car dealership.  After three hours and the last paper signed, the car salesman volunteered to help me drive my two cars home.  We discussed stand up comedy.  He likes Eddie Murphy and “the Asian girl.”  I told him they were dirty.  I liked Jerry Seinfeld’s clean, smart stand up act.  As I was trapped in the truck with him, driving him back to the dealership, he offered, “I’m a Palestinian refugee.”

I said, “Oh!  You’re from the Middle East?”

He said the name of a town I’d never heard of.

I said, “Are you a Muslim?”

He said, “Yes, I am a Muslim.”

I casually said, “What do you think of 911?”

The air in the truck suddenly electrified.  “It would take more time than this to answer that.”

Then he said our U.S. government was in on it.

I asked him why our government would do that, “To take over the oil?”

He nodded.

I said, “But we have our own oil.  We have a lot here.”

He said, “But you don’t drill it.”

I said, “Obama won’t.”

He said, “What about the other presidents?”

I said, “Good question.  I don’t know why they didn’t.  But we didn’t go to Iraq to steal their oil.  We pay them billions of dollars for it.”

He said, “there is no money …”

I said, “The Kings have it.  Then they come here and go to strip clubs.”  (I knew of an Arab prince in my teenage years.  He never worked and he partied and spent money all day and night.  I babysat for the couple who partied with him.)

He said, “What king?  You are talking about Saudi Arabs.”

“You think the U.S. government did 911 to start a war so they could go to Iraq and steal their oil?”

He shrugged yes.  I said, “But we didn’t steal it.  Iraq still has it.”

He then said that I am not getting the correct information from the media.  I agree with that.  I said, “The media won’t even say that the underwear bomber or the Ft. Hood shooter was a Muslim who screamed Allahu Akbar before he killed the people, and the guy at Hollywood and Vine who screamed ‘Allahu Akbar!…”

He said  “Muslims don’t kill people. Islam is a religion of peace.”


I wish I could have shown him this video at this point in our conversation.

I said, “Peace?!  That’s a lie!  What about the videos of Muslims shouting ‘Death to America!’, burning flags and effigies and screaming that sound with their tongues?  The Qua ran says, ‘Kill the infidel!'”

“Well, some, not all, and no, the Qua ran doesn’t say that.”

“Yes, it does.  My dad has a copy and we read it.”

“It says only to kill in defense.”

“Ha!  You’re lying!  Muslims behead their wives!”

“No, they don’t.”

“It just happened in NJ.  A Muslim beheaded his wife!”

He said, “Every religion has a bad…”

I said, “No they don’t!”

He said, “What about Waco?  He was a Christian.”

I said, “He wasn’t a Christian!  I’ve studied Islam.  You’re lying. Taqiyya .  You’re allowed to lie for Allah.”

“?”  (He never heard of the word!)

TaqiyyaTaqiyya.  Lying for Allah.  Oh c’mon.  Like you’ve never heard of it.  I’ve studied this stuff.  Six hours at an FBI briefing in Washington D.C.  Shariah law.  Go to http://www.shariahthethreat.org   You’ll learn about it.  Documents found in Muslim terrorist cells.  Civilization jihad.  The first part of the Qua ran is peaceful, the second half is violent and you are commanded to go by the most recent writings, which are the last.  If an unbeliever, an ‘infidel’ doesn’t convert to Islam, you are commanded to kill him.  Mohammed was evil.”

The car dealer’s eyes got very, very scary.  “I resent that very much.”

“Mohammed was married to a six year old.  He had sex with her when she was eight.  It’s a fact.  Her name was Aisha.”

He was speechless.

Then he mumbled, “Well, things were different then…”

“No, they still do that. How would you like your eight year old daughter having sex with a man…”

Somewhere in the conversation I said, “Why didn’t any of the ‘peaceful Muslims’ say anything publicly against the terrorist Muslims after 911?”  He said, “They did, but the media didn’t show it.”

At one point he said, “You sound like a Zionist!”  I said, “I am! You guys own everything in the Middle East! Why do you want that tiny piece of land? In the Torah, which was written 600 years before the Qua ran, which stole it’s stories and changed the facts and names, Ishmael was the illegitimate child of Hagaar the handmaiden, and Isaac was the seed of Abraham.”

He said, “You are getting the wrong information.  You are misinformed.  The Fox News and CNN are saying bad things about Islam.  Islam is a religion of peace.”

I said, “No, the media is saying bad things about Christianity.  The media is not attacking Islam.  They are attacking Christianity.  And, if Islam is a religion of peace, why is there a fatwa on my head?

He acted like he’d never heard of the word ‘fatwa’.  He said, “Where?  Who?”

I said, “On the Internet.  Look it up.  Why is there a fatwa on my head just because I am misinformed?  Religion of peace?!”

He said, “You have hate.”

I said, “No, my Bible says to love your enemies, bless them that curse you.  I have no hate.”

We got out of the truck at the car dealership.  He offered his hand and I hugged him.

He knows my address.

If this was an isolated incident, I would forget about it.  But, this was my fifth identical conversation like this in the last few years; a NY cabbie, 4 Washington D.C. cabbies and this.  My truck driver friend had the same conversation at a diner last month.  This is civilization jihad.  Infiltrate and overcome.  The Caliphate.  Look it up.  Get informed.  Spread the word.


Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer aren’t going to talk about it.  They are afraid.