I hopped on the Tea Party Express Bus 2010 on the last week of it’s 4th tour.  It was cramped, exhausting, and sweaty but seeing the like minded throngs in every city across America was thrilling – the people were rising up to assume their responsibility of running this country.

I’m so proud of the freshmen in Congress who are not playing “politics as usual!”  Just wait until we fill the Senate with true patriots in 2012!  Those lousy crooks like Reid are bye-bye.

I encourage everyone to get involved.  I’ve met the greatest people of my life through this grassroots uprising.  I met Palin, Angle, West, Rubio, Bachmann, Hannah Giles, Lloyd Marcus,Andrea, the Rivoli’s, Diane Nagy and Dave Perkins at our last stop D.C. April 15, 2010 who filmed this.

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