Organizing is not my talent.

Sue Trombino has the talent.  She organized We have local meetings in homes and churches.  We pray for America, pledge to the flag, “under God,” we sing a hymn, and then read/discuss a book.  We are studying The Constitution, Take Back America by Matt Staver, America’s Godly Heritage by David Barton, Politics: Easy as P.I.E. by Bob McEwen, God is the Issue by Brad Bright, Is America One Nation Under God by Rick Green,  and Bible Positions on Political Issues by John Hagee.  What is important to you?  Wouldn’t you like to know how to defend your beliefs?  W.I.N. is for you.  God changed the world with only 56 signers,  12 disciples, and one man. When we show up, we W.I.N.

Jonathan Wilson has the talent. He taught me how to “walk the precinct.”  He makes fighting for freedom fun with

Tea Party Express also has the talent of organization.
They are starting their 5th trip across the U.S. on August 27th in Napa, CA.

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