Well, I’m not the star. I’m the mother-in-law. But still, I’m so tickled to be a part of this wonderful ensemble. David A.R. White has done it again! He has produced entertainment that doesn’t make you cringe, or sweat or want to wash your eyes and ears out with soap! I love my role! I am the spoiled, rich, tipsy, shallow mother of a pastor’s wife (Andrea White). Hey wait, I’m a mother of a pastor’s wife in real life too! That’s ‘type casting’! But, I’m not rich or …shallow, so I guess I was “acting.”

This is my second time working with the lovely couple David and Andrea White who seem to balance running a movie production company and starring in movies, and raising a family, and loving the Lord all at the same time.  Great role models.  They are kind and generous and they treat me like a queen.  They didn’t even make me lose 10 pounds before I got the role, but I promise, if this goes to series, I will lose weight.  I want my character to be tipsy and shallow and rich and spoiled…and skinny.  Tune in this Sunday, March 11! for the World Premiere film, “BROTHA WHITE,” on GMC television network this Sunday at 7, 9 and 11 p.m. Eastern time.

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