On this beautiful March day, Freedom of Religion rallies were held across America.  They were instigated by Obamacare’s HHS Mandate which lit a fire beneath Christians, Jews, Catholics and even some atheists across the country.  Our Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech, the First Amendment is under attack and the Left changed the dialogue from a Government Control Issue (Tyranny/Communism) to a “women’s health,” (which is a euphemism for abortion) issue.  Clever.

I didn’t notice any Muslims at my rally, which is good because Islam is not just a religion, but a political and military system, and it’s holy book instructs its followers to kill non-Muslims – so, uh, that religion must be handled a bit differently.  It should be banned.

That should be where you draw the line on freedom –  If it kills other people, you’re not allowed to do it.

Here are some moments from the Ft. Lauderdale Rally.

My Tea Party friend Dave Perkins filmed his Dallas Rally.  Enjoy.