What’s it like to work in the Capitol?  Rep. Bill Posey said, “Never boring…like working in Hollywood with ugly people… Disneyland without the rides…Political correctness interferes with the ability to get things done…”

Socialism/Communism, Shariah Law, Atheism:  which is the biggest threat?  Rep. Posey said, “Well, all of those are inextricably entwined to the decline in respect Americans have for the institution of government, for the American experiment at representative self government which is in jeopardy… I think the greatest imminent threat right this very moment is the 15 Trillion national debt, the unfunded liability for Medicare, and Social Security, about 60 Trillion…a lot of our foreign policy…the administration helped chase Mubarak out of office which is going to be replaced by a regime less friendly to US and Israel…”

My first time in a Congressman’s office was exciting.  Representative Bill Posey from FL and his wife Katie were so gracious to me and my Christian-comic-Nashville-friend Brad Stine.  They answered all of our questions and then Posey had to leave to vote “on the floor.”  He thoughtfully gave us some passes so we could watch!

Posey’s passionate press secretary George Cecala took us through an underground tunnel to the Capitol where after a few security checks we got to see a media ambush on one of the ineffective “Super-committee” members who failed to ‘balance the budget’; we saw an art show displayed on the tunnel wall, and then were finally seated in the peanut gallery above the famous navy and gold “floor”  where I spotted Allen West, Speaker Boehner, and Wasserman-Shultz among other familiar political faces.  All the Congressmen were mingling, friendly, like a college party. Then, I saw Rep. Posey wave at me!  Cool.

Press Secretary George, sitting with me and Brad Stine, told us what it was like “on the floor” the day they voted on Obamacare. Tension and sadness hung in the air as socialized medicine was bribed into law.  I was struck by the sincere concern the Poseys and George have for our country and the current precarious state it is in.  There are at least three patriots up on the hill spending all their time and their off hours in the fight to save freedom. My thoughts fluttered around George Washington and then Michele Bachmann’s office that I had just passed by.  I respect that lady.

Back in Posey’s office, George had shown me a huge pile of papers constituting Obamacare, which I had kicked with my foot, not realizing I was wearing sandals.  I hurt my toe.  He showed me Posey’s personal copy of the original Obamacare bill.  It was all marked up, underlined and dog-eared.  Posey read it — Pelosi did not.  I flipped through Posey’s beat up copy and stopped randomly on a page.  Penciled in was the word “no accountability.”  I like this guy.

Rep. Posey told me that the House vote that night was “a vote to vote” on an immigration bill.  I perked up, “Immigration?!”  Posey said that it would probably only take 15 minutes; most would vote yes.  It concerned the issue of “legal” immigrants.  I lifted an eyebrow.  No one ever talks about “legal” immigrants.  Get this.  The bill concerns what percent of “legal” immigrants the US will receive from each country.  He explained that some countries have a lot of citizens that are say…superior in math.  The bill would raise the percentage of “legals” admitted from each country, from maybe 7% to 14%.  Posey was leaving the room to be on time for the vote, so I was left to decipher this new information.  What is sounded like to me was that some immigrants have math skills, (of which the US is lacking), and some immigrants only know how to… hit a stick on a rock.  In order to be “politically correct” and still get more mathematicians,  smart people, we will raise the % for every country.  We will receive more welfare recipients along with the math people, but we will be politically correct.   That’s what I made of it.  Strange.  Isn’t our bigger problem that 1)  our teachers (forced into Marxist unions) can’t teach math, and 2)  that our invisible borders allow millions of “illegals,” to cross daily?  Many of whom are criminals, drug dealers, murderers and terrorists?

As I looked out at “the floor,” in that beautiful and historic navy and gold room, where all the rich people in fancy suits shook hands and laughed with each other, I couldn’t help but see Rome sinking.

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