Village Voice Article

I suspected that the just released article by Gus Garcia- Roberts for the Miami New Times/Village Voice/LA Weekly, etc., (they are all connected), would be negative, knowing the liberal media and it’s predictable slant.  I asked Gus upon our first meeting, “Are you a capitalist or a socialist?” knowing the answer.

However, I was still surprised to read an outright blatant lie and several other omissions and half truths.  It still hurt.  I expected Gus, who spent over 9 hours with me and my family, to exaggerate the fat/mental/religion stuff to make us out to be lunatics, but oh what a great job he did beginning with the article’s title …”rabid right”!

I did not “live in the shadow of her tormented (mental) aunt!”  I met her once and she lived far away.  Never thought about her.

The dolls in my mom’s “doll room” are not in “various stages of disrepair and hair loss” inferring insanity.

Gus doesn’t explain why I was always holding my Flip camera. One reason was to record our conversations to protect me from lies and the other reason is that I’m a citizen journalist these days, trying to emulate the wonderful O’Keefe and Giles in exposing fraud since the media has long since left that cause.  I’m always camera ready.

Gus’s biggest lie was that I was fired from SNL.  That is simply not true.  Dolores Robinson didn’t even represent me in 1992. James Dixon from William Morris was my agent and Lorne Michaels told me I could stay at SNL as long as I wanted to.  I’d been there six years, a year past my original contract, and I decided to leave since professionally, I was out of ideas, and personally, I was going through a divorce.  I didn’t want my little 4 year old to be home alone with a baby sitter now that her stay- at-home- dad was gone.

Also, I had a “holding deal” with Gail Berman, Sandollar and Fox. They were paying me $ 60,000 to wait around while they wrote me my own sit com. It was called “Victoria” and George Clooney played my boyfriend. This was 1992, right before he got E.R. The pilot never made it to air, but I was paid. This is common in T.V. Clooney told me he’d been in 12 pilots up to that point. I’d been in Tom Dreesen’s and Gary Burghoff’s and more recently a Sofia Vergara project that never made it to T.V. After my pilot didn’t make it, I settled in Miami with Paul because Scarlet was starting first grade.  Although I still had a house in L.A., Paul did not want to leave his Metro Dade Police S.W.A.T.  job.  He was on the verge of getting the helicopter pilot position.”

The alimony info was incorrect and I am legally not allowed to discuss it.  My SNL salary was incorrect.  I made more.

I quoted lots of Bible verses and urged Gus to include the Bible verses.  He assured me he would. He did not. I also told him that I wanted it very clear that my remarks about the gay Glee kiss were not intended to accuse homosexuals, I’m a sinner too, saved by grace not by my works. Ephesians 2:8,9.  I told Gus that Romans 1 puts gossip and homosexuality in the same paragraph as equally sinful.  I told Gus that  I am just very upset that TV shows are targeting children in prime time TV shows, brainwashing them into believing that homosexuality is a normal lifestyle. Gays have freedom to do whatever they want in the privacy of their homes, but they should not be teaching children to emulate them.  And of course, gay marriage is just wrong.

When my dad said, “I’m homophobic!” Gus left out the rest of his comment.  Dad said to Gus, “I mean, I would rather have a woman give me a massage than a man.  Would you rather have a man or a woman give you a massage?”  Gus said, “A woman.” Dad said, “Then you’re homophobic!”  And we all had a good chuckle.

At the end Gus says we broke into “manic laughter.”  “Manic,” “rabid.”  Yikes.  I’m scared of these people.

The things Gus wrote about my brother were downright mean.  My L.A. architect brother James is the smartest and funniest person I know and he told Gus funny stories for over an hour on the phone. Gus then twisted James’ humility and honesty into cruel adjectives like fat and stupid.  Strange.

My mom’s family were not “zealots who went door to door preaching the evils of alcohol, caffeine, movies, music, etc.” Where does he get this stuff?  It sounds like a gross exaggeration of his concept of Christianity.

Gus’s whole story about me flipping through rings of fire and my brother hanging over a log while I threw flames at it is all wrong!  Gus is trying to describe the campfire show my Dad put on at Camp Ocala.  Gus’s story sounds like a satanic cult ritual.

More errors:  Paul didn’t dump me after our first engagement in 1979.

I didn’t live in Johnny Crawford’s guest house when I first arrived in LA.  I slept on his couch for a month and told him “I don’t sleep with men, I’m a Baptist virgin.”  I got a job at The Kipling Hotel, a retirement hotel on 3rd and Western. I fed old people three meals a day in exchange for room and board.  I made this very clear to Gus.  This is an important story because the cliche is that girls sleep their way to the top in Hollywood and I never slept with anyone to get ahead, including Johnny Crawford.  I never lived in his guest house.  He doesn’t even have a guest house.  Actually, I was never invited to any casting couch.

My first husband was not a sword swallower.  He was a fire eater.  My mother did not take me to my first gynecologist. Where did that come from?

It was Tina Turner not Diana Ross that I did on Carson.  Our Connecticut home was not “colonial” it was a barn shape.

“She couldn’t keep up” at SNL?!  Then, why wasn’t I fired for six years?!

Roseanne and Zsa Zsa were not my only recurring gags. Roseanne was!

The Bibles on cassette I gave my cast members were not all “angrily returned.”  Only one was.

I had a “sad, short stand up career”?  I did it for 12 years.  It wasn’t sad or short.  I’m not the best stand up but no one ever threw tomatoes at me!

Gus says most of my self made documentary is me sobbing in hotel beds.  There is only one scene where I’m doing that, because I missed my kids.

“…then she discovered something life-changing; When she talked about Obama being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, people watched-and cared.  Then job offers came.”  This is a lie.  I gave my first “don’t vote for Obama” speech in Oct. 2008 and went to my first tea party in 2009 before I’d ever heard of the Muslim Brotherhood.  I only learned about them three months ago.  Job offers did not come.  I wrote blogs for Breitbart for no money in 2010.  Then, for a pittance for WND in 2011.

“…cagey group of industry conservatives?”  Where does he get this stuff?

The Citizen’s United movie Hype did not make me shout “Orwell!  1984!”  The movie Blocking the Path to 911 did.

All of his facts are mixed up.

The “loads of attention” I got for my gay Glee kiss comment was not instigated by me.  It was 3 little sentences thrown into an article about the new Muslim women’s magazine that taught mothers how to raise suicide bombers.

Gus insinuated that I got involved with politics to get attention or create a career.  That is ridiculous.  Being an out spoken conservative is a career killer.  I’m simply worried about my America that is becoming communist and Obama must not be re-elected or America will be gone, a beautiful memory, like Brigadoon, or Camelot.

If I am ridiculed for loving the Ten Commandments, the Bible, Jesus Christ, and the Constitution, than I am humbled and honored to be persecuted for these amazing truths that I and many other patriots believe in.

(By the way, I was not naked beneath the flag and banner in the photos.  I was wearing a shirt and denim jean shorts.  My brother James was at the photo shoot.  He’s my witness!)

Why did I do the interview knowing the liberal media would lie, exaggerate and denigrate?  I think all press is good press because it makes people think.  I hope that my fading SNL fame will shine a sliver of light on the conservative cause and that maybe one person out there will do a double take and wonder if they’ve been brainwashed by the left, and maybe read a book and have an original thought and see that truth is the best way to go.  Truth always wins in the end.