The American left is losing their collective mind at the thought of a Donald Trump presidency, set to begin in less than one month.

From the moment that Trump received the republican nomination, violent outbursts, protests, and riots have sprung up around the country, culminating to this date in massive marches that took place in the days after his evisceration of the Hillary Clinton campaign on November 8th.

The left is so unbelievably intolerant of the outcome of this fair and unperturbed election that they have taken to harassment, name-calling, and numerous calls to segregate the Trump supporters from the rest of their alleged liberal utopia.

Now, one man wearing his “build the wall” t-shirt has decided that enough is enough, and began filming the nasty, childish harassment that he receives from liberals, leftists, and globalists every time he dons the apparel.

Be warned – the language in the following video is severe.