During a speech in the nation’s capital today,Barack Obama said in essence that God supports his jobs bill.

The strange statement came after the House of Representatives passed a bill affirming that “In God We Trust”is our national motto by a margin of 396-9. (Those who voted against “In God We Trust” included Democrats Jerrold Nadler and Gary Ackerman of New York,Pete Stark and Judy Chu of California,Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri,Mike Honda of California,Hank Johnson of Georgia,and Bobby Scott of Virginia. They were joined by one libertarian-leaning Republican,Justin Amash of Michigan. Two other Democrats —Keith Ellison of Minnesota (the chamber’s only Muslim) and Melvin Watt of North Carolina —voted present,presumably,in honor of Barack Obama).

Referring to Rep. Randy Forbes’s bill,Obama mocked:

You have legislation reaffirming that “In God We Trust”is our motto? That’s not putting people back to work! I trust in God,but God wants to see us help ourselves by putting people back to work.

He made clear this meant his “job”(read:spending) bill by calling on the audience to lobby Capitol Hill. He shifted just a minute later,adding,“I want us to put people back to work.”