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.22 Caliber Handguns Are Good For Personal Protection?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Molotov explains why the .22 is an excellent caliber handgun, even for personal protection.


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  • Kyle Volkmann

    BUT 1. not everyone is comfortable with guns and recoil. 2. Physical limitations. 3. There may be more than 1 home invader and you don’t want to advertise your location after shooting one of the home invaiders. 4. If forced in a fight with many home invaders the limits on exposure when firing and reloading are greater. An AR 22 with 3 or 4 25 or 50 round clips. A 16 inch tube, and overall length of 26″ is a serious home defence weapon. It is best to double everything. With practice you can double tap 5 targets 15 feet apart in less than 4 seconds. Since it is home defense you should have more than just a gun on your side. Such as choke points, flooding their area with pepper spray. Extreme light and noise destraction. I saw a long term study. It takes an average of 1.3 shots to kill with any old 22 lr bullets. If you use premium bullets, good training, and the guts to hold it together the odds can really be in your favor. I don’t worry about an expert with a shotgun. BUT to suggest the 63 year old grandmother or the handicap 27 year old use a shotgun is foolish at best. But a Sig Sauer 522 augmenting a quality home defense system is a practical home defense plan.

  • Brooks A. Mick

    Some comments here clearly by folks with little knowledge. The internet is the misinformation highway, as Al Gore named it… Speaking without practical experience, having never shot at anyone since 1968, I think the difference between home defense against the usual amateur burglar and defense against a determined attacker, whether drug-crazed or just fanatic, would be considerable. In the latter circumstances, something larger than a 22 rimfire would be desirable. I would second the need for marksmanship, even with a shotgun. The spread at short home-defense ranges is minimal, even with cylinder bore.

  • Brooks A. Mick

    Yes, they both can be deadly if used properly.

  • Brooks A. Mick

    Why carry a small caliber in car and a larger weapon on person? Seems counterintuitive.