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Are Liberals Anti-Christian and Pro-Muslim? With Morgan Brittany

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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  • Vern

    Of course they are, they are the non- thinking morons that still believe in the party line…they are beyond brain dead and trust the govt. for everything.They are all fools and will be the downfall and steps to the destruction of our once great country. obama is a filthy muslim terrorist and a illegal alien and him and his filthy muslim brotherhood have no place in my country. allah is filth..death to obama and all his kind…

    • Chris P

      I’m a liberal and don’t go along with ANY party line. Most liberals I have met have degrees and high level ones at that.

      Vern – you are so dumb you don’t know how dumb you are. You are one of the gullible ones that likes to be controlled by your church and its magic god. Republicans love sheep that will be controlled and submit to the corporations who want a free ride.

    • smoky

      of course you are liberal and all your liberal leftist highly friend are the way you precisely because you were educated in the government indoctrination centers and the so called institutes of higher learning. you drank the cool aid along with the rat poisoned water the liberals have been giving you the last 50 yrs. you’re proof that the indoctrination system works. you’re brain dead my friend. i pray that you wake up before obummer and his cohorts turn our nation into a socialist utopia police state.

    • smoky

      it should have read highly “educated” friends

    • John

      If education and degrees were the answer to solve the problems…then how do you think we got into this mess?

    • bob-0

      I’m with Vern on this one….How’s that for one sentence.

    • Linda F.

      Don’t take anything Chris P. says seriously. I’ve had several run-ins with him, and he never changes. He always posts the first idiotic, bigoted, anti-Christian thing that pops into his very small, very closed-off mind. He’s just a bigoted, attention-seeking troll with way too much time on his hands.

    • stormy

      Socialism is a mistake.bho has surrounded himself with people who are Marxist.Far more dangerous.Do not waste your time trying to reason with an elitist.They will not understand the dangerous game being played until it is to late for all of us,at which time,they will be the ones crying the loudest & wondering what happened to their freedoms.Those of them who live homosexual will be murdered.The women will be wearing ling dresses & covering their faces.Single women will not be allowed in public without a man.

    • Floyd

      America’s Most Corrupt Politicians
      In the list of the top ten most admired men, was none other than President Barack Obama.
      Now Judicial Watch has released the Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians list. To no surprise of my own, President Barack Obama made Judicial Watch’s list along with the nation’s top cop, Attorney General Eric Holder.
      Judicial Watch’s Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians for 2011 are listed in alphabetical order:
      Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-AL)
      Former Senator John Ensign (R-NV)
      Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL)
      Attorney General Eric Holder (D)
      Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL)
      President Barack Obama (D)
      Rep. Laura Richardson (D-CA)
      Rep. David Rivera (R-FL)
      Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)
      Rep. Don Young (R-AK)
      Dishonorable Mentions for 2011 include:
      Former Senator John Edwards (D-NC)
      Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA)
      Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA)
      Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano (D)
      Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
      Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY)
      Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY)
      Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius (D)
      Note that six of the ten list are Democrats and six of the eight listed on the dishonorable mention are Democrats. That’s 75% of those on both lists are Democrats. That has to say something for the overall mentality of the attitude of being above the law that permeates the Democratic Party.
      As for President Obama making this list and being listed as the most admired man in the country speaks volumes as to just how far American society has declined. Why would a nation of people admire one of the most corrupt politicians of the day and probably in the history of the American presidency?
      Obama has repeatedly defied the US Constitution and federal laws. He ignores the mandates of Congress and the general opinion of the American people and yet they turn around and admire him for it?
      And then there has to be a lot said when the US Attorney General makes it to the Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians list. The man who is supposed to uphold the law turns out to be one of the biggest violators of the law. Every day, more Congressmen and women are calling for his immediate resignation and even more are signing on to a vote of no confidence and yet he sees himself as doing no wrong. Leaving Eric Holder in his role as US Attorney General is like placing a career pedophile in charge of a day care.
      I wish we could post Judicial Watch’s lists of the Ten Most and the Dishonorable Mention outside every polling booth in the nation so that it’s the last thing voters see before placing their votes. Just maybe, it would be enough to change a few votes this next year.

    • Ray

      Everyone, don’t argue with liberals, they cannot be reasoned with, they have either been totally brainwashed or live on Uncle Sam’s plantation. You conservatives know this to be true, us independants know it also, so why waste time and energy on these mongols? They are not worth the effort and eventually they will die out.

    • mary sanders

      GOD who sees all things knows who the infidels are and HE will deal with them.

    • Babsan

      Don’t throw stones when you sit in glasshouses.This has BEEN the greatest nation.Am an immigrant from Europe so I can tell.The libs will take it down and make another Greece out of the US.

    • john

      so why are you so dumb

    • Chris P

      Who’s dumb? Can you only manage one sentence?

    • John Hand

      Chris P, he was referring to you. You are the dumb one. No doubt in my mind.

    • Apatriot

      Chris P: That’s all it takes to describe a Liberal, one Sentence. You people are not free thinkers you have to be told HOW to…do everything.

    • Dante’

      Liberals are Americans as well. Lets not hate other citizens, but keep our clear thinking and vote out the president; principles and NOT personalties is our goal.

    • Robert

      Unfortunately, due to his limited vocabulary, and non-existent punctuation skills, those meager few words were all this troll could muster.

    • infidel4life

      Back to the same old same old liberal line.

      You people are educated, we’re a bunch of gun-toting rednecks that need to be disarmed to save ourselves.

      You know what is best for us…

      I dare you to read and fully comprehend the koran (I find I need to add that last part because most who say they read koran don’t comprehend it’s implications) and then come back here with the same views.

      Most conservatives are intelligent individuals that have learned to think for themselves unlike most of you folks that still believe what your liberal college prof told them 40 years ago.

      Heads up, your liberal professor has finally wised up. When will you?

    • Chris P

      Really? The ones I speak to are still liberal. Anyone with a brain should be able to figure out that heaven is an impossibility.

      Didn’t you notice that the Earth that you god “created” was so badly built that it killed 20,000 innocent Japanese a while back.

      Why would you worship a clown designer like that?

    • linda a fusco

      Your on-line name says it all
      pretty sad iindeed

    • john

      Why you of course Chris. What is your degree 101, 102, 103 or really hot 104 degrees. Better see a Dr. soon

    • Robert


    • ellen

      Liberal Chris, what a combination for a name. You are dumb. It is our right to be respected for our religion. I have yet to see what there is to respect in the Muslim,

    • BDKatt

      Liberalsocialist=Gay & moo slimes=dog food

    • W

      I love it when someone says “oh, I have a degree and a high level one at that” Do you really think your sh*t don’t stink like everyone else’s? Someone needs to be brought down a peg or two. I know people who can take a degree and erase it. Along with someone’s entire reputation, credit, etc. It doesn’t make it right, but then again, what would you know about it?
      Obama has that same degree. Doesn’t say much for yours.

    • msbets

      OMG, crissy are you smokin something from the jackals pantry!!! we are now on a slippery slope to marxism, you moron, but apparently that’s what the likes of you want…….you will rue the day when that happens sport, you will be the first ones to start squealing like a stuck pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LMAO

    • NPC

      Liberalism is a mental disorder, period.

    • daves

      Hogwash – Marxism. Just because we are required to buy health insurance?

    • ED Knows

      Yes it is very Socialistic! Say I have a Faith and Religion that what ever sickness or disabilities I have, they were naturally given to me and God will see my through my challenges or bring me home by His will.

      It is not up to the Government to force me to pay for something I would never use. I am protected from thin is the Constitution… Except for the fact that this administration has no regard for the Constitution!

    • Jon


    • daves

      Jon – Marxism is an economic government plan and has nothing to do with searching lunches.

    • Chito

      You need to live a couple of years in Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela or your love for Cuba, and then tell me and you’ll know soon what is the democracy of isqiuerda or go to Syria, Iran or Saudi Arabia ensures you’ll have a good time …..

    • Ron

      You go that one right on. The educated are Liberals and it can be seen in there writing and way of thinking.

      “Wake up and smell the roses for tomorrow you might be killed by one of your fellow brainwashed Religious brothers or sisters. Of course in the name of GOD.”

    • Melody

      Even a fool can be educated to think he is “highly educated”. We have a name for those who think like you.. we call you educated idiots…. You are acting like a child…. a child that is throwing a temper tantrum because he hasn’t gotten what he wants, isn’t being listened to, and will eventually have to deal witht the real world…but until you grow out of your terrible two’s…. go stand in the corner… no one cares for the whining, screams, and rolling on the floor.

    • Chuck

      Back in the stone age, when I was in school, there were words etched in stone over a door: “The truly educated man knows how much he does NOT know.” I agree with that, especially as it applies to arrogant liberals who claim, as their authority to rule, that they are “highly educated” and “hold high degrees.” When one presumes to tell others that he knows what’s best for them, that’s the ultimate stupidity! The Democratic Party is based on that stupidity – the same stupidity that’s enshrined in the Marxist doctrine: “from each, according to his ability, to each according to his needs” – it presumes to tell each of us exactly what we need, and then proceeds to force us to accept it. That’s where the Democrats are today, and it’s a core belief of our pretend president (may he be bathed in the blood of a thousand swine!).

      It doesn’t take a PhD to read and understand the Koran (sp); it takes common sense and an accurate translation, both of which are freely available to us common folks if we but seek them. It also doesn’t take a PhD to read and understand the Communist Manifesto, and see, through the eyes of history, the chaos and destruction that philosophy has brought to the world. We common folks can also see just how both philosophies are being used to destroy our nation, and who’s doing it to us.

    • bob

      You do realize that having an education or going to college doesn’t make you smart right? I know several stupid people with low IQs who have a degree. Intelligence is looking at both sides, doing some research and then coming to the conclusion that liberals are blind morons who walk around with their heads up their asses while they pat each other on the back because they think they are fixing the world while in reality they are destroying it.

    • Melody

      This must be exhausting for you…. you believe in nothing, hate everything, can’t keep your mouth shut, and annoy everyone around you. And by the way…. Christianity will save you….. but that is up to you…. and you have been given a choice. Choose life or choose death…. Now please tell me…. who is the dumb one here?

    • Katie

      You can be Christian and still be a liberal. I know many people argue that being liberal is more closely related to original Christian principles.

    • joseph femiani

      chrip pee is one of those liberals that always tell you what they do while describing it as someone elses way of life.they demine themselves he can’t even spell his last name ,pee wee.he sounds like the self proclaimed rev al.

    • Ayn’s torchlight

      Dear Friend, (J. Femiani)
      Please check your spelling before you criticize others. Failing to do so makes you sound as uncool as the lazy people who sound like 3rd graders. (Ex: “demean”,”confusing.)
      A little punctuation study would help too.
      Capitals start sentences, periods end them.
      Don’t get mad, get smart.

    • Team Glock

      Degrees? Thermometers show degrees, and we all know where you put those!

    • gipb

      LOL – I hope you spent well into the six figures for your education because it would suit you – YOU ARE AS DUMB AS A BOX OF ROCKS – AS ARE ALL LIBERALS!!! Guess WHAT!?? I have 2 Masters Degree’s and the one thing I learned in my 1st year if college was that Liberalism is a damn CANCER – nothing more than a bunch self serving narcissistic ego maniacs who go around spreading a bunch of lies and twisted truth!

    • wayne

      Um excuse me Chris,, but he is right on.
      – bammie – is a fascist muslim, and ,,, he hates this country and white people as well. He has even said so in his books if you care to read any of that trash he wrote lol.

    • Dr. Lee Berall

      Did you read the books? Give us the title, publisher, and page number and we’ll read it for ourselves. (No need to quote.) Otherwise we don’t trust your assertions and will assume you’re engaging in dangerous (and unconstitutional) hate speech. Ever hear of the Sedition Act?

    • Sharpshooter003

      Wayne remember Chris is the product of a public school education and he probably doesn’t read very well.

    • Steve Struk

      Republicans and Democrats are flip sides of the same coin. The New World Order owns and controls The Republican and Democrat Parties. Under Obama, G.E. not only paid no taxes, it given 3 Billion by Bommie the Commie. Obama steals from the working and middle classes to pay off his rich Banking buddies. Goldman Sachs runs America, You think are intelligent. You aren’t even stupid. It’s why you vote for and support a nihilistic narcissistic lunatic like Barry O. Bommie steals and uses phony SSN’s and presents a forged Birth Certificate. LIberals and Lefties still support him. He is shutting down the Internet and a free press right now One thing I like about Bommie is this: Once he seizes total power, the first people he will kill are all the Leftist scum. People JUST LIKE YOU!!!!!

    • Ron S

      Chris,get out of America!You dont belong here!Scram fool!

    • Terry

      OOOW the anti christ, athiest goes along the party lines… BIGGER FOOL!

    • DavidMGus

      Chris…it’s not just the Republicans who are in bed with the corporations…the democrats are as well. They all say what their base wants to hear but they do what the corporations pay them to do. Just check out Obama’s Food Safety Czar, Michael Taylor. He has Monsanto written all over him.

    • bob-0

      Educated into imbecility.

    • edrod

      I went to two colleges and got a couple of degrees. While there I ran into a bunch of liberals who passed because the professors were also liberals. I was asked to leave the class a few time because I argued points that I knew I was right. Most liberal pass by ass kissing and agreeing with everything even when they know it’s wrong. I am a conservative Republican who has owned and run about 7 businesses and am on the verge of starting another one. We don’t go out in the streets and show how stupid we can be, we just improve our environment.

    • pysco

      You’re ego don’t let believe that anybody that don’t think like you aren’t educated…how foolish can you be. For you Chris. Ecclesiastes 10:2 The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left..It comes from a text, that is published in over 2300 languages, and available to 90% of the world, and more than a million copies are distributed each week……Read it, don’t be afraid. it won’t make you blind, and it might open your eyes and mind.

    • Joel

      And that book is the Bible the Word of the only God the Creator and His Son Jesuscrist.

    • http://PatriotUpdate Rick


      Dem’s/Liberals also LOVE for their people to be poor, desparate, poor health, poor education, illegal and with no personal accountability/responsibility. I think it is truly sad that a political party relies on, supports and wants them to remain this way!!

    • tymtrvlr

      A degree in sociology is NOT a high level degree. You can usually get one out of a box of cracker jacks or the back of a match book.
      If there are so many intelligent liberals out there, why do they not come up with great alternative fuel sources? Why does anything they do require the tax payer to shell out billions of dollars first? Private business owners put their monies on the line, investing in their products, wjile the marxists have us pay through taxation for failed enterprises, solindra and all of the pos’s solar schemes.
      Liberalism is a mental disorder and should be treated as such, with lobotomies. Anytime one man thinks another man owes them a living, society starts to break down.
      Every welfare program the marxists ever foisted on the American taxpayer have failed,name one that has worked. And don’t give me social security, it is the main failure, my social security tax has gone through the roof to pay me back for past monies I was extorted into paying, and now every illegal alien parasite that can draw an X for a signature and get a mail box can get social security.

    • ZagoZana

      Are Liberals Anti-Christian and Pro-Muslim?

      In case you’re to stupid to ask and so full of hate that you will not know insightment,(noun Something that incites especially a violent response: goad, incitation, instigation, provocation, stimulus, trigger. See cause/effect.) and manipulation when you see it. This statement is loaded and is created to motivate the ignorant into action, directed by those who pull the strings, against those who aren’t so easy to pursuade.
      Fear is the opposite of faith.
      G-d said; By faith alone can you be saved!!!”
      Faith has no need for guns!
      Those with unrealized faith do not trust, as children do, that they are already with G-d.
      Guns and G-d don’t come from the same puzzle.
      The “F” News network is 1/3 owned by
      the “SAUDI OIL FAMILY” Coinkydink?

    • Patrick Henry

      Chris P, (Chrispy) typical Liberal thinking they are so much more enlightened than the masses that they must control. Even though they live in a country that was of the People, they know better, they are the elite, and feel they need to tell us all how to live. To them, our great Constitution of Freedom & Liberty is outdated, and they wish it was changed to bring about Socialism. If they hate America and it’s Institutions, better they move to a real Socialist country, and in 1 year, tell us how they enjoy it!

    • Joel

      No Patrick those people cant live one day in a Socialist country there they dont have the 1% that they can get a free ride.

    • Joel

      No Patrick those people cant live one day in a Socialist country there they dont have the 1% that they can get a free ride.

    • Rick

      That’s what my daughter told me as she graduated from law school. They told her in class, 1. Don’t listen to yout conservative parents or grandparents, as they are outdated, having been trained by pro-conservative schools, 2. that a free-market economy benefits only the rich, 3. that capitalism is responsible for all economic ills in our country, and 4. that Christians want to establish a theocracy.

      All lies from our leftist communistic school system.

    • Ray

      Unfortunately you o not understand faith most elite educated who thumb there noses at us who tote the Line.Me I have no College degree However I make over 100,00 and see the elite make there Millions off our Backs Here is one the Educated can not explain why in ourHelth Bill Do we have a section to Hire a number not Noted and wages not note a Military to do what the National Guard do Which I am !Health Care Bill SEC. 5210. ESTABLISHING A READY RESERVE CORPS.
      Section 203 of the Public Health Service Act (42U.S.C. 204) is amended to read as follows:


      ‘‘(a) ESTABLISHMENT.—

      ‘‘(1) IN GENERAL.—There shall be in the Service a commissioned Regular Corps and a Ready Reserve Corps for service in time of national emergency.

      ‘‘(2) REQUIREMENT.—All commissioned officers shall be citizens of the United States and shall be appointed without regard to the civil-service laws and compensated without regard to the Classification Act of 1923, as amended.

      OBAMAS SS SNUCK IN OUR Elustrious Health Bill

    • Ray

      What do the mean without regard to civil service laws and disregard to Clasification Act How many SS will be hired who will train them and what will there doctrine be !!!!

    • James R. Cooke

      It’s not the sheep-skins you hang on the wall that make the person. It’s what you do with that exposure to facts in the real world. Ivy-tower types seldom contribute much to the real world, except to make more ivy-tower types.

    • James R. Cooke

      Oops! This comment is in the wrong place. It was supposed to follow Chris P’s comment about educated liberals.

    • righty

      Chris, you guys are all cut from the same cloth. If you don’t like what someone is saying you attack them personally. And you want us to believe that you “hang” with “highly educated” people???? baaaa baaaa

    • Alan

      Interesting. . .the article asks “Are Liberals Anti-Christian?” and your reply proves that the answer is yes.

    • terry

      Vern, YOU are typical liberal dumb*ss!!!
      If you think for one minute we are impressed because you have a higher degree … think again. THOSE LIBERAL DEGREES ARE A DIME A DOZEN!!! I only have one degree … SUCCESS AT LIFE! I’m a 1%-er!! And I bet you everything you own that I’m smarter than you, richer than you, happier than you and without a doubt better looking than you!!!!

    • warrior07

      Chris: Re: I’m a liberal and don’t go along with ANY party line. Most liberals I have met have degrees and high level ones at that.

      Your comment doesn’t make sense. To be a “Liberal” means that you are marching in lock step to the “Progressive Party line”.

    • NPC

      Chris P. What are you smoking?

    • Dontthinkso

      Will you idiots stop with this corporation nonsense? Corporations are owned by all of us! If you think they’re getting a free ride, buy some stock. You will be enlightened by how hard it is to make money that way.

    • Floyd

      Proverbs 17
      7 Eloquent lips are unsuited to a godless fool—
      how much worse lying lips to a ruler!
      11 Evildoers foster rebellion against God;
      the messenger of death will be sent against them.
      23 The wicked accept bribes in secret
      to pervert the course of justice.
      Proverbs 18
      2 Fools find no pleasure in understanding
      but delight in airing their own opinions.
      9 One who is slack in his work
      is brother to one who destroys.
      15 The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge,
      for the ears of the wise seek it out.
      17 In a lawsuit the first to speak seems right,
      until someone comes forward and cross-examines.

    • skip gainer

      To chris p why are you starting with the name calling someone dumb just because they think different than you. Chris degrees do not make you smart, it just means you have a good memory or maybe you took easy classes. Chris GOD has given everyone free will that is more than I can say about liberals, atheist and islam. I am so glad you know what happens to us when we die. I would try to explain to you the after life but your mind is closed, so I will not waste my time or yours. You will be surprised though, guarantee it!

    • BDKatt

      Chrispy obviously spent his four years at a higher education facility under the professor’s desk

    • Chief_Cabioch

      Chris, just curious why you would admit to supporting the party of Jim Crow, the party of the KKK, and the party who continues to overspend, over step, and over control the US, and is putting the next sev ?, several generations in debt, and what are we all getting for this debt?, we are getting weaker against China, the nation buying it, the same Nation which is trying to discover oil in our gulf, because you, and your party dont seem to care if the US suvives, yet you only care if some green energy co. does, that eventually goes broke, because the world isnt ready for such expensive alternatives to Coal, Natural Gas, and more fossil fuels….why would you do that ?

    • Joe

      Most liberals don’t like borders,rules,laws, and limits that appear to them to be unfair advantage. Usually, it is because they can’t compete.So, they try to change the rules in the middle of the game;much like Obama and friends are doing by changing tax rates on those that have more money than them which amounts to legalized stealing. Instead of a gun or knife,they use a pen. The Nazis did a similar thing.Never let liberals have any lawmaking power,again!!!!

    • WASP

      Pot calling the kettle black? A libtard is the LAST one to be casting stones. As for all you’re f-ing advanced degrees–degrees from a university with a faculty of nothing but brainless, irrelevant anti-American socialist/commie “professors” is as useless as you and your commie friends. Civil War II, the Big Flush, is coming. You’d better be in another country when it happens. Canada, Europe, Cuba, or all of the socialist countries south of our southern border are ideal for socialist=progressives like you and your genius friends. BTW, some of the biggest idiots I’ve every encountered have “advanced degrees”. Those who can, do, those who can’t, teach, and the dumbest a**&*
      of them teach in “higher education” (OXYMORON ALERT). Live it up, retard, you’re days (and the Kriminal Kenyan’s) are numbered here. Maybe you’d be honored to hang from the same light pole as Obumbler after we convict the Chicago gangster for treason.

    • Ron

      You mean corporations like GE and Solyndra?

    • patricia

      Oh, but your not a sheep being herded into the slaughter house. The radical socialist democrats who took over our congress in 2007, you know the ones who were in charge of all of the oversight committees on banking, housing and finance finally got what they’ve been working for all of these years. And all people like you can do is nanny nanny boo boo? I want to hear what you have to say when they turn the USA into a third world country. Show all of your comments to your grandchildren, show them how you helped destroy our country and their lives, show them how your helped the 20% liberal socialists destroy everything.

    • Cecilia

      You said, “I’m a liberal and don’t go along with ANY party line. Most liberals I have met have degrees and high level ones at that.” Ha! I have met LOTS of liberals with degrees and they’re dumber than dirt!

      You also said, “Vern – you are so dumb you don’t know how dumb you are. You are one of the gullible ones that likes to be controlled by your church and its magic god. Republicans love sheep that will be controlled and submit to the corporations who want a free ride.” Yeah, we’re controlled by our churches and its “magic god” just like the FOUNDING FATHERS were!
      We’re not sheep, we’e PATRIOTS. We believe in the Ten Commandmants, our founding documents and the men who wrote them. WHO DO YOU BELIEVE IN?

      If you’re so smart, tell me where in the Constitution it specifically says you CAN’T kill an unborn baby. Go ahead, I dare you.

    • Katie

      “If you’re so smart, tell me where in the Constitution it specifically says you CAN’T kill an unborn baby.”

      What irks me the most is people who vote a certain way because of a single issue.

    • Prism

      Having worked in higher education a good bit of my life, having a degree means nothing when all you have been fed is driveling lies of liberal college professors (and there are plenty of them). They much prefer the textbook lies and, in fact, abhor the truth in economics,science and philosophy. How could they ever arrive at a rational conclusion when their premise was wrong to startout with?

    • http://yahoo Goatie

      Chris, how interesting that your name is the first part of the word Christianity. So sad that you didn’t live up to it. For, everything you just said about Christianity is the opposite in reality. I pray that you will discover the truth…for, the truth shall set you free.

    • Sincerity

      Chris, at last check most of the “Liberal Higher Education Degrees” were given to people who barely passed their courses (if they did pass at all); were accepted into programs based solely on fulfilling quotas and percentages mandated by regulation that has now backfired.

      The majority of those so called “Liberal Academics” have failed in Washington and crawled back to their teaching positions passing onto the next generation of unsuspecting minds a load of baloney that doesn’t work! Take it from another professor who sees this every day, day in and day out.

      Vern definitely could find a better way to express an opinion, but–trust me–the Liberal Intelligent Academics are not what you think.

    • John

      No Cris it is the Democrats who are leading a bunch of educated and Hollywood elites like a bunch of sheep. Any realy intelegent person should be able to see the the Democrats in their quest for power are the one inticing liberals to vote for them by handouts and money for just their votes.

    • Dallas

      Being that you are sooooooo highly “educated”and don’t believe in a “magic god”,, as you so disrespectfully refer to GOD, give a rational, logical explanation as to how The Image of Our Lady of Guadelupe came into existence (which all the expertise of scientific examination cannot explain) in 1853 and can be seen to this day, how,three children ages 7, 9 and 11 were able to predict numerous world events in 1917, that have all become historical fact (which is well beyond coincidence), how Teresa Neumann was able to live for 26 years without FOOD OR WATER, receiving only The EUCHARIST, once a day, and on and on. To deny these and numerous other unexplainable events, such as that which is taking place in Medjugorie to this day, is to deny reality.
      I look forward to your explanation.

    • Southwesterner

      Such conceit! You believe that a college degree buys you intelligence. It doesn’t. I have two college degrees and I KNOW my father was more intelligent than I am. All a college degree does is prove you have the intelligence to learn. You need to overcome the liberal bias you were taught in college and open your eyes to the facts.

    • 1Mike

      Cris P.
      Look who are sheep, you want to work hard (if you work at all) and give 3/4 of your money to someone who won’t work, (mabe that is you). After hitler got this far he put homeless people into private homes and made the homeowner pay for them also. So you follow idiots I’ll resist.

    • Tomato Cain

      Chris P.,

      Does education necessarily bring common sense? It’s obvious some of us conservatives aint got the eloquence of a Harvard professor, but it only takes a little bit of well placed common sense to know when you’re being hornswoggled.

    • patriotrenegade

      Calling God “magic” is a major blasphemy in my book. I’ve never met an aetheist that didn’t have a huge ego and thought they were a god unto themselves. In business or in general, the core I look for wasn’t there. At least you were honest to admit.

    • wes mckay

      liberals are living proof that:

      ” We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”
      ” Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.”
      ” The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance.”
      ” He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”

      I REST MY CASE !

    • Kathy A

      Ofcourse you don’t follow a party line?? When was the last time you voted for conservative? I hope you enjoy the Socialist Marxist hole you’re digging our Country in to. If you would do yourself and your friends a favor and read something that doesn’t come from a Soros’ funded pamphlet or the Liberal owned mainstream media, you’d know where all this is leading us. Read up on Greece or any of the many Socialist countries that are sinking into the abyss. You’ll find us in line thanks to you “Educated” duma..’s.

    • seabee combat vet

      Are you really this stupid???????

    • Travis

      I love how you idiot libtards tout your degrees & docterates & then have nothing intelegent to say. Nothing but freakin insults & you wonder why we don’t just listen to you.

    • john

      Controlled? Liberated from Karl Marx, the Apostle of withchcraft practices, and Satanic subversion of politik. It is Marx who quoted Olanem and invoked destruction, despair and nihilism. Magic is the work of a false god that leftists are posessed by and their hatrede and lies are the proof of their spiritual toxin. To follow Christ is not any control but the freedom of CHOICE (which the satanic left uses as an acronym for murdering unborn babies. That is a directive from the Satanic bible : The perfect sacrafice to Satatn is an un-baptized baby.) Raising the dead and healing is not magic, you blasphemous blinded fool! It require3s ALL POWER, which you will one day answer to after your death definitiveiy. I hope you apologize to God for insulting His power and His Church befrore you answer for that, asn all your other hard-hearted sins of hate.

    • marg1

      Chris, bragging about your advanced degree in Women’s Studies is not impressive.

    • http://yahoo iwojimafan

      Chris, most Liberals I have met have no Common Sense even though they may have PhD’s. I call a PhD a Phony Doctor since a Doctor is really only a person with a Medical degree. These so called PhD’s usually think they know everything and want to tell everyone how to live there lives. The only problem is that they are usually wrong. To answer the question why Liberals are sticking with the MUSLIM Terrorists is that they are really COWARDS who are afraid that the Muslims will put a Fatwah on them and kill them. They just have a YELLOW STREAK down there backs. They know that they are safe from any harm if they attack Christians. Oh, Chris, in case you are wondering , I have a Masters and have dealt with PEA BRAIN LIBERALS for over 40 years.

    • Katie

      “A doctor is only a person with a Medical Degree.”

      That’s completely untrue and your opinion on the matter is clearly off. A doctoral degree is granted upon those who have reached their highest level of structured education in a certain subject. Just because you’re not grabbing old men’s balls while they turn their heads and cough does not mean that you are not a doctor of your certain subject. Both of my parents have Ph. D’s and are not medical doctors.

      Also, as has been proven many times, against Youtube videos and conspiracy theories, Obama is a Christian. He may not be very outwardly expressive about it, but he does go to church. He used to attend the United Church of Christ, which is a progressive Christian Church, which happens to respect other religious and not put them down. They also respect other people and the environment.

    • El Lobo Solo

      @ Chris:
      Being highly educated does not impart wisdom.

    • Wiliam McClure

      And you choose to be controlled by your all wise professors, teachers, the “cool, sophisticated” crowd with all their silly superstitions that say'”We’re so smart,we can solve everything. We don’t need God.” 15-16% unemployment, every nation in the world hates our guts, businesses closing right and left,families losing their homes, kids going to bed hungry. YOUR “religion” isn’t doing so
      hot ,either, hotshot.That’s OK just go back to your dorm and have a few buddies over, drink a few beers, and laugh at these folks.
      What the heck do you care? According to Malthus -as food production increases arithmatically population increases geometrically. So a few “human weeds” such as myself dying is a good thing. How long do you think you can keep yourself from becoming a weed? I went to college. I’ve heard all the propaganda. With the help of God I’ve deprogrammed myself from that pile of lies.

    • Larry

      Vern you are absolutely right ,you have the liberals nailed!

    • Chris P

      Another clown showed up to validate Vern’s ludicrous statement. Vern can probably not even hold a hammer – let alone nail something. He spends too much time at church and reading the bible to learn what is really going on on the planet. The Chinese have moved on to inventing new things and new manufacturing techniques while he’s sitting on the couch listening to tripe from Rush and company.

    • infidel4life

      Do you know how to use a hammer?

      Do you know how to do any kind of thinking on your own?

      All I hear from you is the same crap being spewed by msnbc,, the old grey lady, the tribunes, cnbc, and the rest of the bought-and-paid for media sources that will do anything they can to re-elect this idiot in the white house.

      Put down the kool-aid, take a step back and ask yourself this. Are you better off than you were 3 years ago?

      I know I’m not. 85% hike in gas, 30% hike in meat, 20-40% hike in heating bills…

      Tell me what this socialist bastard (yes, he is a bastard) in the white house has done that makes you so dedicated?

    • msbets


    • Team Glock

      I bet you’re one of the OWS losers, correct?

    • John Hand

      Chris P, I invalidate anything you have to say.

    • Jack

      Ah, Chris. How can you possibly know that”he spends too much time reading the Bible and in church? I applaud him for being willing and able to exhibit his faith and not be in fear of folks such as you who mock him. If you are an American citizen, why are you so in love with the Chinese? You must spend a lot of time reading newspapers and internet blogs(or perhaps the writings of Chairman Mao). I see you as a person unwilling to even consider others views or beliefs. It is your complete lack of empathy and total denigration of the right’s point of view as exemplified in your post that exposes you for what you are, a leftist loon.

    • James R. Cooke

      Hey, folks, lighten up. Chris P has taken a lot of flak here today. But, ya know, Chris P, your last statement leaves you wide open because you are leaving the issue and attempting to defame the person. Old, old debate trick. Not even a tactic any more. In all seriousness, Chris, if you would just listen to the matter in the light of reason and logic you could see some value to the work religious people do and the faith that keeps them going. Same, same for an approach to political systems. Almost 100% of the people in the current administration are relying on 1)failed systems, 2)emotional appeal, 3)ignoring cause and effect, and seem totally unaware of reason and logic. I invite you to look again at religion and politics in the light of reason and logic. Hmmm? C’mon, Chris, man up!

    • http://deleted Jon Darmes

      Yeah, It’s called AD Hominum attacks, but what would I know, I’m to busy clinging to my guns, which are my religion, to get highly educated.

    • El Lobo Solo

      @ Chris

      AND Maxine (Mad Max) Waters & Rev Jeremiah Wright validate your views.
      Talk about Clowns.

    • joseph femiani

      vern vern vern vern vern. how is it that you exist with the same mindset as do i and we can’t seem to convince these morons that they can’t have everything they want while someonelse labors to pay for it? muslims believe they should all be alive except for when they feel like killing someone in the name of allahhhhha?our country breeds liberals by giving our children everything they want and not making them work for it .child labor laws forinstence.our public education system sucks and its getting worse with no one winner they all win.then GOD didn’t need to make us if thats the case and evil doesn’t obama!this one is really confuseing .we are a democracy ? thats confuseing and misleading as everyone is a winner.get liberals away from our laws and money and we will better off.

    • Chris P

      The basic tenet of this country is equal rights.

      this is why there is a problem – your Christianity has got out of hand you think you have become superior beings.

    • matt c

      How has Christianity gone out of hand? I am a christian my church doesn’t preach hate.

    • Dallas

      Liberalism is NOT EQUAL TO CHRISTIANITY! Never has been and never can be, because true Freedom requires common sense restriction and responsibility, whereas Liberalism espouses the exact opposite.

    • patriotrenegade

      yeah but 4% will never tell 96% what to do anymore. The “courts” are letting the tail wag the dog. MAJORITY RULES

    • marg1

      “has got” is grammatically incorrect.

      Clue one: Your advanced degree is not in English.

      Are you attacking other religions? Christians aren’t beheading people who condemn them, so you feel free to bash them? Are you going to take on the more radical religions?

      I thought not.

    • http://yahoo Goatie

      We are, of course, a Representational Republic. There’s a difference. Ovomit wants us to be a Totalitarian Socialist Democracy so that he can take away our representation.

    • nightlight

      Vern; Thanks for writing the truth that most don’t want to or can’t face; you hit the nail right on the head!!!

    • Simcha Mendel

      Vern is absolutely RIGHT!!! The only solution is to destroy Islam and to destroy all of the Moslems and Hussein Obama must be OUSTED and deported from the USA. Hussein Obama is a dangerous Moslem terrorist himself who would do anything to G-d forbid destroy the USA and Israel.

    • Floyd

      Checked at Snopes:
      By Wayne Allyn Root , June 6th, 2010
      Barack Hussien Obama is no fool.
      He is not incompetent.
      To the contrary, he is brilliant.
      He knows exactly what he’s doing.
      He is purposely overwhelming the U.S. Economy to create systemic failure.
      Economic crisis and social chaos — thereby destroying capitalism and
      Our country from within.
      Barack Hussien Obama was my college classmate ( Columbia University , class of ’83).
      He is a devout Muslim do not be fooled.
      Look at his Czars…anti-business..anti-American.
      As Glenn Beck correctly predicted from day one!
      Barack Hussien Obama is following the plan of Cloward & Piven,
      two professors at Columbia University ..
      They outlined a plan to socialize America by overwhelming the system.
      With government spending and entitlement demands.
      Add up the clues below. Taken individually they’re alarming.
      Taken as a whole, it is a brilliant, Machiavellian game plan to turn
      the United States into a socialist/Marxist state with a permanent majority,
      that desperately needs government for survival and can be counted on
      to always vote for bigger government.
      Why not? They have no responsibility to pay for it.
      Universal Health Care .
      The health care bill had very little to do with health
      care. It had everything to do with unionizing millions
      of hospital and health care workers, as well as
      adding 15,000 to 20,000 new IRS agents (who will
      join government employee unions).
      Obama doesn’t care that giving free health care to 30 million Americans
      will add trillions to the national debt.
      What he does care about is that it cements the dependence of
      those 30 million voters to Democrats and big government .
      Who but a socialist revolutionary would pass this reckless spending bill
      In the middle of a depression?
      Cap & Trade.
      Like health care legislation having nothing to do with
      health care, Cap & Trade has nothing to do with global warming.
      It has everything to do with redistribution of income, with government in
      control of the economy and a criminal payoff to Obama’s biggest contributors.
      Those powerful and wealthy unions andcontributors (like GE, which owns NBC,
      MSNBC and CNBC) can then be counted on to support everything Obama wants.
      They will kick-back hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions to Obama
      and the Democratic Party to keep them in power.
      The bonus is that all the new taxes on Americans with bigger cars,
      bigger homes and businesses helps
      Obama “spread the wealth around.”
      Make Puerto Rico a state. Why?
      Who’s asking for a 51st state?
      Who’s asking for millions of new welfare recipients and government
      entitlement addicts in the middle of a depression?
      Certainly not American taxpayers.
      But this has been Barack Hussien Obama’s plan all along.
      His goal is to add two new Democrat senators, five Democrat congressman and
      a million loyal Democratic voters who are dependent on big government.
      Legalize 12 million illegal Mexican immigrants.
      Just giving these 12 million potential new citizens free health care
      alone could overwhelm the system and bankrupt America
      But it adds 12 million reliable new Democrat voters who can be
      counted on to support big government.
      Add another few trillion dollars in welfare, aid to
      dependent children, food stamps, free medical,
      education, tax credits for the poor, and eventually Social Security
      Stimulus and bailouts.
      Where did all that money go?
      It went to Democrat contributors, organizations (ACORN),
      and unions — including billions of dollars to save or
      create jobs of government employees across the country.
      It went to save GM and Chrysler so that their employees could keep
      paying union dues.
      It went to AIG so that Goldman Sachs could be bailed out (after giving Obama
      almost $1 million in contributions).
      A staggering $125 billion went to teachers (thereby protecting their union dues).
      All those public employees (unions) will vote loyally Democrat to protect
      their bloated salaries and pensions that are bankrupting America ..
      The country goes broke, future generations face a bleak
      future, but Obama, the Democrat Party, government, and the unions grow
      more powerful. The ends justify the means.
      Raise taxes on small business owners, high-income earners, and
      job creators.
      Put the entire burden on only the top 20 percent of taxpayers,
      redistribute the income, punish success, and reward those who did
      nothing to deserve it (except vote for Obama).
      Reagan wanted to dramatically cut taxes in order to starve the government.
      Barack Obama wants to dramatically raise taxes to
      starve his political opposition.
      With the acts outlined above, Barack Hussien Obama and his
      regime have created a vast and rapidly expanding
      constituency of voters dependent on big
      government; a vast privileged class of public employees (unions) who
      work for big government; and a government dedicated to destroying capitalism and
      installing themselves as socialist rulers by overwhelming the system.
      Add it up and you’ve got the perfect Marxist scheme — all devised by
      my Columbia University classmate Barack Hussien Obama
      using the Cloward and Piven Plan
      “Correctly attributed!!” says Snopes:

    • matt c

      The liberals are afraid of muslims. The left knows that the muslims will blow them up or kill them if they say anything bad about islam. Christianity is a peaceful religon and we do not intend to kill anyone so the world finds it safe to attack us christians

  • Dennis O’Ryan

    OMG…its the Stepford wives on politics! Where did these 1950’s rejects come from?

  • gator

    i wipe my ass with the quran! it is a pagan devil worshiping violent cult! they started as moon worshipers! what a bunch of circus freaks! now we have an illegal kenyan born muslim president! God help us!

    • terry

      the quoran (or however you spell that piece of crap) is not worth wiping my a$$ on!!!

      All you mudslimes are puke!!

      Bring it on baby… BRING IT ON!!!!

    • http://yahoo Goatie

      Let’s build a pig-pen in Michele Obama’s garden.

  • Ron

    What a stupid video. I am a liberal and hate any organized religion because I do not believe in something that is probably all make believe. Any religion that controls people’s thinking is not good.

    Come on people start thinking and stop reading this stupid internet trash.

    • William H. Smith

      You hate “any organized religion”! Guess you’re not that much of a liberal.

    • Wiliam McClure

      Hate to break this to you but liberalism and secular humanism are both organized religions.
      So is Wicca, paganism,etc.

    • smoky

      good for you. and islam is the one “religion” that controls peoples thinking for them. if you stray it’s off with your head. ain’t islam great??

    • Chris P

      Romney’s religion will have your relatives shun you. The Roman Catholics will excommunicate you. Many will get bullied at school for not believing in “their” religion.

      You don’t see your own perversions.

    • Henry Smith

      Romney”s church will NOT practice Shunning. You might find out what they really believe by asking one of them. Would you ask a Catholic what the Baptist believe? Of course not. So while you pay a preacher to tell you miss information each Sunday just remember he/she is selling his/her understanding of the gospel for money.

    • Michele

      The Roman Catholics will excommunicate you? I don’t think they have truly excommuncated anyone in forever! If they have not excommunicated that hateful witch Pelosi by now, I don’t think they are going to excommunicate anyone!

    • NPC

      Attention all of you, are all of you really thinking that you’re solving this nations problems? with the petty crap you’re passing around? You might all join the US Congress,and that will put you on par with the people you’ve been voting for. They’ll welcome you with open arms, and you’ll feel right at home in their sandbox.
      Gee people grow up.

    • marg1

      The Apostle Paul addresses the Age of Grace. Christians are given freedom.

      You, obviously, are not well versed in Paul’s Epistles and how they relate to the risen Christ.

      I’m sure you’ll want to mock what I’m saying, because you liberals are sooooo tolerant and love diversity.

    • Joe

      isnt the democratic party an organized religion with Obama as its god?

    • msbets


    • Lou Ellen Brown

      And why are you on this site, Ron? You are also reading “ignorant internet trash.” Does ‘hypocrite’ ring a bell with you? Those ladies have done their homework, and you might want to stop a moment and think this:If there is no God, why have there been so many, not you obviously, millions and millions over the centuries, who believe in Him? God is not like us, but He is in us. It is God who makes us in His image, and gives us the minds of something like His. Look at a beautiful dog like the ones that sniff out the IED’s for our troops. That dog can do things we can’t, but that dog does not have a mind like yours, to reason, to build a fire in cold weather, to draw a beautiful picture, to sing, like Whitney. On and on, but God made man and woman to do His work for Him. I pity those who have no God, and I despise those whose god is evil. Have a good day, and my God will bless you in spite of yourself.

    • John Hand

      Ron. You are driving along a mountain road, all of a sudden a rock crashes down. You swerve to avoid the rock and hit the guardrail. The guardrail gives way and you suddenly find yourself going over and looking straight down through the windshield as you realize that it is a half-mile down and you are a goner. You yell out…”OH GOD!” Sorry Chris, but it’s too late.

    • James R. Cooke

      You say “probably all made up.” What if it’s not? God Himself says right there in the Bible, “Come, let us reason together.” He’s inviting, not commanding, not demanding, not threatening, not belittling – inviting.

    • http://yahoo Goatie

      Ron, try reading the Holy Bible, the actual word of God. Start with the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. You will find truth and peace.

    • marg1

      While Jesus walked the Earth He stayed primarily in one place trying to convince Jews that He was the promised Messiah.

      Unlike my Sunday School teacher taught me, Jesus did not go out among “all the children of the world.”

      The risen Christ appeared to Paul to give him the message for the Gentiles. We entered the Age of Grace, rather than Law.

      The law died on the cross. We have a freedom that other religions do not have.

      The books of Matthew, Luke, Mark, and John deal primarily with Jews. Read Paul’s Epistles to understand the risen Christ’s message to Gentiles.

  • jim letourneau

    Raegan had Economic Freedom Act 1981 during that crisis and Obama’s Economic Fairness Act, Raegan has the most jobs created 5.6 millon and Bush has worst jobs lost in US history, Bushssss and Fox unFair and unbalance

  • dutch

    A couple of other questions. Is the pope catholic? and do bears crap in the forest?

  • Mike Knight

    Liberal are supposedly for freedom yet they support a barbaric religions that sends government back to the violent dark ages of bloody tyranny. It makes no sense. They’re moronic, and believe it’s the trendy thing to love Muslims even if they have no clue what Islam is all about.

  • urbisoler

    Liberals can get away with anti-Christian behavior because they know Christians will do them no harm. Militant Muslims, on the other hand, will go after you head if you insult them.

    • Chris P

      You clearly don’t read anything outside of the Right Wing agenda machine.

      Liberals and atheists are subjected to all sorts of garbage treatment by the oh so wonderful caring Christians.

    • msbets


    • James R. Cooke

      Chris, can you be specific as to what kind of garbage you have endure from ALL CHRISTIANS?

    • BDKatt

      Chrispy was an altar boy when young & got buggered daily—– he liked it!

    • Michele

      I will pray for you Chris, you obviously need it. Ooooops, that’s right, that is what you libs find so darn “offensive”!! Sorry dear.

    • NPC

      You know Chris P, the more I read, the more you are showing your utter stupidity, and a fair amount of hate.
      I hope it will serve you well in your life here on earth, and where ever you wind up in your afterlife.

    • Joel

      Mr. Soler that is the difference in between a stupid muslim and a good cristian.

    • don

      Then the proud progressives are VERY wrong. Christian does NOT mean doormat. The Libs are basically cowards. Christian does NOT mean doormat. I’m a Christian soldier and proud of it. There are MILLIONS just like me.

  • BobinPa.

    Hey Ron, Your rant was spoken like an Anti-American, Left-Wing Godless Communist
    fool. Why are you in this Country?? This is the Greatest Nation in the History of the world, Built on Hard work, Faith, and Judeo-Christian principles. Why don’t you “Beat Feet” to one of those ‘Third World Godless Communist Ghetto Countrys you seem to favor???

    • Chris P

      Which god do you worship? You religious clowns cannot agree on one religion. Even your candidates cannot agree. How stupid is that.

      This country is about equal rights for ALL not just goofballs who believe in sky fairies.

      You clearly do not understand what “communism” means – I don’t know any liberals that believe in that. You, being religious, are trained to be gullible and listen to the crackpots like Jackson and the rest of the clowns on Fox.

      If you believe in Judeo Christian principles why do you go around killing people, invading other countries and shooting his creations for fun. Destroying his planet that you say he created for you? You people are batshit crazy. Good thing there are intelligent liberals around to design new things to be manufactured here and sold abroad. You guys think you can pray to get things done. Why do you even need health care if you got this sill god looking after you? Oh – it doesn’t work does it – your prayers to get rid of liberals didn’t work.

    • http://aol sue grimes

      I too always wonder why people who seem to hate this country and all it stands for continue to live here. why not go to a Muslim country to live, or France, or any Europeon or Mideast or Asian country and see how it is there? They would run back here and kiss the ground when they got back. It is easy to trash us. We don’t shoot people in the street or make them disappear at night or behead them like in other countries. Leave, We don’t want people like you here.

    • Ron

      One can be anti-religion and still not be a communist. Come one people wake up and smell the roses while you still can. The USA is still a great country and I have no problem with people believing anything they want as long as they do not try to push their believes on me. The US is a socialist country already and has been for many decades. I would hate to live in a country where nobody takes care for those that can’t. I can see though that a lot of so call conservatives would have the streets full of beggars and the old people on the streets.

      The US is far more Socialistic than you want to believe and you would not want it to be any other way.

      Just wake up and smell the roses and try to help your fellow man or woman. You might find it actually rewarding.

    • NPC

      He’s here for the party.

  • Mountain Queen

    I read the Bible everyday, cover to cover, both old and new testaments. Firstly, God is loving and fair but is intolerant of many things, especially idolatry and paganism. I think most Christians are TOO accepting and tolerant, which is more representative of new age type beliefs and philosphies. Christians should be an example of God’s values and virtues but not so pandering to others who are deliberately destroying our country which was based on the Living God’s principles. Liberals can’t side with conservative Christians because they don’t want to comply with God’s instructions but their own, so they pander to others and preach tolerance. Think of it this way, if Christ says I’m the ONLY way to the Father, isn’t that intolerant of anyone who doesn’t believe in Him. Therefore, the Living God actually teaches intolerance where the world and liberals convince us to be tolerance. America would be a much different place if Christians truly stood their ground on issues and weren’t so tolerant. We are losing our country by being SO tolerant.

  • TWin CA

    So why are you here and reading “this stupid internet trash” Ron? Are you an atheist or agnostic? What about free will? Let’s clarify things and maybe we can have a discussion.

  • e nuff

    Are they aware they would be beheaded in honor killings if they looked the wrong way at a muglim and their twisted system would protect the beheaders from prosedution?

    • Chris P

      Then why do so many Christian Americans end up in jail. Why do Christians shoot so many of their fellow citizens?

      You’d think you were model citizens the way you berate the Muslims. You have more people in jail than any other country and yet you claim this is the best country. What metric are you using? Longest lived? Healthiest? Slimmest? Least wasted resources?

    • Ron

      I think they use “Most arrogant”

    • PapaBill

      Chris P have you ever seen a counterfeit $13 bill? Me neither, because there is no such thing as a real $13 bill. You can print all the $13 bills you want & will not be guilty of counterfeiting. Folks do, however counterfeit $100, $50, $20, & $10 bills. Even Quarters, half & silver dollar coins have been counterfeited. Some fella in the 1950’s counterfeited nickles.
      Similarly the Christian faith has it’s counterfeits too. I regret that you have been exposed to so many of them. I would suggest you check out the writings of C S Lewis (other than the Chronicles of Narnia), or Dorthy Sayers (other than her Lord Peter Whimsy books), or those by Billy Graham as a starting point in discovering what real Christianity is to be.

    • John Hand

      Why do so many ‘Christian Americans’ land in jail? Christian Americans? What makes you think all those people committing crimes are Christian? Where do you get that? Oooh, I know, the ones who suddenly ‘find’ Christianity just before they are scheduled to go before the parole board.

    • James R. Cooke

      That’s a good point, John. The Scriptures that Christians try to live by (at least they have a goal to aim for!) teaches that “You will know them by their fruits.” What kind of fruit does the so-called liberal life-style and thinking produce? Look at the American social scene since (especially) FDR’s administration and you’ll see – failed policies, failed leadership, failed lives.

    • NPC

      They’re here for the free fruit, get it?

    • mamac7001

      Think we have more in prison because we don’t behead or stone everyone to death that doesn’t believe or behave the way they are told. Hope you enjoy Sharia law when it’s all that’s left here. Hope you like herding goats too!

    • terry

      Chris P…. I think you have Christians mixed up with liberals when you make you ridiculous claims! Funny how you nut job liberals just make up “facts” to fit you ludicrous, lazy, entitlement mentality, loser lifestyle.

      I’m a 1%-er, proud of it, and mudslimes can go to hell. oh, and better yet, liberals are miserable people … now THATS A FACT!!!

    • Michele

      LOL because in many of the muslim country they do not bother with over crowded jails. They just off the perp right then and there. They do not have the rights of trial of a jury of their peers, innocent until proven guilty. If they are accused it is off with your head or stand before the stoning squad!

  • wayne

    Ron is a lost soul!

  • DrRGPerrin

    Do your research, please. You are dead wrong about Margaret Sanger. The point was to make birth-control available to poorer groups period, not any specific racial or ethnic group (although some such groups do indeed tend to be poor).

    • msbets

      oh, so sorry but your wrong, sanger wanted to eliminate the Negros and DON’T YOU EVER FORGET IT!!! SHE WAS A DESEASE!!

    • Joe A

      Sanger wanted to cut down on the black population because she said that they were inferior to whites.

    • James R. Cooke

      Help me understand the Negro Project that Sanger and others were involved in and promoted, Dr. And why are there more abortion mills in black and hispanic neighborhoods than anywhere else. 50% of their clients are black, 28% are hispanic, the rest are white, etc.

    • Michele

      Do YOUR research please, Hitler even researched Sanger to get ideas for his making of the “master race”:

    • SouthernMan

      The Dr before your name, whether fake or real sir, carries no weight at all. You are merely carrying the party line. Anyone can do their research and discover Sanger’s motives. Her involvement in the evil of the eugenics movement is well documented.

    • SouthernMan

      The “Dr” before your name carries no weight in this matter. Anyone can do their own research and verify Sanger’s involvement in the evil of the eugenics movement. Her own vast writings are enough proof.

  • Rocket Man

    This is nothing new. Muslims fought with the Nazis to murder the Jews and Christians. Liberals fight with Muslims, not only because they hate Israel and Evangelical Christians also, but also because the Muslims are socialist. Any religion, any suffering, any collateral damage for their “Social Justice”… this IS the Liberal Religion.

    • Ron

      What are you smoking ??

    • Chris P

      I don’t know what he is smoking – his brain must have been addled for a long time. He obviously hasn’t read “Mein Kampf”. He cannot even figure out what the word “religion” means.

      They get indoctrinated between the ages of 4 and 14, mostly by their parents into believing what their parents believe. This is reported by the churches in a recent survey of how people get “religion”. If they were bonr in a Muslim country with Muslim parents they would be indoctrinated into the Muslim faith. They just don’t get it. Cannot figure out that they too are atheists to several thousand religions – just one less than an atheist.

    • James R. Cooke

      Chris, how is the liberal mindset and behavior different from propaganda and indoctrination?

    • TheThinMan

      You must have a much different dictionary for the meaning of Socialist. Muslims are far from being Socialists – They believe in “theocracy” their “church”, Islam, is the beginning and the end. While they have kings, princes, etc – the real power in Islam are the Imam’s – the people, men and women, BELIEVE in Islam and their teachers. They practice the the laws and rules set forth in their religion. much unlike so-called Christians who pick and choose what in their sacred book they want to believe in and follow. One of the prime reasons the Constitution is falling apart is because of Christianity – if you can choose what in the sacred book to believe and which commandments and tenets to follow – why the same could be said for the constitution. We tend to apply the same reasoning to the laws set forth in the constitution of a limited government, amending it to make it fit circumstances, as Christians to their Bible – well – that was back then and we are so much more sophisticated and free, and smarter than they were way back then – and you wonder why a Marxist Socialist raised as a Muslim to hate the west, a nominal Christian who attended a church whose pastor DAMNED the United States is taking this country where it’s going?

  • Ballistic45

    To answer the question of why Liberals and Muslims FEAR Christians is simple..

    Christians tell the truth and are the only ones who have the power to oppose both from attaining their goals..

  • PWR11

    You know, the one thing I see here that strikes me is the claim that Non-believers are some how pursecuted? I do not see that in my day to day travels..I have never seen a group of atheist being ordered by a court to remove their “propoganda” from a public place? I don’t see people holding rallies against atheist displays? Like it or not this country was founded on Christian values! It shows up in our Constitution, and many of our founding documents. It is a fact that the Gov. even once provided bibles to schools that could not afford them to teach by. Now while this went on I do not know of any large scale attack by Christians against other religions?? Well if you go back far enough they did “Burn some witches” but that was way back before the USA was formed. This country has always been a place where you could come and practice what you want, even if that is no religion at all. Now the islamic religion is much more of a way of life, way of governance and a way of law, than any other “religion”. Islam promotes the pursecution and even killing of “non-believers” and there is no middle ground if you really understand the koran! For that reason alone, I think that Islam must be monitored closely, and never allowed to enter into the governance of the USA. As for you atheist that are being pursecuted…I’ll pray for you!!

    • John Hand

      PWR11 (what a strange handle), Christians are at a disadvantage in some ways, because too many people say things like..’God is in control.’ They think that by saying and believing that, in the end all will come out alright. They end up in Heaven, and ‘God’s will’ has been fulfilled. This is all true, but God did not intend for people to just sit around and allow the infidels to run rampant and abuse Christians without any response. Turn the other cheek if you must, then kick some butt! I might not be the best “Christian’ because I sometimes advocate violence when needed. That may or may not put me in a golden palace in Heaven, but a silver palace will suit me just fine. Get tough, tell those liberal and their buddies the Muslims how it is, and do not let name calling like RACIST and FASCIST deter you. One of the key words the liberals use as a weapon is DIVERSITY. They advocate DIVERSITY as a means of CHANGE. And if you protest, you are INTOLERANT, and RACIST. This is supposed to make you turn cheek and look the other way. Do not be fooled. Look them in the eye and say..Islam is not a race, it is a hate crime using the name of ‘religion.’

    • Chris P

      As I said – you people don’t read too well. A teacher in Texas was fired for being an atheist only recently.

      You lot are ignorant.

    • James R. Cooke

      Stick to the facts, Chris, stick to the facts. Don’t try to use ‘ad hominem’ tactics. It’s too easy to spot anymore and folks will discount everything else you say.

    • terry

      Duh, there’s our old NutJob liberal Chris P, making more claims of “fact” that he can’t prove! Way to go Chris .. next thing you know, ol’ Chris will say he has the biggest schlong in the WHOLE WORLD!!! lol… Good God what a nutjob ol’ Chris P. is…………

    • NPC

      And you better get your facts straight.

    • Cliff

      Chris P.,
      Name, date, and place please.

  • TheThinMan

    surprise! surprise! many liberals ARE “Christians”. They aren’t “Pro-Muslim” – they believe in “Freedom of Religion”.

  • Joe A

    One big difference between Christianity and Islam. NOBODY WAS EVER KILLED FOR LEAVING CHRISTIANITY.

  • Paul

    For those of you who like marxism, socialism, communism, move to a country where that is practiced (You’ll be wanting to come back to the US probably with in 6 months) North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Cuba. Go, enjoy the utopia. Then once reality sets in, you’ll want to get out of there as soon as possible!

  • jb80538

    Islam has to be about the worst thing on the face of the Earth.

  • oltootr

    liberalism is a brain disorder!!

    • John Hand

      Brain disorder? True. Whom is MOST LIKELY to use drugs? Liberals. (See Hollywood and who keeps dying) Who is most likely to use ‘mind-bending drugs? Liberals.Therefore, whom is most likely to have brain disorders? Why, liberals of course.

    • Chris P

      Never used drugs – ever. Where do you get these clueless notions from – Oh Fox News – how could I forget.

    • John Hand

      Chris P, you know about Fox New? You have heard that they might talk about drug use? Hey, keep watching and learn. (Or maybe you have been watching MSNBC, heard how they badmouth EVERYTHING CONSERVATIVE, and believe their propaganda).

    • terry

      … Chris P (does P stand for peanut head?)
      You are a useless waste of space!!!

      Your mommy hates you. Your Daddy resists the fact that you exist. Your relatives all say you suck, and anyone who has ever know you disavows the fact! Your life is a total waste!! Now, go wash my 7 cars you moron!!!!

    • Chris P

      Your comment is on the level of a middle school playground taunt. I’d suggest getting out and reading some new material.

    • NPC

      There really is no hope for you is there?

    • Chris P

      Hope for me what? You have no clue about my profession or where I stand in that profession.

      As I said you people don’t really understand how ignorant you are.

  • nightlight

    The liberals are pro-Muslim/pro-Islam because they think that they can use the Muslims (control the Muslims)to achieve their ends. too basd they haven’t realized that as soon as the Muslims take over America, they will be the first to be eliminated.

  • eyzewydeopened

    On burning Bibles sent to troops. I dated an airforce pilot, he said no one could have Bibles on their person, because if caught by the enemy (taliban islamists), they would immediately be killed, probably decapitated. That is why our military can’t carry those little Bibles. Certain death. I think they had to burn those Bibles to show the locals they were on their side? It was not because the US military hates Christians.

    • John Hand

      The US Military does not hate Christians (Bibles?) You are right, the US MILITARY does not, but now we have a ‘commander-in-chief who hates Bibles, and Christians. Remember, when the ‘official’ report was released recently by the Army after the ALLAH AKBAR shootings at Ft Hood, there was NO MENTION of ALLAH AKBAR being yelled as Maj Hasan killed all those innocents. And the ‘official’ report (remember who is Commander-in-Chief) declared those ALLAH AKBAR shootings that never happened to be….Get this…”WORKPLACE VIOLENCE.

  • Stan Lee

    Leftists don’t live in the real world. They just exist each day in their perpetual daze of corrupted ideologies.
    They fear Christianity, because it’s dutiful and responsible….Leftists can’t live up to it, it’s too difficult for them. They always take to the least line of resistence. Consequently, they remonstrate against Christianity just as the fabled Fox looked up at grapes unattainable to him and pronounced them as sour anyway!
    So, they’re down on Christianity because they can’t live up to it, but because they don’t meet Islam in their lives, know little to nothing of Islam’s demands for dedication to it, they would believe Islam as a believer-friendly.
    Of course, it doesn’t occur to them that via their own behavior and wasteful dependency, Islam would probably kill them off.

    • Chris P

      “Fear christianity” – right we fear the craziness that it creates. Your bible says to stone the adulterers but I don’t see any one of you stoning Newt.

      Your “inerrant” creed bible is everything but. You ignore what you want and drag out irrelevant stuff to justify anything you like.

    • James R. Cooke

      Chris, as calmly and as neutrally as possible, I’d like to ask you, have you ever read the Bible? The Jewish Scriptures and the Christian Scriptures in the light of their context?

    • Michele

      Sorry buddy, but you have us mixed up with the Islamist. In the Christian bible, Christ saved a woman who had committed adultry from stoning, saying “Let he who is w/o sin cast the first stone.” Then no one was able to throw one and all walked away. It is the Muslims who to this day continue to stone people, including women who are raped. It amazes me, the so called “womens rights groups” who do NOT represent me BTW or any true Christian woman are silent on this treatment of women. The only “women’s right” they care about is if a woman may kill her own child or not.

  • Yellow Horse

    Satin is waiting for every LIBERAL to die!!! Hell will be filled with them!!!

    • Chris P

      Yellow Horse

      Go read a biology text (if you can). So go see a person with advanced Alzheimer’s disease – they cannot remember anything – who they are or who their friends are because their brains have lost their content. How do they function in your imaginary heaven? When you die the information in your brain dies with you.

      Stop reading you bible and go read something useful.

    • John Hand

      Alzheimer’s patients have not lost their brain functions, they just can’t pull them up. It is like having a cash register (ever see one of those?). You have the cash inside, but the keys won’t work.

    • terry

      More typical “crap” from Chris P… (the dumbest liberal on the internet).

      Uh, excuse me Dr. Chris P … all our little 3rd grade friends are calling you to come out and play!!!

      Your life is such a waste….. sigh…….

    • NPC

      You call his existence a life?

    • Katie

      I am a liberal Christian and I would like to think that my good deeds and prayer would grant me a place in Heaven. Not every liberal in non-Christian. Some may be Jewish or Muslim or Buddhist or not believe in organized religion; you can’t throw everyone in the same pot!

  • John Hand

    SUGESTION TO ALL WHOM WRITE HERE AND IN FUTURE SITES. It is almost impossible, after a while, to tell whom you are referring to in the comments. Sometimes you are doing a reply, but other person’s replies get on top of yours. So in the future people, when answering someone, or insulting them, or whatever, put their name or title in your first line. That is what we need to do. Thanks.

  • BobRGeologist

    As a scientist I am not religious but have found the Christian way of life a good guide for living and it has served me well for 95 years. I got my college degrees from a liberal institution but it was not for me. The fuzzy constraints of liberalism are for those who would be happy as a bee in a hive. Freedom to think and live your life is everything to me. Islam is a pathetic way of life, its goal is clearly world domination and a life of slavery to Allah.

  • John Hand

    I make several pro-Christian comments with NO PROFANITY and forward this link to several to listen to, then I come back and find that ALL MY COMMENTS were deleted, while I see at least one or more up there that use profanity. Why? If this happens again, color me gone from your so-called conservative site. And I am very conservative retired military. Face me like a man, whoever deleted my mostly complimentary stuff.

    • Cliff

      John, I too am retired military. I do find many comments that you have authored. Great comments!

  • Anne

    The far left agenda is totally anti-Christian. That is they are step by step trying to destroy all that is Christian. Destroy the family structure, pro-abortion, pro-gay and pro anything that can cause conflict with people of faith. That has always been the first step when you are trying to establish socialism, communism or any dictatorship. The left wamts us to worship the earth amd place people below it in complete contrast to the Christian Bible. It’s only the Christian faith they want to erradicate because we can’t be controlled until they do. Just ask Stalin, Hitler, Mao and all the rest. People of faith need to wake up because they are getting closer to their goal.

    • John Hand

      Anne is that you? You certainly write intelligently enough to be the person I am thinking of….

    • Chris P

      The religious are all about conflict – they cannot even agree after 2000 years. We’re not interested in stopping you from worshipping or doing whatever you do in the privacy of your own home. We just want all people to be free from YOUR intrusion in their lives. We want this country (at least) to give equal opportunity to all people. Transgenders and gays are all citizens and deserve equal rights. You do not get to push your religious beliefs onto other people. In the same way that you hate the idea of Sharia law being forced on you – we don’t like Christian law being pushed on us. You have presidential candidates – one of whom has allegiance to a gang of old farts in Salt Lake City who claim inerrancy and another has allegiance to a gang of old farts in Rome.

      You cannot make this stuff it is so ludicrous. You don’t have solidified position and you are all muddled up.

  • Eli Jones

    If a lib tells you that they are a Christian, they are a lying hypocrite. You can’t support baby killing and honor the Creator Of Life at the same time. You cannot serve two masters. On the libs being pro-Muslim question, it’s simple. Libs fear the Muslims more than they like Muslims. That’s why libs appease Muslims and attack Christians. Hell is waiting for the wicked cowards.

    • Chris P

      Your god has already won the baby killing stakes. Liberals aren’t as mean as your god though. Your God terminates pregnancies all the time.

      With the Duggars – he supposedly “blesses” them with another child and then a few months later kills it.

      That’s pretty mean.

    • Katie

      Also, not all liberals are pro-choice, or “baby-killers” as you so tacfully assumed. Not everyone is a single-issue voter.

  • Larry Swicegood

    Should Eric Holder be impeached? Does a cat have a climbing gear? Does two and two make four? Does the sun shine during the day? Do stars shine at night? How many more doubt questions have to be asked?

  • wayne

    I think that the Dem & rep are in bed with each other , the dem back in the 50’s was good & the Rep. were good to ,but now you have the elites in both parties & there dragging this country down , we need a war ,but not color to color, we need a rd party

  • frank

    what are they really talking about,why would you be anti christian when your raised in this country on the belief the christ is lord all and is forgiving,where muslim faith is totally cruel and unnatured toward wemon and childern,which i believe is totally hate beyound what christ would do,wow must be the devil taking their hearts over

    • Chris P

      Christians and Mormons like control over their women too. That’s what the birth control debate is all about. Guys in Rome and Utah wanting control over women’s uteruses. Forcing them to bear rapists children even if they are children themselves. Want girls who have been raped by their fathers to bear the child. That is truly macabre.

    • d rash

      CHRIS P. How can I gently put this. How about this way. You are full of CRAP!

    • d rash


    • Michele

      Catholic woman here responding to lib hypocrit. Liberals are happy to give the baby the death sentence after a rape, but God forbid we give the death sentence to the rapist. Libs want to kill babies for convenience, which is the case 99% of the time, but trot out the old “rape” cry every time it is talked about. Prior to Roe it WAS legal in cases of rape, but that was not enough for them. The birth control debate is over religious freedom. The federal gov’t telling religious institutions what they must offer their workers in their churches, schools, hospitals and charitiable institutions. Liberals are all ready to cry “separation of church and state” if we dare to say a prayer outside of our house or church, but if we want to have private businesses and help and hire those of all faiths, well then the separation thing does not apply? It only applies when the libs say it does, when it works for THEM!! Abortion and birth control is an elective thing, a “choice” for a womans body remember, that is what they are always screaming! Well if it is a “choice” then they can pay for it! I should not be forced to, and neither should my church. Pregnancy is a natural function of womanhood, but it is also a choice to get pregnant or not. If I make that “choice” it is also a function of a healthy woman, and the admin should also want healthy pregnancies and children. So every insurance plan should cover all prenatal care, maternity care and post natal follow up care. The monthy cycle is a “womens’ health issue! All healthy women have one! Everyone should have to pay for our “supplies”!! Pony up all!! It gets expensive! Do you see how ridiculous this can get? Oh, you are a liberal, probably sounds completely reasonable to you.
      Sorry, but I am a Catholic woman and I do not feel “controlled”. I feel valued. I feel I am a child of God with a special God given gift to be able to assist with the creation of life which no man can ever do. As for you liberals, I feel YOU are the ones trying to control women, telling us we need to be able to kill our children so men such as yourselves do not need to take any responsibility for the family, birth control or self control. If we get pregnant, it is our fault and our responsibility and if we did not want a child we should have “taken care of it”, No right to ask for child support, marriage or any support from the man. You devalue women, children and families in every way.

    • T J Lee

      Chris… I have been sitting here reading all of your comments and I am totally amazed that you think you know so much about all these religions? I would bet you you have never studied a single religion in your life!I grew up in Utah, and the Mormon church does not say anything about women cowering to men!1 And even though I am not a Mormon I find a whole lot of thier beliefs very helpful in the real world!! Because being kind, respectful,and a good law abiding person is not a bad thing!! Not using bad language, respecting others, and HELPING those in need is a very large part of thier religion!! And Chris they do not care who you are or what you believe in they are most always the first to help all people!!You Chris have been on oursap box preaching about education, well it seems to me you need to be educated in a whole lot of areas concerning different religions, and what thoswe4 religions teach thier members!!! Yspew a lot of crap that is meaningless because you do not know you are only spectulating from your fear of anything Godly!! So read all the school books you want, but learning life from real people will make you a whole lot smarter than you think you are!! There fore everything you say must be ignored because you know not of what you speak!! So to put it in a saying that you can understand ” Hey you just can’t fix stupid!!

  • Jack

    The two are temporarily aligned. Both the liberals and the Muslims seek extermination of Christians. The liberals (Marxist, socialists, etc.) feel with an alliance with Muslims (and vice versa) they can do this, then once the Christians are crushed they can turn on their former allie, crushing them and thus dominating the world.

    Look at the Muslim teaching then look at the world control government movements…both have same goal, singular control of the world. What has stood in the way for both factions has been Christian nations.

    At this point in time though there is but one remedy, deport the Muslims and socialists. Is this attainable? With the current government, controlled major media, and controlled educational system the answer is no. If it too late: Possibly. If it is too late then what can be done? If we set up patriot communities they will be crushed. The only chance then would be in a breakup of the states…but even that would result in war.

    We may be entering another dark age. An age where persecution of Christians and Jews will occur on a global scale. Of course isn’t something like that prophesized in revelation, just before the second coming of Christ?

    Often misinterpreted is the term anti-Christ. It was mean’t to be plural, not singular. There are many anti-christs in the world, not just one yet to appear.

  • the Rock

    Th Progressive Humanists are always right and the rest of us have not been trained properly to understand our right place in their Socialist Utopia. So far God does not exist, man evolved from hominid primates, and the earth was created by mathematical improbability. Whats not to like here. I prefer my free ignorance and will probably die for it as they try to ry it from my cold dead fingers. All I have to say to my free friends is “Don’t be wasteful make every shot count”

  • T J Lee

    Oh and sorry for the spelling mistakes my key board is freaking out on me. And Iam kinda mad at your really dumb comments!!

  • T J Lee

    Oh and for the record Chris Polygamy is not a part of the Mormon religion any more!! And has not been for over 100 years! Get clue!

  • Old Vet…

    I sure hope the brain dead liberals wake up while there’s still some freedom left for them. This nation is on the way down the crapper with Obama & friends turning the flush handle. I can hear them now, “All Hail Obama the King, All Hail Soros, The King-Maker…” (Read Puppet-Master). I’m old enough that I’ll most likely croak before it all comes down, But I see it coming and I’m sorry that my children, Grand-children and Great Grandchildren will have nowhere near the Freedom I’ve enjoyed for most of my 74+ years. God Bless America, Again, Please?.

  • Frank in Tucson, AZ


  • Barbara

    Poor Chris. He sounds like he had no guidence when he was growing up. Let us pity his ignorance. It sounds like most of the others in here came from good hard working, christian families who had real values.

    I suppose poor Chris wants to be an elitist like some folks he knows but just can’t quite make it. I have a grandson who sounds like Chris. He is an attorney, lazy as dog dirt and doesn’t know how to do anything but argue in court. What a bummer! This is not real living.

  • Charles

    A few questions Democracts love women’s lib, gay right, and muslims. But muslims hate women’s lib and gay rights. How is this going to work out??

  • Cicerone

    Lefties view the intellect, reasoned thought and logic as oppression. That is why they can hold contradictory positions simultaneously. Orwell identified this characteristic as double-think as described by the character O’Brien while he was torturing Winston. Remember, lefties don’t have to know anything, don’t have to make sense and are not restricted by needing to tell the truth.

  • John D.

    The libs are so educated that they’ve learned nothing from history. With all the millions that have been killed by communism and fascism, I’m totally dumbfounded that ANY American would vote to the left. The further right you go, the freer the society. Aparently, we’ll be destroyed from within by the educated. Most of your Muslim terrorists were well educated, too.

  • ED Knows

    Great segment ladys, one of the best so far.

    Wake up people to the wrongs of Sharia Law.

  • Dolores Peterman

    I believe they are anti Christian, and pro-Muslim. Look at what they are doing. Reducing our protection (nuclear war heads to be reduced to 300 from 5,000) Taking away our first amendment rights to free speech and freedom of religion. Bankrupting us. Also, look at his entourage, Soros, Ayers, etc. Hillary signed a treaty with the UN to take away our guns. What more can they do now? Oh NO, I shouldn’t have asked that question, they will start to take more away from us.

  • uzitiger

    Liberals and Muslims both want to impose their wills and putid ideologies on us. They both support tyranny (theirs of course) and murdering any opposition therefore they make good bed partners.

  • http://n/a toysoldier

    IF the libeals, socialists,marxists, cmmunists and ialamics do get their way, yhey will certainly find thet the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it”, will come true. They will not like what they strove for. toysoldier

  • Wildmann

    Chris P, go and have Sharia Compliant Relations with your Little Tin alternative lifestyle-living GOD Barrak HUSSIEN Obama!! B.A. Social Science, Fl. Atlantic U. 1970. BTW anyone can SEE my Birth Cert, and Transcripts!! Unlike the Pretender, who, by all accounts, Has NO Documentable Proof of ever Attending ANY College! The Saudis Paid HAAAAAARVAAAAARD some 40 Million U.S.D. to Pencil Off {Bureau-crat for falsification of the Usual Documentation} His Editor-ship of the Law Review and Diploma!!!

  • George McM

    I am sick and tired of reading this hubris. It is the same whether a conservative or a progressive blog. If you “true conservatives” want to accomplish something positive, stop jousting with the trolls, get away from your computer and go sign up with the Republican Party to be active in your precinct, your district, your state associations. It was never more obvious that action speaks louder than words. It will take action to wrest control from the Marxist in the WH. Control your local politics and things will fall in line and BHS will go down to the greatest defeat in our history. Without action, you will get 4 more years and our nation will be gone. STOP WRITING AND START ACTING!!!

  • Ballistic45

    Whenever I hear Liberals brag about being so educated and enlightened brings back visions of elitist Nazi’s and their claims of superiority and rights to rule..

    I can go to any liberal college and pick up the piles of “Common Sense” left on the front steps that was left there by Potential Liberal Lemmings as they entered wide eyed and holding out their Kool aide cup for a fill, Questioning Nothing they are told…..

    • Chris P

      Ballistic(must have blown his brains out) do you not understand that a “liberal” college has NOTHING to do with being a liberal.

      A “liberal” ARTS college is about learning several subjects at one time and not concentrating on say Biology to the exclusion of all other subjects.

      As a liberal I do question things I’m told – especially the garbage coming from the religious which is just a pile of steaming junk. Heaven is a physical impossibility. Prayer statistically does not work. Your inerrant bible is full of conflicting claims. I questioned my professors and proved that what they told me was correct. Christians never offer any proof of anything – it’s all hand waving. What experiments have you done to prove that your pastor is right? Strange too is the fact that other pastors say different stuff.

    • JohnnyFreedom

      Chris P.,(must drink his own pee) did you notice that Ballistic never said anything about a “liberal arts” college or degree. He said a “liberal college,” meaning the overwhelming liberal/Marxist view point pushed at nearly all colleges, except for a very few private conservative or Christian colleges.

      Now go sit on your mom’s basement rub your Communist Manifesto and your Saul Alinski books and hate Jews and Christians.

    • Wiliam McClure

      So your professors are so wise and all-knowing.Therefore you see no need of God,s word
      . In other words every thing the government “think tanks” decree must be so. What a good little sheeple you are!

    • http://ThePatriotUpdate Michael G.

      I saw good professors and bad ones. I know I’m a retired one. And I’ll be the first to admit that I know very little (even about the subject I taught). I just knew how to approach it, for my students. Most of them were quite good, and were interested in what I taught. Those who thought they knew more than I did usually flunked out. My greatest goal in teaching college was on two fronts. 1) To teach the student something about the subject we were in and instill an interest in something they may have had little or no contact with. 2) To give the student a better approach to studying and cracking a tough subject. I never gave “A’s”, my student earned them.
      The one thing that angered me no end was other profs. (and many of these were at the PhD level) who knew the text book, but didn’t know the subject. They rarely stayed on top of new developments.
      I am a rarity. I am a professor (ret), a Christian (Catholic), and own something Obama is squawking about (I won’t say what that is, many of you will figure that out on your own).
      But while we are on the subject of our illustrious OB…many think he was a college prof. too. He wasn’t. He wasn’t even a temporary instructor, nor was he ever a part-timeer. He was a substitute lecturer. The guy has never done anything significant in his life.
      I’d better stop and get off my soap-box before I really get angry.
      Anyway, one last point. I always thought teaching college-level classes would be dull, and not interesting to the student nor me. I was wrong. I had a lot of fun doing it, and my students loved it. I think they learned something…

    • US Patriot

      As they say – Those who can, do. Those who can’t teach.

    • Cklotz

      Praying that God will open up your eyes to truth. You have been deceived by the enemy who lies. May God have mercy on you when His judgment comes. His judment is coming sooner than most think so it would be wise on your part to start reading the Holy Bible. The truth is as plain as day in every chapter. Free yourself from the world and find your way to the truth, Jesus Christ, your savior. He loves you despite the fact that you deny Him. May His grace and mercy be upon you. Blessings my friend!

    • Gwendolyn

      It is blatantly clear to all that read your words that you are Liberal to the bone. I really hate that you are missing so much in life and just can’t help feeling sorry for you. As you age , hopefully you will come to see the light.

    • Jim Uberti

      If you haven’t read it yet, read “Michael G.”
      I won’t go the religious route with you, I’ll just say that Liberals keep trying to reinvent the wheel.
      How many failures of Socialist governments do you have to see before you realize that that system doesn’t work??
      Liberala that I know know all the answers but not the questions.
      Obama has demonstrated that throwing money at problems just doesn’t work, but he is forgiven by people like you because you have to. If you really examined his record you ‘d have to admit failure.
      That’s too much to ask of a Liberal.

    • chris

      wow…..Im glad you feel this way…the more liberals that go to hell….the less I need to run into up in heaven…

    • Barbara

      I really don’t think he’s talking about the cirriculum per se, he’s talking about all the liberal crap professors push. As to the Bible being full of mistakes… You really need to study it….. Read “The Harbinger” – it’s pretty much right on about what’s happening to our country.

    • kay

      No argument unless it involves hateful, vile remarks. I am so used to this type of language from the liberal. progressive side. I do research what I read and hear.

  • Frankie B.

    Remember Obama IS a Moslem. Remember the banks that were bailed out? Are you aware part oif the agreement with the banks was that they were to become Sharia compliant?
    Does that mean if you O.D. your checking account you will be stoned to death?
    We will not wake up because the “getters” control the election this year. Who would you vote for if you got more money and food by not working for it? A Republican or the present Catholic and Jew hating incumbent or someone who might get the country back on the right track?

  • Bill

    One sentence explains this whole development that has come about in the last three years. Our potus is a raciest and has been since he came to this country from Kenya.

  • Cklotz

    A panel of very intelligent women. It amazes me that more people don’t understand the truth about the evil in the world. Perhaps more people should start reading the Holy Bible which contains the truth about everything we need to know to survive in this world. If only more people knew the love and compassion that is available to them through their savior, Jesus Christ. Who else would be beaten, carry a heavy cross, and die for you? He is our beautiful King! Any man that thinks He is wiser than He is a fool and will die a fool. May God open up the eyes of all men so that they may find His mercy and grace.

    • chris

      Amen sister..

    • kay

      A wonderful presentation of the facts..Why can’t the mainstream media do this?????

  • ktnmorgan

    ladies please . . . if anyone were to tune in and think all Christian woman are ditsy like the blonde gal that talks like a 3 yr. old. Ladies be real . . . .

  • http://n/a toysoldier

    With tha multitude of islamic-based faux paus that have dribbled from obummer-bin ladin’s arrogant maw, the favoritism he bestows on anything even remotely muslim- related and his distain for the constitution, Christianity, Judeism, or morality, he cannot possibly be anything but islamic. Back this up with the fact that a muslim is permitted AND ENCOURAGED to lie to those of different beliefs for the furtherence of the islamic agenda.

    It walks, talks, looks and acts like a duck– it just might be one., But, be careful, just before 911 4 muslims in Mansfield ,OH who had been in constant contact with, and recieving sustinance from Arabian sources, melded with the US nite life, drinking, eating foods not on the isamic to-do- list. (all allowed for spies and “on duty” islamics. 2 weeks before 9 11, they mysteriously ‘got gone’, but not before one instructed his Mansfield hospital nurse/girlfriend to “not board any flights for 2 months, and to give her family the same message. Interesting people we are dealing with! toysoldier.