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Bristol Palin Responds to Angry Homosexual

Friday, September 23, 2011

Warning: Video contains language that may be offensive.

Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin daughter, was enjoying her time at West Hollywood’s Saddle Ranch restaurant with her friends and the film crew of her new reality show. Bristol got on the mechanical bull and rode it. But, as Bristol fell off the mechanical bull a man from the bar started shouting things to Bristol

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  • nvrpc

    Palin should have kicked this queers balls up around his eyeballs and then stomped on his throat and finished IT off. Once less homo to deal with…

    • Linda

      That was absouletly appaling. I could not believe what I heard from that man. I am neutral when it comes to matters like this, I side by what I feel is right. I think Bristol Palin handled this with honor to her Mother. What that man said was WRONG!!! How would he like it Someone called his Mother that name. Our poor world what it has come to. I am 57 yrs old and I can not believe what is acceptable anymore in our world. Shame Shame

    • John GEruso

      Any of the so-called “men” at that bar should have intervened. But that was in California, where it’s harder and harder to find a real man, a gentleman. Someone with honor, someone who believes women shouldn’t be treated like dogs. Obviously, that idiot is a Liberal Poster Child. Had it taken place in my presence, he would have shut up and apologized to Miss Palin.

    • Chris P

      Yes the Christians are out in force proposing violence – as usual.

      Bristol is an opportunist of the worst kind.

      And of course had a child without being married – a mortal sin in the Christians eyes but ignore her.

      You people are comical.

    • ciara500

      Bristol is an opportunist of the worst kind.

      And of course had a child without being married
      Really???? Now tell me something and be truthful here and you are going to have to dig deep to be honest.Ready???? What is the most wrongful thing that anyone can do for the Lord to turn his back on them??

    • Bill Tate

      If you go and play with degenerates, what should you expect???

    • William Chamlee

      She shows class. This (man) could not give any reason for his comment, he just wanted to pick on a lady.

  • Observer

    A fool is best left to his own folly.

    • liberty

      The hate displayed by many in the homo community and those on the Left is truly disturbing. The ignorant girlie boy in this video couldn’t site a single example against Bristol’s Mother, but, continued his HATE SPEECH………….very telling.

    • Larry

      And they call us hater how ironic wheres the tolerence? Homos

    • Shirley Freeman

      The hate speech needs to be afforded to the rest of us instead of the homosexulas. They are the real haters and use violence. The homo in this video started it and yet if someone had pummeled his ass, that someone would have gone to jail instead of him. They are bold now because of the hate speech law and the laws that give them more protection than the rest of us. We have got to stand up and demand our hate speech rights. They never wanted equal rights, they always wanted “special rights” at the expense of others rights.

    • ciara500

      Not all of them act like that.I’ve worked with some and they were nice people….but like I said before in a comment,there are some that are very lippy and they don’t have to be. It’s as tough they think they have something to prove? To who?

  • Eddie B

    And the irony was…..She was so good and he was so evil.

  • http://yahoo don preston

    Why are gays so full of hate?

    • Lorraine

      Don, I believe they are full of hate because that’s God’s way of letting them know they aren’t doing the right thing. When and if they get their lives turned around (yes, it can and is being done), things turn out much differently for them. They are able to be happy, content people at that point. Due to this abnormal lifestyle, they will NEVER know happiness or contentment. We are to love the sinner but hate the sin. And yes, this IS sin. Best thing we can do is be in faithful prayer for them.

  • Ballistic45

    Typical Leftist Homo calling names while hiding behind Hate crime if he is called a HOMO… QUEER, RUMP RANGER, what hypocrisy of the left…

  • Bill K

    Good for Britol! Just shows the deep hate the Left has of her mother. Can’t use facts, only lies and slander.

  • MamaFroh

    Good for her to stand up for truth and yet to stay cool while this fool exposed himself with his lies and hate.

  • BobM

    This “Member of the Pink Team” has the audacity to infer that Bristol’s mom is “The Devil”. When it is well known that homosexual relations are part and parcel of things Satanic. This is just ANOTHER example of a member of the M.A.G.O.G. (Militant A$$hole Gay Organized Group) Don’t believe in their lifestyle? Then you’re the DEVIL! It’s REAL easy for a bigmouth to spout off when it’s a girl. I’ll bet he would have kept his mouth shut if Bristol’s father Todd would have been there.

  • RM

    I can not believe no one at the restaurant stood up for a helpless young woman. No one even asked him to shut up! What a shame!! What happened to honor in your society?

    • lonetrader

      There is no honor among gays and lesbians. They have an agenda. They are all sick. They are all perverted. A man with a man and a woman with a woman is about as normal as a man with a dog. They are spreading their sickness. It is not OK to be gay.

  • http://Yahoo Anne Crickenberger

    You give some people an inch and they expect a mile! How can someone call Sarah Palin a devil standing up for common Christian values? This man is sick!

    • Big Ugly, Wyoming

      Give them an inch and they’d rather put it where the sun don’t shine.

  • mike

    When confronted he couldn’t come up with one reason why she was evil, except of course for the snappy “she lives, she breathes”. What a moron! If you look in the dictionary for the definition of liberal, his picture is there. When there are no facts, resort to obscene language. Keep on fighting lefties, it can only make us look even better!

    • ciara500

      He lives—-he breathes…does this make him evil as he says it does to SP? But this is what the libs do when they can’t produce facts or data to comfirm what they say. They can’t stand the truth, the truth can hit them right between the eyes and they’re still up there saying the same old things.

    • Larry Owens

      So very TRUE, they have no ground to stand on just shifting sand. To bad they don’t Repent and stand on the solid Rock of Christ they would know the feeling of being set Free and the hate would go away, but their god (satan) has control of them.

  • http://WWW.HERITAGEFORD.BIZ Al Brooks

    Romans 1:20-28 Explains it all;

    20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

    21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

    22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

    23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

    24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

    25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

    26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

    27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

    28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

  • Pastor

    The gay man was just doing what he knew best. That is being unsaved. He has been turned over to a reprobate mind. U GO BRISTOL!

  • jammin

    This IS what the LEFT has done to Sarah Palin, they are so afraid of her, they spread lies and people believe them.
    This guy is a good representation of the ignorant left.

    • ScarletDove

      Bingo Jammin, you said it all in just a few words! Great post!

  • Spar07

    Have you noticed the comparison of this fag and the lefties? They both use the same tactic when trying to bash, downgrade, and everything else they do when throwing their temper tantrums.
    This is common procedure for the lefties which makes me wonder if they are all gay.

    • ciara500

      They are using political correctness.PC/TRUTH. Do you think they can tell the difference?

  • Dick Cress

    “Never argue with an IDIOT . . . he will bring you down to his level and beat you with experience.” Guerro.

  • Scott B

    Good for her standing up to her Mom’s haters and holding her composure in the face of adversity. I am not a huge Sarah Palin fan, but I just became a fan of her daughter in the last 4 minutes of that video. Dont fight slander with slander. She was definitely the bigger person here.

  • Nightlyone

    One has to applaud Ms. Bristol for the way she acted/responded. The bloke could not give one reason for calling her Mother the name that he did. Why is they turn to cussing when they get confronted??

    • Paul E Taylor Jr

      OR the wacko liberals will try to talk over you, Have you heard the 2 bimbos on Fox, Kirsten Powers and the other one, when they are losing, they talk over

    • Bob

      Kirsten Powers,I think of her as a moderate Liberal.

    • ciara500

      Because it’s all they know. To put down, or brow beat, bully etc.

  • Scott

    Sarah raised a very strong woman. Good for you Bristol. I would think someone mopped the floor with this guy later.

  • trapper

    Bristol handled that very well. Her sweatshirt said it all: “Empowerer” over a lightning cross. In the last days men shall be lovers of their own selves (Rom. 1:30),covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemersk disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection (homosexuality-lesbianism), traitors,heady, highminded, lovers of pleasrue more than lovers of God…from such turn away.II Timothy 3:2-5. We see it displayed every day by those who are haters of good.

  • ben

    A true Christian should always love the sinner while hating the sin. Bristol did a great job of giving this poor man and his “friends” an example of how one should act. Unfortunatly he is the one who has a demon within and folks like him can only rant and interrupt, because their own personal demons have closed their ears.

  • Larry

    No doesnt matter these old Homo-sodomizers or and old chicken hawks are going to die of Aids anyway there are under a death sentence The wages of sin is death these reproates knoe they ar going to hell they just want company misrey loves company

  • Mike Westervelt

    Keeping in mind that he has a problem. maybe he just isn’t comfy with his gayness. He should be glad that Mama Grizzley wasn’t around, now that would have been priceless. Met Sarah,love Sarah,she is unique.

  • dawn

    She should have just walked away. He was getting
    his jolly’s ranting on and on about whatever?
    What a nut job.Where were the bouncers?

    • Ronnie

      No She Did Good .. He wasnt exspecting the little Girl to Have Brass _ _ _ _ _ & confront Him & He had nothing to put up so he tryed to run & hide..

    • Jim

      If Bristol had walked away he would have been able to say she wouldn’t talk with him. That he got the best of her etc. By trying to talk with him she showed her maturity and his immaturity.

    • Johnny Hiott

      One cannot expect for bouncers, owners etc. to come to the aid of the decent. It is extremely unusual for bystanders to come to the aid of someone in danger these days. Thanks to the liberal media, politicians and Godless government and their illegal (free speech impeding) hate crimes legislation to protect the sexually deviant, misguided homosexuals and liberals. Christians in America are in constant danger and persecuted by the government and news media. Kudos to Bristol Palin for standing up to this misguided fool.

    • ciara500

      Sometimes walking away is good….but then there are times when saying SOMETHING will give the other person SOMETHING to think about. But these fools really like to bully.

  • Lou

    the homo is the one that has a place in hell . the homo lifestyle is a abomination to G-d & to mankind ! he is the angry person as all see in this video .

    • Paul E Taylor Jr

      he will not need any warm clothing where he is going

  • Cheryl

    Bristol handled herself very well. That(I can’t call him a man) awful person just showed that he was an angry bitter person. Very sad.

  • Geo

    Wow! Are we in for it now since “don’t ask don’t tell” has been abolished. EVERY homo “in their sick little minds” will act as if they have won the lottery!
    And as for the “gentleman” in the vid…the real satan is just inches away from his “back door!” LMAO!!!

  • Noodles

    This queer wouldn’t say a word if there was a real man around to challenge him. He is a hateful despicable human being and a real punk. If this were Sarah Palin’s son and he was six foot five and 230 lbs, you think that queer would say anthing? Not on your life. In addition to being weird, he is also a coward. Calling a woman names. Big tough guy he is. Punk to who laid the chunk.

  • Ed McMullen

    Good for you, Bristol. Stand up to these slimey “identity-politics driven” no-nothings. It makes it very hard to see why anyone with Chrisitan or even civil decency would want to be tolerant of intolerant, ignorant creeps like the sissy with the foul mouth in this video.

  • E miller


  • dyno

    Confronting these fools is like mug wrestling with a pig>>>>>>>>>>>>>You both end up dirty and the pig enjoys it too much !

  • philwynk

    Very sensible. “She’s EVIL.” “Why?” crickets…

    The correct answer is, “She’s evil because dares to say what I know is true but can’t face: that there’s something wrong with me, and I don’t have the courage to face it and do something positive with it.”

  • Tom

    Judgement day is coming for the “VILE” homosexual, it’s just a matter of time.
    All of us will be judged, but some will be judged more severely.

    God Bless the Palin family.

  • Archangel

    Just another liberal faggot with no intelligent or logical discourse, only capable of making disparaging and derogatory comments!

  • Jennie Apple

    Bristol…you were awesome. Obama has empowered these gays to the point that they think they are actually right in what they do and are above the law. When he screamed his evil hatred at you, you conducted yourself as a lady. Then, Mr. No Balls said “she came up to me”. Well, yeah, you called her mom a whore and made an obscene comment about her and Levi. I am not as nice and patient…strictly old school…I’d have clocked him in the face with a beer bottle if he had insulted my mother like that, or at least have doused him with a drink. You do not talk about anyone’s mother like that. Guess he doesn’t have one! Looks like he was dropped in the gutter by a dog. What a brave, wonderful young lady you are. These guys are so empowered by Obumma…makes me puke!

    • ciara500

      Most of them are a little lippy anyway…..why I don’t know. They’re for ever ready to jump in and hit you over the head with a wet noodle,and that costs them in the long run.

  • Spar07

    All in all though, violence isn’t the answer to everything but this guy, I would have loved to have about 3, maybe 4 seconds with this guy. That is more time than it would take to do what I would like to do to him and his kind who run their mouths the way this fag did. I know one thing for sure, I would have ruined his love life for the next few weeks, maybe longer. And, I would make certain that he never forgot his experience when I was finished with him.
    They can stay in the closet and leave us straight people alone but when they go into an offensive mode and start getting into my face, I turn the tide and go into the offense mode which is my primary reaction. Years ago, a fag stuck a .38 Special Stub Nose in my face and told me that he would kill me if I didn’t want to play his game. I, somehow, got away from him and since that time on, have hated the way fags are moreso than most others. The second time I was confronted by one was when someone I grew up and went to school with put his hands between my legs. The moment he did this, it was lights out. I not only shattered his nose bone but also broke his jaw in a couple of places.
    I was never charged with a crime due to his attack on my and I defended myself. They found a knife on him and was considered to be a potential criminal element which is why I got off. I protected my life against a potential assailant. So be very careful with when being confronted by these people. They are going on the offensive these days, or so it appears.

  • Larry Owens

    She should have punched the Big Mouth gay boy in the nose and make him cry.. the gays are so full of hate if you do not accept them and their Evil,Immoral, life sytle. But GOD has given them over to a Reprobate mind so they do not know Truth or Reality . They are satan’s workmen.

  • detes

    Bristol is awesome! I give her alot of credit, shes doesnt take crap from anyone. This is a great video, I hope it makes the rounds so everybody can see her standing up to a 47 year old and handing him the rope so he can verbally hang himself. She is soooo cool. Good going Bristol, you hottie!!!!

  • susan

    There you go! According to the “lame stream” media, angry queers like this idiot are main stream in the US, and everyone else is in the evil minority.

    He better start believing in hell, because this freak will be the first person in line to go.

  • AmericanWarrior

    One must feel sorry for the gays for they have lost their way in God’s blessings and receive only temporary pleasure from satan. Ms. Palin was a great example of a child of God and, in case the moron didn’t know it, he is lost in the eyes of God.

  • Neal

    Just goes to show you what homosexuals are all about. She kept asking him to give her an example of the things he was saying about Sarah and he couldn’t. Homos are full of hatred for anyone who doesn’t accept their DISGUSTING lifestyle. This is the TRUE color of homosexuality!

  • ScarletDove

    That video was disgusting to watch. To think that real men act this way to a woman who has done nothing to them is deplorable. So much for some men and their manhood that seems to be so threatened by Sarah Palin. The angry, hateful one is the ones spewing garbage and hatred to Bristol. She has so much more class than those white-trash males, homosexual is not relevant, they all were gutless men. Someone needs to teach them some respect for others not like them.

    • chamuiel

      I would not call a gay man a real man, nor would I call a lesbian, a real woman.

    • ScarletDove

      Chamuiel you can have your opinion, but they are women and men, their sexual preference is for the same sex, only difference.

    • ciara500

      Teach them respect…how can you do that when they don’t have repect for themselves or for anyone else.Liberals, just like this man? is always on the attack.Notice this is how the liberals act.Attack, deny, bully, destroy that which is right.

  • John Wolf

    What a shame…the poor kid is trying to have a good time and it’s ruined by the gay element. “If there’s a hell…and I don’t think there is” he says – well, there IS and he’s going to burn for his choice of lifestyle. Oh…right, it’s not a choice – uh huh!!! Bristol handled that entire scenario in a really classy way.

  • http://Yahoo

    I hope this guy isn’t atypical of gays and lesbians.

  • MontieR

    He is nothing but FAG TRASH.

  • victoria

    some believe she should not have engaged.
    what has happened to our great country that a man can use such language and no other man will call him on it. it takes a young girl to ask him valid questions which he could not answer.
    west hollywood is filled with angry drunk queens. like this guy.

  • Dale Putnam

    The person confronting Bristol was/is a poor example of a “man” from his own admission. A complete and total example of evil at work in today’s society. Therefore, his best, turns out to be a pure but inept discourse of non-intelligence. Bristol, is to be commended for her self control.
    Broke Back Mountain, this isn’t!

  • Steve Haack

    Did anyone notice how even Sarah Palin’s Daughter has more class, and tact than ANYONE near “obummer”?

  • Paul

    Well I’m gay myself but this guy’s just a low life. He was totally out of line insulting her mom. I don’t care what his beef is with Sarah Palin (which he wasn’t even able to articulate except by an inane string of insults). Going after her daughter that way was reprehensible. The girl’s just having fun and minding her own business. Leave her alone!!

  • JVB

    Now…whom do you think represents the THINKING party? All he could say was she’s EVIL and IF THERE IS A HELL, WHICH I DON’T BELIEVE THERE IS, I HOPE SHE GOES THERE. Whew…sooooo cerebral. Liberals can’t even talk unless they’re allowed to curse and insult. She tried to have a civil conversation with someone who was so filled with hate he couldn’t he think clear….and this is typical of liberals who get excited when they are challenged on an issue.

  • Audrey

    WOW, he is 47 years old…? looked more like 77 years old, destructive lifestyles take a toll on a persons’ body !! Rude,ignorant & deviant there is a place in HELL for him if he does not repent & change his ways.
    God bless him.

    • http://patriotupdate Joel

      You’re a better person than I am Audrey!

    • http://PatriotUpdate James D Bast

      The total lack of Intelectual language , show How these ( for lack of a beter name ) people try to think ! Thier minds are as disrupted as thier moral back grounds ! I bet thier Parents ( Probably 2 guys ) are very proud of them !!

    • E Nuff

      Gays are swamped with betrayal conflicts. They have betrayed Heaven and themselves and have entrapped themselves in misery they pull everyone around them into their homo cespool of misery. They are behind aggitating the Civil war WWII JFK, RFK, MLK assainations 911 and are noe running with muglims to get most bang of their anarchy.

  • ScarletDove

    And just let me say one thing to some of the posters here. When you make derogatory remarks about gays you are showing your own hate or anger. This fool in the video has his own problems, not only being homosexual, but he is angry, hateful and makes a fool of himself. Not a very decent human being. I find homosexuals and their life style abnormal, but nonetheless, as long as they do not bother me or flaunt their sexuality, they have a right to live as they please. I don’t flaunt my sexuality so I highly dislike a homosexual flaunting theirs, either in actions or words. Once a homossexual comes oout-of-the-closet, it seems they need to let the whole world know; personally I don’t care–keep your sexuality to yourself–where is your own personal self respect and pride. Our sexuality does not wholely define each of us unless, of course, there are some mental issues at play.

    • Lorraine

      I worked a number of years ago at a university in a department where there were many lesbians. I found it interesting that not one of them were ever happy. They all walked around with their snoots nearly touching the ground because they were just unhappy people. One of the prices you pay for a lifestyle that is abhorant to God. All I could do was feel deep pity for them. They will never know contentment and happiness as He intended for us. Sad, sad, sad. Regardless of what they try to tell you, a homosexual is NOT a happy person.

    • PR

      beautifully stated! I have gay friends who are kind, loving, spiritual people who will, just like each of us, have to come face to face with God. Let God sort it out! As for this jerk, he is not only arrogant, but shows his true hateful self by opening his mouth and spoiling things for all of the patrons in this establishment. This kind of hatred is rampant in the gay community… as it is with the Liberals who think that their opinion is the only one that counts. I don’t always agree with the Palin’s philosophies and their need to display their lives on national TV- but if that’s how they want to earn their living and there are those who enjoy living vicariously through reality TV… so be it.

    • Brenda

      While I agree with you that derogatory comments are unnecessary, to not say anything at all means that we are silently accepting this type of behavior. As Christians we are supposed to show Love (hate the sin, love the sinner) yet we are not God with his unending capacity to love everyone. If we were we would not need God in our lives. Bristol Palin showed that she is as classy as her Mother. Even being a Christian I might have hit that man.
      I feel anger that homosexuals are trying to make us accept their lifestyle and that somehow because homosexuality is abhorrant to many of us we are less than they are. Mostly I just feel pity for them and I ask the Lord to help ME pray for them and take away any anger that I might feel toward them. This is all I can do and when the subject has come up with people I know I just tell them that their lifesyle is wrong in God’s eyes but that he loves them anyway and wants them to make a change.

    • frank1737

      I think this Queer’s Brain must be infected by AIDS! He should be treated like a rabid dog–Put Down Permanent!!

  • Big Gay Al

    I applaud Bristol Palin for standing up the way she did to the verbal assault, that she did not deserve.

    However, I have to say, those of you who have replied here, using various derogatory terms directed at the Gay community are not acting very Christian like in YOUR behavior.

    I’ve always been told, by those who I consider to be decent Christians, “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” Some of the comments I’ve seen are are more like “Hate the sinner as well as the sin.” Some of you need to really pray about your actions and words, and ask God for his forgiveness.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Yes, it is always difficult to separate the Goldfish from the Fish Bowl.

    • frank1737

      Study the Bible a little more thoroughly and you will find that all you queers and dykes are destined to the burning fires of Hell!!

    • El Lobo Solo

      The water in the fish bowl will evaporate & the Goldfish will fry. I hope those poor souls have tartar sauce where he is going.

  • Rob

    Somehow the gay community believes that being gay excuses them for all sorts of negative behavior. This idiot is just another example.
    He was absolutely gay and as far away from being a real man as a male could possibly get.
    He should have been told to leave instead of Palin leaving. That’s Hollywood for you.

    • wally

      this may not be christian like,but the guy would’nt make a scab off of sara palins ass

  • Michael

    Bristol handled herself very well, so well that the heshe, or shim, (whatever one calls the homosexual) had to have the last word of Beeech at Bristol. That shim could not back her self up when confronted by Bristol, that tells me that the c@(k sucker not only attacked her with hate speech, but the heshe was also one dumb c@(k sucker as well.

    • DRLJR

      The answer to your question “so well that the heshe, or shim, (whatever one calls the homosexual)” is “sodomite”. People who practice this particular behavior – sodomy – are historically and accurately referred to as sodomites. And while many object to the proper description of their behavior, or even calling it a behavior, sodomy is a behavior. It is not a gender or ethnicity. It is something one makes a choice to engage in.

  • RoseMarie

    Bristol was a lady as is her Mom; this queer idiot is just that! If anything is evil it is against normalcy is to be ‘gay’…he is an oddball for sure! Glad that she did not dignify his idiocy; Sarah is not evil in any way shape or form. What this queer boy is doing is evil, unnatural, and he obviously is not at all happy with himself, who would be; he is not only angry, ugly, and unable to substantiate his claim about Sarah being evil, but he is disgusting and has a filthy mouth to boot..Well no wonder; you know where those lips have been. This kind of fool only makes himself look as stupid and ignorant as the role he portrays…obviously ‘jealous’ of women as wants to be one. haha Go Bristol!!!

  • rohan doodnauth

    That is exacty what america will get from sarah palin. What someone produce is what you will get.all of our leader in congress, senators,house representive, legestators,the current presidential canidates just want to get in goverment. There are used salesman, you don’t attack your competitor, you have to show the american people what you can do to get a solution to fix the problem. It calls for simple commmon sense. I can run this country all it takes jobs jobs jobs bring back manufacturer to the us shores.

    • the7thson

      Congratulations, Rohan! You managed to be nonsensical and incoherent at the same time! Bravo!!

    • floramae

      geezzz, for a minute I thought I must have had a stroke, glad I wasn’t the only to wonder what the hell it was talking about, now I think maybe it had a stroke, cause that was certainly a lot of babble about nothing.

  • Jerome Daniel Ford

    Bristol, So sorry for this however you can expect nothing less for we will be pushed at just for whom we are. Thanks for who you are , In His grip Danny Ford

  • Bob ster

    the fag is delierious .. whats the young gal to do with her mothers polictics ? Bristol Palin is a private person having fun in a bar which most kids her age often do . Quite normal for her, as for the homo ? Not so normal to many others . Its more a perversion and a chosen lifestyle than inherent at birth. no im no doctor just an observer .
    the bob ster

  • NJ

    I glad she got on the fag, but I question why she was there, I guess it was a gay place.

  • http://yahoo Timothy A Yorgan

    The militant homosexuals rant the way they do because moral conservatives stand between them and the prurient, depraved lifestyle that they want. They foist it on the rest of us with their typical, “I’m gay and I’m in your face”, delivery, hoping to get you in the mud with them and then scream bloody murder how you started it. This sausage smoker almost did that with, “You came over here!”, but she walked away. Good for her!

  • larryi

    It’s a shame their wasn’t a Real man in the place to step up and shutup the skinheaded Hollywood FruitLoop.. I am sorry you have to hear that kind of crap Bristol. Even if your Mom chooses to never run for President I think she is a great Lady. I have alot of respect for your whole family having to take the constant attack from the Libs & crazies

    • Tx Pete

      So this rumpranger can start yelling obscenities across the bar at some gal who’s minding her own business and nobody shuts his piehole for him? This definitely didn’t happen in Texas. These fools call teaparty people haters. Go figure.

  • Georgebayside

    Dumb arses making a big deal of Sarah Palin when she was single sleeping once with a black man. Obamas mother was doing it for years and I believe they weren’t married.

  • The Looker

    What a sad comentary on our society when a girly-man has to resort to such hate. But then a twenty year old girl can out-class and out-wit this person in a mater of seconds. Way to go Bristol…..

  • David B.

    Not only should she nail this weenie polisher and his pal over the tank Frank in the jewels but send them into outerspace! You don’t come out and make such comments to and about a women.It was obvious she had more class then bend over Billy in this video!

  • Liz

    I’ll make no bones about it. Homosexuality is not normal. It is not a normal way of life. God calls it an abomination in Leviticus 20:13 when He says:“If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.”
    As Isaiah said, “Hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure….” This means Hell is immensely wide, as well as deep in measure. In other words, there’s no boundary or limitation to its desires. Yeshua said that Hell was created for “the devil and his angels” (Matthew 25:41); yet, it still swallows the souls of those who reject the Gospel

    • John F

      Amen to that Liz! The sad part about this situation is this fellow had no reason to say such things to Bristol in the first place. I am glad to see you posted some scriptures. I hope this fellow finds the way to Christ soon, because he is on a rode to self-distruction, and Hell is destination. All things through Christ,

  • Dave

    Bristol 1,
    Skinhead 0.
    He certainly didn’t advance his cause!
    Some day he’ll confront the wrong person and experience the Hell he deserves.

  • Michelle

    As a member and supporter of the LGBT community, I can honestly say I can’t abide with the way this man presented himself, whether he was speaking as a gay man, a Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever. Regardless, he did nothing to further his agenda, and he made the rest of us look bad when he started spouting off hate, one of the very things we are trying so hard to end when it’s used against us. Shame on him!
    Bristol Palin handled herself well and didn’t do anything to escalate the situation. She remained calm and as courteous as anyone could in that situation. Good for her.
    But I still won’t vote for her Mom.

    • Linda

      Why can’t all of my experiences with members of the homosexual community, as well as their supporters, be like this?

      Thank you, Michelle, for taking the time to practice the love and tolerance that I hear so many members of the homosexual community talk about. YOU are someone who can be respected.

    • John Williams

      So let me see if I get this , Michelle You are put off by the conduct of the gay man who was verbally abusive to Bristol , but for some reason you are against her mom ; why because she raised her kid to keep cool under duress ? What is about her mom that you fund so objectionable ? What have you done that is noteworthy in your life ? Sarah has taken more insults from the media and hatemongers that most people I know !

    • the7thson

      Come on, John. Michelle showed class, grace and understanding (along with intelligence) in her response. Did it ever occur to you that she may not agree with Sarah Palin on the issues? That being the case, she has every right not to vote for her.

    • http://PatriotUpdate James D Bast

      I can,t begin to think of what a homosexuals cause could possibly be ! Feared my most of society , for the Diseases they bear from they,re deviant ways ! The only true friends they can possibly have are , They,re parents & siblings , & Sometimes I doubt that ! AS Shame has probably overriden the parental instincts !

    • HJoward Terry

      That’s fine Queer Just don’t vote I for one would appreciate it if you didn’t

    • John the Libertarian

      kudos for COURAGE, Michelle

  • Carla Moore

    Bristol shouldn’t waste her time arguing with creeps like that. He was no doubt drunk and probably on drugs as well. Their minds do not work right, and they most always vote democrat, which is why we have such an ignorant fool in the WH.

  • Jim Henderson

    While I certainly wouldn’t watch a reality show, or any for that matter, Bristol handled this well. And the gay guy came off looking like a typical ultra lefty, full of hate. But that’s West Hollywood– full of queers.

  • Victoria Cox

    It’s funny how everyone has rights to an opinion, except those who oppose your opinion & want to see you dead for having an opinion… Talk about tolerance… Hate speech and vulgar language is all they know… I pray that the man will see his wrong and repent of his sin… Otherwise, there is definitely a HELL….

  • Larry

    Weren’t there any real men there to knock this disgusting loser out. If there were, shame on them.

    • azwayne

      Remember from the beginning they were in Hollywood,, CHuck Norris isn’t there, John Wayne died, you saw best example of what’s left in Hollywood. Not worth giving the time of day

  • Phyllis Sain

    “What is a nice girl doing in a place like that?” Doesn’t she have a child and shouldn’t she be home taking care of that child? She should not be in a place with this kind of clientele. I think it is is all a publicity stunt and she is now famous for being famous and in the meantime ruining her whole family’s reputation.

    • Michael

      That’s typical, Blame Bristol.

    • http://patriotupdate Joel

      Get a life Phyllis, we don’t all sit home like a prud and I’m sure she had a competant baby sitter. Filthy queers are like horse sh-t they’re all over the place. no need to make more of it than it was. The queer was probabl;y drunk from food stamp money.

    • floramae

      get lost phyllis

    • ObamaIsYourMama

      So she should never leave her child. What kind of nut are you. Oh wait, I get it, you are a lesbian and not a mother so you don’t have a clue. Never mind. DUMBA$%

  • Elgee

    Incredible amount of hatred in this world… very sad. Why do we even care what people do with their lifestyles as long as they are kind and good? This guy is a sad representative of the gay community if support is what he would rather get! But there are good and bad in all, and unfortunately he is not one of the “good” ones.

  • Raymond Reiss

    Coodos to Bristol. These homo hate mongers are stuffing their lifestyle down our throats. If we all lived like them, the human race would be extinct in one generation!

    • http://patriotupdate Joel

      A very poor metaphor Raymond!

    • John the Libertarian

      but true, joel

  • Daniel US Special Forces Vet

    what can you expect? place a line down the middle of his head and he looks like a walking dick with ears. So why does his actions surprise you?

    • W Smith

      I’ll never see Obama the same again..Hopefully I’ll never see him again.

  • Louis Perez

    It is obvious that Kristal needs some serious body guards while she stands up for her mother who is one of the finest patriots ever. This idiot is one of the many reasons we need to take our country back. I wish others in that bar would have stood up for her. She was too good for that place and was only out to have a good time. People should just mind their own business and the rude ass wipe should have gotten thrown out of the bar for starting it.

  • Ihatelibs

    She should have blown that fudge packer’s head off.

    • http://patriotupdate Joel

      Try to get over your shyness!

  • Louis Perez

    correction: Bristol not kristal

  • Lil Jacket

    Leviticus 20:12..enough said.

    • John F

      Amen, The word of the Lord says it all!!

  • brosull

    Leftists and liberals have one thing in common: They want complete freedom to express and live their point of view while insisting everyone who disagrees with them keep their opinions to themselves. We’re seeing the effects of this kind of thinking from the White House. Wake up America before all 3 branches of government are run by these people.

    • PR

      sounds like my brothers views.

    • Ihatelibs

      Lefties and libtards need to be eliminated or give them the chance to leave my country.

  • patti

    typical of the libtard lefty gay faction who have no facts…. must resort to calling names, and who are the real haters in this world!
    They hate simply because they don’t fit with the majority of the rest of the world…. somehow they equate how they are as the norm, and the rest of us should not exist! They need someone to blame and villify!
    Of course they see Palin as the devil…he called her a breeder!
    In a homosexual utopia all heterosexuals, and Christians would be sterilized, and turned into slaves!
    I don’t believe in my heart they all think, or feel this way, but its not hard to figure out which ones do….and obviously this one does!
    Plus he’s an outright bully picking on a young girl and he was in his forties?
    Or is he just going thru male menopause, and jealous, that Bristol is young, pretty, and succesful,something he will obviously never be even with a sex change job!
    I dare that gay, bullying, Palin basher…. to go to Saudi Arabia and take them on, for what they do to the gays in that country,(Chop,Chop) see how far that would get him!
    I wonder how brave he would be then!
    What he fails to understand is how LUCKY he is, he was born in a country that tolerates and embraces the fact that he is so differant than the majority of Americans whom he lives, works, and socializes with daily, and he fails to understand that even though the majority do not believe in his lifestyle, we still stand up for his individual right to his happiness in his differance and many have given thier blood so he has that right!
    He is no better in his hate than a ku klux clan member is in thier hate of him!
    He is acting as slimy, and disgusting as they are,and I feel nothing but pity for him as well as anyone who acts in such a low life way!
    Bristol acted like a true Lady, she was the grown up in the situation, and left before things got even worse, good for her!

    • Ihatelibs

      I carry a glock with a sound surpressor for those libtards that TRY to steal my liberties

  • Linda

    THIS is why I practically roll my eyes every time I hear a member of the homosexual community (or a person who fights for homosexual causes) lecture other people about love and tolerance. Very few of these people actually practice the love and tolerance that they preach about. An overwhelming majority of the people that I have encountered have been mean-spirited, hateful, ignorant bigots who have nothing better to do than attack people who dare to have a different belief in regards to homosexuality.

    Like it or not, there are people who do not believe that gay is okay. When members of the homosexual community, as well as their supporters, refuse to practice the love and tolerance they love to preach about – they’re nothing more than hypocritical, hate-filled bigots.

    If you preach love and tolerance, take the time to PRACTICE love and tolerance for EVERYONE – not just those who agree with you. THEN people might actually take you seriously.

    • Lorraine

      Linda, as I’ve said so many times, a homosexual person is NOT a happy person. He didn’t even appear drunk, just a very unhappy, nasty person. The sad part is he will never know any kind of happiness or contentment while engaged in this lifestyle. Pray for him. That’s one thing none of them can take away from us…our willingness to pray for them.

    • Bobby J

      Amen. And I might add that sadly, the majority of the community we are talking about here does not have the privilege of being able to pray for us on the opposite side of their chosen lifestyles. Pray for them nonetheless indeed. Matthew 5:44

  • Chris

    He’s the going to hell. If him and his bald headed lover have an issue. Take it up with Sarah. Bristol is just an innocent by stander who was thrown into the lime light.

  • Carlos

    I applaud Bristol, for her restraint. I might have risked an AIDS infection, and beaten the hell out of him, as well as, the queen sidekick. I’m always surprised how the hate goons can never come up with any specifics, when pressed. What pissed him off most, was how Bristol outed him, so quickly.

  • leni

    Bristol seems to be a nice young lady and it was good to see her stand up for her mom. Why do so many on here have such nasty comments to make regarding the gay community? The Lord said, Judge not lest ye shall be judged.Did any of you ever think this was one drunken man and not judge the whole community by him.I believe Jesus loves all his children, you may not agree with his lifestyle but it will be the Lord who has the last word, not you.

  • Mark

    I can’t wait for the day when I can get in Barney Frank’s face like that queer did to Bristol. Nobody seems to think it’s wrong when one of these deviants tries to push their agenda on straight people. But if someone criticizes homosexuality, they’re homophobic. Quite the double standard.

  • Suzi

    Bristol was amazing. She is a young woman who handled herself so well in a very difficult situation. She is a great role model for youngsters and teens. She didn’t attack the person, she kept her cool. I am impressed.

  • RiflemanPA

    Ah, the tolerant, homosexual left

  • allosaur

    Gee, I just watched two girls have a spat.

  • HollyMarcyoniak


  • BOB

    I get along with gay men and women,But this guy is just a fagot: Definition of FAGOT
    : bundle: as a : a bundle of sticks

  • Robert Guy

    Good for Bristol, for standing up to this reject from nature. Being a flaming fag is just one of his bigger problems!

  • Joy

    I wasn’t going to bother commenting on such a sordid scene, but a word of warning: It’s not always a good idea (in fact, rarely is!) to patronize a gay bar – even if the film crew and her friends are gay and know the place! I’ve been in them in years past and, frankly, they give me (straight) the creeps – all those men/guys and no gals!! And an angry leftist fag is the worst kind!! You ain’t seen hate or venom ’til you’ve seen one of those guys go off (fueled, of course, by booze!). The sad thing is that they’ve got too many hormones and not enough testosterone; so when they get angry, they’re dangerous, ’cause they’re like angry women, combined with the natural strength of men! All I can say is, look out!!

  • kodster

    The only reason this man attacked is because he sees Sarah Palin as a threat to his lifestyle, to his freedoms, to his beliefs. Unbeknownst to him, he is under his own shackles, self-imposed, by his own lifestyle and beliefs. Notice that he attacked Sarah’s daughter, because he’s too afraid to do a frontal attack on Sarah herself.

  • Jim Williams

    Look what the queer Libs have done to them selves… It’s one thing to stay in the closet, but when they come out, they act like this….

    You wait till they face the Lord.. This will all come back to memory… Then they will want to do this life over again, in a different way, but, it will be too late….

    No freebies in Heaven….

    Dr. “J”

  • BigJohn

    I wouldn’t get that close to an AIDS distributor.

  • Papa Tom

    Bristol handled herself amazingly graceful and serene. What control of her feelings and her resolve. Bristol Palin is a true LADY. There is so much that can be said of the homosexual male (I refuse to call him a man)that would explain the outburst. He is so convinced that this life style is alright that he has lost site of being normal. I think the correct term is “penis envy”. Even though he is very offensive we need to pray for those that are in the grips of evil, that they finally see the light of purity and change their evil obsessions to righteousness. GOD bless Sara Palin.

  • Chad

    And these militant faggots wonder why then that because of their biological defect & advocating an abnormal lifestyle as a result, why the majority of straight Americans will NEVER accept “gay” as being anything remotely natural in a natural world! Don’t like that reality? Tough crap!

  • TXPatroit

    Send all queers, liberals, communist, and Muslims to meet there makers and let GOD sort them out. The bible says they are sinners of humanity. They cause more turmoil than any other groups in the world. I’m sick and tired of these groups dictating to the more moral people what we have to be.

  • MichaelB

    My personal belief is that homosexuality is a “lifestyle” that I believe is wrong. If the individual is a true homosexual and not a poser, I can not fault the individual. It has nothing to do with religion or Christianity. As a citizen of these United States, my belief is my right to my own opinion and will not be swayed by political correctness. My beliefs are mine. Respect my rights as I respect yours.

  • Linda

    1) God (yes God) CREATED the anus for EXIT ONLY.
    2) Vaginal walls are thick and tough to take the stress and trauma of childbirth AND sex
    3) Anal walls are paper thin (exit only) and were not CREATED for a pounding.
    The homosexual lifestyle is a destructive lifestyle. Period.
    Believe in a creator or not, it’s SIMPLE SCIENCE

    • rob

      Time to choose America 1) the simple girl with morals and values defending her mother or 2) the frustrated homosexual who hates his life and is tring to destroy and change our country and all in it into a reflection of those like him.


      Linda, I agree totally with your profound statement about the sickly individual that approached Bristal Palin with vulgarity and without provocation. I thought Bristal Palin handled herself with dignity and intelligence.

      After years of research and interview with these homosexual degenerates that engage in sexaul degradation with the same sex, they have indeed, inflicted themselves with a ‘Sexual Physiological Mental Disorder’ (SPMD).

      First of all, homosexuals are not born as homosexuals as they would like for us to believe. The best anology that I can offer would be to compare a drug-addict who obviously is not born as a drug-addict. The individual becomes addicted only after two to three self injected shots of heroin before becoming addicted. Once a potential homosexual experiences his first rectal penetration, he usually goes back for more. After that experience they practice even greater sexual aberrent behaviors with one or more partners of the same sex.

      The Center for Dicease Control and Prevention has clearly stated; “Homosexuals have the propensity to spread various sexual diceases to others in America.” Unfortunitely, politicians sell their very souls for the homosexual’s almighty dollar and their votes, while at the same time, they destroy the moral fibers of the American people as well as the entire nation.

      USAF (RET)

    • LA

      Thanks. John Correa. It’s the true and you are right. All this show us the reality. Not all people respect and obey the Lord. They are not afraid of Him and they want to live in sin. There are two ways. Everybody will decide what way they want to go. God or Evil.

    • Ron

      When I was young Homosexuality was considered a mental illness which it truly is. Then the pandering began as it was declared “normal”. As you said, now they are protected and in the schools it is pushed on young minds to affect more and more members of society. It is sick. The analogy of it being like a drug addict is spot on. No one is “born” that way. It is a learned deviant behavior. There are Men, and there are Women. There was a reason for the two sexes. We are different for a purpose, no matter what the homosexual and feminist activist try to shove down our throats. Emotionaly and physicaly we are meant to be different. Why can’t some people just accept that? Calling an Orange an Apple still doesn’t make it an Apple.

    • WadeC

      Couldn’t Agree More with you…and new research says at best for the so call “We were born this way defense…” thats sexuality is fluid which means it’s a choice which means it is taught and learned which is why the gay and lesbian movement has targeted early childhood education……we can not let them enter our schools and brainwash our children which is what they are doing right now…take care. Retired US Navy…First Class Aircrew

    • shirley ford


    • Eddie

      Linda just a short note to tell you that I believe that’s a simple an explanation of the sewage treatment plant and the play ground as I have ever heard. But I must add that perversion blanks out all logic and creates a environment of…well..perversion. By the way I still call them queers, because that’s exactly what they are, queer. OHOMO is a queer or should I say queer bait as he likes to pitch rather than catch. We live in a sick sick sick world and I don’t believe that God will apologize for Sodom and Gomorrah anytime soon !

    • Sandy

      Eddie, I agree. It was always ‘queer’ when I was growing up. ‘Gay’ means ‘happy’ and they’re not really ‘happy’ and definately won’t be if they don’t accept Jesus BEFORE they die!! And of course the prez, etc. are for them because of the money and votes they will get from them.

    • Laurie

      Queer is to nice, I still call them faggots, I thought Miss Palin handled herself wonderfully. Watching the video was actually funny in a way, to see this 47 year old so called man act like a 10 year old, and Bristol right in his face.

  • Robert Wood

    Hanging out in a bar is just asking for trouble

    • Linda

      Robert, the last time I checked going to a bar is no crime and we need to stop blaming the person being disrespected rather than the idiot doing the disrespecting. Did you overlook the fact that she was filming a reality series.

    • Darla

      I agree but what she should have said was “I don’t argue with Idiots!!! and walked away!

    • Mary

      I agree, and why would she even want to go there. Stay out of places like this Bristol especially in West Hollywood, that’s only asking for abuse verbal and other ways.
      Go have fun at an amusement park, or with friends playing cards, or a roller coaster, stay out of the bars, that’s not very life lifting.

    • Stan

      I don’t agree with people who say that Bristol should stay out of these places. It is a Free America, and she has the right to go to any establishment that everyone else can go to.

      Who says as a conservative you have to run and hide? This is the exact mindset the liberals want you to have. The guy at the bar was totally out of line, the management should have kicked him out for screaming across the room that her mom was a whore.He was inciting trouble and should have been made to leave.

      Just another example of the hate speech that the liberal left spews out everyday against conservatives. I believe that Bristol Palin handled the situation with utmost control and dignity. She tried to reason with the hatemonger but he wouldn’t have it; he couldn’t even hold a decent conversation. This is what a liberal education and liberal agenda has brought to America.

    • http://yahoo PecosBob

      The Palins are regular people like everyone else. They have as much right as anyone else to be or go wherever they please. If the fella had any guts he would address Sarah Palin in person or by email/tweet etc. Bristol is an individual out of politic’s. That guy is just flatout ignorant.

    • Mary P

      There you go! Bristol should curtail her freedom of movement because she might just come across an obnoxious homosexual? That’s just un-American.

  • Patricia

    I grew up in a small town during the 50’s. We knew certain same sex people lived together in relationships but they didn’t flaunt it and were accepted into the community. You can’t say it was hidden because everyone knew it. The point is if they would do that today there would be fewer problems. Now, they flaunt themselves. It’s an “in your face” sort of thing and with the government making it a hate crime if one is hurt or killed they have become a “protected” people. Instead of adjudicating it properly the government stepped in making it a major issue. Now, instead of living among the population peaceably, many flaunt themselves, want to push it in everyone’s face, adopt affected mannerisms and on and on. We need to get the government out of our lives, take protected status off people. If a “group” of people are being targeted then the people themselves should find a way to resolve the issue. Social engineering NEVER works. I don’t care what someone else’s lifestyle is like as long as they don’t flaunt themselves or stick their nose in mine.

    • David

      Well said, good for you, I like it.

    • Wayne937

      Patricia, your comment is well stated. I agree with you. It is our Communist thinking goverment that is taking God out of all public public life. This is tearing down the fabric of our great nation. We cannot allow this to happen. Please go and google Democratic Socialist in Congress. They give a list of 70 Socialist in Congress. These retards are mostly the ones who are responsible for tearing down our society. Of course, to be fair we do have a few RINO’s too in Congress also. I remember when Nikita Kruchev, the Premier of Russia, way back in the 60’s, said they would destroy us from within. I can vividly remember him saying that very while watching television. We have got to get rid of Communist Obama, and these 70 Democratic Socialist in Congress if we are going to continue being a great and respected nation. Other nations are now laughing at how stupid we are. Vote against those Socialist. Pass this one to all your friends and neighbor about this list of Socialist in our Congress. We need to educate every one who is going to vote in this country.

    • Retired Marine MSgt


      Here is a link identifying of those Congress People who are affilitated or aligned with the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

      Get out to the polls in November 2012, or anytime one of these political deviants are up for re-election and Vote their commie asses out of office.

      Here is a Prayer for Obama for those of you who need spiritual guidance:

      Psalm 109:8 “ May his days be few; and let another take his office”

      Love it, don’t you?

    • Retired Marine MSgt

      OOPS! Being “moderated” again. Was it my use of “deviants” or “commie asses”, or maybe “May his days be few”?

    • frank1737

      Hey! Your right on Master Sargent Marine. Give them Hell!!
      Vietnam Vet: 1962-1966

    • Independent Voter

      And now the Dalaibama wants to have Rear Admirals in all the armed forces.

    • seabee combat vet

      Q) What’s the Greeks Army Motto?
      A) Don’t leave your buddies behind! hehehe

    • floramae

      they,have no respect for anyone else, I don’t like to see straight people out in public, swapping spit or playing grab A$$, I have seen them act no better than rutting animals, I don’t care what you do in your bedroom, but don’t flaunt this crap in my face, and I don’t appreciate, teaching very young children your way of life, this piece of trash, should have had his butt kiced.

    • Alexandra Mark

      Good thinking!

    • Morgan Stone

      What we are seeing is what the Bible calls the spirit of anti-Christ It is the classic battle between good and evil: God and Satan.
      1 John 2:18 Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.
      1 John 2:22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.
      1 John 4:3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.
      2 John 1:7 For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.
      Pastor Ron

    • yard-dog

      The question has to be asked when are so called Right Wing Religious Nuts.

      Going to start acting Christ Like?

    • thin4myself

      They do, you just don’t recognize it because you don’t Christ.

    • John the Libertarian

      WAY BEFORE the loony left lecturing us about tolerance PRACTICES IT THEMSELVES

    • Evan

      When sexually perverted homos stop polluting the Earth?
      Or maybe when people can enjoy themselves when out without having those same sexual perverts attack your mother with their foul mouths (probably due to where they put them to practice their perversions)?
      Or just maybe when they stop pushing their sexual perversions as normal?
      Or maybe when they stop trying to recruit children in school into their deviant life-styles?
      Or maybe, just maybe, they start acting like decent members of the human race instead of behaving like spawn of the Devil?

    • ObamaIsYourMama

      Just like a liberal, change the subject when you have no facts to support you. What a waste you are…

    • El Lobo Solo

      Hey Yard Dog!
      Can Ann Coulter or David Horowitz do a speech on your campus without having their lives threatened?

    • Lil Nemo

      Don’t forget Rom 1: 21 – 27
      1:21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified [him] not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
      1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
      1:23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.
      1:24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
      1:25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
      1:26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
      1:27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.

    • ken

      Saying it like it is, these scumbag homos are GODS scourge of the earth. I do not like them (PERIOD). Must be a hate crime? I tolerate but will not accept that life style as NORMAL because it is not. I will speak out every chance I get.

    • m

      No only a protected class but a protected species because the act like animals.

  • John

    I find this man’s behavior somewhat ironic! If the tables were turned the other way, and Bristol had gotten in his face the same way, the ACLU ( American Criminal Liars’ Union ) would have been all over Bristol like stink on you know what .

    • Jean

      I have to commend Bristol on her calm demeanor with that total idiot–and the jerk he was with–I’d have lost my cool and decked him after he called her a whore if that were me. So GREAT job Bristol–you are a class act. Maybe he’s pissed cos Levi didn’t “ride” him as he so crassy stated!

    • Penny Fuentes

      In the past I have noticed that some homosexuals, not all, can be the most vicious and antagonizing people.

    • Chriss

      Unfortunately it’s true! Of all the homosexual people i know personally,only a couple of them are actually nice or considerate.

    • ken

      Penny, You are making an incorrect statement. They are all dirtbags.

    • TheEngineer

      This is a typical liberal left rant that exudes the morose attitude and lack of substance within the current Democratic Party. If the same individual had said that Bristol’s politics were wrong and gave a reason for that feeling he would have been more credible. His outburst and demeanor seem to be typical of so many liberals lately. It is almost as if they had all been educated in the same school. What he actually accomplished is probably a far cry from what he intended. Most real gentlemen regardless of their political leanings would not attack the children of their foes. They would more likely point out factual errors in their political dialogue.

    • Retired Marine MSgt

      TheEngineer: Very well put but as Ken stated “They are all dirtbags”.

    • nvrpc

      I put the ACLU in the same catagory as the NAACP, UN, IANSA, IRS and NAMBLA or for matter the old HCI aka The Brady Campaign, all communist anti-american organzation the next president needs to remover from US soil as well as all it’s member within 24 huors after taking office. Call in the building demo crews, level the building and dispose of it’s members.

  • Bill

    Typical of a HIV infested queer! May he die a miseralbe death in HELL.

    • nvrpc

      I was hoping that AID would have killed all of them by now but it didn’t work. maybe next time…


      It is the new found drug that keeps them alive longer so they can continue to spread their various sexual diceases to others in America. It’s already been quoted by the CDC.

      USAF (RET)

    • Linda

      Bill, your comment about this man dying is just as ignorant as this man. Your lack of civility speaks volumns about the hate you harbor in your heart. Shame on you.

    • L Larson

      we may disagree with his vile behavior, but I don’t think saying hateful things will further the cause for morality. As hard as it is for me understand sometimes, God wishes that none should perish…

    • Darla

      I guess that’s why he destroyed Sodom & Gommorah, right???

    • Nancy

      May he be born again, filled with God’s Holy Spirit, turn from that lifestyle, and be a loving witness to those who are still deceived!

    • Sandy

      And the Bible says to love them but NOT what they do.

    • Fletch

      Here here,

      What this man did was low and stupid, and I feel sorry for Bristol and her family for this man’s words, but let us remember to hate the sin and try to help the sinner, as Christ would have done.

  • Don

    Where is the management in a situation like this?

    • floramae

      good question Don, I guess now that the military has come out of the closet, that garbage feels, like they can be as brazen as they want, now had she called this freaks mother a whore,this would have been a whole new ball game, the pig couldn’t find the aclu fast enough!!


      Because of the homosexual filth that has been forced upon our men and women serving in the Armed Forces of the United States, my nephew who wanted to make a career of the Navy; will not be re-enlisting in the Navy again. I have heard from others, mostly from parents, that their sons and daughters will not be re-enlising in the military service. On my honor…I wouldn’t either!

      When former President William Jefferson Clinton received $3.5 million dollars from the homosexuals to lift the military ban againgst them; my colleages and I warned our superiors of our massive resignations. No moral repecting man or woman would serve with a homosexual degenerate, plain and simple.

      By the way; a homosexual with full-blown AIDS was discovered within my own squadron. He wasn’t the only one, as there were more throughout the U.S. military establishment. What does all this tell you?

      USAF (RET)

    • Kathy Weir

      My son is a Marine. I am so glad he served under Republicans only. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • Sandy

      I want to thank you and all our men and women who have served and are serving!! Sounds like our number is dropping in the service, but I really agree with them!! I would do the same. Once again, it is MONEY and votes. And I really hope the illegals are NOT allowed to vote!! Rules and laws are sure changing!! You know who is doing all this….satan!! I HATE him!!!!

    • http://mozillafirefox Jim Wilson

      Yes Don Where was security or a Red Neck bouncer? We do not put up with Bad Conduct of this sort in Texas. He would have been escorted outside and slapped around good for treating a woman like that! We here despise bad manners in a man much less a Queer!

  • Common Sense

    That guy/gay is obviously completely deranged. It seemed he was a little surprised she confronted him after his derogratory remarks about her mother. Pretty low taking unprovoked shots at somebody regarding their mother. I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton, but I certainly wouldn’t yell something like the gay boy did at Chelsea. Bristol was minding her own business, but it seems like these kind of attacks are accepted out of gays. Talk about an angry guy/gay, this guy/gay has issues.

    • Nancy

      This guy’s issues go a whole lot deeper than being gay. He was provoking a young lady with no basis based solely on the fact that her Mom
      is a known person who has some strong opinions about life. As a country we are all entitled to our own opinions aren’t we? Or has that changed to only one opinion’s validity? And isn’t that idealism what got 50+million Jews exterminated?
      Time for a re-check America.

    • http://aol donachuk

      The homosexual life style is an aberration this is why homosexuals are not gay but are sad and angry.

  • Jag

    “West Hollywood’s Saddle Ranch restaurant”

    One reataurant that I will never go in because the Owner/Manager didn’t throw this hateful/gay/imbecil out after his attack on Bristol!

    • SEGrady

      There should be a group of folks who protest this bar until the owner/manager apologizes for not having that guy removed for HATE speech. Those comments he made were completely uncalled for and if Bristol had said ANY of those same comments to him, it would be called HATE speech…Hypocrisy is over running this country…we need to stand up now before we are taken down with the swine.

  • Jag

    This imbecil gay is the type that the Military needs to LEAD the charge up the hill in battle! All gays move up front!

    • floramae

      Yes sir, they want to be front and center, sounds like a good place. Wait till that happens, they’ll say the captain doesn’t like homos and they got my boyfriend killed. aahh oh what a terrible web we weave.

    • El Lobo Solo

      I think they all been up that hill named “Broke Back Mountain” already.

    • somaval

      “brokeback mtn.? maybe a lightweight lover would ease the back????

    • Butch

      hm..that’s what they use to say about the blacks!!

    • Sonja

      The “queers” want everyone to rejoice for them, they want to be in the military, great, their uniforms should state they are queer, then deploy all of them to the Arab countries on the front lines.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Don’t you know, Ahkmadenajad, Iran’s leader said they have no such people in their country.
      ie: speech at Columbia Univ.

  • Joy

    One has to factor in the fact that he’s been drinking, so he was probably pissed, which just made him a bit more pissed off than normal! Nice way to celebrate the repeal of DADT!! Rats! That could mean that the military is gonna get a fresh infusion of damn libturds now…

    • TheEngineer

      Gays in the Military? Don’t worry about gays in the military! I have been in the ranks and know what happens to “queers” that don’t conform to the group they are in. I have seen a “G.I. Scrub” on the non-conforming ‘dogface” within a squad. The ranks can take care of the “queers” all by themselves. It’s a “guy thing” that many people don’t really appreciate for it’s imperfect justice.

    • CarlB

      I would agree with your comment 30 years ago. Now with private or semi-private rooms, trouble is just being asked for. Straights will have no choice as to who they bunk with and will be accused of guilt by association. This ain’t my military.
      There’s also the gay, concientious objector, vegetarian,allergic to peanuts, with a doctor’s notation he can’t stand for longer than 30 minutes, etc., etc., that the Drill SGT can’t order to do anything because he (the gay) is a “protected species”.

  • BornFree

    “Bristol Finds Missing Texas German Language Teacher”

  • Carl

    I find it incredulous and ironic (not to mention stupid) that an individual who calls another person a “f****ing b***ch” would refer to anyone as being evil. It comes as no surprise to me that he didn’t have the capacity to hold a rational, intelligent conversation with Bristol.

    • Wayne937

      Carl, idiots like that do not have a rational mind. Isn’t it terrible that this type of person is now allowed in the military to serve with normal people. I like it better when there was a don’t ask, don’t tell, but Communist Obama did away with that. This makes me wonder about Obama being one himself. I am sick of Obama, and the Democratic Socialist Party in Congress. Please help vote these idiots out of Congress. They are certainly on their way to tearing down the fabric that holds this country together.

    • TheEngineer

      Don’t worry about gays in the military! I have been in the ranks and know what happens to “queers” that don’t conform to the group they are in. I have seen a “G.I. Scrub” on the non-conforming ‘dogface” within a squad. The ranks can take care of the “queers” all by themselves. It’s a “guy thing” that many people don’t really appreciate for it’s imperfect justice.

  • http://hughesnet madog2

    Why real men and women insist on calling these freaks “gay”? They are “QUEERS”

    • the77surfer

      Thank you, for as any sane human knows, They are all “QUEER” . While we are at it, THERE IS no such word or TRUTHFUL meaning to homophobe. In reality why don’t they find a word that truly expresses how we feel, which is DISGUSTED by their lifestyle and behavior.

    • seabee combat vet

      What ever happened to plain old “Faggot?”

  • jeddy tranquill

    Forty seven years old and has not learned a thing. You open your mouth like this guy did
    and someone punches your lights out will it be regarded as a hate crime. I believe in free speech, so here it goes sir, grow up and get some manners before you and your “wife/husband” end up hung on a fence in some remote area wishing that you had kept your big mouth shut.

  • kv

    A loud-mouth gay idiot seeking publicity. Bristol is the better person for not yelling

  • wishladya

    When Bristol becomes as wise and mature as her mother she’ll learn to let such insults roll off her back, and learn my favorite expression, “it’s none of your business what I think of you, and it’s none of my business what you think of me.” It’s meaningless, and it only reflects on his bad thoughts about himself that he would say such things. He’s obviously not comfortable with himself and has to try to make someone else feel as bad as he does!! Pathetic.

  • McGuiness McGee

    Good for her, standing uo to the probably Aids-riddled POOFTER (As we Aussies call them.) Everyone should see this vudeo.

    Why can’t the girl have a nght out and a bit of innocnt fun, harming nobody, without being annoyed, threatened abd insulted

    And then people wonder why classy people don’t go into politics! There’s your answer.



  • AliveStillKickin

    …..and I should care….as a Patriot…..about Bristol Palin and some foul liberal queer because……………???

    The Republic is on the cliff’s edge….and we get drama.

    • Linda

      You are so right. It really is none of our business. Unfortunately, the mainstream media wants to make it our business any time a Palen is out in public. Pls leave this young woman alone. Obviously, she has been taught well or she would have slapped this idiotic, ignorant man. If he wants womeone to respect him, he needs to learn how to respect others.

    • John the Libertarian

      alive- it’s called the principal of the thing— we’re just offended that a homosexual had to potty mouth the daughter of a great politician…

    • ARMYOF69

      With you on this one. Though she aught to have planted an elbow on his chin, as an “accident” on her way outta there.

    • ARMYOF69

      Lots of QUEERS here, or it it HOMOS, or is it GAYS or is it ?????????????????????

  • Larry Pool

    Send him to Texas,I will take care os his a$$ in a heart beat.We’ll see what a 67 year old can do to him.He wouldn’t last long here with my friends and I if he treated any female,lady or not,the way he treated Bristol.

  • Meagain

    The guy is obviously a big loser. I wish she didn’t let skum like him even bother her. He just wanted attention and she gave it to him. I feel for her, I know stuff like that hurts but, he is a big 0. He is so beneath her he really was not worth her time.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    Was this a queer bar and what was she doing there?

    People want to side step these places like contact with AIDS!

    • Sonja

      Most likely it wasn’t a “queer” bar, since Obama did what he did, the queers think they can “take over” everywhere. Worse is the way “they” are “taking over ” our younger generation, the schools teaching our children it is “ok” to be queer. This is sickening & needs to STOP, along with the getting rid of the ILLEGALS. Between the ILLEGALS, THE QUEERS, THE COMMIES, the Blacks that are white haters like the Medusa Michelle, our Country is doomed if we do not take action to put a stop to all of them.

  • http://googl DON

    Why must homosexuals tell everyone they are gay? We don’t go around telling everyone we are straight (normal). What is the reason? A homosexual is a pitiful person, and he is practicing for the Hell he will be put in when he dies, if he doesn’t change his ways and ask God for forgiveness. Being that way is one thing, practicing it is a different thing. Read your Bible. God does not condone homosexuality, or sexual sin. He will turn his back on it at the Judgement seat.
    Pray for these people. They are lost souls.

    • floramae

      yep, try Leviticus 20:13

  • Steve G.

    It’s really a crime that the “politically correct” (nothing but a bunch of BS) is telling everyone what is right, in their opinion. The liberals think there’s only 2 ways to do things….Their way or the wrong way. They are destroying the morals, religous freedom, the Constitution and everything else this great country was built on and “We The People” hold dear. We are being directed down the path of destruction and the destiny of becoming a 3rd world country of socialist rule.

  • Mike Dorsey

    The gay man calling someone else degenerate, hypocrite!

  • patxtra

    Well Bristol if you want to hang out where the creeps out and be part of the celebrity swing group, you’ve got to expect it. You’re looking for trouble girl! I have no mercy for you. You’ve got to be a bit more selective about your lifestyle given your mother’s involvement etc. Grow up!

    • Woolfy

      I think she can go wherever she wants. And as far as growing up is concerned….the 47 year old queer was very immature and vulger. Bristol handled this is in a very calm and mature grown up manner.
      What the heck would YOU do if someone hollered at you that your Mom was a whore? I’m in my 50’s and I damn sure wouldn’t have been as mature as Bristol was. I’d have punched his lights out.

    • TheEngineer

      I think she did the right thing. She went there to enjoy some time off. When she was verbally assaulted she confronted the the jerk. When she realized that he was such a jerk and was not backing down she left. What did she do wrong?

    • Yikes!

      It all looked pretty staged to me. I’d bet she is just trying to gin up publicity for her reality(?) show, and the cameras just happened to be there and rolling – really?

    • mike

      Isn’t that the point of having a “reality” show? Being followed by people with cameras & recorders while going about your everyday “life” is pretty much what it’s all about.
      I can’t buy that it was staged. I’ve seen confrontations like this before.

    • John the Libertarian

      So Bristol’s supposed to lose her rights to go where she wishes because some degenerate MIGHT insult her? Is this how far we’ve let our rights degenerate in favor of political INcorrectness???

    • ObamaIsYourMama

      patxtra you have it wrong. I don’t think you need to be giving Bristol any advise, as everyone just witnessed. SHE CAN TAKE CARE OF HERSELF. It takes a real man to act the way this idiot did, doesn’t it? Unprovoked attack on a woman like that, ridiculous. Not where I am from. This boy would have been run out of the bar, quickly. We don’t treat women like that.

    • seabee combat vet

      Where I live, he would’ve been taken out on a stretcher for disrespecting a woman by the para medics, and the cops know he slipped in his own spilled beer!!!

  • Jack

    Of course he wouldn’t believe in GOD, because though GOD says to avoid those perverts, it is implied that “Their Azz Is Grass and He (GOD) is the lawnmower”.

    As for AH’s like this gay, why make a scene and ruin someones good time just because their mother doesn’t condone gay pervert activity. If you want to play politics go to a political thing. A nightclub is not a political thing.

  • Art

    The guy was lucky there wasn’t a Marine there .

    • KS49

      Too bad, this 47 year old idiot would have been put down quickly…

    • floramae

      oh, but you can’t touch them, they are on the endangered species list!!This is the kind of misery, these species are going to cause.

    • Mike

      They are making themselves endangered. What a bunch of ass holes…Oops

    • Butch

      really? I thought the Marines were”looking for a few good men”

  • MetroIceberg

    This is yet another example of how liberals and leftist extremists start arguments with vitriol, and then cannot actually argue their point, but keep spouting slanderous statements, trying to out shout their opponents. This guy couldn’t come up with a single arguement to back up his claims. He couldn’t use rationality. If he were right in his defamitory statements, he should have been fully prepared to back them up with example after example.

    Those of us in the Right… I mean “on” the right, have tried to dialog with them all along, but since logic fails them, they resort to venom and hatred.

    Mind you, these same poeple voted for people like Barney Frank, who when asked how we would pay for the debt accrued under Obamacare said, “we’ll just print more money!”

  • KS49

    If the a-hole had said these things to my wife or daughter, he would have gone down and gone down hard!!! Very hard!!! This idiot is no man at all if he has to attack a woman especially with no man with her. There is a reason alcohol is called “liquid courage”, that’s all this delta bravo has. I would love to see this challange someone his own size, but he wont because he is not man enough (and believe me, that can be proven fairly easily). All he has is incoherant rants wrapped around the f-word, and nothing else to offer. 47 years of being an idiot. And if you are that idiot and see this, and if you had said that to me, my wife or daughter, you would have been dropped to the floor, hard and quick and landed in the ER…I Guarantee it!!!

  • Benjino

    Alot of these gay people have bad attitudes and are very adversarial. I worked with a bull dyke and she was always bitching about something and inequities. We gave her more opportunities trying to be kind cause she was a bull. Didnt help – just a screwed up head.

  • MrInterpid

    Q: What is the first sign that you might have aids?

    A: A thumping sensatinon in your A&&.

    • Butch

      What is the first sign that you may be an idiot

    • seabee combat vet

      A nother
      I nfected
      D ick
      S ucker

  • Jag

    This homo is so unsure of himself and his perverted lifestyle that he has to attack Bristol to see if he can garner enough support to help set his confused mind at ease about his homosexuality! This guy really has serious doubts about what he is doing?

    Bristol didn’t deserve this personal attack by this insecure sexual deviate and the restaurant should ban him permanently from the premises so he can never launch another personal attack on another of their customers.

    • floramae

      If he has a problem, then his boyfriend should keep him home on a leash.

    • mike

      Great, floramae. Now I’ve got tho get THAT image out of my head. lol
      Well, maybe a 6 pack or two will help, eh?

  • Manny Gomez

    The so called Socialists (Communists) are totally destroying our Nation. If this would have been the opposite, the ACLU, the government and everyone else would have screamed, a crime of hate. I want to know how these low lives call this incident.

  • Snave Trebor

    Of my six male homosexual friends and close acquaintances three have died of causes related to their lifestyle. The first died in his 20’s, the second in his 30’s and the third in his 50’s.

    Medical, scientific, and Biblical evidence is against the life style. Only socially is the practice somewhat accepted.

    • floramae

      All that IS true but they have all their rights now,plus my children in school have to be taught this bullsh!t, and believe you me I DON’T APPRECIATE THAT FACT AT ALL!!

    • John the Libertarian

      just another reason home schooling is looking BETTER all the time…


      In view of forced “indoctrination” within our school system in America today; I would definitely “educate” my children at home. It’s not that difficult to do especially where morality and patriotism is concern. When my father took ill, my mother had to go into the work force, and I had to leave school in order to help with the family income.

      While serving in the military, I found a thick book titled; “High School Subjects Self Taught” in the U.S. Army’s Post Library, and then, I began my education for the GED test. I passed it with flying colors. So you see, as long as you can read; you can teach your own children in the same way through “Home Schooling.” Go for it!

      USAF (RET)

    • all4HIM

      floramae get your kids out of public school somehow if you truly love them and I believe you do . Raise them in the Lord and He will provide a way !

  • Bill

    It is exactly why Homosexuals are hated this type of display is assine.. and the guy was as stupid as he was gay..they hurt their own adgenda

  • Jag

    Because this pervert was not removed from the premises after his unwarranted personal attack on Bristol, this speaks volumes about the owners and managers of the “West Hollywood Saddle Ranch restaurant”!

    Don’t eat there or put your lips to a beer glass in that restaurant! You never know who had their lips on that glass before you! They obviously pander to homosexual perverts!

    • Don Blake

      You are an ignoramus of the first order!

    • John the Libertarian

      and you a jerk of the lowest order

    • somaval

      must be limp-wristed….

  • Simon Jester

    His liberal lifestyle obviously isn’t making him very happy.

  • Don Blake

    I was not aware that a website as whacked-out as this one existed!

    • nvrpc

      What you weren’t aware of how the mass majority feel about gays? Well, welcome to the real world. This site actually is very censored and calm comprred to others and sometimes won’t allow one to express their real feeeling. For one they won’t let me post entirely my exact feeling or how I think things should be handled so I do that elsewhere. Another good site I like is this. Click on my name.

    • John the Libertarian

      every once in a while we experience whacked out ones like you

    • Marlene

      Are you bragginng or complaining?

  • Jonathan Gartner

    It is just gays as usual they like to shout insults and comments however when questioned they get nasty. No facts just insults he and his butt buddy were asked repeatedly by Bristol what lies, what statements ?? I am sorry but the way to take care of such people is to get on a pair of gloves(they might HIV) and beat the living crap out of them. Gays seem to think that they can say anything and start anything with out reaction its time to show them in a civilized country you get in some ones face you get what you have coming to you.

  • Colt Lane

    go palin, your the greatest, can’t wait till Palin occupies the oval office, america will be back on track in no time.

  • joe

    Sex perverts have dirty minds and dirty mouths. They are reprobates. Everything about them is dirty, they are a cancerous disease on decent society, by legalizing their perverted sexual behavior, our government leaders are promoting the spread of that cancerous disease.

  • Luther Henry

    Does not look like there was a real man in the place. In my world, men do not stand for that kind of attack on any female, verbal or otherwise. Now these angry he/shes are going to openly serve in our military and they will cause all kinds of dissension. I am glad that I am old and on the way out the door, I could not stand by and watch this kind of behavior.

  • Mark A Weber

    This bald headed little gooney bird is a prima facia example of the vicious trash that exists in our country today. To insult someone’s daughter (Bristol Palin) because you don’t like her mother, is 4th grade mentality.
    One wonders IF this guy works, just what does he do? Send hate mail for the Democratic Party?

  • grace

    We need to think of homosexuality as equal to any other problem. Are any of us ex-alcoholic’s or ex-drug-user’s or have we ever committed any sexual mistakes? To put it simply, have we ever sinned? Of course we have but we know that Jesus is the answer for every person on this planet. Anyone can get a healing from God just as countless numbers of us have. I know a pastor who now has a wife and two children after being delivered from the bondage of homosexuality. He was healed because he sought God and wanted to change. The key words here are “sought and wanted”. People need to be attracted to God not to feel condemned. Condemnation does nothing but push people away! Shoving a dogs nose in his own poop doesn’t help him stop messing up. Only God’s grace and forgiveness(His Love) will change a person.
    Getting mad doesn’t help us either it only leads us to lose our peace and effectiveness. On this earth we will be persecuted and afflicted because sin abounds all around us. We’re called to love the sinners and hate the sin, not the other way around. While we are heading to heaven(think of that, forever with our Lord) this poor fool is currently on a freight train to hell. The ultimate results overshadow the arguments and debates. Let’s change the world through Jesus, not fight it in our own power! “For the weapons of our warfare(prayer) are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds”! We need to pray for him and this decaying world in these last days; Lord overtake this man with Your Love so that he will become a witness for the world to see!
    P.S. And Bristol, you did a great job in the face of that kind of evil abuse.


    Any respectable bar would have thrown the trouble maker out on their butt, then again it sounds like maybe bristol wandered into the wrong kind of bar….

  • Jim

    She should have had a real man kick that guys ass!!

    • somaval

      Bristol is more woman than he was a man!!

  • Maranatha! Mark

    It is sad on several fronts:

    1st off, where were any descent men (gay or not)? A real man should have approached this guy when he started yelling, and asked him to shutup or leave.

    2nd, where are the bouncers? When you have someone yelling such crap, the best thing is to escort the guy out BEFORE a fight breaks out and folks get hurt and the place damaged.

    3rd, this is standard fair for many homosexuals as they see Sarah P. as a symbol of moral values of which they have none, so it makes them angry to see her or someone who reminds them of her/ moral values. Basically the guys is made at the world because the world as a whole doesn’t approve of his CHOICE in life style so he feels the need to lash out. They think if hey push their choice of life style in everyone’s face and make them act like it is alright, that it will be alright. But it never works that way. At the end of the day, despite all the special treatment they are still going against nature, and that makes them mad as well!

    The Hate Crime legislation mean minorities and homosexual are more valuable than the majority – caucasian heterosexuals. They says the want equal treatment, but ask for laws for special treatment… You figure it out!

    • Maranatha! Mark

      LOL! … he is MAD at the world, no “made” lol! The things my fingers type! LOL!

  • Heather

    Another “disturbed” liberal screaming into the wind! Bristol (as is her mother) was a real lady. Her behavior during this assault was demonstrative of her upbringing. The “meek” shall inherit the earth. More power to you Bristol!!

  • vickiissickofthis

    Chilvary truly is dead. Where I come from, if a grown man verbally attacked a female unprovoked, like this … (is that even human?) thing did to Bristol, there would have been no management needed. He would have been “escorted” out the door by other patrons on the basis of pure principle. Kudos to Bristol for challenging him in such an intelligent way. He definitely made himself look like the true a$$ that he is. I miss the old days. Back then, stuff like this wouldn’t happen.

  • t

    Why would she frequent places like this? Hollywood???? It looks like she lacks the “critical thinking” skills of her mother.

    • Marlene

      What did you do for entertainment when you were that young? Read the Bible to grade-schoolers? You sound like a judgemental, pompous fool. She works and supports her son because that vindictive dud, Levi, shirks his responsibility. I heard her giggling and squealing with delight while riding that bull so she was just having good, clean fun. You’re no better than that queer S.O.B. for tearing into her unprovoked.

    • Mary S

      Wasn’t she making a documentary or something?

    • Mary S

      Sorry, a reality show.

  • TheEngineer

    This is a typical liberal left rant that exudes the morose attitude and lack of substance within the current Democratic Party. If the same individual had said that Bristol’s politics were wrong and gave a reason for that feeling he would have been more credible. His outburst and demeanor seem to be typical of so many liberals lately. It is almost as if they had all been educated in the same school. What he actually accomplished is probably a far cry from what he intended. Most real gentlemen regardless of their political leanings would not attack the children of their foes. They would more likely point out factual errors in their political dialogue.

    • John the Libertarian

      they HAVE all gone to the same school- THE SCHOOL OF IDIOCY— and only the ones wearing the dunce cap get to graduate

    • crusty

      He demonstrated that he is mentally as well as genetically flawed.

  • Lee

    This morning TMZ caught up with the jerk (his name is Stephen Hanks). Here’s what he had to say…absolutely ridiculous… just more of the same

  • Claude

    To our young men & women i would not join the military this as seen in this bar is what you will have to put up with,Im ret/Army and i wouldnt join I wouldnt want to Now. I wouldnt do it over to live or be around+ people would think you are homosexual also.NO WAY.This guy woulnt stand up to a man like he did to a women,Maybe he thought he was a women also.I would have made him or whatever eat his words.They are only now when this president is on thier side.

    • Mary S

      I believe 0 wants to destroy our military so he can bring in his own militia to take complete control.

  • kmtjml

    This man just took advantage of a cameral crew following Ms. Palin and voiced his opinion of her mother.
    A cheap shot on his part. When a person acts and speaks to another, they lose all credibility to most people.
    Ms. Palin has to learn to walk away from these type of persons. Do not give them to act and voice their forum.
    I would not be surprised if the gay man was planted to act like a jerk to Ms. Palin and create drama for the show. That is important…. drama… to keep those who thrive on reality shows happy.????

  • Claude

    Only brave now sence they are protected by this president over natural people.this goes with the other one i wrote

    • Marlene

      Our ‘president’ is one of them, therefore he protects them and pushes their agenda.

  • http://yahoo NAM67

    We have a generation of male wimps.Not one of those so called men would raise a finger to help her.They are just as evil is that idiot fag.

  • yard-dog

    What a shame all Americans can have the Christian family Values Sarah installed in her kids Bristol and Track.

    What next Bristol will live with to men?

    oops never mind that starts next season on tv

    • Marlene

      Well, Yard-dog, I’ve read a lot of your Liberal rants but this is the first one where you come across as queer also. No wonder you’re so pathetic and hateful.


      Marlene, when I scroll down the list of comments and I see the illiterate’s name of “Yard-dog,” I already know that nothing of intellectual value comes out of his brain; and so, I pass it by without any notice. You would be surprised how frustrating it is for them when they are completely ignored.

      USAF (RET)

    • Marlene

      I know you’re right but I do love to try to poke holes in his teeny mind. I’d love to see him crash and burn from frustration right in front of us!

    • El Lobo Solo

      Yard Dog!
      What are you trying to say?

      TALK TO THE PAW !!!
      The Wolf wants to know.

  • http://PatriotUpdate Marilyn S.

    CLASSY LADY !! You did marvelously, Bristol !! I went to many a lounge, many a time and NEVER encountered a demon like this nut !! How dare he !!!!!
    If you need signatures on a petition against this establishment that didn’t stop this madman, please let me know, somehow, and I’ll be the first to sign !!!!
    By the way, me and everybody I know thinks your Mother is the absolute GREATEST !!

  • Joey

    Enought of you have written about THIS JERK. I don’t have time for slime!

  • Claude

    OH yes its like an animal protected species to think about it animals are homosexual anyway.Males riding males.I leave them alone as long as they leave me alone,If not look out Dont force your crap on me.

  • Quiltlady

    The management of this establishment should have stepped up and thrown this guy out. He, CLEARLY, was attempting to start a fight. Although, not a fan of Bristol’s, I admire how she stood up to the guy and tried to handle the situation as peacefully as possible. It’s almost impossible to “reason” with such dangerous minded people. I agree with some of the other comments . . . . she shouldn’t patronize establishments like this.

  • seniorchief

    When did the word “gay” start to describe homos? I remember when they were called queers, and that was that. In the beginning, God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Something to remember…


      I can’t tell you exactly when the word “gay” was applied to descibe “homosexuals;” but I believe it was to replace the word ‘faggot’ as it described “a mentally deranged male with a desire to have sex with a partner or muliple partners of the same sex.”

      I do know from earlier editions of dictionaries, the word ‘gay’ never included a description of homosexuals. Homosexuals may have paid the authors of the dictionary in later iditions to include them under the word of ‘gay,’ just as they tried to eliminate their aberrant sexual behavior in the Holy Bible. They want to abolish all descriptions of their sexual abnormality to that of normalcy. An unnatural sexual behavior amongst men that can never be condoned ever.

      USAF (RET)

    • Mary S

      MSGT Correa, great response and here are some great verses from God’s Word…

      Homosexuality: Geneses 19:5-8, Jude 7, Lev 18:22-23, Lev 20:13, 1Tim:9-10, & Romans 1:26-27

  • http://PatriotUpdate Marilyn S.


    • Philip Parker

      Yeah, the bar management totally failed in this situation. Pathetic. Anybody who says anything of that nature to another bar patron should be immediately thrown out of the facility. Palin’s mistake was confronting him and not going to the management to voice her objections, but I certainly can understand her wanting to confront this man. What he said was totally uncivil and inappropriate. He is a 100% jerk.

  • Manny Gomez

    It is a shame that no one stepped in to proect her from this guy. I saw a few males standing sround, including the ones she was with. Things are changing rapidly in this Great Nation of ours. We have a last chance in 2012. God Bless the USA.

  • Doc

    A big mouth doesnt make a Big Man.. ‘HOMO’ get a sex change and get the *F…* away from acting like a HUMAN. Palin, great job trying to reason with this FREAK of society. It doesnt matter if a persons skins color is diff then others , it doesnt matter about thier sexuality…. This subhuman was out of line and needs to be put in his place, Palin great job, Love you …..and Your Mother.

  • Robby

    You go girl!!

  • david Shipley

    I am a christian gay man for 40 years. Unfortunately, that guy does not represent all the gay community. I have seen him around for years. Like many other gay men and straight men is very angry. Both gay and straight men are very good at shouting insults when drunk or unseen. He actions were completely wrong. I was very impressed by the way Bristol hangled herself. She showed how well she was raised. keep living your life Bristol with freedom.

  • charles a pembroke

    Aren’t homos nice.Why didn’t one of her friends smash that homo in the head?I can’t beleive no one came to her rescue.Hey Bristol,better get some new friends that will have your back.I think everyone in that room was a coward.Somebody I say somebody should have smashed that homo in his face and then throw him out in the street.

    • mike

      She really didn’t look like she needed protection. I thought she handled his asinine behavior well. Like her Mama, she’s an intelligent, gutsy lady.

  • thin4myself

    Why is it that if you say anything to a homosexual that hurts their feelings they can sue you in a court of law for hate crimes, but they can say what ever they want no matter how vulgur, hateful and hurtful and get away with it, all because of their sexual preference? We had better but an end to this BS quickly!

    • Sues

      Wow! This guy is a real jerk – gay or not – he’s an a**hole. He never did give one reason why he has such an opinion. He’s nothing more than an idiot name caller.

  • frank1737

    My sympathy really goes out to Bristal Palin! When I was in the Military I was stationed in California and it was known as the Queer/Dyke Sin Captitol of the World. My thoughts are: “The only good Queer/Dyke is a Dead Queer/Dyke”!!

  • Wayne937

    Go to this youtubevideo “lewis&” and listen to this video. It is very appropriated for this title: You all will love this song.

  • http://yahoo Patriot

    This is a perfect example of how twisted these homosexuals are. According to these losers, if you don’t agree with their “agenda”, all they can do is swear at someone. They have nothing intelligent to say. What a bunch of hypocrites! Guess what homos! (and I say homos because that is what they are) The majority of this country does not agree with your perversion and never will! You hate Sarah Palin only because she believes in God, and doesn’t go along with your perversion. Get a life and leave decent people alone. To the bar employees…why didn’t you kick these homo losers out, cowards!

  • Radiating

    God bless you Brystol! You showed courage and femine strength while no one else defended your Mom! You are to be praised for your wonderful actions in the midst of hatred. May the Angels guide you in all you do and may St.Michael the Archangel protect you always!
    Much love for defending your beautiful Mother. You reflect her greatly!

  • Radiating

    God bless you Brystol! You showed courage and feminine strength while no one else defended your Mom! You are to be praised for your wonderful actions in the midst of hatred. May the Angels guide you in all you do and may St.Michael the Archangel protect you always!
    Much love for defending your beautiful Mother. You reflect her greatly!


  • frank1737

    GOD BLESS Bristol Palin for being the lady she was even through the duress!!

  • ColonelPaul

    If that idiot homosexual was trying to gain any traction for his comments to Bristol Palin, he failed. Anyone with a brain who heard his disrespectful and hatefull remarks would take Bristol’s side. If he thought he was doing anything to promote his cause for gays, he gave the so called homophobes more ammunition to fight back. I have never seen a more orchestrated campaign to demonizee Sarah Palin and her family by the liberal special interst groups and the liberal “lamestream” media.The more idiots like this gay guy, the more popular Sarah Palin becomes with honest God fearing people.

  • Buck

    This homo liberal expects everyone to be tolerant of his sickness but he can’t even tolerate commen decency . Typical liberal trash .

    • James

      Another tolerant liberal heard from

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate Cheri

    Since they are making a Reality Show, you would have to expect that she would go into places like this because they need something to film. They need some stuff like this to happen or there wouldn’t be much of a show. I think they know what they are doing.

  • Rachel

    What a disgusting human that piece of trash is. To make an disrespectful, ugly and unprovoked attack on a young girl’s mother, is typical of these leftwing idiots. He’s lucky he did say that about MY mother. He’d be laying on his gay ass in all the dirty beer swill….where he belongs.

    • Greg

      And the liberals would charge you with a hate crime.

    • http://mediacom Larry

      Yes, but if we stand unitrd on this and other subjects, they won’t have enough room in jail for all of us. Just like they do thin in LA!

  • Buck

    MSGT , I am a marine vet , and as you are retired I will always respect you . But anyone who elists now or in the future to me will deserve nor get any respect from me as I will always have to assume all military personnell are homos or other sexual perverts . It makes my own service a big joke .

    • Budman68

      And YOU, sir, are an idiot.

    • tired an straight

      I am also tiered of idiots like you budman, pickup you bottle and GO HOME and get BACK in the CLSET!

    • Mark

      And you,sir,are at least an equal or exceptional idiot for saying so.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Thank you for your Quadrumanous thoughts.

    • John

      I pray that the queers do not take over the military! The best thing that they could do is go back into the closet as most people really have conservative values I know I do

    • http://mediacom Larry

      I have been thinking that for a long time now. I have discussed this with other retired service members and they agree it’s a major mistake. Being queer is a choice and not a birth right. The psych doctors don’t tell the truth about this as they make more money by lying. Gay used to means something very different than meaning being queer.

  • John

    These queers might find that bullets come from both ways during combat. At least, they did in Korea and WWII.

  • Greg

    I am a libertarian so what people do in their bedrooms is private. First homosexuals came out of the closet. I said nothing. Then they wanted to feel good about their perversion. I said nothing. They then wanted to me to feel good about their perversion. I said marriage was between one man and one woman. Then they said there was something wrong with me because I didn’t feel good for them. I am saying listen to me now. No special rights for homosexuals and I vote.

  • jackattack

    should have thrown that turd dick queer out on his ass! why would you let this homo queer spout off like that. when I was in taverns he would be spitting out his teeth. fricking deviate!

    • DJ Fisher

      Frank Trammell says:
      September 24, 2011 at 4:04 pm
      I’d like to spit some beech nut in that dude”s eye and shoot him with my 45.

      That is quoting Hank Jr. LOL, You aren’t too red neck are ya Frank??? LOL

  • jerryusmc72

    Bristol, back her Mom up ask him why and he give no answer just called her Mom names and just got louder and mean so are guy men to be nice or just mad men who are going to HELL!

  • catfish

    What a shame the queers adopted the name/word Gay and applied it to perversion. Queer has worked for me for 67 years. The word gay does not mean queer. The name Gay does not mean queer. Queer is as queer does.
    The owner of Saddle Ranch was under obligation to evict the queer from the premises for his behavior, not for being queer.

    • Independent Voter

      He’s probably a turd tamper himself.

    • BAND

      Right on! I use the term “QUEER” and I always will. I think it is suitable use of the Queen’s english. The only replacement might be ‘HOMO”.

    • http://mediacom Larry

      Isn’t this hate retoric? I thought that was illegal! Please, explain this so everyone knows it is expected to apply to everyone.

  • jackattack

    the only good things about queers is that they dont live long. they die of diseases from anal sex and have a lot of urinary infections and ususally die around 50 years old. even that is too long!

  • Mac

    Typical. The douchebag lib is attacking the family and not the individual. He should have been locked up for disturbing the peace. Way to go,Bristol, for not taking the bait and not stooping to his level. ps: you’re a doll.

    • Wayne937

      Mac, I am a retired police officer with over 26 years of service. If I had seen a pervert act like this, he would have gone to jail one way, or the other. His conduct was completely out of bounds. He needed to have some one teach him a lesson. Civilized people do not act this way. When the do, there needs to be penalties attached. From what I could tell in the video he shold have at least been charged with disorderly conduct. I have ran into a lot of idiots like this over the years. They were all charged and went to jail, at least for an over night stay until they sobered up.

  • bud

    typical democrat liberal – the ironic thing is that a democrat can lie all day and all night and no one even notices. let a conservative make a remark, even give their opinion and the evil left wing demoncrat goes crazy calling them liars. what an idiot the stupid queer calling someone else evil

    • John Oman

      you are correct Bud, just another HATE FILLED LEFTIST, America Hating, democRAT liberal.
      Had a conservative pointed out the COWARD in the dark yelling out his HATE was a FLAMMING FAGGOT, all H E L L would have broken loose.

    • Wayne937

      Bud, this is the fault of our Liberal Congress. They make the laws. For an example, consider the law that Democrats passed in 2007 that will require us to purchase all our lightbulbs made in Chna. These lightbulbs are ladened with mercury. Make sure you vote for a good Conservative next year. Check out this you tube website: and see what Congressmen Poe has to say about these bulbs. This is just one of hundreds of examples of the crazy laws that this Liberal Congress passes every year. The Liberal Democrats and this presdent need to be fired next year. In fact their constituents are nuts for voting in these imbeciles. The people who votes these idiots in are those who are promised taxpayors money and freebies. They just don’t realize, or maybe don’t care how much damage they are doing to the country.

  • Miroco

    I think Sarge gets censored because he was a marine, a sputterbutt, a sea going bellhop. BUT I love him anyhow cause I agree with everything he isn’t allowed to say. (Just going for a smile Sarge, respects)

  • John Oman

    another left wing wack job can voice their opinion. Might I add, like a COWARD in the dark.
    Question for the left wing news media: Why haven’t you spewed the HATE MONGERS filth all over the news. Was it because “he” was some flaming faggot.

  • Independent Voter

    None of these Sock Cluckers has even a clue, they just know that they hate everyone who tells them the truth about their filthy disgusting perversion.

    It is a manifestation of Satan, and they are so blind that they can’t see anything but their friends behind.

  • danE

    This is not supposed to happen. The queer is a coward, trying to start a fight with a young girl. This is a most shameful act and the queer needs to be put in jail and arrested for assualt on a young girl who is much much weaker than him. Sarah Palin is a wonderful person and all the attacks on her proves the commie damRATS fear her. If she were POTUS she would tell them to go back to their closets or turn 50 asap. Send all the queers to One Hole Island.

  • Independent Voter

    God gave them up to their vile passions, to receive in themselves the just results of their sickness.

    There is no avoidance of God’s final judgement other than to come humbly before Jesus Christ, and ask Him to be your lord and Savior. jesus Christ is the ONLY way for any of us to reach the promise of heaven.

  • John

    In my opinion, being “Gay” is not a culture, it’s a perversion, unnatural, and the direct result of a mental or genetic disorder, not much different than being a pedifile or molesting animals. I don’t understand why Americans allow themselves to be overrun by sick individuals. I’m just glad that my service in the US Military is done. I could not support what is going on today or acknowledge Barrack Obama my Commander-in-Chief. I sincerely hope there are enough real Americans left next year to kick Obama out of the Oval Office.

    • Wayne937

      John, I’ll bet a lot of the military feels the same way you do. I am sure that the biggest portion of them will not vote for Obama. I just hope that all their votes gets counted next time. They were not all counted the last electiion.

  • ed gallagher

    That,ahem, gentleman, didn’t do anything to advance acceptance of gays in mainstream society. Palin showed remarkable restraint in not smacking him one for the obscenities he called her mom. His bad manners and ignorant method of addressing issues by making it personal don’t make it any more acceptable for those here to engage in the same distasteful tactics. Leave the bad manners, personal attacks and stupidity to the left, they are better at it.

  • mike

    I wonder if this jackass was just jealous. She probably stayed on the bull longer than he would have – if indeed he would have gotten on at all…

    • danE

      he would be under the bull.

  • cjk

    Brava to Bristol Palin for politely standing up to this bully! Respect is a two-way street. Anyone desiring to be treated with respect, including gays, must begin by treating others with respect. If one does not want to be bullied, one begins by not being a bully. This bully, regardless of his sexual orientation, needed to learn that lesson. He also needs to learn that he’s unwittingly now made himself a part of the evil “Gaystapo” that BO and his Obamacrats deliberately manipulate as their attack goons, and then give only hypocritical lip service to supporting their rights. BO and the Obamacrats care nothing for the rights of gays, women, people of color or any other group. They simply use these groups (traditional Dem voting blocs) as their pawns–promising them anything–merely to get their contributions (the GAY-TM) and their votes in order to ensure their own re-elections and continued greedy quests to increase their personal bank accounts at the expense of American taxpayers.

  • Bruceapilot

    Prejudice, intolerance, and hatred are always abhorrent, but coming from a creep like this dude who claims victim status at the hands of those who would pray for him is also particularly ironic. We are all sinners in the eyes of God, but to celebrate and brag about ones own unworthiness while insisting that others are evil is pathetic and beneath pity.

    • mike

      He’s a queer for crying out loud, what would you expect, they are all bitter, they are as unnatural as unnatural gets,imagine carrying the weight of being one that is so different from normal, around 24-7. There’s no way to justify it although that’s what they want, acceptence and for everyone to think of their sexuality as normal, but it’s like driving a square peg in a star shaped hole, it ain’t right no matter how much they whine and bitch about it, and that ,my friend’s, is just the way it is.

    • christin

      You are so right on. Amazing. I could not have said it better myself!

    • Thomas


    • rickers

      Perfect- The vitriol that spills out of this guy’s mouth is just terrible.
      Sorry, I could not turn the other cheek if I was her husband- he be flat on his ass when I got through with him….. and it would not be a hate crime neither!!

    • Brian

      Excellent post. Agree 100%

  • dan from ohio

    funny thing is if God created men and woman gay he sure is a cruel God for creating them without the right biology and anatomy to procreate,you know,the two shall become one Flesh,sorry can,t and won,t happen

    • crusty

      There’s a use for those types. There are plenty of vacancies to be filled by them in Satan’s domain.

    • jettthemesh

      If these perverts keep it in in their own nasty bedrooms, I have no problem! But NO, the fags have got to drag their perversions out into the open and TRY to shove it down the throats of decent Americans!According to the recent U.S. Census, Afro-Americans are holding steady at 13%, while the queers come in at less that 1%. You guys and girls that want to swing different, go for it! Just don’t try to force us to acknoledge that is normal!God Bless All Americans!!!

  • Frank Trammell

    I’d like to spit some beech nut in that dude”s eye and shoot him with my 45.

  • matt

    “what? she came up to me!” yeah, Bristol started it. typical liberal. – also so much tolerance and compasion? all i saw was hatred and ignorance.

    • Bj

      How in God’s name can anybody be so stupid to be blind to believe anything that guy had to say? It amazes me that he’s got walkin around sense. We’re all God’s children and for him to spout off like that is just not cooth. I’m not perfect but please, friends of his should point out he’s not winnin any friends let alone influencin anyother people by doin what he’s doin with this type of behavior.



    • haasstrep68

      STRAIGHT ISN’T ONLY GREAT, IT’S NORMAL ACCORDING TO HOW GOD MADE MAN AND WOMAN TO MARRY. He didn’t make Carl and Jeff to marry. That’s abnormal and an abomination to God. This ‘fag’ who called Sarah Palin a foul, false name, “whore,” is hypocritical. They start the slandering and false name-calling, but if we call them names they say we’re “homophobic, petty and childish.” Well, why don’t they practice what they preach. HYPOCRITES!!!! They’re forcing, forcing their perverted agenda down the throats of the American people and our children in our schools. They’re only 1% of the population. They are arrogant and filled with false pride. They want to silence us by violating our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and religion. See website:

  • Tim

    Bristol, I would like to commend you on handling yourself so professional. You did the right thing by asking the idiot to name one thing. He couldn’t as most lib democrats can’t. That’s because he listens and reads liberal media. More then likely he went to a government training ground for liberals (public school). Him being gay had nothing to do with his outburst its his stupidity that was his problem.

    • Brad

      I don’t think he is smart enough to be stupid!

    • Linda


    • http://patriotupdate 32eagle

      she is a fine looking woman and the bull looked like it had convulsions and some embarassing spasms-I think Bristol purposely fell off-of course then someone just as embarrassing tries to mouth off faggotry-it seems like she could use a body guard to help navigate her way through time wasters

    • trish

      this kind of behavior is typical of the radical homosexual. they are the haters, theirs is the intolerance. attack dogs! hating anyone that doesnt share their imoral viewpoint.

    • crusty

      Your post could almost be a virtual label for my youngest sibling–it’s very accurate.

    • Don in Dixie

      For sure if there were any real men in there he would have gotten his a## kicked.

    • crusty

      I’ve gotten to the point where I feel very uncomfortable attending family gatherings because of one in the family (the youngest sibling) who demonstrates his nastiness to both my wife and myself–we’ve never made any negative comments to him regarding his choice of lifestyle and we have to tolerate his attitude toward us.

  • Tom

    Easy solution for scum such as the guy in the bar. Regardless of his sexual orientation or belief or not in a Hell, idiots like this when encountered spewing such hate in a bar should be knocked out, drug out into the gutter, have the words “I am an a$$ carved on their forheads in big bold letters so everyone they meet will know about their tendency to spew hatered and then the cops should be called to have the idiot sleep off their vitrial in the drunk tank.

  • http://thePatriotUpdate Janet

    They are making a Reality Show. They need good ratings for the show to survive. They need some stuff like this to happen. That is why Bristol and her camera crew are hanging out in places most of us would never go into in the first place. Someone suggested she go to amusement parks and play cards with her friends at home.. but that would get low ratings on a reality show. I am pretty sure they were hoping something like this would happen when they went in there. It brings attention to her show… I hope they all washed their hands really well after being in that place.

    • Denisa Dellinger

      Janet, I don’t know why they hid your comment unless this site wants sensationalism itself. I don’t know. Reality shows are not reality people!!! They are staged. Bristol probably wanted to ride a mechanical bull and went in there to do it. The bar was a bad choice. Bristol probably made a bad decision to do this show, her mother probably didn’t want this for her. She didn’t want this for the precise reason this incident happened. Any mother would want to protect her child from ridicule, especially for being “her” daughter. God bless the girl, she is like her mom and confronted the guy and asked him to name one thing he didn’t like about her mother. He could not really name one except resort to name calling. The guy is an ass. But one thing, he will go viral on youtube and that is unfortunate. Any reaction created by this whether positive or negative will affect Bristol. She is still young even though she has had some of life’s challenges early in life. When you put yourself out there, you get burned.

  • Greg Independent

    Angry Homosexual…is there any other kind these days?

    • crusty

      The more they whine, the more they get. They will never be satisfied until they drag everyone down to their level.

    • Mary S

      I use to work around a lot of homosexuals in San Francisco and I can say I never met a happy one. It was all very sad.

  • Jim Benat

    I don’t care what his/it’s sexual preference is he/she/it is a nasty, mean spirited,cowardly, sleezy, liberal who needs a good old fashioned ass whipping!! Bristol could have probably done it but she has too much class…..on the other hand I don’t and would be happy to!!

    • Shootist

      Sort of makes you think “gay” is a misnomer, doesn’t it. The guy doesn’t sound too gay (in its traditional sense) to me.

    • crusty

      He’s definitely not doing what the late Dinah Shore wished everyone at the ends of her shows.

  • Jeff Hendricks

    I believe homosexuality is a sin. But it is a complicated issue. Before genetic testing, doctors would choose a gender for babies born with ambiguous or multiple types of sex organs. Usually, they made them girls because it was easier. Now we see gender isn’t just determined by outward sex organs , but there is a lot of hormonal programming done inside the brain and body. Also, many homosexuals, etc. grew up in dysfunctional homes where their sexual identities were often further confused. I say all this because, while I agree with Bristol Palin defending her mother, I don’t agree with the vindictive name calling toward homosexual going on here. They need help. I will continue to vote against special rights, etc., but I have a family member who is gay and I would not hesitate to have a gay friend if I could over time help them to seel Christ and overcome their sexual addiction.

    • Gwendolyn

      The saddest part of the whole hosexual thing is; That little kindergarten and Elementery School children are being encouraged to “try it before you judge, you might like it”! The children are told; ” DON’T Tell your PARENTS ABOUT WHAT WAS LEARNED IN THIS CLASS”. Our whole system has become perverted to satisfy the MINORITY OF HOMOSEXUALS IN THIS COUNTRY. It’s past due time to stand up for OUR RIGHTS and shut the perverts down to size.

    • Mary S

      Yes, Gwendolyn, right here in CA they want to start with Kindergarden children. We are teaching our children in our home what is right and wrong about lifestyles. They know and are to let us know if homosexuality is taught at their school. We will monitor it all the way. The State is going to be very disappointed when children will be pulled out of State schools to be home schooled. The State doesn’t like lose money.

    • http://patriotupdate 32eagle

      Yes indeed!!! propaganda-homosexual bull crap-in order to escape the garbage at a public school-home school the kids!!!it works better than evil does

    • Matt Bishop

      Under the current day standards prevalent in State and Federal government, what you said could be judged “Hate Speech” and you could be guilty of thought crimes, and a permanent record of this become part of an official dossier that future employers would be privy to before hiring you.

      Jefferson’s explanation of why it was so vital to have the 2nd Amendment resonates loud throughout the America of 2011!

    • Cklotz

      Well said Jeff and I would like to add that God loves all of us regardless of our sins. He died on the cross so that our sins would be forgiven. Has it occured to anyone that in the New Testament that Jesus said, I have a new commandment: Love one another! That doesn’t mean just the people you choose to love but EVERYONE! You must learn tolerance of others. If you hate them then how will they ever know who their savior is. You are to set the example of who Jesus is, NOT THE DEVIL! To hate another person for who they are is not God’s way but the devil’s way. So get smart and start showing others God’s love. He made us ALL perfect in his eyes. It is not the homosexual or the prostitute that has the problem if YOU yourself are the one HATING them. It is your problem. Get hate out of your heart and replace it with love. Bristol showed tolerance for this man. You must do the same. Pray for him!

    • TED

      Yup, Chaz Bono used to be a girl until she had an addadicktome! The world is full of perverts!

  • Ilene

    This culture is going down the tubes. Bristol handled it fine.

    • CP1

      I am surprised at the posts here about this video. I thought Bristol did not handle it very well at all. I thought she came across as too easily pulled into a fight mode. She did fine at first when the guy first started in on her, but when it was clear to everyone he was not interested in having a conversation is when she should have cut him off and left. The guy should have been escorted out of the bar by the bouncer right when he started in on her. His behavior should have never been tolerated like that. But in defense of the bouncer, the more he tried to calm things down the more Bristol pitched in to keep it going. She stood up for herself and her mother and should have left it at that rather than moving into confrontational and a fight.

  • Teri

    I give kudos to Bristol. What an intelligent young woman she is to respond the way she did. As far as what the man said, it is typical homo deviant behavior. I had an incident with one of my daughter’s friends that is lesbian and she claimed to be a Christian. I told her why she could not be a Christian if she is a lesbian. She laughed at me and called me names. The same behavior as this man did to Bristol. It is unfortunate that you can’t even have a civil conversation with them because of their hate filled spirit that is in them.

    • crusty

      I had a similar experience with my youngest sibling (hardly a young child–he’s an adult). He tried to assign blame to me for not supporting him while growing since I was his godfather–I really found difficulty grasping what he was rambling on about in his hateful tirade. Maybe I can write to the Pope to dissolve that godfather/godson relationship. It shouldn’t have been a valid contract anyway since I was a minor at the time.

  • robert j. wolfe

    Homo’s…Change your way’s, time is short and in hell you will meet the “King” of all Homo’s…and you will be his lil girl…
    As far as simple manners your fifty mouth will be full as well…
    Your face and words will always be remembered and if a real man was nearby you would have needed help to get up from the floor…..(:

  • Lexie

    Another example of the “tolerant” showing their true intolerant colors. The man obviously needs some counseling. A 47 year old man should know better.

    As to all the homosexual bashing comments…Hate is not the answer. Him being or not being a homosexual should not have been the point of this video. It wouldn’t matter if he was straight or homosexual, a man or a woman, those comments should have never been made.

    Treat people the way you want to be treated.

    • dennodog

      Old scrotum lips was the one who brought up the “gay” issue. Typical lib punk, straight or gay. Pick on Palin’s, Bush’s or any Rep’s kid. That’s ok. Remember though. You STILL can’t talk to chelsea C. All the libs’ kids are off limits. You see, the lefties have no rules. They do what they want and if you call them on it, they act like that degenerate did. Too often these freaks, criminals and lefty creeps take our civility as a sign of weakness. They keep pushing it and we’re all almost up against the wall. The backlash is going to be brutal and swift when it inevitably comes.

  • God and Country Gay Guy

    I’m gay in orientation but not in behavior because the gay “community,” “lifestyle,” and agenda repel me. I’m also an honorably discharged vet. I didn’t bring my sexuality to work and I oppose DADT repeal.

    This incident in this video is more evidence that Liberalism is a mental disorder. You can see that Gay Libs are seething with anger and hatred. Why? They need to destroy traditional American (what’s left of it) and replace it with their undefined and unrealizable Sodom and Gomorrah Utopia in order to feel good about themselves.

    Accomplished, attractive, bright, conservative, pro-life women like Palin, Angle, O’Donnell, Bachmann, who stand up for traditional America, make these wackos go nuts.

    The Libs revel in their imaginary victim-hood but can’t wait to victimize anyone who disagrees with them.

    I salute Bristol Palin for bravely and rationally standing up to this jerk. I hope there’s a big uprising of Christian, Constitution-loving Americans at every election, especially 2012, to throw Obama and his destroy-America accomplices out of power.

  • Scheideck

    What homosexuals do behind closed doors is their business, but how they force themselves on the rest of us is barbaric.

    • cowboyup1

      That’s totally Wrong, It’s not only in their bed rooms, Their dragging their chosen perversion into our military, schools (at all levels}, government, children, etc. etc. etc. Jesus didn’t lay down, or show tolerance, He showed love and boldness!

  • cluv

    Nice job by Bristol Paylin,Shows that she class.Just like her mom.


    It is soooo obvious who had class, and who did not. This 47 year old man is a certified jerk. I t would be interesting to see how he reacted to a msn his own age. His conduct is very much like an arab terrorist, COWARDLY.

  • Megan

    Nice job Bristol…….don’t waste your time talking to such people……they are ignorant….he needed a bashing……looks like he had one too many anyways…..I’d hate to be on the same road he would drive on that nite…..

  • Cklotz

    Bravo Bristol! You confronted the devil and his lies! It takes courage to stand up to someone who is filled with such hatred. He doesn’t know your mother but he feels he has the right to call her a whore. His rude behavior shows how evil he is. Unfortunately, in today’s society groups of people are judged by their behavior. He just made homosexuals look bad. Filled with hatred and anger. He just fueled the fire of hate towards himself and others. A wise man holds his tongue. A foolish one slanders others. The backlash of his behavior should be from all homosexuals because he just made it worst for you. So sad. I pray he will see the error of his ways.

  • Paula Revere

    “…as it was in the days of Noah…:(

  • StevenI

    The guy could not make a rational argument other than spew his hatred.

  • amishron

    She needed to tell that faggot queer to go back to San Francisco & shut his pie hole.

  • Michele Henson

    I’m proud & excited for the future of America if we can turn out more kids like Bristol.
    She responded with calm, reason & grace. I’m not surprised that the grown-up behavior came from the person raised by a responsible, self-governing conservative.
    The shouting match, as always, came from the LEFT.
    Liberal’s thrive off of MOB MENTALITY.

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate joeknow

    Bless you, Bristol! Homosexuality is an aberrant lifestyle. When they say they were born gay, it is like a child molester saying he/she was born to mess with kids! If you have these feelings, deny them, suppress them. Do you accept a mass murderer saying he was born that way, like that makes it OK?
    When a normal person has aberrant feelings they suppress them. That is why normal people don’t do things like “do” animals! If they had that thought they suppressed it until it was too minor to notice. Gays are angry because they were weak and normal folks had the strength to suppress the evil in themselves!

  • pikemaster

    It says in the Bible that a male should NOT lay with a male. How much more clear than that is needed ? With a President that has had his days with the gays,what else do our children have to see when idots put that kind up as a leader of our country ? 2012 can’t come soon enough ! God Bless America.

  • StevenI

    I guess she set him “Straight”.

  • StevenI

    Did anyone read the comments? There was at least one calling for the deaths of all Republican.

  • USAgent

    All I can say is Bravo to Bristol for not lowering herself to such a derainged maggot. Bravo to you for defending your mother and not letting worthless minded people like that get away with his comments. He is the one who sounded like an IDIOT and maggot, I am glad I wasnt there because he would not be using his jaw except for sipping out of a straw with.

  • Republicman

    Acceptance of the premise that what homosexuals do in the privacy of their bedrooms does not concern society has led to the conclusion that they have a right of access to your child. How much more damage needs to be done to society before the reasons for the Bible’s rejection of the premise are amply illustrated?

    When evil is tolerated, it grows stronger. When evil gets strong enough, it starts making demands. Finally, evil gets strong enough to be able to take what it wants through coercion and destroy anyone and anything in its way.

    This individual views Bristol and Sarah Palin as being in his way. He would gladly murder both of them if there was a way he could get away with it.

    • cowboyup1

      That’s right Republicman, It’s not only in their bed rooms, Their dragging their chosen perversion into our military, schools (at all levels}, government, children, etc. etc. etc. Jesus didn’t lay down, or show tolerance, He showed love, boldness and truth!

  • Joe


    • crusty

      Maybe they were not ejected due to possible management fear of a frivolous ACLU-generated lawsuit on behalf of the degenerate.

  • Bill C

    Typical liberal drone. When all else fails, fall back on name calling and personal attacks. Why am I not surprised that when to provide ONE example of a lie from Sarah Palin all this nutjob could say was “everything about Obama”. Whatever! I am proud of Bristol for standing up to this attack and proving that she is a classy young lady.

  • America’s Revenge

    If those of you are concerned about where America is headed because of the left using every underhanded means to undermine the very fabric of our society please don’t worry..As you know for every action there is an equal and opposite in light of that all I can say to those like the bald headed queer is to watch out because when it happens it is going to be ugly for them and everything else that has happened to our country and I say our country meaning I don’t consider him or the likes of him to be a part of our country as they do not believe in the foundation and principles of the Constitution and what it means in the literal sense..Nor do they believe in the biblical principles that those who founded this country believed in and have believed in for the past couple of hundred years. Yes we need change Obama but it is change back to the Constitution and getting government control off of the backs of the American citizen.

  • L

    He couldn’t make a coherent argument. He also started the whole thing by shouting obscenities. He’s a washed-up angry, frustrated homosexual that has to spew.

    His behavior qualifies him. On many things.

  • Doug

    That bald-headed chrome dome freak is just angry, because he knows his president is going to lose next year.

  • George Bernard Vieto

    Dude Sarah Palin the devil? Sure and ESPN Sportscenter will kiss Jennifer Abel’s ring if a fan throws a banana at her during a diving competition. Jennifer is African-Candian platform diver.

  • Ray

    My guess is that the whole thing was staged for the stupid “reality” show, as if anything on any of those shows reflects reality. As far as her mother being a whore, yes she is, just like her daughter a media/money whore.

    • John the Libertarian

      and you a c-rn h-ler???

  • jettthemesh

    I wonder why my comments don’t appear when everyone else’s doe’s? I’m begining to think that I may be to much! I use the same words that everyone else uses! I suspect that you are afraid! We all know that we are going to die someday, and when a person knows that, you should not have any fear. God Bless America.

  • Mary S

    You may have heard my story before but here goes… I worked for a large company in San Francisco and for the most part the gays I worked around keep their way of life to themselves and I ignored it. I never had a problem until a new man was hired as an executive assistant and was put in my office area. He was constantly on the phone talking to his “lover” with language that should not be heard in any office even from heterosexuals. When he tried to talk to me about his relationship, I politely said that I wasn’t interested in hearing about his private life. This offended him and would keep trying to talk to me about things they did and wanted to do. I finally told him that I did not agree with his lifestyle and did not want to hear about it. This REALLY offended him. He went to our HR department and let them know what I said. I got “called on the carpet” and was told I could not say what I said. I had to watch some discrimination movies. God took care of me. It so happened that the head of the HR was lesbian but the person who talked with me was a Christian woman who understood my situation even though she had to “parrot” their policy. After I was reprimanded I asked her; what would have happened if I talked to you about not liking what he was saying to me? Would you believe that I was told; “I don’t know”. Talk about discrimination! I did find out later that he was told not to talk about his lifestyle in front of me and our office was soon moved to another building and he was on the other side of the building from me. I also found out from him that his lover did not live with him but put him on his company insurance. He let me know that they try to find jobs where companies allow “partners” on their insurance policy. About nine months later he moved to Hawaii. He was shocked that I did not agree with his lifestyle.
    I have worked in San Francisco for many years and this was the first homosexual who openly talked about his lifestyle. It was disgusting. I don’t even like to hear what goes on in the bedroom of heterosexuals. I do not understand why homosexuals want to display themselves to society except to try to degrade God’s way of life for us. Don’t they realize that they are a complete turn off and it makes it worse for us to accept them?

  • Jag

    Homosexuality is a CHIOCE! Period!

    Claiming that homosexuality is genetics is a means for homos to justify their degenerate behavior by giving the false appearance that they can’t help it! In years long gone by, in the military,homos were treated to “blanket parties”! Old time military personnel know what they consisted of! And, it wasn’t homosexual activity!

  • http://facdebook dolores

    Where were the men that should have knocked this guy out?? were there any that night?

  • W Smith

    Of course Homosexuals are angry. Wouldn’t you be if you were STUCK with the “S” end of the stick?

    If this were a matter of genetics they would not be trolling the grade schools for victims. If it were genetics they would wait for the fruit to FALL from the tree.

  • James Royal

    I am straight and christian but I think even some gays would not be proud of this guys outrageous outburst. Pardon the pun.

  • MH

    What an Ahole big brave 47 year old man picking on someone half his age because of his political beliefs Bristol didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. Good for her she got right in his face.

  • armyvet

    They do not have to act on their so-called inclinations!

  • fieldworker

    This jerk needs to be put to sleep. This is your typical educated moron.

  • fieldworker

    If there weren’t laws protecting this type of fool he would have his ass kicked all day long. He is a complete jackoff….

  • Jeremy Camp

    That still don’t give him the right too attack stright people like that period he literally hurt her feelings!.

    • W Smith

      Sorry but I can’t help myself.

      Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeelings……That whole Barbara Streisand thing.

      I regret it already. Should have known better.

  • Skyhawk

    As a very young man in the Army, 16 years old, a queer NCO tried to get next to me. I assured him that if he persisted that I would kill him. Of course he was afraid to report my threat. But his perversion could have ruined or ended my life.

    • W Smith

      Imagine yourself as that youth in today’s Army.What chance would you have? What would you have done to defend yourself? This whole thing is going to end badly but end it must.

  • Ranchman

    Yeah, tolerance in action. Tolerance to the queer community is “Tolerate anything and everything I do while I tolerate nothing from nobody.” The homosexuals are radical extremists and if America doesn’t wake up to this fact they will drag the rest of society down with them. They’ve embraced the Marxist/Socialist culture and together they are going to do their utmost to destroy the American way of life.

    • Ffred G

      Too much time discussing this…. Just one word to describe this…. individual….

      L O O S E R..

      Just listen to him talk… he’s barely coherent,

      glad he’s the future and he’s very likely to be one of the first to go during anarchy….

      L O O O O O O O O S E R

    • Gwynn

      AMEN. Right on. Watch newly released DVD “AGENDA” by Curtis Bowers, an Idaho legislator.

    • cheryll

      You are so right…Wake up America..

    • patriot4life

      Freakin’ Good for Nothing Fag’s!!. Homo’s are a Disgrace to society, and this proves it!. Sarah Palin and her daughter have class, and the Homos just love As#.

  • Jackie

    Way to go Bristol! You handled yourself great in the face of adversity. The mental anguish the gay community feels because they know deep down inside that what they are doing is wrong brings out the devil in them all.

    • pleadnthe5th

      Way to go Bristol! Stand up for your beliefs honey! Nothing is more perverted and discusting to me that the very thought of one man nailing another in the keister! Sick, twisted and perverted, don’t let them brainwash us into thinking that it is alright, and an “alternative lifestyle”

  • Ted

    Well, I’d say she won that confrontation with sheer class.

    • MrBill

      Yes, Bristol has cless, just like her mother….and the fag has none. Beyond that, she is level headed and sane….the mental imbalance of the queer is obvious.

    • USAF VET

      It was an unfair battle of wits. That homosexual was there unprepared without a weapon.

  • BWallace

    Bristol has courage and intelligence. I admire her and her mother so much. Wish there were more like them.

  • http://newsmax Charles Neukam

    Just think if the hate crime could be turned around to punish the girly man,instead of the straight people.that would change their outburst

  • Michael Fuchs


    • Lee

      Yes, the man must really hate himself deep down to make such horrid statements!

  • Ron

    This guy pissed cause he didn’t have his butt plug in? What an idiot!

  • Sabbathk

    OK ! ! ! ! Lets see what God says about the Homosexual lifestyle…….

    “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; They shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.” ( Leviticus 20:13 )

    • http://msn sandi

      bringing up to modern times my father was working on his car.I was trying to help him handing him tools wenches etc,guess he forgot I was a young child girl child he said hand me now a male to that .I said what then when he got out from under the car he said mechanics call this part a male this part is a are to young to know it by this only a nut and’s a marriage.I never for got a marriage to me between a male and female is a marriage gays if they want to live together need to call their relationship life partners stay away from the marriage it don’t fit

    • http://patriotupdate 32eagle

      I love that story-well said!!

    • pleadnthe5th

      amen brother, of course the liberals have another interpretation, but it seemed pretty cut and dried to me?

  • Sabbathk

    PLEASE READ ……The only safety against deception is knowing Jesus, the author of Truth, and knowing truth ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Steven

    Homosexuals, the cancer of America….America needs chemo….

  • Speed

    All those gay punks sure showed what they’re made of,didn’t they? I have to cheer for Bristol-she has more class in a drop of her sweat than all those punks and all their friends have put together.
    Palins Rule!!

  • Bruno Boccagalupe

    The queers are angry at everyone, and everything, simply because they made the wrong choices in their sexual orientation. They blame straights for the homosexuality THAT THEY CHOOSE. Nature didn’t create queers they are sexual deviants, of their own making.

  • joe

    its all very sad, the intent for man is to be complete,
    one man joined in marriage to one woman, bearing fruit = children and living to an old age joined with the person you love, with god as your center,

    God gives us choice, the farther a person walks from God the harder life is, God is righteous & will allow you to live as you choose, we all know what is right,
    God is spirit and those that contact him, communicate with him MUST, contact him in spirit, NOT there intellect, not through $, not with good intentions,

    example, you can’t see radio waves, you need a radio turned to the correct channel , in order to recieve anything from that channel.

    same with God, as an individule or nation we need to turn to God, or in his time, we will recieve our due,

  • http://yahoo William

    This man is just a poor excuse for a human and he’s a sick individual. Bristol was wasting emotion and energy responding to this guy. There is nothing she could have done to change his opinion. Standing up to a fool is not a good move. I think he needs to ride the mechanical bull permanently.

  • http://msn sandi

    bristle if I was there I would had mentioned to you leave it be it’s just drinking bar were just stirring the pot by even letting him know you heard him.keep cool it’s hard to do sometimes

  • Sabbathk

    OK ! ! ! ! Lets see what God says about the Homosexual lifestyle…….

    “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; They shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.” ( Leviticus 20:13 )

  • 5thwave

    How sad. The guy says he’s 47 but he acts like he’s a 6 year old, oh wait a minute, my 6 year old doesn’t even act like that. And they want us to believe that they are “normal”. How defective is that!!!
    Straight up the guy was an ass. I am shocked that with all the guys at that bar he didn’t get his rear end kicked. There was a time when, if you had talked to a girl like that the other guys at the bar would have re-arranged your dental work fore you.

  • Jimi

    Another “enlightened gay man.” Seems they are always trying to bully someone. Usually someone smaller than themselves. West Hollywood. The same place we saw a big gay in a demonstration for gay marriage, push down a 80 something little old lady that was against gay marriage. That weak gay truly needed to be pimp slapped. And his bearded girlfriend too.

  • James-N-Q8

    I guess this deviant was pissed because someone else was getting all the attention. Hey! Look at me! I’m an ugly, confused, angry middle-aged queer with some serious self control issues! What would the media have said, had that confrontation started with Bristol taunting him or hurling vulgar insults at him? YES SIR! There is a hell and you have reservations at a fire-side table!

  • nvrl8

    Well let’s see… Palin is a ‘whore’ while this guy and all his type stick their member in the nasty exit of the body (that’s just what it is). Yes… i have no tolerance for filthy acts, and to allow this type of thinking to be accepted/taught as normal perpetuates disgustingly unclean existence of those who ‘choose’ to live this way. These folks need help, without disrespect of their humanity.

  • James-N-Q8

    Had that escalated into a physical confrontation, (as in an ASS WHOOPIN) you can bet your last dollar, she and her entourage would have been charged with a hate crime!

  • Mike Dorsey

    What is bringing down America are these kind of people. The socialist agenda that has been in place to bring down America includes homosexuality, any and every kind of perversion to bring people away form our Lord which will destroy the values we have had and bring on social change that we are seeing now. We also have the muslim brotherhood who expects to dominate the world and are on the move big time, not to mention the NWO folks like Soros and all secrete society’s of the super rich who want to ignore our sovereignty and merge the entire world under their dominance (prophetic). This country has been the greatest in al of history, when it was a Christian nation God blessed it beyond any in history! Are we going to continue to allow all these groups to take what is really important? What side of history are you going be recorded to have sided on? Doing nothing is accountable.

  • Melia-Aneta Sese

    What a bunch of subhuman excrement … but Bristol, honey, you should realize that if you associate with dogs, you will undoubtedly pick up a few fleas along the way. Make sure you “wash them right out of your hair” LOL …

  • Mason


    • The Truth

      Right On, Mason!

      I was thinking the same thing!

      I’ve been to the “Saddle Ranch”, took friends there, spent money there….never again!

      When Saddle Ranch first opened (several years ago) it was a little bit of Cowboy, in the wacky world of Hollywood…NOW it’s just another FAG bar that likes QUEERS not STEERS !

    • Antilevy

      Thank you Mason!! I am a 63 yr man and yes, I think I would have given that ” Bald Goon” a slap side of that head.. Thank you for saying what a lot of us were thinking while watching that SODOMITE use that filthy language.
      I wonder what her Daddy would have done .. Me thinks the bald one would have been knocked on his arse.

    • MrBill

      This isn’t the country I grew up in. If I pushed that fags teeth down his throat, I’d be charged with a hate crime against the butt poking community that liberalism insists I accept. The media would be all over the story and I’d be labeled as having “queerophobia” or some such nonsense.

  • Herbert

    I know two homoexexual Mails one was Sexely Mellested is A Chiled And the orther was Sexley Confused as he grow up.I bleve that is way thay are the way thay are.

  • Ima Conservative

    Homosexuals and most other lefties are the most intolerant people on the planet. They shut any other view point down with shouting and hateful name calling because they cannot make valid arguments. Do not be fooled into saying they are harming no one. They have infested the public schools with legislation to teach that their lifestyle is normal and they will not tolerate anyone who says differently. They also have many members who want to push legislation making child/adult sexual relationships (molestation) more tolerated. Just watch, legalized marriage to more than one person will be next. Do not become complacent. Teach your children right from wrong and not to believe everything their teachers tell them. Don’t stop caring. Take a stand!

    • Rawdog

      AIDS is a GAY disease…
      Stop AIDS research.

  • David Roberts

    Bristol showed amazing restraint when confronted by a completely hateful man, ignorant of the facts, foul mouthed and disrespectful. She did her “Mama” proud.

  • Nikita63

    Bristol handled herself like the pro she is. All the Palins handle the pure hate and vitriol the militant gay and lunatic leftist minions of Obama throw at them day after day. She is her mother’s daughter and I know a few people who could take class lessons from both of them. Way to Go Bristol! Sarah for President in 2012~

  • Brian Davis

    How ironic that he calls HER white trash. That guy was the epitome of white trash! LOL

  • Brian Davis

    Oh yeah and I agree with the commenter who mentioned that these guys would have gotten a nice little beatdown for their troubles if there were any men present. I would given him a chance to apologize first though, because unlike some intolerant lowlifes I was raised with manners. He’s just mad because Mommy didn’t love him enough, or too much, or who cares? It’s all left him with a severe anger and a horrible lack of class.

  • KJ

    Typical liberal idiot. When asked what she had lied about, he couldn’t name one.
    She handled herself well and just let him make a fool of himself.

  • Richard W.

    What seem to be evil is a person who thinks he or she can have sex with a same sex person which trying to have same sex with a person of the same sex is not sex at all 100%. Sex can only be between a man and a woman 100% SO this person who says Sarah Palin is a whore and evil cannot even recognize how evil he is for being they way he is. How can you call someone evil when you practice the very same things? Do you not call that hypocritical which even to the extreme a homosexual is more than an actor? It is very sad to see a person who is homosexual having to ACT their way through life being something they can never be. Homosexuals can have sex changes but they will never ever be what they are acting to be. Hence the example of going out of their way to name call and curse Bristol and her mom, why do they care? Again a homosexual is never secure because again they have to hypocrite their way through life always trying so hard to make their abnormality normal and ruining society in the process…This is also called extreme selfishness. King Solomon said this is meaningless, futility and vanity.

  • Suzi

    Pathetic frigging fags, I wish I had been there to knock the sh__t out of “IT”. He obviously came out his momma’s wrong end & had such a soiled beginning, he’s still full of sh__t. It’s his main component. Management should’ve thrown his worthless piece of sh__t ass out immediately. They’re so afraid Sarah would put Obama to shame if she runs. There’s no hope for these type of freaks. They give “gay” people a bad name.

  • ace


  • Dave USA

    Way to go, Bristol !!!!! That F’ing FAG is lucky I wasn’t there. He’d have wound up picking his SORRY ASS up off the floor with a couple of teeth missing. What an *SSHOLE !!!!!!

  • Rawdog

    Give the Homos thebeatdown they have been asking for for two decades..

  • Little man

    Homos think they are so cute, no one is going to confront them. Wrong…both ways.

  • Susie

    Why take out your anger on her daughter? If you are happy with you lifestyle why be angry at someone who doesn’t agree with your way of living? You shouldn’t have such a trashy mouth Sir!

  • Raymond

    Typical homosexual behavior.

    • ronnie

      Thank you for your service.Almighty God Bless you for your bravery to protect and secure our freedoms.I pray that God will intervene and STOP the DEMORALIZATION of our United States Military. To think that our troops have to put up with this crap while on the battlefield!

  • Raymond

    If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. Leviticus 20:13

    Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet. Romans 1: 24, 25, 26, 27.

    The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God. Deuteronomy 22:5.

    Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner,giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. Jude 7

    Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, noridolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind. 1 Corinthians 6: 9.

    Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and forsinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine. 1 Timothy 1:9,10.

    And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast. And if a woman approach unto any beast,and lie down thereto, thou shalt kill the woman, and the beast: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. Lev 20: 15, 16.

    Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion. Leviticus 18: 22, 23.

    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! Isaiah 5:20,21

    Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Galations 6:7

  • tom mac

    not so long ago it was the bleat …”all we want is a place at the table” …so we gave it to ’em… Now, they want to write the menu and cram it down our throats.
    seems like they are good at creamming various things down throats.

  • Odette

    May God continue to bless Bristol Palin… she’s a heroine standing up for truth. That guy was just an instrument of satanic domination & needs Jesus Christ. He just does not know it because he is blind, deaf & dumb.

  • Big Gay Al

    The man in the video who was spewing insults at Bristol was just plain wrong. However, when I read all the comments here, about hate in the gay community for those on the right, have any of you read the comments here? How hateful many of them are?

    Sometimes, this board reads more like what I’d expect to see on the site for the Westboro Baptist Church. Some of you would make Rev. Fred Phelps very proud.

    • Johnnygard

      The hatred is for the actions and speech of the Homosexuals. I’ve worked with (and for)women that I know are lesbians. I’ve known guys that are/were Homo. but they never actually told me they were gay. That’s the way it should be – let me guess (if I even care to think about it). Neither one of us gains anything by you pushing your agenda on me.

  • sonnieC

    These people are nothing more then sick queer bastards. They are a cancer that is spreading through out the world and must be done away with.

  • Carol Small

    This is how evil acts, not real men. I hate your mother because i don’t like myself very much, should have been what his nasty remarks included. How awful that this girl can go nowhere and not be treated like this. Is California really not hell on earth for the worlds most decadent? Geez Louise!!!!

  • jacqueline moran

    homosexuals/lefties are soooo hateful. not just hateful but actually full of hate. God bless sarah palin and bristol too – at least they can live their lives without the poison that fills these others.

  • Mike Brown

    I think Bristol should have punched the pansy in the face. On the other hand, what was she doing at that joint in the first place? I don’t know the place but from all the liquor bottles I saw, seems like the devils den to me. MJB

  • filearchy

    Typical “shout them down” rambling and unfounded rhetoric from one of the sliver single interest/special interest right wing Democratic Party groups. In this case the gay pride cheering section.

  • Paul G.

    That poor confused liberal Bozo was just espousing the rhetoric he has been fed like pablem. He could not articulate a single cogent objection to Sarah Palin. I think he was auditioning to be an audience member of the Billyboy Maher show. Such nonsence.

  • Ann C

    Really interesting why those men were so hate-filled and also unable to answer Ms.Palin’s question about why they hate her mother. Just horrible vulgarity thrust at a young woman who was merely trying to have a pleasant evening. I do hope that people took note of the very proper, nifty way Ms.Palin was dressed, and with no overdone, bizarre makeup for attention-grabbing.

    Remember, please, for the millionth time, we who believe in Creator God DO NOT hate the homosexuals, but we do have every right to believe what is written in God’s Word about that lifestyle choice, with all its variations.

    A world-renowned pastor stated that, “God did not put anything into the gene pool to cause a person to lose his or her soul.” Ponder that for a moment.

  • http://none Donna Parrish

    This guy is 47 years old and screaming profanity at a young female? Looser is correct and about the nicest thing that can be said. She was calm and in control when she confronted him, yet he was so lathered up, he was almost crying. When he couldn’t get the best of her, his boyfriend jumped her too. I’m a 55 year old Grandmother and if I had been there, I would have kicked the crap out of both those disgusting queers!!!!

    • http://patriotupdate 32eagle

      You go young granny!!!

    • Robin Calamaio

      Unfortunately, this is the typical Democrat.What is interesting is that liberals of this type would be one of the first executed under almost any other governmental system.

    • edward

      To:Robin, Right-on!! Re: “Angry Homo”. He is a typical, “SICK” Democrat and there are millions males & females who are, “SICK” like him. All Liberals have a “Mental Disorder” including the Pretend Republicans, “R I N O” Add them all up, and it looks like we American Patriots are out-numbered. We Patriots were out-numbered and out-gunned, by the British Military (1812). Today’s Liberals are ‘out-educated’ by the Conservatives/Patriots. Let the War of 2012 Begin.


    • June

      That’s exactly why I’ve chosen a new moniker for the majority of democrats; I refer to them as the LLL – -stands for “lying liberal lunatics”!

    • Michael

      Tis the queer way and we better get used to it because the federal government will cram it down all our throats.

    • Ernestine Andrus

      Ok, so the nice peaceful homosexual guy showed us all that he has a lot of class, all of it “low.” Then his shim friend got into the deal and helped us all to remember just one of the reason’s we are adverse to their kind. My question is, were there any real men in that establishment? In Louisiana or Texas, Tweedle Dee and Skippy would have been made into a mud puddle. Or, Or was all that set up by the reality show crew for shock and awe and Bristol was the lamb for the slaughter. I am a 63 year old grandmother and I wouldn’t have stood there and allowed those bozo’s to do that to anyone.

  • Thomas Paine

    A true picture of a demon in the flesh. They know they are about to lose the next one. Bristol should have not gone into that snake pit. I pray for the gays who know not that they will burn. I pray for Bristol. I pray for myself. Jesus is waiting. Will He be your defender ?

    • king

      Bristol we are so proud of you! You stood up face to face with this low life fag. You asked him a simple questions, and he cannot even answer, but just kept swearing. I think this guy has nothing to do in his life, but just to swear, good caught on camera. I felt so sorry to those idiot faggot who has noth
      ing to do in life. You wanna know Bristol? you are so so.. pretty that thay cannot handle it!! So is your mom!!!

    • Tracy

      This poor excuse for a human being does not believe in hell because he is afraid that’s where he will be going. It still amazes me to see this level of hatred. I would love to rage at this person but do not want to stoop to his level. It takes all of my power and a ton of prayer not to hate these people. Sometimes I fail big time.

    • Tired Old Man

      It’s people like these guys……uh, gays….that give the human race a bad name. Notice how this g@y puss has to call her bad names because he can’t intelligently get his message across….not that his message is any good mind you! As far as Jesus being the defender, maybe so spiritually, but I’d liked to have helped out right then….this lifetime

  • Jon

    Only a weak man would run his yap like that. Like Bristol said, he couldn’t give one example of why he hates so much. He’s just another sheep regurgitating what he’s heard. Typical Hollywood idiot in a typical Hollywood bar. Had this happened any where else a real man would have stood up and handed this clown a lesson in humility.

    • minnie

      The reason this homo has so much hate toward Palin is HE wants to look so much like a woman and no matter how hard he trys he fails. HE is just JEALOUS, jealous with envy, envy is from the devil therefore his spew comes out with hate words. This homosexual gets angy when he sees a beautiful woman. If you homo were actually born like that blame your parents stop attacking beautiful girls of course when you are pretending to be what you are not, must be pretty depressing, for sure you homo will end up in a mental institution.

    • Jennie

      He was jealous because Levi prefers women instead of fags like him.

  • liz

    how disgusting those people were, but they are not the norm, most gay people are nice and not ignorant

    • Jennie

      They can be in the wrong enviroment.

    • Stephen

      And not ignorance? I never met one yet that is as smart as they expect you to think they are.

    • bec

      Dear liz, you are right, thank you for a response that was not gay bashing, it is a shame that so many folks are doing that here. I have 2 relatives that are gay, and we as their family love them with all our hearts, and we are all Christians. I am a strong Palin supporter, and I just love her to death, she is an amazing and awesome woman!

    • bec

      Also, I failed to mention, What an awesome job the way Bristol handled the situation, I have five daughters and a bevy of grandchildren, and I must say, I was beyond impressed how she handled a very ignorant person! Way to go Bristol!! and unfortunately this granny would have been compelled to kick some b**t, but it would have only made us conservatives looked bad amongst the idiot liberals! Bristol handled it with grace and class, just like her mama!

    • http://n/a Scrappy2

      I was going to comment but liked your post better than what I was going to send. I applaud Bristol – she handled it with grace and style. She showed a lot of class which is sorely lacking in the jerk that attacked her. I am now of big fan!

  • scout

    I never go to queer bars myself.

  • richard

    This is a perfect example as to why gays are not accepted in a civilized society. Once, this ignorant type gay get’s everyones attention,they don’t know how to behave in a civilized manner. They feel that they must use vulgar, flthy language and gestures, yell so everyone can hear them, and they present themselves as roughnecks when they would have probably cried if Bristol had slapped one’s face. He almost cried becas she dared defy him, so that his gay friend felt theneedto turn and defend him by opening his big mouth. Two big men against one little grl. People like this make a big joke out of being gay and destroy the reputation of those gays who are intelligent and well behaved. HAving been ithe orld of retail for a longtime, I’ve met quite few gays who are perfect gentlemen.

    • Bruce

      It is NOT just gays that act this way, it is LIBERALS in general that act this way. When have you ever had a conversation with a lib in an environment like that and they kept it civil? I can’t remember ever having any with one, but I have put quite a few down…even knocked one out that spit on me when I was in the army and his friends called me a pig…hahaha it was funny

  • F

    Thats the liberal democrate way spew hatred and false acqusations then when confront just curse and yell with nothing to back what they are yelling. A 47 year old tuff guy I usually won’t condone vilence in regards to politics but I wish i had been there I would of took him up on his threats and beat him until his mother wouldnt have rcognized him. not for being gay but for being a loud mouth jag off who needs a bit of reality. Its nothing but pure hate from dems and liberals all day long.

  • Bob

    The young lady has guts, and I can see that she getts it honestly.

  • Trish05

    Yes, she does have “guts” as you put it, but that isn’t the half of it, when 11/2212 rolls around. As for calling these stinking homosexuals, or Sodomites, they have ruined the idea of using “gay,” as being happy, or, even a girls name. So, I will call them, what they are, Homosexuals, or Sodomites! That’s what the dictionary is for, to give proper meaning to words, that are improperly. Now you have it. God loves the sinner, not the sin. In case you didn’t know, those that think they’re homosexual, need not participate, in the filth they perform on each other. They can choose Celibacy. Since I’ve become a widow, I have chosen the chaste life.

  • Hawk

    This was a simple example of the militant queers in the world. Living in Palm Springs for a time, it became clear what being gay could mean. Yes there were some who just wanted to be left alone, my neighbors were like that. Then there were the in your face militants who said “Im gay and you have to like it” Like hell I do. Its not your gayness its your person. Act like a human and get the respect, act like you are way more than that and you have nothing.

  • Steve

    just another example of what you have to go thru if you last name is Palin. Why are the liberals so afraid of this one woman ?? Sarah isn’t even running for president, yet, they continue to show their fear of her by constantly attacking her and her family. If she is so stupid, and all that they say, then why are they afraid of her ?? Maybe because she speaks the truth, and they do not want to hear that !!

  • Ric

    Typical, when someone has no argument or even a clue. They resort to name calling. Bristol showed a lot of class in staying calm while still challenging the heckler to qualify his statement.

  • Irma Cardenas

    A homosexual does not have a moral right to call a Woman degrading sexual names. Being Homosexual is morally degrading and intrinsically eve regardless of how you look at it, while being a biologically born woman is not.

  • dennis gilman

    Concerning the ignorant fag, never get in to a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent. This moron had no ammunition. He just kept repeating “she’s evil”. BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MIKEMT52

    This 47 year old fag can only pick on defenseless females and call er Mom a whore,seems like he didn’t learn much from his gay parents,tery that on a man who would gladly kick his ass.Hey BUTTHEAD grow up.Come to Montana and say that crap “BOY”.

    • anna

      you come to LA and bring some magnanimous masculinity and patriotism since we’re DYING here, the beautiful conservative ladies like me! lol i myself wish to GAWD i was there, I all 130 lbs, 5’5″ South American born, US patriot and defender since 9-11 would’ve given that guy the RIOT ACT and have him kicked out, rather than walking out as Bristol did..! i would’ve told him how jealous he sounded for insulting a woman and a girl because they’re famous and wildly successful! UGLY LOSER and shaved head UGH!

  • Brenda in VA

    Nope, I didnt view this video, but REALLY!
    WHy do I NEED TO KNOW or CARE what Bristol Palin is doing in W Hollywd, Cali! ?
    I’m in Norfolk, VA!
    What’s it all to me? Nothing!

    • Kbtech

      Your ignorance is showing, why comment if you didn’t watch the video??

    • PT

      Why watch it? Because you may just learn something! You commented on this because you saw the name Bristol Palin and wanted to spout off….makes you look incompetent if you didn’t bother to watch it. The fact is Bristol showed great class, guts and maturity compared to this low-class, disgusting 47 year old and his partner. Todd and Sarah should be proud of how Bristol handled the situation. I know I am and it just goes to show that Bristol is a strong and independent woman.

    • Doug


      Setting on the fence is the worst thing an individual can do. You can’t ignore life because it doesn’t concern you. This nation is in a lot of trouble because of apathy.

      Are you a concerned individual, or are you one of the lemmings that will go along until you recognize the cliff and you’re forced over the edge by the many (those behind you in the group) who don’t care?

      Don’t take things for granted. There are issues that matter. And they won’t go away because you chose to ignore them.

  • Jennie

    And Obama allowed these faggots to join the military without restrictions? Queer scumbags shouldn’t be let loose, cage them for the rabid animals they are. I applaud Bristol for keeping her cool. Had it been me, I would’ve kicked them in the balls, that is, if they have any. And l wish people would stop calling these parasites’gay’. Its a disservice to the word. They’re freaks and will always be freaks.

    • DanBritt

      No… I tell my kids to call them fags !
      Who in the world, let these people put of the closet ?

    • dennis

      You do have a point. People overreact verbally. It’s because the gays have become so militant & show no respect to the conservative, traditional majority. They attack christmas, marriage, religion, all the pillars of our society.What you’re reading is indicative of how ANGRY people are at having this progressive, socialist, secular agenda rammed down their throats.

    • Ken

      When they conduct themselves as a respectable person, they will receive they kind of treatment they earn.

  • sharonb

    Liberals, democrats and their ilk are getting more nervous and insane daily. These men ARE demon possessed, spewing the ignorance fed them by the Obama controlled media.

  • sherilou

    Another Libscum troll who is following her about to call her names and act like the looser jerk he is. I wonder if he’s paid by the unionscum) like some of the ones who are being paid to attend the Tea Parties and scream curses and cuss words at little sixteen year old girls?

  • debrarae

    He sounds to me like some of the ‘rent a mobs’ I’ve come across (in their union shirts) screaming obscenities as I walked into a republican campaign event. At least I don’t have to have unions pay me to go cuss out people I’ve never met!

    That loser is truly a ‘pathetic’ and ‘pitiful’ person. It must suck to be so filled with hate and malice that he has to troll along cursing out young women (because no ‘other’ person (male or female) will have him)!

  • Mike Knight

    It’s hilarious that these queers still think Barry is liberal and on their side. Barry doesn’t care about anyone except his corporatist banking cronies. He’s a corporatist and traitor to the Constitution. He doesn’t support anyone’s freedoms.

    • SingSong

      I agree. All Obama really does is blame others for the issues he has to face. However, he wanted to be President so face these issues.
      I wonder what Obama has done as President or even just as a person that makes these men Obama actually cares for them. He used them for their vote.

    • Ken

      People please get over your mistaken thinking that BHO is anything but a progressive-socialist determined to destroy every bit of freedom and liberty he can. He has been trained since a child to follow a carefully designed strategy developed by Marx and updated by Saul Alinsky. He is the false director of “unity in America” implemented by many groups that do his bidding without him ever being identified as one of them. The gays are just another tool to him to be used and discarded when their usefulness is ended.

  • Gma Neal

    What is wrong is right…what is right is wrong. Run from the devil…don’t stay in his dwellings.

  • John Hand

    Obviously a very unhappy man. 47 years old, and his buddy for the night looked about as old. Homosexual males are always on the prowl, going from new conquest to new conquest. His life is pitiful for a man his age. Compare him to a man who had settled down with a wife, had children, and stayed with his woman all that time. Despite their bravado, I think inside gay males (and lesbians) are very insecure and unhappy with themselves.

  • Janis

    It’s a sad situation. There is help for these two guys, if they would just accept it. There are so many groups offering help, healing, and peace of mind and heart, including Courage. Check out their website.

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate Dom DiNunzio

    Fantastic composure for a 18 year old. Isn’t it comical how “a liberal minded” individual can only stand someone who agrees with them. I believe the rule is: The more liberal you are the more intolerant you become!! Homosexual or not, these two guys prove that liberalism is a disease!

  • http://patriotupdate TWH

    Typical ignorant drunk queer!

  • Cicerone

    “Pink Swastika”

  • SingSong

    It is so easy to shout out names but to come up with an example to justify those names seems to be a bit more challenging. I don’t question this man because of his sexuality, because that is a whole other ballgame. I question why a 47 year old man feel he needed to look like a man by verbally attacking a young woman about her mother. I think Bristol should have not spent as much time talking to him but she was rather calm as she was.

  • Hanginjudge

    Shows the mentality of the group as a whole. True evil and vileness will expose itself to the world as this scumbag did. He must be so proud of himself. What a man! Can’t imagine why there weren’t any real men in the place to kick this fags ass instead of just watching the scene unfold.

    • PALO831


  • Erv Niehaus

    Gays wanted to get into the military.
    I know where I would send that creep—-right up to the front lines!

  • Armed and Dangerous

    The manager should have thrown those two sorry ass, chrome dome fags out for starting the incident and yelling in his establishment. They didn’t have a shred of anything to say other than the same old liberal BS they always say about any conservative and/or republican. Too bad she walked out and didn’t demand that they be tossed out instead for being dip wads. Those two were Kneal and Bob… it’s not their names, it’s what they do.

  • Kendall Bassett

    That is the typical leftist, mean, hate filled, and the least tolerant of us. The president set this tone.

  • Greg

    Not only is the neanderthal antagonist homosexual missing his appears, he’s missing his brain-bucket, as well. This is an example of the secular/humanist, liberal Hollyweirdos that infest society today. There like cockroaches wallowing in the dung heap of life.
    Bravo to Palan, for her composure, in handling the chrome-domed dweebesite. I couldn’t have done it. I would ripped his head off and stuck it on pole, for his 4-eyed boyfriend to gawk at.

  • Robert L youngblood

    They are trying to normalize a deviate behavior! That crowd is less than 3% of the population and produces over 85% of the STD’s. If you will do some research, you will find hard numbers for all other diseases except when it comes to homosexual behavior. Check out the eye bank criteria for harvesting.

  • David

    If anything had happened in the bars that I used to frequent or work, this joker would have been tossed out on his ear. We don’t put up with that crap down here. At least we didn’t thirty years ago.

    • PT

      If the establishment removed these two homosexuals then they would have rushed to the media, attorneys and the ACLU to cry foul and that they were discriminated against due to their sexual orientation, just like that actress and her partner flying on Southwest. They tried to claim that it was their public display of kissing, but really the passengers and employees had problems with their loud, obnoxious comments and cussing.

  • Deborah

    Wow! I hope that guy gets a link to this page so he can see just how ignorant the uninformed self righteous look and sound when they think they are having a grandiose moment. Its been my observation that gays (M&F) get hyperventilated trying to assuage their own sense of alienation.

  • Dale

    Jerks like this guy are everywhere regardless of sexual orientation or political affiliation. It is obvious that his demons run deep. If you go where idiots dwell, you’r bound to run into an idiot.

  • Paul Comrie

    The guy’s a pig! There is an old saying about pigs. “Never wrestle with a pig, you get dirty and the pig likes it!” Unfortunately for Bristol she is going to have to face various kinds of low-life pigs because of the good things her mother is doing. There are a lot of pigs who hate her. Another old saying” Trees without fruit never have rocks thrown at them”. Thank goodness Sarah Palin produces fruit!

  • BLH557

    I think the point is that this 18 year old had the guts and brains to ask the simple question: Explain to me how she’s “evil”? He couldn’t answer because, for the most part, people like him (libs) don’t have any answers. He’s just like Mr. Obamanation; if O had any answers he wouldn’t be in the mess he’s in now (no pun intended)… having to rely on 47 year old immature lightweight intellects to be his support staff.

  • Fed up

    Homosexuals, like the rest of the liberals, see what they believe instead of believing what they see. They are the biggest biggots of all.

  • dennis

    Years ago when queers (that’s what we used to call them} were in the closet, or just keeping to themselves, as opposed to advertising & telling us how proud they are to be gay I had no problem with them. Iv’e since lost my tolerance. They now can adopt children while being openly gay.They insist it’s just an alternate lifestyle as worthy of respect as a heterosexual. They’ve managed to get their agenda in the schools with books such as “heather has two mommies”
    Well I oppose & resent what they & their liberal allies are pushing. Whether judged by religion, nature or any other sane standard homosexuality is an abomination. If they had been born any other species & started acting out they’d be thrown out of the nest & left to die. Nature is smart that way, it does naturally what is best for survival of the species.

  • Chris Brown

    If there were any real men in that bar, that asswipe would be wearing a shiner! That’s what I think of the punk.

  • LeeT

    After viewing this I thought I saw that guy on MSNBC,NBC,ABC,CBS,or CNN

  • Ed

    All the liberal faggots and Union members are going to be out in force this election, because they don’t want to lose all their freebies. Most of which are paid for in tax dollars. They don’t care if we go communist as long as they get their entitlements.

  • Jack D Bear

    Hell hath no furry like a hate-mongering psychopath…

  • Ken and Sonja Mike

    Clearly, this guy and his but buddy are part of the scum of the earth.

  • timitch

    I am sorry for the Palin family to have to put up with this kind of attack. If this man was comfortable in himself, his lifestyle, and what he stands for, he would not feel he had to throw slurs out as he did. It serves no purpose but to degrade his standing.

  • Edmund Flores

    A 47 year old “Man” yells out obcenities to a women young enough to be his daughter….Real MATURE….Real Manly !!!!!

    Libs are LOSERS !!!!!!!

  • Bettye

    I hate such crude language and would not have listened had I known the homo guy was going to using such words. Bristol was very diplomatic, calm and collected, but maybe she should avoid this type of bar/restaurant. My prayers are with the Palin family for having to endure such abuse. I also pray for the homosexuals to know Jesus Christ and be set free from this type of lifestyle. God has a better plan for their lives…if only they could accept it.

  • Bettye Rushing

    I hate such crude language & would not have listened had I known the context.Bristol was very diplomatic, calm and collected, but maybe she should avoid this type of bar/restaurant. My prayers are with the Palin family for having to endure such abuse. I also pray for the adversaries to know Jesus Christ and be set free from their lifestyle. God has a better plan for their lives…if only they could accept it.

  • Maggiemae

    Why in the world did she put herself in that situation? She continues to make bad decisions and when you go to places where that type of person goes, you can expect to be treated with disrespect unless you are one of them.
    Homosexuals wonder why straight people dislike their behavior so much- I do hope that 47 year old child sees this video and gets a good look at himself. And as for Bristol Palin, she needs to conduct herself in the manner in which she was raised.

    • LibertyGal

      Maggiemae – These type of commenters are the ones that should stay home or keep their mouths shut. Bristol has as much right to go out for an evening of fun as anyone else! She at least didn’t holler at him from a distance but had the courage & kept her cool as she confronted him for his immature remarks that he couldn’t back up.

  • JJWill

    I think Bristol conducted herself with admirable restraint. All gays do not act like this rude, foul mouthed person did. He is the type that turn people off.

  • CSH

    The loudmouth gay who spews hate speech and profanity has the audacity to accuse someone else of being hateful. The irony is that while he says Sara shows anger and hate, he is the one demonstrating it. Sara & Bristol both show poise, grace, and reason when confronted with obnoxious behavior. Here, Bristol even gives this vile being respect enough to explain his position, but he isn’t capable… he doesn’t have enough of an IQ to be able to reasonably discuss anything. He simply reduces his conversation to name calling and stereo typing… doing exactly what he would not want done to him.

  • Doug

    Good for you, Bristol:

    You defended your mother well and you did it with great restraint and composure.

    You did good.

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  • TurnThePaige

    Typical hate filled creeps. That is the face of hate, they would kill if they could get away with it. Welcome to L.A. Bristol. That is the land of zero tolerance and true hate.

  • TurnThePaige

    Its West Hollywood. Most of the people there agree with them. It is a sick part of town, she really was not safe there. If not for her crew they might have done more