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Don’t Be Fooled By This Leftist Attempt To Strangle Israel

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The latest strategy employed by those who wish to strangle Israel is called BDS. It may sound harmless, but do not be fooled. It stands for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, and not only is it poisonous for Israel, but for the world as well. Israel is one of the freest countries on earth, where everyone–including Arabs–benefit from that freedom. If Israel continues to be singled out by BDS and suffocated economically, the damage would ripple throughout the globe. In five minutes, learn about BDS and why it must be stopped.

via PragerUniversity

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  • Don Ford

    Going against Israel, you better watch your backside. That God, you say you don’t believe in, will sneak up on you, and you won’t know what hit you. These are God’s chosen people. By that I mean he chose them to be the recipients of his Son and set the stage for the Salvation of every man woman and child. Israel won’t go down, since God fights for them. Check out what happened during the 60s and the Six Day War. They had supernatural help and always will. I pray for the Jewish people and I stand against their enemies.

    • stephanie wilson

      got that right!!!!!!!

  • Jim Miller

    Excuse me but, Israel NEVER EVER went to war with a country called Palestine????
    The word Palestine was invented by the Romans & the Greeks by the time the Second Jewish Temple was already built.
    So where the terrorists argue they have been in Israel since day one? Yasser Arafat himself was an Egyptian not a Palestinian as he claimed to be and the British after the fall of the Ottoman empire resurrected the word Palestine, more proof???? Palestine is not even in the Koran but in the Koran says that The Lord gave the land of Israel to the JEWS.

  • SantosGarcia

    The tiny nation WILL fulfill YHVH GOD’s predetermined destiny: