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Judge Judy – Here’s Who You Support With Taxes

Friday, July 29, 2011

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  • El Lobo Solo

    Dear Mister or Madam next President:

    Please nominate “Judge Judy” for the US Supreme Court.

    • Carolyn In MS

      Amen to that!!! Damn freeloaders. pisses me off big time!

    • Marilynn Reeves

      After the Civil War we should have taken all the slaves back to their home countries as they were brought here against their will. If they wanted to return to the USA they could work and pay their own way.

    • Huapakechi

      We did send many of them back to Africa, and set ’em up in their own country. Today that country is the corrupt hellhole called Liberia.

    • Soldier

      If you think that the only people like those two are black, you had better think twice, their are just as many whites,latino,and others leeching also. They are oxygen theives.

    • Soldier

      Ms reves, I guess that you don’t share my view, a free loader is White, Black, Red, Yellow, etc. a sorry individual is just that.I am black, Paid my own way through school, Own my business, paid for my 4 kid’s Eeducation, in private Instutions. So don’t think that all blacks are like those on Judge Judy.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Yes Soldier!

      “Circus Shows” such as the Jerry Springer Show attest well to your last 2 posts & the borderline culture & narcissistic society we have become.

    • David W. Wisner

      Hello SOLDIER! From this NAVY VET to you an ARMY VET, I say “TOUCHE”! I’m proud to live in a ‘Great Nation’ like ‘OURS’ with other ‘brothers & sister’ like you and I. Our pledge and sacrifice help to make this a ‘Great Nation’, and even though we have people such as this, they’re all over the world, YOU & I can stand up say ‘otherwise’ because “WE EARNED THAT RIGHT”!! Please GOD, Bless AMERICA and her PEOPLE!!!

    • http://yahoo Robert E. Lowers

      I was going to share this link .Then i saw the caption saying that we should have sent the slaves back?/ The civil war was over a century ago people..get over it.Millions of all races receive benefits they do not earn and never will .Equality is what this country is supposed to be about,,in LAW and in life..out representatives who call themselves leaders ,,we have been divided into groups long enough .The latest being the obamacare crap..Union ,gonernment or has your company PAID a particular party for an exemption?let me take the blindfold off and SEE? take the statue of justice and scraps her for jumk?Divide and get more lobbyist cash by both parties who lead by worth or who or what the heck you are and not represent all of US as one.

    • http://msn Mike Stone Sr

      We have millions of families that are 3rd and 4th generation welfare bums, the federal gov’t likes that! They use these entitled folks as a voting block for re election! For the good of the republic, anyone that does not pay taxes , should not be allowed to vote!

    • 2WarAbnVet

      And they’ll always vote for the politicians (read Democrats) who will guarantee that they’ll be supported by the productive members of society. Unfortunately, for our future, the productive sector is shrinking, and the parasite sector is growing.

    • taxpayer

      Revolution rallying cry:

      No Representation without Taxation !!



    • T Lady

      I had to turn it off after nearly three minutes. It’s hard to believe a person with such a limited vocabulary (“Know what I’m sayin’?”) is attending college. But then again I’m not really surprised. Why should he care what the Taxpayers think? It’s not his money.

    • Rooster

      Are you really surprised? This is the kind of crap taught in our schools nowadays. It’s not going to get any better until we get leaders who can lead and recognize God as God!

  • Jstarusa

    Truth is a hard pill to swallow sometimes, is it not?

  • Liam

    This is absolutely insane. Three years of college and he hasn’t learned to talk coherently or understand that he is robbing the taxpayer blind? We as a society have eliminated natural selection.

    • Whackajig


    • pdh


    • Rooster


  • LynCan

    I have been a court reporter for over 30 years now, and boy, I could write a book on what I hear every day. The judges of Judge Judy’s generation tell it like it is; the younger generation doesn’t seem to care. As she so eloquently put it, “$70,00 down the sewer.” She is right. Judge Judy for President!

    • seabee combat vet

      And if you listened carefully enough you would’ve heard “Moron!!!”

    • seabee combat vet

      The best part was that the woman was just as much a slacker as the dude!!! This is the future of America, we are in deep kimshee!!!!!

    • LynCan

      I did hear “moron” at the end when she was getting off the bench…priceless. I just hope this opens some eyes (yes, I’m talking to you, liberals) this is what our money is going to, incompetence and the lack of any self-support, respect, etc. Our tax money is wasted on these people and they think it’s okay to rob the taxpayers. He clearly admitted he spent the money on himself, not the rent. Congress, listen up: You need to stop it right now. You want a balanced budget? Stop spending our money on useless programs!

    • Carolyn In MS

      These people are leeches off the backs of taxpayers and the government has allowed this abuse for years.

  • Elaine

    God bless Judge Judy—this video needs to get around–full speed ahead!!!! Exactly what is wrong with sosiety today–Government has created a whole bunch of these twerps that think they should be taken care of!!
    Judge Judy would be great on any court!!

  • Buck Ofama

    this fool cannot grasp the concept of paying his own way, because his race has NEVER paid their way…
    Jesse jackson called Workfare “Slavery”…
    he thinks we are obligated to support this ape for his entire life…he doesn’t CARE that we are paying his way…as long as we pay it.

    • seabee combat vet

      BUT!!!! He doesn’t have to send the coin to it’s proper recipient though!!! No more stipends or rent checks tothe welfare recipient, tell who your landlord is, it gets verifiede and checks go there and only there, no money to the slackers!!!!!!

    • http://foxnation rth1145

      i wored all of 60 years paid my taxes and i dont get what this a—-hole gets there is something wrong with this picture.

    • Soldier

      Buck, You must have a skin problem, This kid is sad, but he is not a ape, the system is the problem. If you are mad good, now let’s change the system so that people like him don’t exist.

  • Adrian Vance

    My God, if everyone saw this, and are few more like it another liberal, progressive would never be elected. It makes me sick. A perfectly healthy, attractive young man has been ruined by our system.

    For sharp political analysis, science and humor see The Two Minute Conservative, Now on Kindle.

  • J.M.R.

    this just proves what i said for many years you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink just another government junk program that flushes money down the toliet because these people don’t want to learn, they want free money so they don’t have to work oo o i know the money is owed to them well i say bull shit

    • seabee combat vet

      You can lead a horse to water, BUT! If you can make him roll over and bark, then you realy got something!!!

  • R. Cook

    I get the impression that this guy thinks like all the rest of the leaches in our society…. He doesn’t feel he has to pay rent because of who and what he is. He thinks because he was boffing the lady that took care od it and he could spend the money on himself. Then she has thre gall to take him to court when she did not pay her rent. Sometimes I think our society has dissapeared down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland.

    • seabee combat vet

      PLEASE, do not do Alice in Wonderland diservice with your comments. This is just typical ,”I’m going to D.C top get my obama money mentallity!!!!”

    • Carolyn In MS

      No integrity nor character whatsoever. Long as he can do what he wants with somebody else’s money, he is fine. He and millions more like him have no morals and thinks society owes them. Time to put a stop to all these welfare and education programs that do not work.

    • VT patriot

      Gee, can’t help but wonder if he’s part of the “50 %” that don’t pay taxes. Just wonderin….

    • http://msn Mike Stone Sr

      We’re talking about working people that get food stamps and the “criminal EIC”, 3300 dollars per kid of your hard earned money! At age 17 and 18, I had a family and not once did the gov’t fail to keep a part of what I paid in, now they completely alter the “economic strata” by giving folks other peoples money!

  • Whackajig

    Kneegers are born lazy, stupid and parasites. There is no way they will ever become prodcuctive like humans.

    • Atikva

      Will you please stop making an ass of yourself? What do you think you are doing, reviving the KKK? It’s morons like you who provide a pretext to the liberals to continue that crazy spending spree.

      If you’d watch as many Judge Judy segments as I have, you would have noticed the obvious: which is that the large group of people who have reached their thirties without ever working more than a few days in a row include blacks and whites indiscriminately – or would you?

      You make me sick.

    • Rooster

      Actually, I believe Obama has done more to resurrect the KKK than any white guy ever could.

    • http://msn Mike Stone Sr

      My hard working Dad always said he could put everyone in America to work in two days, “just quit feeding them”! AMEN,AMEN!

    • Soldier

      I think you miss the mark also…

    • David USAF

      It’s not just blacks that are lazy. My ex-wife and her whole family are the same way. I know many whites that use the same system. It’s not about color, it’s about personal responsibly.

  • Claire DeCunzo

    Judge Judy is the “Bomb”. She graduated from my alma mater James Madision HS in Brooklyn, NY and handles herself on the bench like a true NYer. Gotta love her!!

  • SageSees

    Crap like this is going to continue to happen until Freedom of the Press is restored in the United States of America!

    The problem is: The WATCHDOGS have been subdued,,, A.K.A.: Freedom of the Press has been compromised!

    The way to fight fascism is to restore Freedom of the Press in the U.S.A. by taking control of the news away from Disney (ABC), Time-Warner (CNN), Universal Studios (NBC), and Paramount Pictures (CBS)!

    Could you imagine what the news content would be like if the U.S.A. main-stream-media [all four (ABC CBS NBC CNN)] were owned exclusively by ExxonMobile (ABC), Shell Oil (CBS), British Petroleum (NBC), and ConocoPhillips (CNN)?

    Could you imagine what the news content would be like if the U.S.A. main-stream-media [all four (ABC CBS NBC CNN)] were owned exclusively by Nissan (ABC), Toyota (CBS), Honda (NBC), and Mitsubishi (CNN)?

    Could you imagine what the news content would be like if the U.S.A. main-stream-media [all four (ABC CBS NBC CNN)] were owned exclusively by Philip Morris (ABC), RJ Reynolds (CBS), American Tobacco (NBC), and General Cigar Corp (CNN)?

    If the main-stream-media was owned exclusively by 4 large companies in any industry ~~ the American people, the courts, and the politicians would all be screaming and demanding laws to prevent such an obvious, lopsided, distorted travesty.

    No single industry should have exclusive control of the main-stream-media! FoxNewsChannel (FNC) is a cable only news channel that is not part of the main-stream-media!

    Freedom of the Press makes politicians vulnerable to exposure! Freedom of the Press demands complete, clean separation from all other interests and agendas!

    Take back the press from the 4 Hollywood movie companies to give power back to the people!

    • emerson

      we HAVE freedom of the press in this country. the so-called journalists censor themselves to curry favor with whatever liberal a-hole is occupying the white house in hopes of getting an invite to some white house soiree. if the government censored them like they censor themselves, they’d scream bloody murder. what a sorry pitiful lot.

  • Nightowl

    How sad that our tax dollars are abused like this. I wonder if the crew wiped down his podium after he left? He kept swiping his snotty nose then laying his hand down on it!
    The only + to watching this vid was the beautiful blonde behind the gals right shoulder.

    • seabee combat vet

      Wiping his nose because that $470.00 was going for coke, not rent!!!!

    • David in MA

      snotty nose or coke nose?

  • seabee combat vet

    Third year college student on my quarter and can’t even formulate a coherent sentence!! Effin disgusting expose of our countries schools!!!
    My last girl friend was from Argentina, spent 10 yrs. here and learned the language and speaks better English than this clod!!!!

    • Big Ugly, Wyoming

      Hey, Seabee,
      One squid to another, how about we get together, find this lump of porcine excrement, and extract our due?
      If this is what ‘our’ taxes paid for out of three years of “college education”, I WANT MY MONEY BACK.

    • Friend of John Wayne

      Hey BigUgly- Deal me in too!

  • summer

    I watch Judge Judy daily. Sadly nearly every single set of blacks, both plaintiffs and defendants are just as dumb, illiterate, unemployed and bearing a haughty entitlement attitude as this guy. The woman are also extremely overweight. Every single black has had many children all out of wedlock with many partners. A black woman with three kids usually has three different men as the fathers of each kid. Our prisons are full of blacks. The Democrats who profess to be for helping the blacks have failed bitterly. They have kept them poor, immoral and entitled forever. Not enough of them rise above this horrible lifestyle. I blame the system for this. by the way the blacks are very smart when it comes to working the system as this man on the Judge Judy tape and on all of her cases have shown.

    • Soldier

      I have read most of the post’s, must say i am sadden by the racist toor of some. they must live with their head in the sand. go to your local welfare angency, you won’t see a color there, all skin colors are on the roles. but with some it must be ok if the skin texture is right. man and i served 28 years for this?

    • Paul E Taylor Jr

      and they all voted for Obummer, what does that tell you ???????

  • raynbene

    And this is one case knowwemsayin’ out of how many knowwemsayin’ just like it ?? knowwemsayin’ ??
    I wonder how he votes, if he vote ?
    knowwemsayin’ ??
    Did he haffa pay somethin’ to be on Judge Judy, or did he get paid ? knowwemsayin’

    • seabee combat vet

      Hehehehehehehe, Thanks for the laugh. This old combat vet needed it at this precise moment! Priceless!!!!!!!

  • jimbo999

    Just look at this guy and think “we have spent about 100 thousand dollars educating him to say gnomesayin and it don’t matter”. Now multiply that by about half a million of his brothers and you get an idea why we are 14 trillion dollars in debt.

  • Raymond

    Typical Obama supporter.

    • jimbo999

      This is exactly how Obama got through life. HIs mother went through college on the government dime, and so did he. He says he scooped ice crean to get through Harvard. That must have been some ice cream shop for him to afford 40 thousand dollars a year for tuition.

    • harry gray

      check obamas application for a grant to attend columbia.he applied for and received a grant that is only available to non-citizens

  • Raymond

    He’s a 3rd year college student & living
    proof that many colleges are falling to
    properly educate people.

    • Carolyn In MS

      Can’t educate someone that does not want to be educated. He is using the system for a free ride to do absolutely nothing. As far as his language, come to Mississippi and listen to the blacks talk. They have the same opportunity as everyone else to learn how to speak the English language correctly; but, what do they do, they mutilate with their own lingo. Disgusting!!

  • wayne

    1.2 TRILLION dollars urinated down the sewer – and there’s where $70,000 of it went.

    A bullet would have been far cheaper. We should hunt down every last one of the 10 or 20 million people just like this swine and either kill them or send them to Afghanistan … naked.

    Hell, I would rather replace people like him with illegal immigrants – at least most of them WANT to work.

  • wayne

    14.2 trillion …I’m so angry I’m missing the keys.

    • jimbo999

      And they are negotiating to borrow about 2 trillion more. Every man, woman, and child in this country now owes about 40 thousand dollars just to pay the interest on the loans, not the principle, just the interest. Those new sidewalks that were paid for with “Obama’s money” are going to be paid for by you, your children, your grandchildren, and your Great Grandchildren 100 years from now.

    • VT patriot

      Well almost, some ‘folks’ don’t have to pay taxes, they just vote for Obozo and he gives them money from his stash

  • Elliott

    $70,000. Nuffsaid.

  • randellmd

    She can send the tape to congress but it won’t get past Eric Holder.

    • http://msn Mike Stone Sr

      If tested obammi and holder are no smarter!

  • Als

    And I worked 45 years to pay for this?
    Our country is in deep trouble

  • Leslie

    This is a 3rd year college student? He can’t even put together a coherent thought!

  • DArth vAdeR

    You all should tone down the KKK style racism. Just gives the libs more ammo. However, this is the new slavery. Slavery to entitlement. Leaching off others for your livelihood. And there are many whites, hispanics in the same boat too. Once grandma feeds on the public feedbag, mother and child do to.

  • Marilynn Reeves

    I personally know 3 families who are 3rd and 4th generation welfare professionals. The 1st generation needed the help but lost their pride; there after it just became a way of life.
    Don’t mind helping anyone but don’t want to support them. To get any assistiance they should not smoke,drink,drug and have some type of job or communtiy service work. As pride returns I think welfare will decline.

    • Jo Lara

      How about rounding up those in prison, and leaches to do day work on the weeds that choke the freeways. Do small jobs on anything that will earn some of the money we waste on them! The hills need to be cleared, fire season is coming! Make them all do someting useful for a change. Saves Cal trans and helps fire crews…………….

  • Jeff

    The only other thing I see in this equation is Judge Judy recognizing that the money she makes as a judge is paid by me! I hope she worked hard enough to make mine and others pay worth while.

    • Carolyn In MS

      At least she has used her education to get a job!!! She is not sponging off you, fella. She is getting paid for a job.

  • Marilynn Reeves

    This is really sad. When our grandson enrolled in RN school he was turned down for aid since he had a part time job and lived with us his grandparents. To keep him from going into debt with a student loan my retired husband went back to work and I got a part time job to pay for his education. His mother was paying her own way thought RN
    school so she passed down books. His father never paid child support so it was out of the question for him to pay for education.
    With an all out family effort we now have 2 RN’s making $45.00 + plus and hour,paying taxes,not in debt and seving the community.
    This is America the way it should be–roll up your sleeves and geter done.

    • Carolyn In MS

      Yet, the freeloaders get the free apartment, food stamps, tuition and numerous other freebies and still get nowhere. Lazy, good for nothings!

    • http://msn Mike Stone Sr

      Now you see just what the “deranged”progressives want rich folks money for, more of the same! Social justice!

    • Paul E Taylor Jr

      GREAT STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Spyder Dalton

    He’s is making three times what disabled vets make having served their country and all he does is live off women. I can bet he’s not going to school either.

  • Del Marler

    How many of you are old enough to remenber Benito Mussolini and the way he ended up after WW 2. We have a Bunch of light poles in this country. I already have one picked out for our great leader and extras for our Congressman and Senators

  • blonde

    These b_______s make me sick. And that’s what most of them are, b______s.
    They are always talking about restitution for slavery; well, welfare is their restitution and then some, which we pay through taxes whether we want to or not. I have read that had Lincoln lived he wanted to send them back to their homeland. So sorry that didn’t happen. I, too, worked 45 years and couldn’t afford to work and go to college, but probably sent a couple free-loaders to a campus (just sent them, they probably didn’t go to learn).

  • billwhit

    Affirmative Action Idiots, just like our President, B. Hussein Obama, who also recieved student loans as a foreign student! How can someone who collects as a foreign student be our President? Both of these Scum are Obamatrons, No Brains, No Jobs, Only Bums!

  • Jody Wolfe

    This is a classic example of whats wrong with America today…
    Sorry ass lieing dipwad deadbeat self entitled Socialist.


  • Paul E Taylor Jr

    I have a question, Why did this state pay the money directly to him? NJ pays the rent DIRECTLY to the landlord. What a Frigging waste of taxpayer money. This guy belongs IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Randall Lowe

    Typical black youth of today. Yea let the government and tax payers support you. Wow! You know there are a lot of white kids that would love to have any opportunity to go to college.

    • Rooster

      How true! Try to start an organization called NAAWP and see how well it goes over.

  • emerson

    these welfare fools now get a credit card so they don’t have to be embarrassed by presenting food stamp cards! they can use these credit cards for almost anything. the food stamps were meant to be used to feed the kids of these idiots. i bet with the new credit cards, feeding their kids is last on their list after going to the casinos, getting their hair and nails done, etc.

  • Karen

    And if you keep on giving they will keep on taking. That is why there has to be some plan to cut it off, do it now before you end up with one big shut off then you will have riots in the street like Greece.

  • cheryl jessup

    It’s unfortunate but it’s people like him who cause racism. When someone works 40 or more hours a week and we see able bodied people like him running around it makes you see red. He probably has $100 tennis shoes, fills up his grocery cart with his link card and spends the rest of the day taking drugs and playing.

  • USAF Vet

    We need to stop being so giving and nice to oxygen wasters – and go back to natural selection. If he won’t work, continue his studies or own a business or farm – let him starve or freeze.

    • USAF Vet

      that sort of harsh natural selection was practiced by some tribes in the past, through out the world. Loafers posed a danger to the whole group that required labor and participation in their food gathering. We’ve taken compassion way to far.

  • cindys

    by the way he keeps rubbing his runny nose, I would suspect he may be snorting the money up his nose !

  • jake

    I say good for the kid! Its not his fault everything is given to him. If you won the lottery, would you refuse the money? The people who make decisions in our country make those decisions with thei OWN agenda in mind. I dont hold the kid responsible for this! He is just taking advantage of a situation that is not under control anymore…personally, the kid is a dick head BUT he didnt make these laws, our currupt leadership did! Wow, $70k of our money! Amazing! Hopefully he spent it all in the local economy!

    • Rooster

      If I won the lottery, it’s because I paid my own dollar, not yours.

  • Furious in TX

    Ok, so much wrong here I don’t know where to begin.. How about three years to learn music?? He already speaks like a rapper so I’d say his education is complete!! How the hell do you sign a lease, never pay one more dime and continue to live there?? How do you tell judge Judy yo’ case aint dismissed and not be held in contempt?? And my personal favorite, once the collections agencies begin to attempt to collect monies owed, she decides to backcharge Romeo!! Haha!! These two Obama lovers need to go f___ing die!!! I bust my a$$ 50 hrs a week in temps that reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit, so this clown can become the next generation of deadbeat baby daddy!! I would not piss on these two if they were burning alive!!!! I’ll bet if he actually goes to class, they sit around listening to jay-z, and then have intelligent discussion, using big college liberal words like knowdimesayin?? I’ll bet this guy blames white people for his inability to read, write, speak, work, support himself, or do simple math… C’mon we don’t need proof to know he can’t do math!!! Sigh. God bless America!!

  • http://google Concerned American

    This is why the country is in such a mess.