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Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator – Official Proof

Monday, May 23, 2011

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  • Louis Langlois

    NO to Energy TAXES Hikes

    • The 1

      copy and paste this link. I added a space between (Showing_ Obama) remove the space so it reads (Showing_Obama) and be sure to read the newspaper article at the end about his communist ties.

    • Charles Brandon

      NO!To any taxes. Cut spending. Keep Medicare and Social Security. Put Social Security back to it’s original intent. For the WORKER and his WIFE. Now once that’s done then go after any Polition that wants to increase spending on Programs that don’t work and never have worked.
      CUT foreign Aide, Money to schools, housing, Welfare in General. But wait There’s More.

    • Den

      Your response has nothing to do with this article.

  • murph


    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      Well, what he paid out to keep “his” past quiet & hidden, I guess it’s working!!!



    • Jim Buckley

      Get em all out, start over!!!!!!!

    • Rob Vincent

      The problem as I see it correct me if I am wrong but if every tax paying american would stand together and tell the US Government to get it right or get out we do have the power to get them out of office. Did they forget A government for the people by the people what is so hard about that.

    • Chris in California

      Yeah, that’s what elections are for. Getting everyone on the same side is impossible. Getting a majority not so much.

    • pitts

      We need more than just elections Chris. It’s time for the American People to start throwing the bums out of office. I don’t mean next election, I mean throwing them out now. We can all call for a referendum on these elected bums. It’s time to get the state govoners involved to call for a referendum on each Senator and Congressman who isn’t doing his/her job right now.

      Stand up America!

    • Goober

      Its not hard Rob, what your missing and what a lot of people don’t understand is: With the illegals Voting, and the Acorn DEAD voting plus any other voting machine tampering! Its very hard to beat the Cheats and Liers in the current Adminstration. Plus you have the blind and stupid Democrats that refuse to believe the truth about Obama! The Blacks are too dumb to pull up their pants much less be able to think for themselves, so they’ll all vote blindly again for Obama. I mean really that’s the tough part of this, dealing with the ignorant!

    • Compte de Grasse

      You got that one right Goober!!


      Was very happy to see Mr. Netanyahu put the self-“annointed one” in his place.

    • Wendy

      Because the American people have been brainwashed!! They are like sheep being led to the slaughter and the man in Our Whitehouse is enjoying every second of it. All these bleeding heart liberal newscasters on TV need to get off and let real newspeople report the news!!! We also are allowing that, and no one says a thing.

    • RW

      Yea but the problem is that you will not get every American to stand against them. The primary reason is that they now have too many Americans dependent on their paltry handouts. To many people want their food stamps etc. and will vote to keep them right up until the day when the government collapses and can’t provide the goodies.

    • Lou

      They are all crooked and corrupt, democrats and republicans alike. Answer me this. If we are able to vote them out, which I don’t think will happen because the crooks have their big agendas to fulfill and use the puppet politicians that are in there now, and who give them the money to keep their positions, who will be honest enough to do what’s right and to do for the American people? What we need is PRO-AMERICAN leaders and not anti- American politicians.

    • Meg

      If this is true that his certificate is fake…why is so hard to prove it judicially!! Is this whole word corrupt?? If so we are really in big trouble. I always thought that our government had checks and balances to expose wrong doing????

    • Ben in Ohio

      I’m with you, Meg. This looks to be intentional criminal activity and it goes on and on. Doesn’t Anybody have the testicles or lack thereof to do something about the lawlessness going on in America?

    • ed

      It’s hard to prove because everybody around him is bought and paid for.

    • 1minuteman

      because we can’t seem to get any judges that have the guts to try the case. they have all refused to try all the lawsuits filed against obama. kagan helped protect obama and look what it got her. a supreme court position for life unless we can get him out.

    • ladykroft

      Because the judicial system is all appointed by obama and it’s off with their heads if they rule by the constitution.

    • Wendy

      Sorry, but the whole government is coddling and hanging on every word Obama says. He doesn’t even bother going to Congress or Senate anymore. He just says something is so, and all of a sudden we have another law passed!!!!

    • Dallas

      Meg, the problem with the checks and balances is that they are all controledby the money machine. Follow the paper and then you will see who is holding the puppets on the strings!

    • Most Rev. Archbishop Gregori

      Meg, ever since our government stopped functioning as a Constitutional Republic and began to function as a Democracy back on December 23,1913, with the illegal and unconstitutional enacting of the Federal Reserve Banking Act and the IRS, under Woodrow Wilson, our system of checks and balances have become just as extinct as the Andean Condor.

  • bsfurg

    obama is a fake.. his mothere was an 18 yr old white women his dad was all ready married when he supposed married his mother.. he had a kenra wife and some kids and he was probably an illegal black arab in the usa so that means obama got to president just by having a white mother obama has a black past that no one will investigate cause the demwips know he should not be president but the 535 do nothing congress has no guts… obma is not gutsy but he is gutless a bully and coward

    • Margaret Brewer

      Under the Constitution it is the Senate that tries all impeachments. When sitting for that purpose they shallbe on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice (of the Supreme Court) shall preside. And no person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.

    • MSGran

      That’s the problem……the MAJORITY OF THE SENATE IS DEMOCRAPS AND THEY’LL NEVER IMPEACH OR TRY HIM FOR HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS! Ain’t gonna happen no matter how much we protest!

    • Not-a-RINO

      As much as I hate to admit it, you are exactly right. I don’t see anyone in the Congress who is standing for the Constitution and/or the rule of law. In the event Obama were impeached, even if it was undeniably proven he was Satan in the flesh and as guilty as sin, not one of those Democrats would vote to remove him from office. The only hope we have is to broom his sorry caboose from the White House on 1/20/2013.

    • JRBeaman

      NO BALLS! Congress has no balls to do the peoples will.

      They don’t have a clue to the meaning of their job title of “representative”.

      Like Ted Kennedy once said, which sould have got him removed from office immediately, “I know what the people are asking for, but I am going to vote my conscious.”

      Too many deals and too many members of the good-ol-boys club.

      That’s why I wanted Trump….

    • Most Rev. Archbishop Gregori

      Sorry, but what guarantee do we have that Obama will be voted out in 2012? With all of the Chicago dirty political tricks they will pull, he could be re-elected.

      Then question two: If he is voted out in 2012, what guarantee do we have that the incoming president will even repeal any of Obama’s Executive Orders? Very few,if any of past presidents’ Executive Orders have ever been repealed by incoming Presidents. If anything, the incoming presidents just add to and embellish the Executive Orders of their predecessors.

      Question three: Once out of Office, what guarantee do we have that Obama will ever be tried or convicted of the crimes he has committed?

    • Not-a-RINO

      Rev Gregori–

      You have correctly spelled out what we all must overcome in the next election to take our country back! Now is certainly not the time to keep quiet or not get involved in the political process. Above all, be sure to get everyone in your flock to vote the principles of their godly faith at the ballot box.

    • Tired of Fakes

      You only have to impeach a LEGALLY elected Prez.. bo is not eligible to hold the office So just arrest the a– on treason and toss him in jail!

    • Scottie

      Well the Senate better start to Concur,or we The People will Concur them all out of Office .I am so sick and tired of Liars /Cheats and Thief’s running this Nation into the dirt.!!VOTE THEM OUT 2012

    • Linda

      I’m sorry to say but this coming election will not give us the hope we wish for. Even with ALL the people voteing for a Republican the demoncrats will be reelected. They will steal all future elections.Do you really think Reid was actually voted in again? No fraud was what got him in again. When hussein obama gets his second term (as the last American president) you will see him really take off in destroying our AMERICA and Israel. We will lose all our rights and he will openly burn the constitution.

    • mari

      But doesn’t impleachment only apply to a legally elected president. If citizenship cannot be proven, obama is not a legal president, and should be “escorted” immediately out of OUR White House.

    • Chris in California

      That still makes him a natural born citizen, much as I hate to admit it.

  • Patricia L Brake-Ludwig

    Now what about fake bc? What will be done? Court case? Treason,fraud, domestic terrorism, so jail? O needs to go worse than Hitler did. He is worst, most lying,greediest, most corrupt pres. ever. He is so bad.I hate people who hate America,women,whites,Jews, everybody and everything except themselves. He needs to be deported or something.

    • Dodi

      And take his aunt who is here illegally with him. What has been done about her???

    • JRBeaman

      Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when we REALLY need him…

      Oh, I forgot, that would mean old duffass would be president….



    How can this so called president be kept in office? He is against all that this country stands for. Lets get smaret and take him out of office today

    • Mark Matis

      That won’t happen until this country’s “Law Enforcement” decide to honor their oath to “…preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution…”

      Seen any sign of THAT happening?

    • Jim Bennett

      Mark: I am afraid you are right. No sign of any part of the Law stepping up to get rid of this imposter / fraud!

      Jim Bennett

    • Fredsworld

      That’s because all law enforcement now is unionized and they follow the corrupt leaders like sheep! Oath keepers tried to change this and they were labeled and investigated as domestic terrorists!! Get me thew hell out of this God forsaken country!!!!!!!

    • Bobbie

      yes, OUR MILITARY, God Bless them.

    • Craig Brown

      I’ve seen no sign that our justice system even works at all anymore. Law enforcement wont investigate and the courts say nobody has “standing”, effectively shuting down the legal system as we knew it.

    • Beau Sudduth

      You have that right Mark. Nobody enforces any law in America unless it suits their purpose. Then even non-law like the Vehicle “Code” is enforced because it is a money maker that pays for more dead weight officials and Courts to further restrict our freedoms. Does not matter if it is illegal or not. It is all about the money..or power. What about Illegal Immigration for instance? Today enforcement of the law is selective only. (Sanctuary Cities?) The proof is everywhere you care to look and Obama is the grandest “in your face” example of them all. Law enforcement has been brought and if you cannot be brought you get eliminated. Remember President Kennedy? If he got the axe, what chance do you think the average guy has to correct anything? Also note that the only “acceptable” armed group in America is becomming the Military & Police. It is ok for them to shoot up the populace but if you have a chance defend yourself or your family, keep watch for the local SWAT team to break down you door and shoot you just for being alive/dangerous. Then look to Hillay Clinton to invite UN troops here to “keep the peace” so our people will not be blamed for the mayhem the Government created. Dogs. All of them Dogs.

    • Margaret Brewer

      We can begin to get a start to get him out of office by calliing in to talk shows-radio,
      letters to the newspapers, to your senators,
      get vocal. The louder we are the more they have to listen. Right now they don’t know anything. It’s not brought to their attention that he is illegal.

    • Jim Bennett

      Maragret: For almost two years, I have been signing petitions sending e-mail to Senators / Congressmen, sending letters etc.and two years later no action has even been taken to get rid of Obama and all the corrupt people he has brought into our Gov.

      I believe All Of America is afraid of Obama and his Ugly Wife. It’s the racial issue, we are being held hostage in our on country because our leaders are afraid of the riots, burning etc. that will take place if we attempt to get rid of Obama. Obama, Knows that, he he play’s it to the fullest when speaking with blacks!

      Jim Bennett

    • Lynn

      Exactly, I agree with you Jim, I wish impeachment was the answer but it’s not. It won’t work for the reasons you mentioned. Afraid of race riots and/or civil war – bloodshed in our streets. It’s a big race issue and no one so far will handle this thing.But SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!

    • Bobbie

      I agree but, most right-leaning voters like me
      are not racist and do not riot (like the left)
      and destroy property and people on purpose. And Obama and the left know this! So how does a
      civilized group with morals and compassion start this revolution that is so needed?!

    • mari

      But obama is not black. He is a mix. So why would blacks as a group care. No one wants to be used, abused, and lied to. obama is doing that to everyone.

    • Buck

      Oh, did you know he’s Irish also? This guy is a regular Heinz 57 mongrel.

    • Most Rev. Archbishop Gregori

      Jim, like you have been signing one petition after another, sending one fax after another,but I am beginning to wonder if those petitions and faxes were even sent by the groups and organization that were sponsoring them. May they were just collecting our money and nothing more.

    • Dodi

      For certain write to your Rep and Senators. They don’t read these articles nor any of the feed back that we give them. One of my Senators is leaving at the end of his term. I write him anytime I find something like this article to let him know how I feel on matters. Maybe I helped to drive him out! Hoooray, he has never voted by listening to the American people and needs to GO!

    • Most Rev. Archbishop Gregori

      Dodi, Both of my State’s U.S. Senators are Democrats (Schumer and Gillibrand) and they do not listen to anyone but those who support them. I am lucky if I even get a form letter from them acknowledging receipt of my letters. So contacting them is out of the question. Why bother if they refuse to listen.

    • Dodi

      Most Rev. Archbishop Gregori – We must continue to stay on their back or they will be happy that we just give up. We can’t do that. They have to know that we are going to keep trying. I’m not giving up and don’t you!

  • Rick

    Why isn’t congress investigating this birth certificate?

    • James

      They are afraid of the press.

    • Bubbie

      They’re afraid that they would be shown to be supported a liar, trattor, hater and not lover of this country. Same goes for his wife he was for the 1st time in her life proud of the US. Why, because her husband got to be president by forgery.

    • am2sweet

      The certificate they released is again a fake of course. But I believe a copy of his was put into a couple places that wasn’t advertised. One is catholicbood/baronius. Go there and scroll down and there is a copy of a Kenya birth certificate and a hospital certificate from Kenya with a footprint too. Both have a notary stamp. No one I have sent these to have done anything with them that I know of. I mean you would think that someone would check it out. Makes me wonder just what is going on that everyone is afraid of finding out Obama is a fraud and shouldn’t be in office.

    • Thomas A. Marotta

      Please send the info to Glen Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity or some like radio personality.

    • Goober

      Those guys aren’t going to do anything! Running your mouth isn’t what we need. We need someone in the house to press this issue. They know its a fake! Their either bought off, or they and their family have been threatened! That’s why nothing is being done. Its more than race and possible riots! Its probably death threats from the CIA or the FBI

    • Craig Brown

      Beck and O’rielly have done their best to “smokescreen” the whole eligibility issue from the beginning.Dont you remember how O’rielly sent the “factor” to Hawaii and they concluded from the Newspaper birth announcements that BHO was legitimate? What a joke!

    • Buck

      So much for BOR’s investigative reporting!
      And there is the Donald. He who they say called out Obama on his BC. He has thrown in the towel on running for the office of President and at the same time, we have heard NADA/ZILCH from him or HIS investigators. Trump’s got a pair to even show his face out in public.

    • Most Rev. Archbishop Gregori

      Thomas, are you for real? Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly make fun of everyone who questions Obama’s birth Certificate. O’Reilly even goes so far as to give Obama the benefit of the doubt on every thing. Do you even watch those shows? I lost track of how many times O’Reilly has made the statement that Obama is a moderate and that it is those who surround him that make him enact radical stuff.

    • am2sweet

      Thomas you would be surprised at who all these have been sent to. And yes Glenn Beck received them too but he gets so many e mails a day I doubt he even reads a fourth of them. And I sent them to a friend who sent them to other people including some politicians and nothing. It’s as though no one wants to know that Obama isn’t qualified or they are afraid for whatever reason. If I had the money and clout I’d have them put in every major newspaper and have people work at denying them then. At least them someone would pay attention and check them out.

    • Dallas

      send them to Glenn Beck!

    • Buck

      Jerome Corsi’s new book is just coming out and if at least a few of the Tea Party members of Congress don’t read it and begin to sound the alarm, then they too need to be put on notice.

  • http://n/a travis

    i agree with everyone here and also agree with bsfurg obama is a full blooded coward and a bully and obama always when he speakes obama keeps telling lies to the american people and obama says he,s the one that killed osama bin laden its true obama claims he killed osama bin laden well i got news for obama he didn,t kill osama bin laden our american troops are the ones that killed osama bin laden not obama but yet obama still claims that he,s the one that killed osama bin laden obama must be impeached from the white house in 2012 american people stand up to obama and impeach him obama must go for tell his big lies impeach obama

  • ARMYOF69

    Everybody who can harm his position, HAS BEEN PAID OFF.
    It’s quite obvious, if it looks luck a duck…..

    • Goober

      Bought off or threateded silence! I have to say; I’d shut-up if my family was threatened.

  • http://NONE WILLIAM


    • Bubbie

      He’s always flying here and there. Let some other countries help Ireland. He wasn’t proud to have a drop of Irish blood in him when he was sitting in the Rev. Wright’s Hate Church. We need his attention on our country’s economic situation not handing out billions to other countries.

  • ML

    I understand the Dems. are looking into all the backrounds of the Republicans for dirt even if they are not running, such as Christy. This from the sneaky, lying, cheating, disloyal to Americans Dems. who helped Oboma hide his backround. Talk about one-sided politics.

  • dave thomas

    Dump Obama and you can also get rid of his supreme court appointments simply because he can’t make appointments without being president.Note that the mainstream press makes no mention of the fake certificate.
    What we need is Bill Cosby in the Presidency because he calls it as he sees it. Wham!!!



    • Old School Patriot

      Forget about the Senate doing anything with that rotten Bastard Reid in place. The House needs to stand up and do SOMETHING, but I have my doubts about the crybaby Speaker…I think he is just another career politician asshole.
      Obama, Bumbler, and Reid…what are we to do? Too bad they didn’t disappear on Saturday!

    • Bubbie

      I hope when the truth about his birth (not born in USA) comes out, that they ship him and his family to Kenya. Maybe he could help them out!!

  • David

    Obama knows that we know the BC is false. It is just more smoke and mirrors put up to distract We The People from what he is really doing to our country.

  • Curtis

    There has been sufficient proof that bo is not, never has been, nor ever will be a US citizen. Why has congress not started the impeachment process?? It looks like we need a total recall of all the gutless career representatives and career senators in order to get this monkey out of office.

  • lia

    Truth is, he is not legally qualified, but unless and until the Republicans get control of Congress, nothing will happen. And when. And if it does, it will mean civil war. Soros will see to that.

  • William Meyers

    I am durprised. Not that Obama faked the BC but that he didn’t have better connections to hire someone who was better at the business of making fake documents. After all he has some very strong connections to some very shady people. Seems as though someone could have pointed him to a better forger. When is American going to take action against this crooked, illegal president. The Congress should be moving towards impechment for treason at the least.

    • Light in the Darkness


      He has the ability to produce an extremely accurate fake BC, but that is not his intention. The intention is, just as a magician, to distract from the actual events that are going on. It is political sleight of hand. Watch my birth certificate, and get so wrapped up in that you don’t notice that all your freedoms and rights are being flushed down the toilet.

  • mad as hell

    LIar-in-Chief POS POTUS – GET HIM OUT…

  • Scottie

    Why is Obama still in the White House and not in the BIG HOUSE .All involved need to be in the BIG HOUSE with him.!!

    • Jane

      I vote to send him to Gitmo!

  • Jerome Balcer

    So, all talk.. no one has the guts to do anything ! Are there no true Americans in Congress, that care about this joke of a commander in chief, to start acvtion to remove him ???

  • nonyabusinesspa

    lol…..I knew he was a FRAUD from day one, didn’t anyone but me think it was strange how his ass came from NO WHERE, Who the hell ever herd of Obama before 2008?!?! He is just another puppet put into office to get us that much closer to one world government, He is Illuminati and CFR scum!!

  • http://msn don


  • 57girl

    So, I wonder how much longer we are going to allow our impostor President ruin our Nation.

  • Old School Patriot

    Watch now…some kind of orchestrated disaster will happen between now and election day. Then what? Martial law? Elections suspended? These assholes have a plan! Get on your congressman’s ass and stay there, don’t allow them to sleep any longer!!! Check out


    Constitution says we don’t have to wait for a General Election to get rid of the Arab/Moslem, who pretends to be Black for Political Advantage, we must create a Nationwide RECALL … and throw the bum out !!! 38 Governors could get it done …

    • debscurv

      Now that’s an idea that needs to be WIDELY circulated!!!!! RECALL HIS @$$!!!

    • Buck

      Yeah just like GOV Jan Brewer stood up after Obama and his justice dept has been kicking Arizona around with lawsuits. She vetoed the state legislators bill to make Arizona require anyone running for Prez to show their birth certificate. How’s that for standing up to the usurper?

  • Angie

    James, yes they are afraid of the press, also, the ACLU, NAACP, Unions, mafia, soros, acorn,etc., etc. I am afraid the USA is paying a heavy price for turning our backs on God and the Bible. It’s okay for muslims to pray in the streets, but not okay for Christians. Every country that has turned their backs on God paid a heavy price. Just look at all the physical elements that is happening in our country and in the world…earthquakes, tornados, floods. There is no such thing as mother nature! We have a president whom the devil is using. There is no reason the republicans can’t use the economy, gas prices, jobs, Israel, not to mention all the corruption and lies to get rid of this imposter! He cut off our oil supply! It is very sad and scary to see so many people fooled by this monster.

  • Rick

    Why has Fox news (Shaun Hanity, Genn Beck, Bill oreily) been afraid to question the birth certificate. They won’t touch it.

  • Faye

    This has been known from the beginning I was unable to get anyone to listen but now its out and I am going for the push to get rid of this liar and thief he and his fat wife have stole enought moneyn from the tax payers and he needs to be tried for treason I need all that will stand behind me and sign papers for the good riddance of this lying idiot…He is Not OUr President ….

  • Sylvis Prestone

    Listen up, dummies. the program has a feature to automatically select & convert text to make it easier to go back in after scanning & edit text if necessary.

    And did you ever wonder why the pattern background is white behind all the text? It’s because when it scanned it doesn’t know what’s behind the text — meaning the text you see was on there when it was scanned! If it was faked you would see the pattern background with no white areas.

    Get a life, people.

  • Kim

    Why isn’t he thrown out of office? Why isn’t someone doing something about this? As a regular citizen I don’t think we can do anything except NOT VOTE HIM IN AGAIN!!!

  • Mr. Bond

    That BC has more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese. Will Hugo Chavez be our next President? His credentials are as good as Obama’s.

  • http://google abo

    We need to pray for this man. I truly believe he is a puppet put in there by another sinister institution to bring down our country and the human race. When people say he is ignorant of what he is doing to this country or he has no experience, they are deadly wrong, I see right through him, he pretends, he knows exactly what he is doing. He is letting the U.S. go downhill on purpose what better way to destroy a nation than by just doing NOTHING>

  • NJK

    William Ayers has a history of forged birth certificates and social security #s.

    The following is a passage from Bill Ayers’ Fugitive Days.

    “After the Baltimore fiasco, stealing ID was forbidden. Instead we began to build ID sets around documents as flimsy as a fishing license or a laminated card available in a Times Square novelty shop called “Official ID.” We soon figured out that the deepest and most foolproof ID had a government-issued Social Security card at its heart, and the best source of those were dead-baby birth certificates. I spent impious days over the next several months tramping through rural cemeteries in Iowa and Wisconsin, Illinois and North Dakota,searching for those sad little markers of people born between 1940 and 1950 who had died between 1945 and 1955. The numbers were surprising: two in one graveyard, a cluster of fourteen in another. Those poor souls had typically been issued birth certificates—available to us at any county courthouse for a couple of bucks and a simple form with information I could copy from the death announcement at the archive of the local paper—but they had never applied for a Social Security card.

    Collecting those birth certificates became a small industry, and within a year we had over a hundred. For years I was a paper-made Joseph Brown, and then an Anthony Lee, remarkably durable identities. My on-paper official residences: a transient hotel in San Francisco and a warehouse in New York.”

    As is typical Ayers, he throws you off on a story that is fairly true…instead of cemetery or archived newspaper hunts it was the local County vital records office where ‘infant deaths‘ of all dates–the earlier the better– were investigated by a ‘student researcher for his/her thesis.’ No funds were required as the information was only copied, conveniently both the birth and death certificate numbers were on the death certificate. And all states were involved…during his fugitive days I don’t think he’d be in Illinois or North Dakota looking around in cemeteries especially in winter, heck even in spring.

    From there birth certificates, social security numbers, and drivers licenses were all easily made. Over the years it was probably thousands of identities. It is also possible to manufacture multiple identities off of that one death certificate. One of the Black Panther Party/Weather Underground’s 1981 Brink’s robbers who is still in jail used the manufactured identity of “Nathanial Tate” but his real name is Sekou Odinga, and yes, he is related to Raile Odinga, Obama’s cousin. The Brink’s robbery was north of New York City and three officers were killed.

  • Dee

    It’s a real encouragement to read these blogs and realize I am not alone–there are tons of really smart people in America with some common sense left in them. I just hope there are enough of us to oust BHO next election. This country can’t take another four years of Obummer without imploding. I choose impeachment but I know this Congress is still too gutless to do anything that cut and dry–even though it’s clear he has no business living in the White House.

  • ipsecog
  • http://patriotupdate Gary M.

    Fake or not the real issue is the following: 1. The country of Kenya did not exist until almost 2 yrs after B. Obama’s(Jr) birthdate and 27+ years AFTER his father’s birthdate. Country was called British East Africa Protectorate at the time of Sr’s birth. 2. The Hospital listed as Jr’s birthplace did not have a hyphenated name until YEARS after his birth when two hospitals merged. The Adobe evidence is clear enough but add that to the obvious failure of the long form birth certificate forgers to know their history and this document is without a doubt fabricated and certainly not an original. Does it disprove the existence of a real birth certificate, sadly no. But once again, it is a smoking gun of deceit. The real question is why doesn’t anyone, save for a few seem, to care. And that includes many of our Republican politicos. Now our illustrious Pres. is “seeking” the Irish vote for having been “related” 5th generation to someone from Ireland who emmigrated LEGALLY, I might add, to the USA. Funny how in the last election he paid no mind to his mother’s side of the family save for his grandmother. Now, suddenly, it warrants a trip to Ireland!

  • Raymond

    Can anyone honestly say they’re surprised?

  • Raymond

    The sponsorship of the Rothschilds

    Soros’s relation to the Rothschild finance circle represents no ordinary or casual banking connection. It goes a long way to explain the extraordinary success of a mere private speculator, and Soros’s uncanny ability to “gamble right” so many times in such high-risk markets. Soros has access to the “insider track” in some of the most important government and private channels in the world.

    Since World War II, the Rothschild family, at the heart of the financial apparatus of the Club of the Isles, has gone to great lengths to create a public myth about its own insignificance. The family has spent significant sums cultivating a public image as a family of wealthy, but quiet, “gentlemen,” some of whom prefer to cultivate fine French wines, some of whom are devoted to charity.

    Since British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour wrote his famous November 1917 letter to Lord Rothschild, expressing official British government backing for establishment of a Palestinian national home for the Jewish people, the Rothschilds were intimately involved in the creation of Israel. But behind their public facade of a family donating money for projects such as planting trees in the deserts of Israel, N.M. Rothschild of London is at the center of various intelligence operations, and more than once has been linked to the more unsavory elements of international organized crime. The family prefers to keep such links at arm’s length, and away from its London headquarters, via its lesser-known outposts such as their Zurich Rothschild Bank AG and Rothschild Italia of Milan, the bank of Soros partner Richard Katz.

    N.M. Rothschild is considered by City of London sources to be one of the most influential parts of the British intelligence establishment, tied to the Thatcher “free market” wing of the Tory Party. Rothschild and Sons made huge sums managing for Thatcher the privatization of billions of dollars of British state industry holdings during the 1980s, and today, for John Major’s government. Rothschilds is also at the very heart of the world gold trade, being the bank at which twice daily the London Gold Fix is struck by a group of the five most influential gold trade banks. Gold constitutes a major part of the economy of drug dealings globally.

    N.M. Rothschild and Sons is also implicated in some of the filthiest drugs-for-weapons secret intelligence operations. Because it is connected to the highest levels of the British intelligence establishment, Rothschilds managed to evade any prominent mention of its complicity in one of the more sordid black covert intelligence networks, that of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). Rothschilds was at the center of the international web of money-laundering banks used during the 1970s and 1980s by Britain’s MI-6 and the networks of Col. Oliver North and George Bush, to finance such projects as the Nicaraguan Contras.

  • Devasahayam

    When will bh0 and his media toadies (oh yeah I forgot–they still haven’t learned from the 2004 debacle where See-BS got poultry-farms on its face when supporting Hanoi John against Jorge Jr.) stop doing and certifying such poor forgeries?

  • ARMYOF69

    Now I am ashamed that I have some IRISH in me.

    • Pete

      I am half Irish, but, all American. We used to call colored people with Irish names smoked Irishmen.

  • Raymond

    A Lay-off Letter From An Excellent Boss.

    Dear Employees:
    As the CEO of this organization, I have resigned myself to the fact that Barrack Obama is our President and that our insurance costs, taxes and government fees will increase in a BIG way. To compensate for these increases, our prices would have to increase by about 10%. But since we cannot increase our prices right now due to the dismal state of the economy, we will have to lay off sixty of our employees instead.

    This has really been bothering me since I believe we are family here and I didn’t know how to choose who would have to go.

    So, this is what I did. I walked through our parking lots and found sixty ‘Obama’ bumper stickers on our employees’ cars and have decided these folks will be the ones to let go. I can’t think of a more fair way to approach this problem. They voted for change….. I gave it to them.

    I will see the rest of you at the annual company picnic.


    • Pete

      That was very clever of you, Boss. I wish that I could have seen the responses of those dummies when they got the pink slips.

  • Joyce


    • Joyce


  • RWT001

    I fear that the people who voted for Obama will vote for him again. In addition, there will be the votes of the majority of 4 more years worth of brainwashed high school graduates to add to his total.

  • Lynn Kocal

    No matter about the birth certificate being forged. Obama is not a “natural born citizen” according to Senate Resolution 511, confirming that John McCain was qualified. BOTH parents have to be US citizens to confer natural-born status. You can’t impeach a person who isn’t President, you can only try them in a court. Would the courts allow that citizens have standing for a suit that we are harmed by his being unqualified? With the judiciary we have, probably not.

  • Sick and Tired

    Obama needs to be taken out of office in handcuffs and took behind the white house and shot for frauding America and trying to ruin America. He is one sorry Muslim. I consider him worse than Osama. While they are at it they need to do the same with Reed and Polosi.


    what’s the definition of non-violent tax revolt?
    is that like a teas party in 177x boston?
    but it takes balls to stand up and be counted
    and we seem to have sold ours for “hope and pocket change”

  • KNY

    It’s pathetic that far too many people (including many Republicans) are too timid to pursue this out of fear of being labeled a racist or a kook. Too many legitimate questions remain unanswered. First and foremost, the ‘guardians’ of the First Amendment should be pursuing this. Yet, we know why they don’t.

    Guess I’m still a birther….interesting stuff….

  • http://NA cynthia rizzo

    Our only hope is massive revivial of TRUE christianity or Jesus, THE TRUTH, coming to rescue us from these lies.

  • rannan3

    None of this would have been possible without the top Democrat lawmakers being complicit in it.
    ANOTHER reason to vote all Dems. out in 2012 ! At least with new representatives we have a 50/50 chance of getting someone good.
    Keeping the old Dems in office means more corruption …….

  • Richard Lucas

    there is some thing wrong , why has not congress started impeachment proceeding against not being a citizen of the United States of America there for he can not be president of this country .If congress is afraid of making son=me one look bad ,the only ones that are going to look bad is them for not starting impeachment proceeding before now.

    Richard Lucasa

  • Stock


  • anton

    When even Fox News won’t report stuff like this you know nothing will ever be done.

    We’re stuck with the cockroach.

  • Lamar

    What is so discouraging is that the Republicans are afraid to speak out strongly against Obama because they think people “will think badly of them”. People will think badly of them for lying doggo and not speaking out. And his followers do not notice (or care) about all the things he has done to hurt our country and our citizens.

    Herman Cain is my man, HE will speak out!

  • Paul

    Up at the top of the page it says Repeal Obamacare, what the hell while we are at it Repeal OBAMA!!!!

  • Don

    You Americans are pathetic, you wont fight to protect your constitution. Therefore soon you will surrender to the socialist scourge that will steal your country and your freedom without firing as much as a single shot.

    So long America, I can’t believe the greatest nation is falling apart, and people could stop it, if they had some courage.

    • colkid

      You are partly correct, we are fighting, but unless the Republicans can find a good candidate that can win we may not be able to turn it around.
      I haven’t seen a good candidate that can win in ANY of them. Rominy can go back to Mass. and live an honest public liberal life.
      Christy might be able to win, but No one looks like they are strong enough and have enough name recognition. I like
      Sarah but she can’t win it.

    • jmp

      It would be nice to win it all…but we could do a lot if we could keep the house and take back a majority in the senate! I agree with you though, haven’t seen a real strong candidate yet. Kinda scarey!

    • Dee BXXXXX

      The best one that I have seen is Herman Cain. I do hope he wins the nomination. I believe he can beat Obummer.

    • Lori

      Herman Cain is the best candidate so far. He speaks so people can understand what he’s saying, he has loads of business experience and he’s a “self-made” man, unlike Obama who has never run a business in his entire life, and wouldn’t know what a balance sheet looks like if it bit him in the rear.

    • NO Cain!

      Herman Cain is a fake. He was head of the Kansas City FED. He is on record saying that there is NO need to audit the FED. Everything is fine! Unless he has had a real “come to Jesus” conversion, he is part of the establishment, infiltrating the Tea Party movement. Don’t be taken in. Do your Research!

    • Sandi

      Just two words to reply: HERMAN CAIN. Make that four words by adding ALLEN WEST.

    • JJ

      DITTO Sandi

    • Teresa

      I agree, Herman Cain doesn’t sound like a politician, it is like a breath of fresh air!

    • Daniel from TN

      Cain/West is a good ticket.

    • joeybiten

      how about any of the following:

    • Michael

      A Herman Cain / Michele Bachmann is a winning ticket!

    • Tarkas

      Cain/Bachman sounds like a real good combination. If independents (ie people that actually DO think) are ~30% of the vote, and they like people with fresh attitudes and real solutions, Cain/Bachman might have a chance.
      We can disregard the 5% of super faithful Obamabots and Republican elites, on each end of the spectrum. So that leaves us with 60% of the voters left. 20% on each end will vote straight ticket out of tradition or self preservation if they are on the dole. So 20% is out in the wind so to speak. Tally it up: 30% independent + 20% straight ticket Republicans might do it. If women and Black folks will scrutinize and deliberate while reflecting on what the democrats have done to them instead of what they say they have done for them or “will do” for them, that just might make up the difference and get real leaders into the White house.

    • Scottie



      how about Herman CAIN?

    • http://n/a Dok

      We need more candidates like Allen West. We’d better do something, and soon. Obamascam is courting the Irish vote now, along with illegal immigrants and socialists in the left wing.

    • Richard William Faith

      Let me guess. Is he wearing a green shirt that has the name “O’bama” embroidered on it?

    • Scottie

      The Irish won’t do anything for Obama ,they don’t strust him.And you know that old saying as far as you could thow them ,well believe me the Irish can throw far..So Obama doesn’t to tread on there toe’s ,for they will tread back, only harder ,them Obama won’t know what hit him.!! UP THE IRISH .THROW HIM OUT !!!

    • Stan

      It is only your defeatist attitude that prevents candidates from winning. Along time ago there was an old saying “If you think you can’t…. you can’t; IF you think you can…. you can”. It is true.

      With over 60% of America against Obama’s policies, if everyone who is against Obama would GET OUT AND VOTE, then Obama will loose.

      THe problem with too many voters is that if thier preferred candidate does not win the nomination, they will stay home and not vote. That is defeatist attitude. Those who stayed home and did not vote in 2010 are just as much at fault as those who voted Obama into office.

      Stop letting the Mainstream Media pick your candidates for you. The onslaught of personal attacks against Sarah Palin by the Liberal Press bias should have taught America a great lesson the last election cycle. When the nominee is selected after the primaries, back the nominee and VOTE against Obama.

      THE liberals most vivious attacks are against the candidate that they fear most. So far they fear Palin a great deal. Why? Because she stands for everything conservatives believe in. I have read so many of these forums; conservatives posting thier beliefs and values; and yet they let the liberal press form thier idea of Sarah. Too bad America… wake up! Sarah has stood up for every one of those ideas and values. She has weathered the storm of Liberal bias and outsmarted them. So has Michele Bachmann.

      So my message is clear….think for yourselves; don’t let the libs pick your candidates by telling you who can’t win. It is how they win elections (besides obvious cheating of course). Stand behind our nominee, whoever that turns out to be and defeat the socialist machine.

    • Michael Morgan

      You’re 100% right. Only problem is the media is able to bushwack us at every turn and scare the p out of the “mushy morerates”. The “Moderates are a bunch of wishy washy slugs that are probably living off the dole to some extent. How do you defeat the media when they are as complicit as Pravda was to Russia?

    • Richard William Faith

      Thanks for the clear, straightforward common sense! The REASONABLE Republican voter ALWAYS:
      1) Votes for his choice in the Republican Primary, TAKING CARE NOT TO CHOOSE SOMEONE WITH POOR ODDS OF BEING ELECTED;
      2) REGARDLESS of the outcome of the Primary,
      he returns to the General Election and VOTES REPUBLICAN.
      3) The REASONABLE Republican NEVER votes for a vote-split-setup candidate (example: Ross Perot)
      I have stumbled myself and broken two of the above rules in the past, but I’ve LEARNED from my mistakes.

    • David

      There is no one person who can save America. Certainly not a republican president no matter who would win. It’s up to the people to get educated and know what’s going on. has the answers.

    • http://PatriotUpdate-response Sarah (another one!)

      Yes indeed we are fighting! I do like Sarah P also but think she has been made almost hopeless.
      How about a ticket w/Herman Cain (the Terminator! a Leader, NOT a reader!).
      Remember…Cain is a BUSINESSMAN – very successful before he was a Radio Talk Show Host here in Atlanta! He is real, he is ernest & could save this country –
      BTW, I’m in my 70’s, Causian female & never have, never will drink the Kool-aid!

    • Gene B

      Put Sarah against him and see what happens; you might be supprised.

    • Scottie


    • Stan

      Sarah, you are believing the liberal press; stop it. They are waging a campaign to stop Sarah Palin at every turn. She has outsmarted them and grown stronger. I have seen many polls over the past year and Sarah is always near the top. THe problem is that too many people believe the liberal media. Start to think for yourselves people.

      Do not let the Liberal Media choose your candidates, period. Sarah hss won every court case brought against her during the 2010 campaign. THe liberal media swarmed into Alaska and tried every trick in the book to frame Sarah, it did not work. She won.
      Sarah then went to the “Lower 48″ so people could her her message; and she has been right on track every time

      She fought corruption in her own party and defeated them. She stood against Obamacare and called out thier “Death Panels”.

      She weathered the onslaught of vicious attacks against her record and her family.

      She has sold millions of books and is widely known. How easily conservatives fall prey to the liberal media by believing she is not a viable candidate; because THEY say so. SHe has stood up for every conservative value that people have written about in these posts; so why then do so many conservatives think she can’t win….. because the liberal media say so?

      And no Sarah Palin did not say she could see Russia from her house; it was Tina Fey in a SNL skit.

      My point is, the liberal Media is in bussines to help the Liberals win elections. Don’t allow them to decide who will run against them.

    • Scottie


    • JibJab

      Scottie, Wow, That’s thinking outside the box and how I wish it were true. That would be like sending a 500 megaton nuclear bomb into center of LIB VILLE. They would be one super hero Kick-Ass team evening the score big time. Hello Liberty and Freedom and good bye illegals plus drill baby drill.

    • Bob Stenson

      Someone went to sleep decades ago and let the progressives take over every form of communicaton. They have TV, News, Primary Ed, Secondary Ed, Post-Secondary Ed, about half of all Churches, Public Broadcasting, the Film Industry, Publishing. They don’t have total control, but almost. They have used all this to take over the courts. They spam the Internet. Most conservatives are getting their info from these sources and they are confused. For instance, they may watch CNN, thinking that it’s a news source, and they become disoriented.

    • Daniel from TN

      Back in the 90’s CNN got the name “Clinton News Network” because it would not report anything BAD about Clinton. CNN only covered the impeachment hearings when it absolutely had to. Even then their coverage was slanted in Clinton’s favor. When a Democratic was questioning a witness CNN covered every word. But when it was a Republican’s turn to ask questions CNN would go to a commercial or make commentary on the proceedings up to that point.

    • Beverly Levitt

      Voting is no longer the answer. Every one we elect ignores this blatant breach of our Constitution. All of the folks in Congress, Senate, Supreme Court are either in with him or afraid. We’ve had two Supreme Justices that started out wanting this proved one way or the other. Then all of a sudden they flipped to not hearing the case. Why? Because Patriots they may have wanted to be, but obviously they were gotten to. Families threatened? Careers threatened? Something happened. The only chance we have is a huge public out cry in the streets. Truly it is going to take us banding together as our history shows to stop this madness. We were duped by our own government & our own government has allowed knowingly, this man to serve our country. Every last one of them that has not taken a real stand needs to be ousted right along side Obama & tried for treason. Because they all have in fact done just that, committed treason to our country & our citizens. We pay them to betray us & take us down the road of Socialism. We pay them to wipe out Christian beliefs that this country was founded on. This has been in the works for many years, Obama is the icing on the cake. If we don’t stand now, we’re done.

    • Old Bill

      Beverly; I called my congressman Charlie Bass in N.H. and told him we wanted Bummer impeached because he had no right to his office. His answer was the republicans are not going to do anything. He is a republican. Now talk about not listening to the people that voted you in. I will not vote for that crook again.

    • Robert Schell

      I am a registered republican but not sure who I will vote for. Definely not Democrat. The Republicans have not done their part either. The back and forth blame game is over. Both parties have lied, stolen, cheated, etc. That is why we are bankrupt and sinking.

    • Scottie


    • Mark

      If people depend only on elections to assert their will, then America is doomed. If your not willing to come together as a group, every day of the year, and stop letting the political parties decide the agenda, then there will be an end to the country you believe is invincible, you will be sheperded like sheep into submission, and there will be nothing left for you to do but cry for the things you will no longer have. Get up off your couch, talk to other people, not about the next election, but about the things we all value, and dont sit down again until our Constitution becomes the true ruling law that it was intended to be. Everything else is secondary, without the rule of the Constitution nothing else matters, not even an election. Stand up lazy Americans, fight for what you want or lose it, and voting is not sufficient, it is not enough.

    • doug

      amen amen amen…the implosion of America is coming like a freight train unless . . .

    • M. Menard

      Well,I am at a loss at what can be done. I have writen, e-mailed, and called congress, senate both state and fed. I have made contact with Mn. Govenors office. I have filed multiple petitions and still nothing gets done. What do you suggest, I march up the capitol steps and fire a shot? I have been involved in trying to stop every blatant abuse of the constitution this administration has enacted, yet nothing is done while plenty is said. I am very tired of people spouting off about what everyone else should do. Do not say what say how.

    • The Enemy

      Menard: Like you, many of us are doing what we can. But until we can get the liberal voters turned around, we are screwed. The libs, over the past 50 years, have perfected the art of buying votes with taxpayer money. The libs are in bed with the Press, the unions, big business like GE, etc. We have way too many government employees and way too many people on welfare. We have illegal aliens and their sympathizers. Most of the people in the groups I’ve mentioned vote Democrat. How do we overcome seemingly insurmountable odds? After all, it all boils down to what happens at the ballot boxes. We know that liberalism is killing our nation. And the only to overcome it is to overcome the liberal voters. For one thing, I think anyone on the public dole (except the truly needy and elderly) should be denied the right to vote until they become self-supporting again. That would get rid of millions of liberal voters.

    • Ron

      I believe the vast majority of Americans are against this liberal/communist tripe. The problem is, most of them don’t vote! The left is far better organized because they have people who don’t work real jobs that have nothing better to do, or in some cases are paid to, organize and get out the vote. Think unions, welfare recipients, etc. Most of us are too busy earning a living and paying for the parasites to be able to spend time helping organize our side. It gets worse because at least half of Republicans are just as statist as the DemoCommies! Unfortunately while I see what the problem is, I don’t have any solutions either. ;-(

    • Old Bill

      To many liberals are claiming to be conservative until they get in office.

    • bp

      The tail is wagging the dog! It just LOOKS like the liberals are in control. Do not give up, do not give in, shout out & vote! & may God bless the USA!

    • JibJab

      We all must become political active, one voice for liberty and freedom to make change.

      We citizens are not tainted with fraud and corruption because the outcome of right and good is paramount in our favor.

      Together we the public is many times more intelligent than any or all politicians in office today. Long Live Liberty and the Republic.

    • Stan

      I also have done the same M.Menard. The answer is to keep doing it. Keep signing those petitions, calling, emailing, etc…

      Don’t give up; sustain, sustain, sustain. Our representatives in congress need to know we will not let up. If we give up, they have no reason to continue the fight if they feel the people have given up.

      We are in this mess because we have slept while the socialist progressives (liberals ) took control of the Education system, the Courts, and congress. They formed a solid block of supporters that believe every word the Democrat party utters, no matter how false the statements and allegations are. It took them 50 years or more to do. Do you honestly think that we can dismantle that socialist foundation with just a few years of protest and dissatisfaction? We must sustain for as long as it takes, period. It is going to take time. It is not just about Obama; it was the Democrat socialist machine that propped up Obama. THat machine has to be dismantled. It will not be over when Obama leaves office; the liberal machine has to be dismantled, as we will face more liberal officials who will be propped up by the same organizations. The name will change, but the leftist ideology will be the same.

      In the words of John Paul Jones “Don’t give up the Ship!”

      Sustain. VOTE. Sustain.

      Let’s keep the GLO in OLD GLORY, and the FREE in FREEDOM Too!

    • The Enemy

      Don: You’re right. We are self-destructing. And it all boils down to the ballot boxes and the VOTERS who keep electing the liberals. The liberal VOTERS are killing our beloved America.

    • Paul

      Here’s the truth..Premier Kruschev of Russia visited here in 1959. I remember watching him (I’m 65yrs old) say: “We will defeat you from within, without firing a shot, using your own means in your own country to do it. Since before 1959, the Communists started placing teachers and professors in our schools and colleges to indoctrinate our youth into Communism. They have succeeded with brainwashing our youth for decades now, and it’s the reason we are losing our nation to Communism. Communist Youth organizations are active on our campus, and I heard on the radio only yesterday that pro-communist propaganda movies had been run for the employees at Government Motors (GM)!! A blind man could see what’s happening (if they were interested in looking). Wake-up, look, and stop voting for the Communist/socialist/union party, or you’ll lose everything, including your life to a death panel, if you don’t.

    • Ralph

      Don, I agree with your words, BUT WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT? Words are great, but are you backing them up? It is easy to tell others what they are doing wrong. What are you doing about this? Are you the one that is firing the first shot?

    • patsywilliams

      which country was the bith certificate he used to get his passport, or maybe he doesn’t have a passport and is here ileagly

    • Muslim scum remover….

      we do not have one single elected offical in the white house that Loves our country. Not one will stand up for the people and they are all on the take. Treason is a hanging offense and we should carryout the sentence.obama has no birth certificate and our elected officlas know it.Better get yourselves some guns and lots of ammo for the soon coming battle between the millions of muslims already here in America that want to kill you and the white mosque house thats backs the muslims.

    • Klaus

      Well, some of us are fighting, but you are right, most Americans, if they can still call themselves that, are pathetic.

    • Lisa

      I agree that America is falling apart. I also agree that we need to know what to do. How do you stop this? If you are a christian and believe what scripture say’s about the end of time…then we cannot change God’s plan. We have to trust him and no that in the end if this is the start of that, that He is always in control and He wins! Obama and others like him (wolves in sheeps clothing) will be taken care of. Pray and stand up for this country based on what God’s word say’s and what we can do…shine light into the darkness and expose this evilness until the end. Stand Firm America in Jesus Christ!

    • Michael

      You Americans??? I guess I can assume you’re not an American. So you’re on the outside looking in. The only thing pathetic about being American is when you believe the lies coming from a President who is hell bent on making this country a socialist nation where the ‘government’ thinks for you. Not being one of those people, I think the American system beats any, and I don’t take it lightly, other type of government in the world. Our pathetic way of life brought prosper to the whole world, until recently when corruption, like socialist countries have, came in. The only problem with our system at the moment is nobody with power is willing to try to prosecute anybody responsible. We take pride in knowing violence does not always make a bad situation better. Our system, when used properly, resolves the problems. All I can say is I feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t experienced an American lifestyle.

    • Gene

      You are partially right but much has changed as witnessed by November 2, 2011, began a reawakening of the American People. For too many years the “right” or the so-called “silent majority” tried to “compromise” with evil. The left, on the other hand, never compromises. They will take 5 steps forward and 4 back. The downfall of the United States goes back to the early 20th century with the beginnings of “entitlements” and the entitlement mentality. Now that we have a genuine marxist (lcit) in the White House, there has begun a new revolution. The “TEA Party”, though not an actual political party per se, is the beginning of this revolution. The TEA Party for our foreign friends is the “Taxed Enough Already Party”. Our first national act was to mail tea bags to glorious leader; barrack HUSSEIN oblama obama most merciful, first born of the kenyan village virgin swine (blessed be his name) at the White House.

      I am not sure where in the world you live, but do consider your choice of words carefully when calling us out on our Courage. The United States of America in this war alone has more Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines fighting than ALL the other coalition forces combined. Further, were it not for our military and sense of national resolve, half the world today would be speaking German and the other half Japanese. From the diary of Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto came the quote, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve”. What glorious leader; barrack HUSSEIN oblama obama most merciful, first born of the kenyan village virgin swine (blessed be his name) is awaken a sleeping giant and fill him, the People of the United States of America, with a terrible resolve. So don’t count the United States of America “out” yet, because paraphrasing Samuel Clemens: The rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated.

    • bp

      Where are you, Don?

  • not so dumb

    Obama promised to take the fraud out of medicare. He has done nothing. Oh all those promises. What a liar.

    • doug

      every time the lying bastard opens his mouth he is lying lying lying because that is what muslims and chicago thugs do; watch what he says and then watch what he does; community organizing communist lying bastard

    • The Enemy

      doug: We hear your anger. And what’s additionally enraging is the fact that millions of people will keep voting for the very liberals who are killing us. It’s time to hold the liberal VOTERS responsible for the destruction. For instance, back in November, the voters in Las Vegas (not rural Nevada) sent Harry Reid, one of the worst outlaws in DC, back to the Senate for another 6 long years. What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas; it goes to DC and continues the destruction. The liberal VOTERS are culpable and enabling in the killing of America.

    • csrdrunner

      I hope you will have time to visit:
      most of the material for this site is directly from the web.

  • JRBeaman
  • yolanda lowmaster

    WE must Impeach this fake now!

    • Mac

      Yep, If this is a new production “Birth Certificate” It is the fourth version that I have in my files. Does no one remember the first 3 versions that were released in early 2009. The first two were so bad and so fake that a third version was produced. I wonder that so many people accepted this fourth version as authentic ! ! ! Amazing are we that stupid… or does hussein nobama just think we are all that stupid ? ? ? ! ! !

    • RW

      It’s all a distraction. In Obam’s case it doesn’t mater where he was born. His father was never a US citizen. To be eligible to be president a person has to be a “natural Born citizen”. To be a natural born citizen a persons parents BOTH have to be US citizens, His father was a British subject of Kenya. Obama is NOT a natural born citizen no mater where he was born!

    • Richard William Faith

      PLEASE, people, PAY ATTENTION to RW’s post! No “birther” is COMPLETE unless he KNOWS and PREACHES these facts! Read “The Federalist Papers”. Google up “Vattel” and “Law of Nations”. Awareness of what “natural-born citizen” MEANS NEEDS TO BE UNIVERSAL AND UNANIMOUS, SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST LEGAL WAY TO DEPOSE THIS IMPOSTOR. Once our population is SATURATED with people who
      1) Want Obama OUT, AND
      2) Know the LEGAL REMEDY,
      we are in a position to tell ALL the CROOKS in DC that their GAME IS UP.

    • Daniel from TN

      Democrats truly believe the people are stupid. They have been caught on tape actually saying the word “stupid” when talking about the people.

    • bp

      Yes, BHO thinks we are all that stupid.

    • Q Tip

      You have to understand that, as much as I would love to have this turncoat impeached, it is NOT going to happen, because the democraps have a majority in the Senate, and as long as that exists, they’re not going to vote to remove the socialist pig. The ONLY way to rid ourselves of this cancer in the white crib is to vote him out in 2012 along with the leftist scumbags in the Senate. We absolutely need a conservative majority in both houses and the white house. It is time for real Americans to get to work to get this done!

    • Daniel from TN

      Impeachment will never happen. Democrats will not turn on one of their own, REGARDLESS. Even if Republicans controlled both houses they simply do not have the courage to address the issue.

    • bp

      That’s where WE THE PEOPLE come in!

    • Demoncrat Exorcist

      The one thing that everybody seems to ignore is the Constitution, and according to it, Barry is not eligible to hold the office of president regardless of where that Kenyan SOB was born. There’s a free petition that send emails to your reps.

  • Joyce

    On his Indonesian school records it says he is Indonesian and a Muslim!!!

    Why isn’t anyone doing something about this? He is triple citizen if you look at it right:

    American through his mother and supposed birth in Hawaii

    Kenyan through his father who British nationality disallows him from being president since BOTH parents must be American!

    Indonesian through is stepfather since he was adopted by him and he we have not been allowe4d to see his records!!

    Yes, he has three citizenships! When is something going to be done about that?

    He is an apostate Muslim as well!

    • colkid

      Dual citizenship, he wasn’t born in Hawaii, he doesn’t even have his own Social Security Number. His Kenyan Grandmother said he was born in Kenya.
      When he was born you had to be born here then his mothers citizenship would count. But he was born in Kenya.
      One Big Lier is nobama.

    • Buck Ofama

      his grandmommy conveniently died after barry “paid her a little visit”…he must have learned that one from Vince Foster’s murderer, Killary Clinton.
      soetero just introduced himself as Irish…oh, my freeking God.

    • chet

      My Exact Words…..
      He has his people in each country…Each state.. and each land..
      Oh My F..king Word….
      What a ????

    • http://! jb80538

      Did barry have something to do with grandma’s death?

    • bp

      He once said something about “pain medication” for the elderly. Obamacare. (?)

    • chet

      I am so ashamed of those that say they want to defend America and be in office to help and to do what is good for the American people.But they get into office. They suddenly forget who put them there and only want the money…
      None of them have Guts to stand up and even make a step towards Impeachment or anything else this evil one has done to this country.. They all are so lame and washy… They have no guts to make a move to out this guy.
      They want to throw someone out for sex in the whitehouse.. but to do to America what this guy has done,, Not a one to step forward..Bunch of lame cowards..Every one of them.
      So Many True American want this guy removed..But there seems to be no True Americans put into Office In Washington DC…
      Treason…. Lies… Deceit….to name a few..

      Ok am done for now.

    • Daniel from TN

      Obama lost US citizenship (assuming he ever had it) when his mother married an Indonesian and moved there. Under US law a minor child automatically loses citizenship when a custodial parent repatriates to another country. However, US law also allows a child who lost citizenship in this manner to reclaim citizenship, including natural born status, IF that person returns to the US and applies before a certain age.
      Your other arguments are still valid.

    • bp

      Exactly! So when did Barry Soetoro become BHO? Our constitution is very clear re:dual/citizenship. Sarah Palin 2012!

  • Peter

    Call/Write/email your Senators/Congressmen. URGE them to IMPEACH or ARREST this USURPER muslim, socialist LIAR TRAITOR!! They all are afraid because the obama media will attack them as racist hate mongers. WHO CARES!! Elected officials, obama laughs and mocks you. DO YOU JOB, IMPEACH!!

    • WVF

      Peter, I’ve tried all that, but there is not a single elected official willing to do anything about it. They are ALL wimps and cowards!

    • bp

      We will get a Senate majority November 2012.

  • 68Truthseeker

    In this interview Corsi states that next week he will be releasing Kenyan Documents showing criminal tampering of Obama’s birth records in Kenya.He also says that he will prove that the recently released long form B.C. is a forgery and will reveal the name of the person responsible for producing the forgery. I will be sending out videos on this as they become available next week.


    Scott W Adams

    Jerome Corsi: White House Scared Over Obama’s True Origins.
    Dr.Jerome Corsi on Alex Jones Show 5/20/11

  • Linda

    You need to send this to Donald Trump!
    See what he thinks of it.

    • gaetano

      Donald Trump was set up by the Obama administration.Where have you been ? You are behind in the facts.

    • beijingyank

      The Donald seems to be part of the “script.” And now he welcomes a sixty million dollar contract compliments of GE.

    • bp

      You mean he was bought off???????

  • ConservativeNotRepublican

    The problem is that unless you can get someone in congress to sign on to this and start making accusations, then, unfortunately, nothing is going to happen. That’s just the reality of the situation. Obama’s BC can be as fake as a a female pope, but unless someone in congress is willing to stick their political neck out, nothing is going to happen. Sad.

    • Stan

      Sorry to say that if Every Republican in Congress would have the balls to call for impeachment, it won’t happen. The Democrats have enough of a majority in the Senate to block a 2/3rds vote to convict Obama on impeachment.

      We are barking up the wrong tree anyway. We should be aplying pressure on the Supreme Court to get off of thier ass and do thier Constitutional Duty to declare Obama not elligible under the Constitution.

      Elana Kagan and Sonya Sotomayor should be denied a seat on the 5 judge bench for that decision; as they clearly have a conflict of interest. They were nominated by Obama; and as such if Obama is ruled as not having met Constitutional requirements for POTUS, they would be ejected off of the Supreme Court.

    • bp

      Point well taken. But with a new majority in 2012, it can be done. The dems chose McCain; now they are calling on Romney. DO NOT VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRATIC CHOICE FOR REPUBLICANS!

    • Daniel from TN

      Congress will not stop him. Only the states can do that at this time. More states are now considering laws to require proof of eligibility before a candidate’s name goes on a ballot. I’m already seeing hesitation and attempts to slow down the process in some states. It may be time for the citizens in each state to get this done by petioning for public referendum. These laws should be on the books BEFORE the primaries start next year.

    • bp

      Why do we need a new law? Eligibility is already in the Constitution!?

  • Dee G Virginia….USA


  • Joyce

    Oops…sorry about all the typos. Am writing from work and looking over my shoulder if you know what I mean!


    • Scottie

      Then stop waisting Tax Payers money ,while playing instead of working ,you are getting paid to do a Job are you not .So you need to do it ,or give to to someone else who would like to work !!

  • proudamerican

    No kidding? I cant believe after obama has lied his A S S off the entire time, that he would stoop so low as to fake his birth certificate and there would be people surprised a this action. Him and his bunch have repeatedly said “by ANY means necessary” EXCEPT lying???

  • Patriot

    The latest version of his BC, is as bogus as everything else about him.

  • Sherry

    They weren’t promises, they were brainwashing techniques…..that worked! Politicians lie, anyone who could benefit bought it hook, line & sinker. Now we get to support their progressive/communist/socialist adgenda till the spell is finally broken….WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!

    • gaetano

      Good name of a book, HOOK LINE AND SINKER. All about the suckers of America and the con ways of Obama

    • doug


  • lilbear68

    obama has been playin softball this first term and hes a lock for the 2nd term if you look at the clowns that the gop/tea party has put up. if obama gets a 2nd term the sh*t storm will really start

  • PerryB

    Looks like a variation of Rathergate.

    As much as I love O’Reilly, he wouldn’t expose all of Dan Rather’s record of bias to the degree most conservatives would have liked.

    I hope O’Reilly and Fox News Channel (FNC) does a better job here.

    Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center (MRC)has said there is room for a conservative media outlet to the right of “Fair and Balanced” Fox to balance the left, and I agree.

    Too bad Glenn Beck won’t take the opportunity to do it (start a new conservative network to the right of Fox).

    This excellent YouTube posting (which I will be downloading to my computer – its a keeper – I wish I would have done the same for Dan Rather’s forged document) should be excellent fodder for Glenn Beck while he is still on Fox, in any case.

    We’ll see if he takes it up.

  • Lisa

    Unfortunately, at this point, impeachment proceedings will take much longer than we have remaining until the next election, and waste more money in the process. Thus the best that we can hope for is to vote Obama out in 2012. THEN, once he is out of office, we may have a chance for a full Senate-Congress review of his elligibility to have even run for the Oval Office. Upon the results of that review…will rest whether or not this current POTUS will go to prison for what appears to be several very serious crimes against our Constitution and our Country.

  • margie cocco

    guts? we need an attorney with real
    conviction. where is he. he will be backed
    by millions of americans

  • Billy Jack

    The White House is touting the fact that Barry is visiting his ‘ancestral home’ as one of his distant relatives on his mothers side was from Ireland. Give me a freakin break!. The pretender says that about every country he visits. I heard him say the same thing when he visited the Middle East and then Africa. He is a man of the world and claims kinship with all nations, religions and tribes.

    Look for when he visits the Vatican, for him to claim a direct ancestral link to the current Pope or need I say, Jesus Christ. World leaders have to be laughing their heads off behind the scenes. I can hardly wait to read Netanyahu’s memoirs. I am sure he will have some complimentary things to say about Barry.

    Billy Jack

    • bp

      Right! Today he is Irish, not African. LOL

  • Kitty

    It’s not we the people that aren’t trying – it’s our Congress. I’m waiting for just one man or woman with the power to stand up and do something about the tawdry tricks being played on us. He or she would be a hero to the rest of us.

    • gaetano

      He or She would probably become DEAD

    • GrandmaPuppy

      That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking! I wonder how many “threats” have been bandied about on the Hill? “Do as we say, newbie, or we’ll waste you?”

    • Richard William Faith

      AHHHHH! You are one who UNDERSTANDS why I say that terminally-ill patriots are such a great class of people. They will do the right thing because they have nothing to lose.

    • RW

      The only reason he gets away with all of his lies and deceptions is because we now a press that will allow him to say and do anything with impunity. Are there no real unbiased investigative reporters with any guts left in American?

    • bp

      WE THE PEOPLE have the last word; this is the brilliance that is our CONSTITUTION.

  • Randell L. Fuson

    Please take this to whatever legal group that you need to and let’s remove this man from the White House, in which, He never should have been there. I never have accepted him as my President. Remove him at once. Do whatever needs to be done and do it quickly.

  • James E. Brennan, Jr.

    The whole birther riff is a media play for folks who like “the buzz”. [see The Donald]

    I make my living editing [read enhancing] what seems real visually [mostly photographs]. The author here seems competent and correct in his renderings about Adobe products, but it strains credibility that the folks who enhanced this document [if true], would have left the layers in thier final doc when it’s a one-click step to flatten the doc and remove all layers FOREVER. Nothing extant on Urban Legends, yet.

    • Richard William Faith

      NONE of the Internet “TRUTH-O-METERS” are to be trusted. A lot of liberal money sustains their operations. Nobody who has an excess of discretionary money AND doesn’t have a political axe to grind is prioritizing Internet “TRUTH-O-METERS” in his charity list; that is why you can TAKE IT TO THE BLOODY BANK that most of them are BIASED.

    • Richard William Faith

      Please excuse the arcane language and made-up words. By “Internet Truth-O-Meter”, I am VERY SARCASTICALLY referring to such as the following:
      1) Urban Legends
      and many others. The SAY that they “debunk” “myths”. If I hear someone say “I never lie” and then hear someone else say “I never tell the truth”, I will place my trust in NEITHER ONE OF THEM. Likewise, I question how anyone with the sense God gave a goose can put his faith and credence into ANY of these websites that claim to be arbiters of truth, which I call “truth-O-meters”. All of them are ADMINISTERED by PEOPLE, and ALL PEOPLE are FALLEN.

  • http://nonepresently amirizar10

    IMPEACH NOW: Sticks and stones will break my… What really scares me is the further damage to the American way of life. (and to our economy) Demagoging is not a responsible strategy.

  • pamela

    If that is the case then why haven’t they either started impeachment or brought criminal charges against this jerk. I am tired of the accusations I want to see action and no one seems to do anything. He should be executed as an enemy of the country

  • jAdam

    He cannot be impeached because he’s NOT the president. He can be arrested and tried for treason and a plethora of other crimes he’s committed. Obams and his corrupt thugs will win the 2012 election because they cheat. Republicans try to do it the right way, and they will surely lose no matter who they put up. The only way to remove Obams is in handcuffs. Think about it.

  • tod

    If We just sit,and not March with this proof to Washington,Nothing will change,and it will be our own fault.One thing we could do, is all buy a copy of Jerome Corsi’s Book “Where’s the Birth Certificate”,and make sure it’s the Number One best Seller, which would receive Lot’s of publicity,and would help bring that Lying Comminist Muslim Barry Soetoro down,and get his slimy hands off the Nuclear briefcase,and take down his Cohorts with him.

  • Roger

    There is a much higher EVIL power actually running this white whouse and country. They want to move us into the one world government. Look at John Boehnner. He came out tough and talked a big game but now has sissied out. Obama has already raised billions for re-election and no one else can raise that kind of cash to compete. NOTHING short of a military overthrow of the government can stop this runnaway train to hell. Either we fight now or live under Muslim law.

    • bp

      Did you see that look he gave Netanyahu? Pure evil personified! Embarrassing to all Americans, too!

  • J Dragoo

    Could Frank Marshall Davis be the FRAUD’s real birth father??? Look him up…BHO certainly wouldn’t that out! I say it is probable!

    • rocketw

      Has anyone else noticed how much Obama has started to look like Davis as he ages? Look at pictures of FMD and Obama and compare the jawlines, the hairlines, the eyebrow arches, etc. Then look at pics of Obama “Sr.” Nothing matches. Barry is FMD’s son and the sooner THAT comes out, the better.

  • Roger

    One more thing folks, I knew the birth certificate was fake immediately by the use of one word. They did NOT write African on ANYTHING back then! It was Negro or white! HOW STUPID can people really be? Apparently VERY stupid!

  • ML

    As if Oboma is not bad enough, in order to be part of the black congressmen, you must be sworn in and then go for a specil meal in celebration. Shouldn’t we care just what this so-called paper they swear on is all about? Are they there for all of us or just black people? Maybe we should ask the Republicans to find out

  • bob

    How did we get Bozo the clown as President without alot of help from inside the government? Specifically the democratic party, I would suppose. Shame on them!!

  • Jose

    There are still people out there who say they would vote for Obama for another term. Are they NUTS? Obama is a MUSLIM and he has proven it time and time again with his actions. Watch what he does, not what he says. His Hollywood supporters would all be killed under Sharia law!

    • CB11

      No, they’re not nuts – they’re the TAKERS of our society, the parasites: Illegals, baby mommas and welfare rats …they have nothing to lose and everything to gain under another Obama term!

    • Richard William Faith

      Nevertheless, they WILL be thrown under the bus AS SOON AS THE COMMUNISTS consider their IDIOCY to be NO LONGER “USEFUL”. Although they don’t EVEN deserve it, we ought to TELL THEM.

  • George Machock

    It does not matter who the Republicans put
    up. Blaming them for Obama is stupidity.
    The fault was voting for him to begin with.
    If the people don’t vote him out in 2012 then
    we deserve what we get. We have seen what
    he represents and is for the last two years.
    If that’s not enough nothing is. It doesn’t matter
    if Bozo runs against him. He does not deserve
    re-election period.

  • Jose

    Obama’s deceit is showing. Quran/Koran allows Muslims to deny they are Muslim if it is beneficial to the individual to do so. Obama has been doing a good job of this!

  • Buffalo John


  • Adrian Vance

    Every US Senator should get about 20,000 emails with this link in it. This is conclusive. Mr. Obama is total fake and fraud.

    For political analysis,science and humor for you see The Two Minute Conservative at: Now on Kindle.

  • ernie

    I keep saying, there will be another American Revolution. The hunters in this country alone, could take the country back. And that is why they want to take our guns away from us.

  • Badshot46

    Let’s face it he kissed the Muslim ass when he said move Israel back to its ’67 borders.
    Then he kissed the Jewish ass when he became aware he was going to lose the Jewish $.

    He’s a big ass kisser who has no idea what’s going on, except of course ass kissing.

  • Larry

    Wonder what fuckhead OReilly will say about this birth certificate?

    • RW

      OReilly will defend Obama and condemn anyone who questions Obam’s legitimacy.

  • M. Menard

    Some of you folks are starting to see the light. Again I say, get a copy of “The Enemy Unmasked” by Bill Hughes. You will be horribly enlightened.

  • Alfredo

    Herman Cain can!

  • http://Favebook Connie Stinson


    • Richard William Faith

      A certain person presumably well-versed in religion recently told me that it would be impossible or at least ill-advised to KILL the Antichrist. Nevertheless, it would be WELL WORTH whatever punishment might result if after attempting it, I could have a FACE-TO-FACE DIALOGUE with God himself, giving me the opportunity to ask “What’s GOING ON here?” Before you jump to the conclusion that I’m the world’s most BRAZEN SINNER, read your Old Testament. In particular, concentrate on the DIALOGUE that MOSES had with God. I do not necessarily advocate having DISRESPECT for authority; however, I URGE EVERYONE,
      to QUESTION authority.

  • Stan

    Where is all the outrage at what these koolaid drinking liberals are doing to this great country. I live in vermont which is a great place to live except for all these left over, hung over trust fund baby hippies, which are not only killing the country, but sending this state over the edge with their crazy anti American, anti capitalist policies. Trust me, california has nothing over this part of new england.
    2012 is our last hope of saving our country, and I agree with another writer that the republicans are running the same old garbage. 2012 is the republicans to lose. One last point, conservatives need to tone down the social issues because our house is on fire and that and our financial base needs to be fixed first

  • buellfooll

    Cain – Palin!! YES WE CAN!!!

  • csrdrunner

    Hope all can visit:
    some really interesting material about oBOWma.

  • Nikita63

    It is a true tragedy that we are reuced to having to vote AGAINST a sitting, fraudulent scumbag president rather than FOR a capable and American oriented candidate, such nis the position in which we blatantly STUPID american have put ourselves by innattention and the, “I got mine attitude of the past seveal entitlement filled decades provided by BOTH insincere and crininally parasitacal elitists in Washington. I totally Agree with
    Buffalo Jon as we have indeed, been left few options by the power mad and elitist scumbags in government. However, whatever the cost, in the end WE Will prevail as there are 23.6 million mostly disgruntled VETERANS and a none too happy professional military poised to revolt. These bums HAVER TO GO; either by pesaceful means at the polls or by FORCE of arms but in either case, removed from causing further harm to us all. Here’s one who is with you, Buffalo John. I am sure there arte millions of others. It is OUR country; not THEIRS to do with as THEY see fit!

  • buellfooll

    Watch the far left liberals get wind of Herman Cain and start demonizing him, calling him names, putting him down and trying to convince the right he’s unelectable.

    When that happens you’ll KNOW we got the right man!

    • Stan

      In that case; everyone knows that Sarah Palin is the real contender. THe liberal Madia released an unprecidented vicious attack on Sarah, and continue to do so.

      by the way, there are two Stan’s posting in this forum. Just so you know. I am not from Vermont.

  • rocketw

    Chris Christie or Rick Perry for the government experience and Herman Cain to add business, moral, social and Christian gravitas to the ticket. Sarah Palin needs to go home and take care of Trig and her girls. That’s her MOST important job for the next several years. I’m a mom, too, and if she can’t see it that way, she’s not presidential material anyway.

    • guest

      But rocketw..she is presidential material. Unfortunately it’s the media who has done too much damage to her for her to win. And most american’s beleive the lie’s; the deception’s the media painted. What a shame.

    • bp

      Liberal media can’t even mention Sarah Palin as a possibility; don’t believe their tactics! Palin/Ryan 2012!

    • rocketw

      Don’t get me wrong; I love Sarah Palin. She’s smarter than any 2-3 other potential, garden-variety, Repub candidates combined. She has the political savvy to get anything done, too. It’s just that God gave her 5 beautiful children, only 2 of whom are adults right now, and one who will need his mom indefinitely. She’s a godly mother whose worth to her children and husband is ever so important in God’s economy (Proverbs 31). The Republican Party has no eternal soul and, in fact, neither does the USA, but those children do. I guess I just have a bit of a different opinion than others here. Carry on without me. Thanks, and God bless!

    • bp

      She’s not a stay-at-home mom; she’s Governor Sarah Palin of ALASKA, the largest state. She & her “first-dude” are a great team & they can handle it! Like a breath of fresh mountain air!

  • tc

    I heard some one compare this to watergate…..that’s an understatement. This is a major national security threat more so than Al-Qaeda. Does anyone find it a little suspicious about the timing and the way Bin Laden was killed. Obama is way down in the polls and prospects of re-election are looking difficult and the birther issue looming and suddenly this miraculous event occurs.
    Then he becomes emboldened and comes forth with his forged birth certificate and now decides to open discussion returned Israel back to the 1967 borders……I’m thinking that Bin Laden’s death was a staged event and he was a sacrificial lamb saved for the right moment in time. His life was a trade for the advancement of Islamic global domination. Seems a little far fetched but so was the birther issue. I to thought something was very strange that this guy could come out of nowhere with little experience,tainted associates and affiliations and rise to the seat of POTUS in one found swoop…..very strange indeed.
    Obama and the power’s behind him are playing American’s as fools many have become, damn shame.

    • bp

      Thought crossed my mind, too; the timing!

  • guest

    I have watched and listened to Herman Cain. He is solid and so refreshing! And since he is black..all the better! Stand him next to Obama and obama stand’s out like the odd duck he is. Cain is MORAL AND UPSTANDING and it show’s. Remember when Reagan ran? He was scorned as well as no one beleived he could win.He was one of the best thing’s to happen to our country. We do have to get up collectively and march on washington..million’s of us and show obama team we are serious.No more! Since obama has been in office we have seen nothing but misery and great division in our country. Everyone has been set against each other.Everything from healthcare to econemy to weather has been or seem’s to be working to our detriment. Enough America!!!Flood congress..flood the white your representives. In your cities and towns stand up against this monster in our wh.

    • Buffalo John


  • Michael

    Lets develop a third party. Name–We the people. The demo’s and repub’s have lead us away from the constitution. Let’s stand-up and find a leader that WILL support the founding fathers writings.. THEY ARE TRIED OF ROLLING AROUND IN THEIR GRAVES.

  • http://suddenlink Danal J Charlton

    So what’s he still doing in the White House???? Get his stupid a** out there!! I never thought for a moment that he was American. For no one can HATE their own Country as he HATES AMERICA!! Senators get rid of him NOW!!!

  • Jane

    Supreme Court has ignored this also. We must hold Congress and Supreme Courts feet to the fire. John Boehner must investigate all candidates running for President and VP before the conventions. Else he must go!

  • Dodi

    You’re absolutely right Stan. And, we seem to be behind in getting Republican/Conservatists on board because Obummer has been on the stump for 2-3 months already. It is early and we shouldn’t let the dumocrats get under our skin. That is what they are trying to do and we can’t let them succeed!

  • GrandmaPuppy

    No matter WHO is on the Republican ticket, whether you like them or not, you need to vote FOR them AGAINST Obama. We need to stand together, without a bunch of in-fighting. There isn’t enough time to impeach him; besides, impeachment would only give him validity. How do you impeach an imposter? I am 62 years old and for the first time in my life, I am truly afraid of our government. God help us, please!

    • Who Wants to Know

      Unfortunately, this imposter would need a 2/3 vote of the Senate for conviction. The present Senate under Harry Reid’s “leadership”… um make that “control” … would never convict him. We can expect to see another round of intense voter / election fraud in ’12. Yes, Grandma, I’m afraid for our country and what the gov’t has become. I’m sure our Founding Fathers are turning in their graves over what has happened. And it’s not over yet. God help us.


      Nonsense! Impeachment and Senate conviction is not necessary.

      If Obama is ineligible, he was never the President. It is simply, “Here’s your hat Mr. Obama, there’s the door.”

      Fraud prosecution can come later after a thorough investigation.

    • Ronald Bell

      I vote for that!!!

    • kristy

      no matter how many times we rant or rave on line……..the proof we need to end this is on his BC…….fake or true………you can not be POTUS if both of your parents are not citizerns AT THE TIME OF YOUR BIRTH…….mom was……DAD WASNT……..end of discussion…… can not have dual citizenship from your parents……….WAKE UP PEOPLE…….he is so proud of his daddy from kenya………that is the point……..arrest the ursurper….NOW!!!!!!

    • John M


    • Mary Hanson

      Haven’t you noticed, Government of the People, by the People and FOR ANYONE EXCEPT AMERICANS?
      When are Americans going to stop voting for people who drain our treasury for other diseased and wicked nations?
      Stop sending the same ones again and again when we know the longer they stay, the more they are self serving.

    • Muslim scum remover….

      Look at what obama has done..Not only the fake birth certificate but the lies.. He said he would have the most transparent adminitration ever…Then he put reid and pelosi behind closed doors and they gave us obamacare then forced the democrats to vote it in after pelosi said we have to pass it to know whats in it then they exempt themselves and the campaign contributors and friends. Hello America, we need to wake up now…obama has also stabbed our good and loyal friends (Israel in the back and turned egypt into a muslim brotherhood country bent on killing Israel and the united states and wants Israel to go back to its pre 1967 borders so the muslims can wipe them out much easier.Then he lets Iran get nuclear and they vow to kill the little satan and the giant satan(They call Israel the little satan and the united states the giant satan) and we do nothing about it. Americans have a death wish and obama will give it to them.all muslims and white house elected officals eat pig dung pie and like it…

    • Alton

      It seems obvious that the birth certificate is a fake. You hear nothing from Congress. I call em on regular basis and they always say, first I’ve heard about it. Oh B.S., what or whom are you afraid of. Do your job, or no more money or votes. “no tickey no laundry.”

    • Ronald Bell

      He is the most TRANSPARENT PUBLIC Official, and the Public at large is getting a birds eye view of him, more and more people are seeing right through his rhetoric,His lies, we may not believe his words but his actions speak volumes, and only the most loyal deaf and blind supporters are mislead by his deeds, Obama is a EVIL dude!!! OHBOGOTAGO

    • American with a birth certificate…

      You are correct muslim scum remover…Did you have family at 9/11? some muslims must of really done you wrong,if so,I understand your feelings.yes,obama has not kept his campaign promises except for the change. i do not like the change…america has voted into office a muslim who stabbed Israel in the back and let egypt turn into a radical muslim nation and obama has also let iran go nuclear. We better wake up America. we can not afford obama twice.

    • Goodforall

      We’d all better be very afraid of the Lier in Chief with his socialist agenda. I gotta tell ya, for my money it looks like I am supporting Herman Cain. As a Caucasian male I thought after BHO that I could never support another black (or half black) man for the office of President. However, after hearing this man and doing a background check I am convinced that he is the real deal. Please check this man out-he’s got America’s best interest at heart.

    • Gator

      You got it Goodforall. One of my black friends (naturally a Democrat) approached me last evening to talk briefly about politics. I asked him ever hear of Herman Cain? No was answer just as I suspected, not only black, Democrat but grossly uninformed. I added well if Cain makes the cut, I am putting my money on this horse race, because it has never been about color, it always about this evil President, my friend walked away. Character counts and Cain has it.

    • Goodforall

      Thanks Gator. If they will take the time to listen to this man they all will see he is the real deal!

    • carolin

      The comrade and his band of merry thugs are now trying to figure out a way to get around the war powers act No law is to be obeyed by his thugs. Why does congress put up with that?

    • Gmanat12

      Please explain what his plan is! If his last interview is any indication….he has no plan. RON PAUL is the man. Let Republicans get behind him.

    • Goodforall

      You need to listen to him speak. Ron Paul has no chance, though he is a good man.

    • Angela9

      Have you listened to Ron Paul? He thinks it was awful that Americans had a fit over the mosque being built at ground zero. He said the muslims had a right to build there. That did it for me with Ron Paul! No he is not the one for this country!

    • Ronald Bell

      To favor or support, encourage Abortion, Homosexuality, Illegal Foreigners, entitlements to the truly un intitled, restrictive government, larger government, and the plank of freebies, how can you not see this as EVIL

    • Paul L. Fruend

      Better yet! Check out Colonel Allen West. He has it all.

    • CLARA

      I agree with you. God bless America God help us get thru with Obama

    • JACK3889


    • Vixmith

      We should all agree that God is needed on our side in this battle against our country and pray for His help.
      Have you noticed that when you pray for His help in any matter, He always provides you all the help you need…AND He puts it right at the end of your own arms??
      Thanx, VGS

    • Raymond

      Vixmith says:
      May 23, 2011 at 4:09 pm
      We should all agree that God is needed on our side in this battle against our country and pray for His help.
      Have you noticed that when you pray for His help in any matter, He always provides you all the help you need…AND He puts it right at the end of your own arms??
      Thanx, VGS
      In America, murdering a child in the mothers womb is called a “Civil Right.”
      God calls this action murder & promises to judge all those involved in such evil.

      In America, burning the national flag is called a ‘Civil Right.”

      In America, you can be arrested for reciting the pledge of allegiance.

      In America, you can be expelled from school for wearing a shirt that has the America flag on it.

      In America, burning the Bible is called a “Civil Right,” but burning the Qur’an is called a “Hate Crime.”

      In America, the sin of homosexuality & lesbianism is a “Civil Right”. God calls it an abomination
      & promises to judge all who are involved in such evil.

      In America, sodomites are allowed & encouraged to have parades
      celebrating their sin.

      In America, telling the truth about Islam will get you arrested.

      In America, God’s word is called “Hate Material.”

      In America, talking about God’s laws is called “Hate Speech.”

      In America, those in power are involved in voter fraud.

      In America, profanity is called “Free Speech.”

      In America, placing a cross in a jar of urine is called “Freedom of Expression.”

      In America, you can be arrested for reading the Bible in public.

      In America, males are encouraged to dress like women.

      In America, there is a Jew hating, America hating homosexual muslim
      sitting in the oval office with access to NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

      Do you feel safe? I don’t!

      The following verses are from God’s word.

      Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! 21Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent intheir own sight! 22Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink: 23Which justify the wicked for reward, and takeaway the righteousness of the righteous from him! 24Therefore as the fire devoureth the stubble, and the flame consumeth the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the law of the LORD of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel. Isaiah 5:20-24.

      So shall it be at the end of the world: the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just, 50And shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Matthew 13:49,50.


    • warren reynolds

      If there was a fucking tree stump running against him, I would vote the stump and America would be alot better off because of it.

    • Insurgent

      The stump would be smarter.

    • warren reynolds

      You do realize that satan jerked off on a stump and the sun hatched that piece of shit, don’t you?

    • Bishop + RonaldTurcot

      I agree with you. The time to come together as “True Americans” must be now. We need to start a nationwide program immediately to make this happen. We will state, county and city leaders to get the ball rolling. It will take about 1 year to become organized enough to take action when the Nov. / 2012 elections arrive. There is NO TIME to waste.

    • warren reynolds

      I wish Patreius would star ta coop to throw the garbage out…

    • JACK3889


    • Ronald Bell

      No its that 2 worlds EDWARDS was talking about, our world, and their world, laws are different, OHBOGOTAGO

    • KH

      You are totally correct……Could not have been said better. I remember saying, when he was elected, GOD HELP US ALL !!!!

  • Michael Wilson

    Who needs Urban Legends, fact check, or any of those websites. You can go directly to the White House website and see for yourself. Trust me, It’s fake.
    Use Google chrome and Google “white house releases long form birth certificate” and go to the White House link. It doesn’t get more official than that for all you conspiracy folks. This link: Open up the link for the long form and zoom in 11 times and you will see the background disappear as well as the sequence number and signatures. Proof that this was done on a computer plain and simple. This worked as of 23 May 2011.
    Even a scanned in copy of a printed out fake would have prevented this so it’s pretty clear that somebody wanted this to come out.
    John McCain was vetted during the last election cycle, Mr. Obama was not. Hopefully the American people will use some common sense when electing people to office in the future and not just give someone a free pass to trample on the Constitution.
    The truth will eventually come out. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

  • Chris

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but someone just used the livetrace option to scan this. I use illustrator too, and I dare say I’ve used it a lot longer than this punk. If this were truly edited or faked, you would be able to see the font outlines, lines that were drawn, etc. If you toggle the layers off, the bottom layer shows the original. When you look at the signatures, the software simply vectorized the boldest letters, and the ones that were not traced, were not traced because the tolerance was not set high enough. Obviously this will not be sufficient for the paranoid right wing, but you’ll have to try harder to disprove that it’s not real.

    • chris

      OK, but that still leaves us with a phoney president.

    • sherry

      well, one thing for sure, all the illegal bills hes pased, will be illegal too..the health care thing will be thrown out, if its not already!!obummer is kenya born>> and nobodys gonna care who his real father is,, hes for sure not american, and in the constitution>> both parents of this so called pig president>> has to be american. or he cannot be elected.
      so how did that happen..
      the issue on his b/c is so he can pass more illegal bills, because we’re all looking at his b/c. and not paying attention>> to what the sob is doing.
      the black muslum SOB at that. and thats my opinion..which as far as i know, we can still voice our opinions…too many republicans are running for pres.
      they will all get so many votes. still 40% of americans and illegals, will vote for we need to pick the same candidate, or obummer will win anyways, plus the moneys soros puts in his pot.
      obummer has frozen ss, there for not many can give any moneys to support a candidate.who besides obummer>> is democratic enough to run, against obummer?
      besides, when republicans are voted in, they too become greedy..and they change what they promised. who besides obummer is running for democrat president, i have not heard of one yet…each (R) running for president, gets so many votes >> abummer will still be pres, we need to vote for one!! to get a republican back in office…

    • warren reynolds

      I want to see the piece of shit eat a piece of bacon….

    • Dave

      I know – and they try to pass this off as “Official Proof”?

    • NM Patriot

      If this is true then it deserves to be brought out (your methodology observations) the last thing we need is to present easily-refuted evidence as “iron clad” or however they put it.

      I’m just ask skeptical as anyone, including skeptical of the “proof” we use.

    • Muslim scum remover….

      chris,you are a left wing commie and hate America as does obama and the democrats. you must be a scum sucking pig dung chewing camel licking scum bag muslim lover. move to the middle east for a year then lets hear what you think you scum bag commie…

    • Dave

      Muslim – is that your answer for everyone who disagrees with you?

      Is it because you cannot argue the facts so you fight back with insults?

      Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Samuel Johnson

    • Azcat85

      How do you explain the typeface mismatch that is an artifact of typewriter and type set placement. No computers or word processors in 1961? Sequence of filing doesn’t jive either. Too many secrets with this clown. If there is no issue, why lock all access to records. He is hiding a lot more than just his birth certifcate. Who paid for his college education? Did he obtain foriegn aid under false pretenses? These are questions that the left tilting media should have asked and investigated, but, they were relishing the tingles instead!

    • Bishop + RonaldTurcot

      The media is slanted heavily LEFT and will NOT show the proof they obviously already have. George Soros made sure to “buy off” those people who were in a position with the news & TV media to stop Obama. We have the best politicians and media directors that money CAN buy.

    • Sixgun

      I was born in 64 and my birth certificate has my parents religon on it and blood types along with my blood type. And my parents occupations (police officer, homemaker) did I miss all this on Obama’s?

    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      Chris, perhaps you missed the elephant on your foot: the fact there were any ‘layers’ at all ought to raise eye brows. This was supposedly a ‘scanned’ copy. Scanned my ass! Scans don’t have layers! Explain that please…

    • Thomas Martin

      chris, it’s idiots like you that the world does not need, kissing obama’s ass makes you happy we can see that.

      Don’t try and spread more lies like obama does every day.


  • Marine Sgt.

    When are you people going to get it through your thick skulls, everything about this giy is a FAKE. Hell, Barack Hussien Obama isn’t even his real name. There are NO documents on file anywhre that show he had his name legally changed from Barry Soeroto. When he was adopted his stepfther had his name changed. All of a sudden one day he decided he wanted to go by Barack Hussien Obama and just started using that name. In addition to a real certifiable birth certificate, ask him for proof of a name change. He won’t be able to provide either.

    • sherry

      muslums change their names, when ever they want to, and our american gov’t. dosn’t care>> dosn’t care!!!
      they are all just greedy> lieing black muslum illegal greedy , theiving 8O6’s!!!

  • Rhonda

    I say vote everyone out of office that is in there right now and lets start over with all new people.

    • Bishop + RonaldTurcot

      That idea is excellent, HOWEVER, there are specific politicians who ARE honest and love America, but they are under a great deal of pressure from their colleagues to vote their way. We must check their voting records and kick out those career politicians who consistently vote left. The new incoming batch will realize their stay in office can be very limited if they anger the majority.

  • dennis scott

    Buffalo John…I am with you!!! I am 69 and just short of a wheel chair. With the grace of our Great God above, I will load my “musket” and stand in the front lines with you!
    Akin to Patrick Henry, I do not want to live without freedom!!So…who will stand with US?

    • wasadoc

      I will certainly stand for this country. One of my great-grandfathers, several times removed (Edward Rutledge) signed the Declaration of Independence, and he would never forgive me, if I let this country down.

  • Komputergod

    This sounds like a weed smoking 22 year old right wing nut! Give it for christ sakes!

    • Muslim scum remover….

      komputergod,you must be a scum sucking camel licking pig dung chewing commie loving muslim scum bag.

    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      Well, the only problem is, the ‘weedsmoking’ 22yr old is correct. So now what? Or do you intend to sit on your thumb and spin?

  • Elaine S Bridgman

    It is up to each and everyone of us to nip at the heals of our representatives, until they are brought to their knees, to defend our Constitution as promised.
    Dems/media did the same thing to Bush, till he forgot who he was and what he stood for in the last two years of his administration. Ever since the Dems have been in control, even before the disasterous election, we have rushed downhill as a nation.
    What with the unions, ignorant racist black voters,illegals,Ivory Tower Liberals, and unionized government workers…..who’s left to defend the legal voter/tax payer? Too many people at the public purse voting their self interest. God save us!
    The vote is all we have left. let us get to work, and do your own “community organizing”, right now.

  • http://N/A chuck

    We have all talked to much, it is time we
    marched to a different song. Remember all
    of those whom lived and died to make this
    country free. Everyone who wants to join
    the new world order pick up and get out,for
    the lords judgement is coming.

  • gerryb

    Obama may (or may not) be a citizen of the USA, but he does not like it or respect its history and traditions. He is a muslim and he shows that loud and clear by his muslim sympathizing. He is definitely what this country needs at this time.

    • gerryb

      Oops! I meant to say he is definitely NOT what this country needs at this time.

    • Goodbye America

      He is what this country needs to wake us the Eff up.. otherwise, we will parish..

      When is the last time anyone in government did anything for us????

      2012 will be too late.. Policies now are killing us and by the time 2012 comes around, the “vote” is going to be useless..

      asking or telling our congress to work for us has gotten us what????

      Words are no longer doing anything…

      It’s time to march to a different drummer…
      Where is Paul Revere announcing the British are coming.. We are not going to win defenseless….. it is time to take up arms

    • art

      Whatever you do, keep yourpowcder dry……and close..!!!!!

    • art

      Whatever you do, keep your powder dry……and close..!!!!!

    • Richard William Faith

      My apologies to you! In haste, I clicked the wrong button. I agree with you that Obama is NOT what our country needs.

    • Muslim scum remover….

      gerryb,you are a sick scum sucking camel licking pig dung chewing muslim loving commie. move to the middle east you scum bag.

    • RichT

      Gerry, I think you left a word out. We don’t need to impeach BO, we need to have him arrested. Bill Clinton was impeached but the libs wouldn’t boot him out.

  • Robb

    To Chris, whether or not his birth certificate is fake pales in comparison to what he has done to this country and our freedoms in such a short time. There is so much suspicion surrounding this guy on so many fronts that if even if a small portion of it is true we have a president who is not qualified to lead this country.

  • Who Wants to Know

    Unfortunately, this imposter would need a 2/3 vote of the Senate for conviction. The present Senate under Harry Reid’s “leadership”… um make that “control” … would never convict him. We can expect to see another round of intense voter / election fraud in ’12. Yes, Grandma, I’m afraid for our country and what the gov’t has become. I’m sure our Founding Fathers are turning in their graves over what has happened. And it’s not over yet. God help us.

  • ann

    Obama is such a joke, a fake. Where is now instead of attenting to business here in the USA with all our problems and work to be done.He is Ireland WHY?

    • Wil

      why is he in Ireland? He thought he heard that they may have found a birth certificate he could use

    • Wil

      besides the BC issue, he wants to find out how the IRA operates, so he can get prepared for the ARA

    • gloria Dyet

      Ireland photo op.

  • Long4Lord

    It all comes back to the old saying, “If you will lie you will cheat and if you’ll cheat you’ll steal”!!! There is no one who will stand up for our rights and our Constitution!! GOD help us or it will be over soon! Freedom,a thing of the past here in the good old USA!!

    America, Canada , all of Europe ….. Need a President like this

    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd – Australia

    Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia , as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks.

    Separately, Howard angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying he supported spy agencies monitoring the nation’s mosques.
    Quote: ‘IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT. Take It Or Leave It. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali , we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians’.

    ‘This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom’. ‘We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society . Learn the language!’

    ‘Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.’

    ‘We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us.’

    ‘This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom,


    ‘If you aren’t happy here then LEAVE. We didn’t force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted.’

    • LST

      Those words make me want to move Down Under. If only the United States could say and mean those very same words.

    • Tony


      Now I wonder if those in congress are asking themselves ” NOW WHERE HAVE I HEARD THAT BEFORE ” ?

  • RD

    3rd reason this might have been faked:

    Obama may want to keep this controversy alive by presenting a doctored certificate as a DISTRACTION to issues that will defeat him.

    “It’s the Economy (and loss of Freedom) Stupid!”

    Keep FOCUSED on how Obama is corrupting our legal and legislative process, bankrupting the country, and ignoring the Constitution.

    Don’t let the birther issue dominate the discussion! He may be hoping you do.

    • http://verizon Albert Lloyd Grounds

      RD: Don’t get the impression the people here are zeroed solely on the birth certificate issue. They know now who he is and what he has done to this country along with his lackeys Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Let us not forget also what Mr. Geithner is up to in spreading the lie about the debt ceiling as he is one also. Remember, he was one of the people involved in the housing crisis along with Barney Frank.

      The House of Representatives now is in a position to stop him from running for a second term by vetting him instead of Obama receiving a free pass like he did under Pelosi. Harry Reid is a Socialist Democrat as is Pelosi so he will do the illegal thing again confirming the fake certificate. The faked certificate and the video of him telling an audience he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii is clearly enough to disqualify him.

      Obama is already a huge embarrassment to the United States and even more so if he is forced to resign because of this as the entire world would know we had a sitting president who wasn’t eligible to be one.
      We become the laughing stock to the world and rightfully so.

      Let us all resolve to make him a one term president and the worst ever to serve as one.

  • Rickoff

    @GrandmaPuppy – As Thomas Jefferson said, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

    He also said, “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.”

    • Tony

      Thomas Jefferson also said ” The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government “.

  • ann

    Repeat: because I was rushing it. Again Obama is a joke, a fake. Where is he now instead of attending to businee here in the USA with all our problems and work to be done. He is in Ireland Why??

  • squeak

    Congress can only go so far. Where were the people that vote the Democrat majority in the senate instead of Republicans so they could complete their job & able to repeal bills ,buck against Obama ,etc ?? So now they complain about where this country is heading & what this administration is doing ! They are the same people that voted this SOCIALIST & his REGIME in office. The sad part is WE ALL SUFFER for their HUGE MISTAKE !! Wake up America !

    WE need PALIN to run for Senator as we need more people like her for the senate. WE must vote republicans in the senate or we will not take control of this country. Next we MUST vote Obama & his REGIME out of office . Unless we take control of the senate also, we will not be able to repeal healthcare & throw Obama out because he is not an American citizen. We need to wake up & take control !! God Help US !

  • Dntmkmecmoverther

    How much more of this insane leader must we endure? And he thumbs his nose at us with documents like this one and the press says NOTHING…we are so screwed if we let this maniac in office.

    • Mary Caine

      If everyone would stop buying newspapers, this might do some good, as well as placing ads in said newspapers?

      Just a thought.

    • Richard William Faith

      Unfortunately, what you say about the newspapers is true of most of them. Fortunately for me, I receive a newspaper that is NOT owned or operated by Democrats. Too bad there are so few of such newspapers.

  • Angie

    Buffalo John, I think we are all with you, but I wrote John Boehner 3 months ago and have not heard nothing, and I’m not going to.I’m not gonna give up or quit praying! It’s gonna take ALOT more than pounding a key board to get this devil out of OUR White House.

  • Wayne Ward

    Barry needs to go. We do NOT want a president who above all else, suggests dividing the Holy City of Jerusalem. Nations that come against Israel are dealt with sternly by God. The lies and deception, common in our society now, and that’s a shame, will come back on us if we condone them. We must try to elect a more reasonable president, regardless of party. What we have now is treasonous.

  • PassTheWord

    Is there any hope short of a revolution???

    They (politicians, liberals, etc) own the system and make all the rules.

    Pessimistic you say, No just a pure dose of reality.

    • runny noze

      Only an armed insurrection can rectify the damage that has been done and only an armed insurrection will change the course this traitor has put us on. Unfortunately, the only ones with arms are going to be the enemies in the mega mosques they are building all over the country in places where there are not yet many muslims. beware Obamas new army of thugs.

  • Janice Fortin


  • Dave

    This article from fox explains why the layers exist.

  • waynehrdcoc

    Its just too late, This issue was out in front of everyone before the election and no one did anything about it then, now live with all your mistakes, Obama is going to be our king, and it aint going to be nice, when the Muslims take over, So your only chance now is to take up being a Muslim yourselves Bow to the new god, his name is allah obama

  • Richard William Faith

    The “fact” (if it even IS a fact???) that an impeachment “can’t” go THROUGH at this time is in NO WAY WHATSOEVER any reason not to PROCEED with it. Here’s what’s to be gained:
    1) We will KNOW who is WITH us, and who is NOT (at present, it appears that amongst the AGGREGATE of our SO-CALLED “reprsentatives”, not a single one is a TRUE ADVOCATE FOR THE PEOPLE);
    2) We will produce a hedge of doubt that will cloud OH-VOMIT’S re-election campaign;
    3) We will encumber OH-VOMIT’S pursuit of mischief and slow down his attacks on our republic;
    4) We will go on record as having TAKEN A STAND for a LONG-OVERDUE CHANGE.

    • Richard William Faith

      sorry about the weak finger on the “e”:

  • Jack Hofberger

    No mention of the Kenyan Birth Certificate No. 32018 was ever made. When it comes to sleuthing, they can’t separate fact from fiction. The facts are: we have 2 separate birth certificates for the same person born on the same date in 2 different places. This cannot be. There are names of attending doctors on both certificates. One group is lying and one certificate is a forgery. Which is which? Nobody in government seems to give a damn. All these experts lack the sense to follow the footprints. Why were the Obama’s in Africa? The grandmother said, because of a Muslim Festival in Mombasa (the Obamas are Muslim). The airlines would not allow a woman, nine months pregnant to fly out of Africa. The airline’s tickets are key. Is there record of an airline ticket issued in Hawaii shortly before the birth date of Aug. 4, 1961 and is there record of an airline ticket issued in Kenya shortly after that date? If so, how can the mother be in Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961 and if the mother is not in Hawaii, how can Barrack Hussein Obama II be born in Hawaii? You have to follow the footprints stupid !! Now focus attention to that Muslim Festival, when did it begin and when did it end? Was there a registration for attending? Does it contain the Obama’s names? How’s this for overlooking the obvious?

    • Pete

      The reason that there are b.c.s in two countries on the same date is that he was a REALLY big baby, covering Africa to Hawaii, and they even needed two hospitals in Hawaii to help with the birth, or else the island would have sunk under the weight of the baby.
      They knocked a lot of the crap out of him and threw it in the ocean, to protect the islands there, but, they left enough in him for us to have to listen to it for nearly three years.

  • Dan

    Blog all you want; you are preaching to the choir. Send something like this to your Senators:

    Dear Lindsey and Jim

    The following link is in the Patriot Newsletter right now. It’s an expert analysis of Obama’s birth certificate that is on the White House website. Obama is hiding something and we all know what it is.

    Would you and PLEASE get something going in the Senate–from both sides of the isle–and investigae this? We cannot let this slide. When the truth comes out, there will be no way Obama will be reelected.

  • Red Rock Bob







    • JACK3889


  • Richard William Faith

    If our SO-CALLED “Justice” Department had ANY STONES WHATSOEVER, it would issue a WARRANT FOR THE ARREST OF GEORGE SOROS, with an advisory that he’s a FLIGHT RISK, and to be HELD WITHOUT BAIL. There should be TREASON charges against him. As long as he (and his MONEY) can move about freely, the EVIL FORCES OF Obama and his minions are ENABLED and EMBOLDENED.

  • Frogman

    I’m affraid Goodbye America has things figured out correctly, and his is now the only possible way of getting the country back on track, unless it’s already too late as a result of Americfan apathy. May weven be time to start checking out other places to move to once this becomes a totally Socialist Country no longer based on Constitutional Law. Muskets and dry powder may soon be the rule, not the exception?????

  • http://yahoomail Herman McCloud

    Just goes to show how many back stabbing bastards in the senate are willing to sell
    this country to the highest bidder Their day
    is comming I only hope that I have somthing to do with it, We need to retake our country
    by any means available even if we hafe to
    consider a civil war on Washington D.C. WE
    have too dam many crooks running this country
    and they need to be fired without pensions.

  • Mary Allen

    This blows my mind! If this is known to be true WHY ISN’T SOMETHING BEING DONE ABOUT IT?

    We really need to work hard on getting O out of office by voting against him in 2012.

    We need to be heard!!!!

  • Richard William Faith

    Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are experiencing the CONUNDRUM OF JUDAS ISCARIOT. Remember that Iscariot tried to GIVE BACK the BETRAYAL MONEY, but it was TOO LATE. The DIRTY LITTLE SECRET is that BOTH PARTIES have received GENEROUS SO-CALLED “campaign contributions” (ACTUALLY, AGENDA BRIBES!) from One-World interests. If they were to suddenly DO THE RIGHT THING, WHICH IS TO STAND FOR AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY, they would have “a lot of “splainin'” to do, and would lose the trust of (but more importantly, ALL future MONEY from those interests). Obama and very many legislators are in over their heads in this. This is the TRUE reason for the stalemate. Want to BREAK the stalemate: here’s HOW:
    WE THE PEOPLE have to make SUCH A FUSS OVER THIS that the WEIGHT of it DWARFS the AGGREGATE WEIGHT of ALL THE MONEY that the political parties EVER DID, DO, and EVER WILL,

  • Tom,Tom,Tom

    MARINE SGT, Everybody needs to listen to all 3 of the 15 minute segments. Try these,com/watch?v-OyJVgISDZ94 and then go to also read the info from James Graham below the one from kingfish. Got Ammo !!!
    the ole gunny

  • ComeRide TheWhale

    The Republican nominee for president will be chosen by the Wall Street branch of the party. That means it will either be Romney, Pawlenty or Hunstman. Paul, Cain or Bachman have NO CHANCE of being nominated.

    In related news Boehner will talk the good talk and than fold like a cheap tent when it comes to raising the debt ceiling–if you want to know who calls the shots, “follow the money”.

    • Scottie


  • Richard William Faith

    Some say that drug enforcement should concentrate SOLELY on prosecuting USERS, and others say that drug enforcement should concentrate SOLELY on PUSHERS. Unlike both, I insist that drug enforcement should VIGOROUSLY prosecute BOTH USERS AND PUSHERS.
    Some say that we need to concentrate on IMPEACHMENT of OH-VOMIT, and others say that it’s a distraction and a waste of time; that we should concentrate on the 2012 election.
    Here’s MY take on it:
    We have no crystal ball. We have nothing but speculation to predict the outcome. We have no PROVEN idea whether or not OH-VOMIT can be removed from office before his term ends, AND we have no PROVEN idea of whether or not we can VOTE him out. But THIS we DO know: OUR BEST SHOT IS TO DEPLOY ANY AND ALL THAT WE ARE and THAT WE HAVE to the task of OUSTING HIM.

  • ChristianPatriot

    I would like to see a multi-million conservative people’s march on capital hill & the White House demanding Obama to resign complete with banners & signs.

    • Bishop + RonaldTurcot

      There are too many cowards in America, who seriously lack the guts to protest in Wash. D.C. If we ever did that, the Congress & Senate would poop in their pants. I’m not sure WHAT Obummer would do!

    • Michael Skok

      Name the time and date. I’ll go.

    • ComeRide TheWhale

      @Bruce Either God is not interested or He doesn’t like Paul, Cain, Bachman or Palin because none of them has ANY chance of becoming the nominee.

  • LST

    I hope voters have learned their lesson, and won’t ever vote in another darkie as disgraceful president.

  • Emme

    No matter how you look at the bc or anything else, when a so-called person like obozo is capable of putting a stop to any investigation into anything and has helpers like Holder helping him skirt the laws, rules and Constitution — this Country is in very deep trouble and distress. We cannot let this idiot continue to run the lives of the U.S. and other countries. He is a cancer.

    • Bishop + RonaldTurcot

      A .308 round would effectively halt Soros and his traitors by removing their puppet. Under NO CONDITIONS can Obummer continue as president, no matter the method.

  • michael sharpe

    A great by-word is to study your enemy.Most on this blog do not have a clue. Americans pushed to the edge will either fight or accept ‘change’. The deception is drawn out over 100 yrs. The plantation owners are the Federal Reserves and like minded investors. We have all been on the plantation since 1913.Un-load, and study your enemy.


    Wow — it’s AMAZING the amount of time and effort this idiot spent trying to prove the Birth certificate is fake, but what he’s failed to grasp is that the ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE was in fact on it’s own layer it’s the long form that appears to have been edited in Illustrator. What it looks like they did, was try to help out Hawaii’s record keeping by attempting to make the long form look more ‘official’. Undoubtedly, not because Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii or because the certificate isn’t real, but to stop insane Conservatives from being so suspicious over something so incredibly insignificant.
    Obama is an American citizen, his birth certificate is NOT a fake, has been proven to be real and I suggest that anyone who has a problem with it, get psychiatric help. Do you actually think a non-citizen could become president of the US? That’s pretty insulting to the thousands of people who are employed to check records.
    This video only proves that a lot of layers were required to create the ‘long form’ certificate.

    • Bishop + RonaldTurcot

      WISE UP, you ignorant A$$-Wipe, America is full of morons like you who think Obummer is great. This country is in a world of hurt and it’s because jerks like you put Butt-Hole in office. We are in very serious trouble and when it’s all over, a lot of guilty traitors people will die. They MUST or America will be doomed and reduced to a third world nation.

    • Richard William Faith

      A document that indicates the time and place of Obama’s birth (particularly if there is any well-founded reason to doubt its authenticity) may not be a very effective tool in the process of expelling Obama from the Presidency; nevertheless, it IS a tool TO SOME DEGREE. You obviously have not read my several past posts that VERY LUCIDLY EXPLAIN HOW STUFF WORKS. I POSTULATE that: HARDLY ANYONE WILL EVER BE FIRED FROM A JOB UNLESS BOTH of the following conditions exist:
      1) He has pissed off his employer, AND,
      2) His employer has something “ON” him (legally).
      NOTE WELL: EITHER of these two conditions ALONE, will NOT get the guy fired. IT TAKES BOTH. That is the LESSON. Now, let’s APPLY the lesson:
      1) Obama HAS pissed off his employer (That’s WE, the People);
      2) BECAUSE he has pissed us off (by HARMING us in MANY MATERIAL WAYS), we are looking for ANY and ALL CHINKS in his (IL-)”legal” ARMOR. Each of these “chinks” is a TOOL for his expulsion. I contend that we MUST NOT DISCARD ANY (REPEAT, ANY) TOOL. We have no idea which ONE or ONES might work; it MIGHT take ALL of them! And lest we forget, the BEST OF THEM ALL is the one that gets talked about the least: the Vattel criterion of “natural” birth, which IS the meaning of “natural-born citizen” in the context of our Constitution. A CHILLINGLY recent usage of that very criterion was actually INVOKED against John McCain in ’08, and McCain was found to be ELIGIBLE according to that criterion (although NOT without some debate!).
      To summarize, the survival of our republic as we know it DESPERATELY DEPENDS UPON EXPELLING OBAMA, and that is WHY we are exploring ANY AND ALL MEANS of LEGALLY EXPELLING HIM.
      “Any and All” in this context includes, but is not limited to:
      1) Proving that Obama was not born in the United States
      2) Exposing and thereon prosecuting the fact that at least one of Obama’s parents NEVER WAS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER;
      3) Prosecuting Obama’s many seditious and treasonous acts; and CERTAINLY
      4) Voting him OUT, in the MOST UNFORTUNATE EVENT that we have failed to expel him BEFORE 2012.
      Each and every TOOL should be TREASURED, KEPT, and DEPLOYED. If you DISAGREE, then please do the DUE DILIGENCE of EXPLAINING WHY.
      Thank you.

  • William

    I believe you are all looking through the wrong colored glasses ! I see no end to the corruption of BOTH parties in this country. Both are responsible for selling out the American way of life and it’s citizens. I don’t understand how any of them can have any family they care about.Those family members are also sold out. It’s already over folks, this plane has runout of runway. I only hope I’m not too old to respond when the end comes near. I plan on tracking down as many lawyers as I can, and there’s a lot of them in Washington.

  • Angela9

    This fake of a president has been lieing to the American people for a Looong time. I never believe he is a natural born citizen of the U.S. Pelosi knew this when she said o.k. to him.All of our voices can be heard at the polls. Vote! Vote! and get this muslim out of the whitehouse. I love our country and I hope everyone feels the same. DO NOT GIVE UP! Patriots–VOTE!!!!

  • Emme


    Look who’s talking–you are an idiot if you think obozo is eligible–he is ineligible because his father was not a U.S. citizen, so the bc proved he is not eligible. Yes, I do think the thousands of people who are employed to check records should be insulted–they are idiots too! Do you have a problem with the ones who are questioning Jindal and Rubio right now–probably not because you sound like you are a liberal and allow any kind of $hit to happen.

  • John M

    Wow Osama’s birth certificate is fake, hum who’da thunk it! Makes you kinda wonder if the other Osama is really dead, or an intern in the Democratic Party. Why not, we seem to be getting the same lies from the Democraps!


    • Bishop + RonaldTurcot

      We, the people of the U.S. MUST STOP obummer no matter HOW, or where. America is in very deep Poo-Poo. What Patriot will step forward and END all of this?? It will only take a split second of your time. The problem is for you to be in the right spot at the right time. America desperately needs your valuable help!

  • Bruce Brotnov

    With God all things are possible. I didn’t think it possible that the GOP and tea party could take the house with Dems in full control of everything, including the media. I would like to have see Reid gone but actually saw a need for the Dems to retain Senate so they couldn’t blame all the spending mess on the GOP. When Obama through Israel under the bus, that could have angered God – again anything can happen but it probably takes divine intervention to offset Holywood, illegals, cultural voting, unions, lawyers and the Soros money stream that has bought up most of the media.

  • Jim from Boston

    I don’t credit Obama and his administration for being very intelligent, but I give them high marks for being devious and underhanded.

    I would not put it past them to take Obama’s legitimate birth certificate, deconstruct it in Photoshop, and then put it back together containing the discreet, tell-tale indications that it was “Photoshopped”.

    Imagine the victim points Obama wins when, after another long debate over his birth certificate, coupled with tedious and painstaking technical analysis, that it is actually a truthful and accurate representation thereof, though not an authentic, original document. Imagine the thunderous cacophony of I-told-you-so’s, just in time for the 2012 election.

    • Richard William Faith

      And, MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL, Remember the DEFINITION of “natural-born citizen” given in Vattel’s Law of Nations, which was WELL KNOWN to the framers of our Constitution when they placed that very phrase into our Constitution. WHY IS THIS BEING MARGINALIZED? WHY? WHY? WHY?

  • Robert Lockhart

    If his father is not a U.S. citizen and his birth certificate is phony then he is not eligable to be President. Why doesn’t someone start impeachment proceedings against him?

    • Bishop + RonaldTurcot

      Because he’s a powerful man with Soro’s money. There is only ONE TRUE WAY to effectively take him out of the picture for good. Amen.

    • Richard William Faith

      Take soros out of the equation, and OH-VOMIT will walk out like a lamb. He needs a S.E.E. (Significant Emotional Experience) to TELL HIM THAT THE GAME IS OVER.

    • Dave

      Because it is not true.

  • Brian

    A government big enough to give you everything you need is a government big enough to take everything you have.

    – Thomas Jefferson

  • Lisa Turner

    Unfortunately, it is the New World Order who will determine who is on the TWO major party tickets. We have to pray for a break away candidate like Reagan who was not controlled by the NWO.

    • ComeRide TheWhale

      Reagan was also a pawn of the International bankers he sold arms to the Ayatolla, Sadaam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. The three leading terrorists of our day. Who gave him the orders?

    • ComeRide TheWhale

      Reagan also ran up huge deficits and championed raising the debt ceiling he was the RINO of RINOs.

  • Hay Tommy

    Fellow Americans, the birth certificate is not only the fake thing about Obama. Our election system is a fake, jus cause you push that button does not mean your vote goes where you wish. We need a complete overhaul of the election system before the end of the year with voting booths in every state that give you a receipt, jus as you get in the grocery store. We are being sold spoiled, rotten, stained, goods and have no way to prove it. There has already been testimony given in federal courts such as a computer programmer with NASA, in florida saying that the booths can be rigged and no one will even know, not even the honest people we have working in the election offices in every precinct. Our vote is the only voice we have as americans and with that taken away, we have no freedom of speech, for the TV news media is sold out and controlled by the corrupt liberal idiots. They won’t represent the regular down to earth Americans for we don’t have enough money, they only represent big money politicians that spend illegal money with them. The only recourse we have is to take action ourselves. I am a retired military veteran and served 2 1/2 years in vietnam and would like to declare this memorial day a impeach Obama Week also. We need to honor our brave fallen soldiers and stand up and take action. If no one in our Senate and Congress has balls enough to recommend his impeachment and wants to stay on the course of destroying the USA and Israel then lets shut the country down. Everyone jus stay home with their family and friends for a week, don’t drive, don’t spend money, don’t fish, don’t golf, all the truck drivers shut their rigs off on the roads, the bus drivers stay home, airlines shut down, gas stations turn off the pumps, etc. Our voting voice has been taken away, and we have a Kadafi in our Oval Office that won’t go away. I commend the Prime minister of Israel for standing up to him, “Save Israel and the United States of America” Impeach Obama. Congress has the authority to do so and the power, or should with being republican controlled, unless they are all Democrat Rhino’s desguised as republicans like Diane Black of Tennessee. Israel is gods chosen people and land, and the more you give the palestinians the more they will want, jus as a useless person too lazy to work on food stamps. Obama has an order in for over 80,000 more somalians to be sent here this year, and is using his slick tricks to bypass congress and use the senate to give amesty to illegal aliens. Somalians are coming here and given jobs at places like tysons foods in shelbyville with our taxes paying 5 dollars of their wages and tysons paying 3 and giving them 8 dollars an hour, also given housing, tax breaks, food stamps and who knows what else. We need to take a stand somehow before it is too late, our votes don’t count as we wish. I ran for congress as an independent last year and the numbers of the election don’t add up at all, Trust me I know, and there is verifiable proof. Honor our Veterans this memorial day and every one jus stay home and send a message to the deaf idiots we have in the supposely elected positions and the imposter we have in our Oval Office. If Ireland is proud of him, the we Americans are more than proud to give him to Ireland. This Soldier sees thru him and won’t give him the time of day. Thank you all my fallen comrades from many many wars and I pray we Americans will make you proud.

    God Bless Israel and
    be with the USA
    Hay Tommy

    • Bree

      Hay Tommy, I really have enjoyed your post and agree with you. Thank you for your great service to our country and I greatly honor our Vets. They are our heros and I salute you sir. I am half Irish on my father’s side and I would feel greatly ashamed if Ireland accepts this imposter. Ireland is a beautiful place and its people are too. Thank God Israel isn’t listening to him and Israel’s Prime Minister is such a great leader. Only can imagine if we had any one like him here. Nevertheless, we carry on for America and fight the good fight. God bless you sir.

  • Viva

    “natural born to American parents”. Obama has shown he believes his father was Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. born in Kenya, Africa. So where are Obama’s “American parents”? Nowhere. He never was qualified for the office on that ONE issue. None other needs to be considered! Pass that around.

    • pikachu13-a realistic thinker, that can see past the lies

      Alright what was this country built on? Immigrants! What is this country suppose to be called? The Great American Melting Pot! Yes a to be President you have to be an U.S. born citizen, that is what it means to be a natural born citizen. As long as he was born on U.S. soil that makes him a natural born U.S. citizen regardless of where his parents were born. If anybody follows back their family tree, anyone will find at one time their ansestors were not born in the U.S.. Every person with the type of thoughts like this get your mind out of the gutter and get with the times. Alright here is a thought McCain was not born on actual U.S. soil, He was born on a military base not on U.S. soil so technically he isn’t U.S. born as well!

  • bob

    Maybe all of those kooky “birthers” were right.

    • Appalachian Woman

      You bet we were!



    • Donna

      what are they doing…NOTHING period!


      Now that it is out that Obamanation’s birth certificate has been forged, when will the congress and senate going to get the balls to throw the lying,cheating law breaker out ogf the Whitehouse and all his cronies too

    • al.k

      Hate to burst your bubble, but those sick bastard congress/senators allowed this to happen, they took money under the table to turn traitor against the very people who elected them to represent us, and thats why they won’t do anything to change it, they are simply traitors who sold us out and to attempt to fix the problem would be an admission of guilt.

    • bonboyl

      I’m wondering also why someone isn’t doing something. How can this clown get away with this?

    • Muslim scum remover….

      Can you say SOLDOUT??? Our elected officals in the mosque house are very corrupt and so is the phony homeland security and cia and fbi… We have been SOLDOUT to the middle east radical oil scum muslims when we should have been completely independent of imported oil many years ago. We better arm up and ammo up before they change our right to do so.. all muslims and elected officals are scum sucking anti American camel licking pig dung chewing low life scum bags including out muslim in charge. only in America can scum muslims kill thousand of Americans on 9/11 then we elected a scum muslim to lead us. What are we doing? Wake the f___ up already… stop voting muslim backside licking scum bags into office.

    • dj

      What’s new about this he has lied about everything. He would not know how to tell the truth if his life depend on it and should be impeached.

    • Colleen

      Sociopaths are patholgical liars. They make up a story to suit the occasion or moment. As soon as the story is out of the person’s mouth, it becomes real and true to that person. That is Obama in a nutshell.
      If you have the courage to call the person on it, you will be verbally and quite possibly physically attacked. These people cannot stand any kind of criticism of any kind.

    • Juris Doctor

      Different States have different penalties Criminal Penalties
      Attempting to procure an authorized copy of a birth certificate by falsifying your identity or your relationship with the person whose birth certificate is being requested is a crime in every state, although penalties vary. In Georgia, for example, the maximum penalty is a fine of $10,000 and five years’ imprisonment.

    • al.k

      Impeach is a waste of time, nothing happened bill clinton when he was impeached, this is treason and congress and the senate are also guilty of treason for allowing it, they all need to be tried and executed as of by law, treason is a capital offense, thats the only way to clean up the mess, once this should happen, it would discourage others from selling out too.

    • allen

      The birthers were only deemed “kooky” by the liars in the MSM who could not bear to think that the “chosen one” might be lying about his eligibility…remember Allinsky’s tactic #5 in his book…belittle and demean the opposition…regardless if they are right or not…Obama is simply not eligible.

    • Muslim scum remover….

      Thank you allen,you have spoken the truth and I hope many readers read your comment. Please keep up your comments of truth so many more Americans will wake up…..all muslims are scum bags and eat pig dung pie and like it.

    • pikachu13-a realistic thinker, that can see past the lies

      I am guessing you are a big fat racist red neck?

    • Richard William Faith

      Recognized propaganda techniques (ALWAYS look for them whenever you are reading SO-CALLED “news-” papers or watching TV SO-CALLED “news-” programs:
      Plain Folks
      Beware of these potent psycho-manipulative TOOLS.

    • http://Birthcertificate Felicia Yates

      AMEN!!!!!!!!! I knew this was a fake. He has totally broken the Constitution by coming in to our country illegally and then by committing fraud. He should be run out on a rail.

    • franco cavallo

      JAIL not rail

    • rd

      NO, run out of town – don’t put the BHO in jail, send him to Kenya or Indonesia – no pension – just him and his family. He want’s to live in a third world country – send him to one. Let him organize the community there. We don’t want to support him – not even in jail

    • Trish05

      You are so right, rd. as you notice the black sob is gone, again! This time to Ireland, which, he says, he has Irish blood. In a pig’s arse, he does. I don’t know one Irishman that is a muslim!! Nor am I ever apt to. And, I use “black,” because that’s what they want to be called. He’s taking all these trips, at the Americans expense, in Air force I, and thinking nothing of it. He isn’t anything but, a piece of chittlings, before they’re cleaned.

    • bonboyl

      Good points.

    • Donna

      hang the fraud…he has done nothing but demonstrate his will to destroy America. I have no respect for the fraud and cannot acknowledge this man as a president of the USA.

    • colorado

      impeached out of office right into a prison cell and not a club fed cell–put him in with the rest of the sub-humans.

    • Colleen

      Gitmo is where he should go.

    • Donna

      give the illegal one and his minions all a real scrubbing with some good old water boarding!

    • BOB


    • Lou oulin

      I say impeach him right now.

    • http://windowslive mary

      I wish someone could get through to someone and he would be seen for what he is a fraud.someone has to make someone who gives a hoot look into this

    • pikachu13-a realistic thinker, that can see past the lies


    • Randy131

      MAYBE? Guess you have to stick your hand in the fire before you’ll believe what you were told, that it will burn you. Ask a lawyer what ‘Utterring a Forgery’ means, and if it is an impeachable offense. To help Obama to get re-elected, his people had to disprove the birthers, because so many people were starting to belive them, and producing this forgery, with the liberal biased mainstream media’s help, Obama was hoping to accomplish this. But unfortunately for Obama, and despite what he keeps telling us and the rest of the world, Americans are exceptional, as shown by the ingenuity of this young man from Georgia, along with many others who have also found proof of this being a forgery by more than a dozen different methods and ways. The true question about all this is why isn’t our authorities investigating what many of the public are proving to be false and illegal to do? If it is a forgery, then why isn’t the FBI investigating the violation of our law by a high-up government official, the President, for don’t they also have computer experts that can do the same thing this young man did? If it is true what our elected officals keep telling us, and what we were taught in our school system, that no one is above the law, then why isn’t somebody doing something about what so many American citizens have proven, without a sensible doubt, a forgery, and utterred by the President himself, for treacherous reasons, to violate our US Constitution? Where are all the people who have taken an oath to uphold and protect our US Constitution? Where are the Justices of the Supreme Court who I’m sure have been told about and seen many of the things that prove the utterance of a forgery by the President and his associates? Are our laws only meant to be obeyed by us peons? MAYBE??

    • http://windowslive mary

      why don’t someone send this video to the fbi or cia But they probably are in cahoots with all the rest of the criminals

    • rd

      The Executive branch OWNs the justice department and the security/law enforcement (FBI) how is anyone gonna get them to do anything?

    • o c herrington

      Randy you said it well—
      Why didn;t the oposeing party check all of this when he first ran for office in Chicago?


    • Richard William Faith

      It has been said that America is a speed bump on the highway to one-world (DIS-)order. It’s TOO DAMNED BAD that we are ONLY a speed bump. WHY CAN’T WE BE A LARGE NUMBER OF TANKS?


      you betcha !!!!

    • joe

      hmm maybe you should all check the birth certificate released on it looks a little different than the one in the video…

    • Tom

      With our homeland Security of the Obama administration, I would have not been surprised if they had found Bin Ladin
      in Sun City, Arizona

    • Muslim scum remover….

      Why is this so hard. I have to show a real birth certificate just to get my drivers license. How can obama be the only president ever not to have his birth certificate proven before even got on the ballot?Why does whoopi cry race card just because Americans want to see his real birth certificate?How come whenever to do not like or go along with obama someone cries racist? Okay whoopi, I will play the damm race card,obama gets a pass because he is black and the first black to be voted president,thats does not mean he walks on water and does not mean he is perfect.obama has broken every campaign promise he made except the part of change,he is changing America into a third world nation that our friends like Israel can no longer trust. I do not like that and I do not care if he is black,yellow,brown,white or blue. obama has sold us out and he should be jailed for Treason or even hung. How is that for the damm race card. all muslims and that includes our muslim charge eat pig dung pie and like it…..

    • American with a birth certificate…

      You are correct muslim,I do not think you are a muslim but I do think i know what muslims mean to you. Yes,whoopi and sharpton and juan williams and other racist always play the race card when they can not win on an issue with facts or truth. That is the way of the democrats and it saddly works.

    • pikachu13-a realistic thinker, that can see past the lies

      I am pretty sure he got his driver’s license at 16 too and had to show both HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND SOCIAL SECURITY CARD! I know I had to, and it had to be an official original copy as well! So get off your fat asses and open your eyes!

    • Kristine

      Duh Bob,
      You bet we’re right. Some of us did our homework and didn’t listen to the critics and media who demeaned us as kooks and conspiracy theorists. It is less important where he was born than that the man is ineligible to hold the office he now occupies. His own words and the fact that he spent millions to hide the facts surrounding his birth and youth speak volumes.
      He will try to buy the coming election to further his agenda.

  • Insurgent

    He continues to hold his title, “LFN”!

  • Harry C


    • Dave

      The U.S. Department of State uses “birth certificate” as a generic term to include the official Hawaii document, which satisfies legal requirements for proving citizenship and obtaining a passport.

    • Muslim scum remover….

      dave is a muslim loving anti American scum bag and eats pig dung pie and yes dave,you like it you low life commie bastard.

    • Raymond

      You’re right about Dave.

    • proudamerican

      100% correct about Dave.

    • Dave

      Ooh – that is so grown up!

      What about what I said though?

    • joe meister

      wheres his toeprint or fingerprint .any decent hosp. your birth cert. has you time of birth attending phys. a legit has prints. its one of the 1st things done after they slap em in the ass. they take the prints. you see any prints. lets see a 100 hawaain birth cert’s. from the yr 0 was born ,see what they really look like & the info they contain. make sense .thats why it wasn’t done joe

    • allen

      Trump knows not to take on a Black president…with the “R” card being played as it is…and he wanted to see if this Impostor would hang himself…and he did!

    • Muslim scum remover….

      Can you say SOLDOUT???? the mosque house has soldout America. all democrats are as evil as all muslims and both are worthless scum sucking camel licking pig dung chewing low life scum bags. better get some guns and lots of ammo.

  • michael ganey

    i do not care where obama was dropped. he is a TRAITOR and anyone who can not see it is a fool.

    • Dave

      Well it appears that most of us Americans do not see it since he is still in power.

      Thanks for thoughtfully calling me a fool.

    • frank1737


      Im a Vet and I damn sure did NOT vote for this PHONY S.O.B. OBAMA. I stongly believe that anyone that did vote him is an ass kissing Democratic FOOL PLUS A TRAITOR!! I think you know how Traitors are punished in the Military!!

    • Dave

      Frank – I am also a vet and I disagree completely.

      I think most of the things being said here about the President of the United States are very anti-American.

    • Insurgent

      If you voted for Buckwheat in 2008, it proves you are not racist.
      If you vote for Buckwheat in 2012, it will prove you are a frickin’ idiot !

    • Muslim scum remover….

      Don’t pay attention to dave,he is a commie muslim backside kissing scum bags.obama has shamed America to the entire world and our military fighting men and women who put there lives on the line for all of us deserve better. all democrats and muslims are worthless lying pig dung eating commie scum.

    • Dave

      Muslim – I still think we should have that beer together. Like I said before – my treat.

    • WALTER

      There are a lot of blind idoits out there that will follow a fool into hell because they are told to do so and not question any thing.

    • Dave

      Are you talking about Rush Limbaugh listeners?

    • Donna

      But every one of the bums who voted for him sported an IQ in the 40-50 range…says it all!

  • http://yahoo Sgt Rock

    barack obama is and always has been a lying phony piece of trash!! So how did this loser with a capital L get elected in the first place?! Lies of course and plenty of them,that and tons of money from george soros and his ilk!! If you notice I will never use capital letters when posting about these fools and traitors!! I hope and pray that the American people see through this Liar and his Phony birth certificate,hell everything about him is Phony including his school transcripts!!

    • D. Anderson

      I agree-the community organizer has got to go-people should have paid attention when he stated, “transforming America”, I knew right then-this is not the person to be in the Oval office. So—-to the people who voted him in-How is that change working out for you now? He is surrounded by socialists, communists, progressives, and hippies from the 60’s, now wearing a suit & tie. WAKE UP PEOPLE-he’s against capitalism, oil drilling in the USA, believes govt. should be your parent-cradle to grave.

    • WALTER

      Hold on bub. I am a hippy from the 60s and I wear a suit and tie now and again. I am absolutely not on obooboos’ side, nor any of his scum friends.

    • percy choate

      i neither wear a tie nor am i accomplished in the english language , but i do see an athiest communist muslim pig when i hear them speak , non of us are intitled to our freedomes we have to work hard on those things freedom is not free !!! so work on your gifts and you will get exactily what you have worked so hard to achieve , and deserve .

    • Apache6

      I started to keep an EYE(and ear)on OVOMIT when he became a senator.All I was hearing was OVOMIT this,and OVOMIT that,I knew then that the DEMONICRATS were grooming him to be president!!!!

    • liz

      Can some tell me if during O’s run for the Senate if there was a newspaper article written such as :
      “Kenyan Born Obama makes a run for the USA Senate .”
      I had heard about it , but assumed if it was true some Demo would have made sure it was pulled from the archives ! just Chicago Politics ! ANYONE HAve an old paper with this in it ? would be hard for the O’s to play it down now !;_)!

    • JC711

      Maybe a hoarder will have a newspaper or magazine stating something like that, Liz…
      And then B. Hussein’s lemmings will claim it was incorrect …

    • The Bobster

      The MSM were crawling up his ass in 2004 during the Demo-rat convention. I considered him a nothing then and I still do.

    • Raymond

      Sgt Rock says:
      May 23, 2011 at 3:46 pm
      barack obama is and always has been a lying phony piece of trash!! So how did this loser with a capital L get elected in the first place?! Lies of course and plenty of them,that and tons of money from george soros and his ilk!! If you notice I will never use capital letters when posting about these fools and traitors!! I hope and pray that the American people see through this Liar and his Phony birth certificate,hell everything about him is Phony including his school transcripts!!

      Hi Sgt. Rock:
      We all know Obama the muslim is an inbreed, homosexual, lying piece of trash.

      My question is this:

      Who’s a bigger piece of trash, Obama or his supporters?


    • Apache6

      Raymond,THEY are of equal trash !!!

    • Hank

      Their respective trashhoods are so similar that they even inhabit the same waste basket.

    • Muslim scum remover….

      And share the same pig dung pie. all muslims and democrats are scum sucking camel licking pig dung chewing commie bastards.

    • Joyce

      Narsisists are known to be habitual liars. Look how he’s backtracking now on the Israel remark he made last week. He’s looking the media straight in the eye and saying he didn’t say the very thing they have on tape! I sure wish SOMEBODY in politics would finally blow the whistle and get the muslim liar impeached.

    • http://windowslive mary


    • http://WebTV Fenderman52

      In the immortal words of that great philosopher, Jed Clampett: “The boy lies so much he has to get somebody to call his dog for him!”

  • Norma J. Sears

    So get HIM and HIS out our White House.

    • http://windowslive mary

      I’m with you norma. they are using it for a party house. they are making sure they utlize everything at their hands as well

  • sean murrey

    He wasnt born but hatched out of the swamp.washington is swamp where welfare rats breed.

    • rd

      Do not impunge the SWAMP. this piece of dirt did not come from the swamp – GATORS come from the swamp. This one piece of trash came perhaps from the Dump.

  • Freedom

    Let’s call our president by his real name. As I understand it he was adopted by an Indonesian citizen and became a citizen of Indonesia. His official name after adoption is Barry Soetoro. He is a citizen of Indonesia (a then communist country), and educated as a Muslim. I have seen no proof of his birthplace except the Kenyon document, which may be questionable. I have seen no documents that changes his name back to the one he is presently using or one that identifies him as an American Citizen.

    How can we allow this flim-flam man continue to live an invisible and faceless past and remain President? I don’t favor impeachment. He has never existed as President because he was never vetted for the job and does not meet the Constitutional requirements. None of his acts, signatures, political appointees, speeches or posturing ever happened and are therefore to be disregarded.

    • WALTER

      Let the navy seals use him for target practice.

    • ready for battle

      THE only thing that has really happen he has took xxxxxxxxxxnumber of jobs…and put xxxxxxx little business out of work..stopped ALL the jobs in the OIL fields..put gas at a all time high that has made everything else go up..BUT O-BUTT-HOLE still takes his VAC..on tax dollars..goes to his QUEER CLUB ON WEEKENDS. SMOKES HIS POT EVERY DAY..NO SAYS ANYTHING ABOUT IT…I WONDER WHAT ALL TRUMP GOT TO HAVE THE FAKE BIRTH C. MADE?

    • liz

      I SO AGREE ! Also : did anyone remember reading in a Chicago Newspaper when O was running for Senate Anything that included this :
      “Kenyan Born Obama Runs for US Sentate!”
      I read that it was out back then. But unsure where to go to find it . would be hard for him to play down today !!!!!

    • Muslim scum remover….

      Can any of you high tech savay people look into the records of chicago newspapers and see if anyone can find out obama saying he was born in kenya. That would be all we need to hang him and any elected offical that said different.Treason is a hanging offense and all muslims eat pig dung pie and like it.

    • Christian Van Niekerk

      It is no good to impeach this Muslim in the WH>
      HE must be arrested for purgery and thrown into jail. He is going all out to destroy USA and it’s only real friend inthe MER, Israel.

  • Wendell

    One of Obama’s good friends states that he was born in Hawaii because they saw him walking from Hawaii to California to college !!

    • WALTER

      There isn’t enough pig crap in the ocean to make it look like he walked on water to get from Hawaii to fagafornia. He came over on a garbage scow.

    • Jenn

      hrmmm… google maps won’t allow me to walk from Hawaii to California or visa versa… it has me take a canoe out of Washington state…

  • Jo Ann

    What is wrong with this country, what is going on in Washington, that all the congress and senators are just ignoring this. Someone said, because the supreme court will not throw him out, obummer put his radicals in there, remember. So now what do we do to get his ass into gitmo, why is everyone just not seeing or hearing, what has to be done, a Revolt on July 4th, this is crazy, that an illegal radical from another country is president, what the hell, now they are picking on Rubio and Jindal, saying their parents were born in other countries, they have the time to spew this bullshit but letting a muslim run the United States of America, COME ON PEOPLE WE ARE NOT STUPID, WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS TREASON, TYRANNY AND EVERYTHING ELSE THIS ILLEGAL IS DOING.Where do we go and start procedures? We need our military home, is that why he is starting wars, to thin out our military, we need our troops here to help us get our country back. I would not fight for this demon, he is destroying and killing us, a very slow death. get out of your trances people, we have to put our heads together and do something, we all write on this site, so now lets work together to see what we have to do. just like I worked together after 9/11, he is going to kill us if we do not do something.

    • ChAD

      There must be a lot more behind the scenes that we don’t know as to the reasons why no one will act on this. Perhaps it’s fear that the traitor B. Husein Obama would initiate hit squads at anyone bringing this issue to a head. What about a law suit with new undisputable evidence that he is an illegal. Hey guess what, that’s probably the reason behind him pushing for amnesty for all the illegals that includes himself.

    • Apache6

      Jo Ann,nobody is listening to us,not the DEMONICRATS or the RINO REPUBLICAN’TS.” GOD,GUNS,and GUTS ” are the only things that can save US now!!!

    • Joyce

      One thing we need to do is get behind Herman Cain for president. That at least takes the race card off the table and Obummer will have to fight “fair” (whatever that means in his vernacular). Otherwise, whoever we choose will be chewed up and spit out by that master of the teleprompter. He spends millions of dollars to hide ALL of his records, yet he has dossiers on everybody that’s signed up to run against him including Chris Cristy, who said he has no intention of running, “just in case he changes his mind”. How can anybody compete with that? They can’t bring out Obummer’s past actions because they don’t know who or what he is, and what they can say about him will just be dismissed as racism and jealousy. He has no respect whatsoever for caucasians, but maybe he’ll have just a little for Cain and won’t be so evil toward him (although I seriously doubt it). We’ve GOT to get him out of office before he completes his campaign promise to transform us into socialists.

    • The Bobster

      Fool me once
      Shame on you….

    • Jim Marvel

      The problem with Herman and some others, is they have not made their intentions known on the illegal immigrants. He has not made a stand.
      I would rather vote for Allen West, or Rick Perry, Or Jan brewer. At least I know where they stand.

  • Virginia in Virginia

    Call it intuition, call it listening to the people who have proof, but I do not believe he is an American Citizen. I do believe he is a crook and crooks paid for his presidency and are still paying to keep him there!

    • Dave

      How about I call it naive?

    • http://patriotupdate ENRICO

      I call her instinct just plain cool-why knock something that is true? ever notice how this freak visits elementary schools?if I was principal I would show the class how to paddle Obama’s ass like back in the 1950’s and make him cry like the punk he still is

    • Jo Ann

      hey Dave, are you an illegal, getting free food stamps, free tuition, anybody that is naive, I would say it is you. Soros, was thrown out of many many countries, hilary clinton, and this obummer are very good friends, soros would do anything to control a country. so Dave, do not forget to wait on line for your freebies, that us Americans pay for, and guess what, it will be ending soon, there is a corrupt ponzi scheme going on in the white mosque and the capitol, do not kid yourself Dave, or maybe you are one of them spying on this site.

    • Dave

      What country has George Soros been thrown out of?

  • ron

    This should be sent to Trump.

  • BAND

    Give it a break! We EW ARE STUCK with him until the next election. For now I think he will leave the Democrats with a terrible public opinion at election time. As a Republican I look forward to a real democratic administration and a decent economy.

  • Patriot Fire Fighter

    “YOUR ALL RIGHT”! The trouble is the only way anything will change,is for the people to ‘RISE UP’ by the thousands and acost washington just as the people did in Egypt and the rest of that region! “Thats’ The Only Thing ‘SCUM BAG’ Tyrants understand”! “GOD Bless America”

    • http://yahoo mike


    • joe meister

      thats just what he wants. anyone who does it will be labeled as the radical violent crazies. then he comes to the rescue & chaos reigns. if you did that you’d end up a slave. or dead. hes waiting for that . go to visit beck in isr but rising up is not the way . he will get his // chill out. we all know hes a shit & a puke

    • WALTER

      Accost Washington? Brow beat those in Washington that do not do as we want. A mace or a flaile will adjust an attatude very efficently and quickly.

    • Trish05

      I agree, we, americans, and those that love this country, can stand in Lafayette Park, across from the White House, and stay there, until he gets his minions, and goes. One problem though, we have to have written permission, to do it! We also need a leader, who is willing to lead, that has some power, to lead the people gathered outside of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., someone, maybe, from Congress, that knows what a liar, and and a treasonist, Soetoro is. We can get someone who is pro-life, to stand with us. I’ll be waiting for a telephone call, from one of you more intelligent ones, to either contact me, or come up with a name, that will scare Soetoro out of his bloody pants. Or, we can all carry pictures of Jesus Christ, I believe if we call on Him, the Bible tells us, Satan, and his minions will run, because, they know, who is the Holy One, we are waing for His Return. By the way, I live in Maryland.

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    The only way to push the issue is to put 100-500,000 people in front of the White House demanding he produce the real birth certificate from Kenya (the one with his footprint on it), or demand he resign from office. And, we should all show up with pitchforks and torches and stay until he’s gone.

    • G Norwood


  • http://nonepresently amirizar10

    When up to the neck in crocks is not the time to regret not draining the pond. Dam political correctness; sticks and stones will break my… What really scares me is the further damage to the American way of life. (and to our economy) DON’T SNOOZE, IMPEACH NOW:

    • WALTER

      I beleave there are those that would prefer a snipers 30/06 impeachment process should be initiated if that is necessary. It seems that we are being pushed against the wall and have very few options left. Duck and cover.

    • Joyce

      If he were white, he would have been out of office 2-1/2 years ago. But just mix him half and half with black blood and all of a sudden EVERYBODY’s afraid to make the slightest move for FEAR of being labeled “politically incorrect”. Damn that PC garbage!! This country is going to hell on roller skates and everybody just looks the other way and twiddles their thumbs like they don’t see the marxist elephant in the room! How will they justify their failure to act when we’re all living under muslim rule and subject to sharia law? If those numb-nut politicians had half a brain, they’d realize that more of them will end up dead than will have any place in the new regime.

  • JoeBones

    Everything in the above comments are true the comments against hussein obama!
    But the Domestic Terrorists on the left and in the media have a vested interest in destroying the America we know and love from the FRINGE LUNATIC’S IN OUR WHITE HOUSE ALL THE WAY DOWN TO WHERE YOU LIVE!
    They KNOW that hussein obama is ILLEGAL AND DON’T CARE,hussein obama IS AN AMERICA HATING MUSLIM THIS IS ANOTHER WAY THE MUSLIMS HOPE TO TAKE OVER AMERICA FROM THE INSIDE. LET THEM IMPOSE SHARIA LAW AND COME AFTER ME I WILL BE VERY GLAD TO HELP THEM BECOME MARTYRS FOR THEIR TWISTED SATANIC CULT, they call the USA the Great Satan but everything about this satanic cult is based on Torture and Murder if you don’t blindly accept all the Tenets of this Cult,and whatever their demonic Imams tell you to do and how to live. Christianity is exactly the opposite, although there have been people who have used Christianity for their own Demonic purposes in the past.
    That has never changed the Facts Jesus Christ died on the Cross for our Sins.
    Jesus Christ never violated nine year old girls for his own twisted pleasure in the name of his Demonic Cult. Have a nice day.

    • WALTER

      Your statement is true except the girls are are as young as six and seven yeras old.

  • lucybelle

    I believe Obama will definitely give all the illegal aliens amenesty so they can vated for him….Where is congress?? How does he get away with all the garbage he puts through.. I thought we had 3 sections of gov. Wake up Congress and Senate!! Stop letting this FAKE president get away with so much!! He thinks he is God Almighty!! Everyone needs to rise up and take our country back!!

    • Joyce

      There USED TO BE 3 branches of government, but Obama now controls all 3 of them. That’s why he gets to do anything he wants. Everybody under his command is either controlled by payoffs or threats. Chicago politics has gone big league!

    • rd

      you are correct, he controls the Legislative branch through Harry Reid, of course he is controlling the Executive Branch, and through the Attorney General and the federal courts, he is controlling the Supreme Court by stopping or slowing anything from getting to the Supreme Court.

    • Richard William Faith

      Methinks that OH-VOMIT hasn’t been around enough Mexicans to understand much about their culture. Most of them are polite, considerate Christian people, and although many are not very savvy about American politics, they are intelligent and willing to learn. Many of them are even CONSERVATIVE! TALK to you Mexican friends. While I do NOT like in the least the idea of unrestrained illegal immigration, the fact is, THEY’RE ALREADY HERE. TALK TO THEM, FREQUENTLY and REGULARLY. Most Mexican people I know are smart enough to understand (once properly shown how it works) that ALL COMMUNISTS THROW PEOPLE THAT THEY CONSIDER TO BE “NO-LONGER-‘USEFUL’-IDIOTS” UNDER THE BUS. Get THIS message out to all of your Mexican friends, then sit back and watch this “AMNESTY FOR VOTES” travesty BACKFIRE BIGTIME!

  • don

    Don,t forget how he he was elected,he will be elected again the same way.Most dicktater,s want give up with out a fight.

    • John

      He was elected by voter fraud and he will try it again at the polls and elsewhere.Will probably use the same union thugs he used in Wis.

    • joe meister

      then i suggest you get the jdl hells angel types ex military men to guard all the polls we outnumber them we can send more muscle than all the union goons . that i can see doing. + we need ppl inside to follow the machines & sit in on the counting. common sense .we’re just not orged like 0 is. we need to plan but where the hell & who the hell is the tea party /? i don’t see them doing nothing or saying anything where are they. where is any opposition to this quack. he sent our grain to egypt after the storms made us short ,the slime .get orged start some site for caucasisn conser4vatives & soon

    • http://patriotupdate ENRICO

      I think Cain will secure the republican nomination and take most of the black vote,most of the hispanic vote,all of the Jewish vote,all of the REDNECK vote,Obama will get most of the gay/lesbian/transgender immoral vote,and Cain will get most of the military and civil service vote-overall it will be a landslide defeat for the worthless fool

    • The Bobster

      82% of the jews voted for this muzzie pretender. They’d vote for Hitler if he had a “D” after his name.

      As for the wets, they vote for the one who promises them the most chit.

    • Richard William Faith

      PLEASE don’t tell me your spelling was an accident! What a PICTURE it brings to mind! A phallic sculpture made from a POTATO! Now if the sculptor uses a very sharp Ex-Acto(r) Knife plus much patience plus much skill, he can even carve BIG EARS on one of those INCREDIBLE CREATIONS!

  • Thomas Martin

    obama came from Kenya
    And he brought along some flies.
    When ever he opens his mouth
    Out come a pack of obama lies.

    Well, he goes to foreign lands
    And he runs our country down.
    When it comes being stupid
    This jerk is just a clown.

    2012 we’ll send him packing
    And take our country back.
    He’s bankrupting America
    Not cutting us any slack.

    He welcomes those here illegally
    Raises our taxes too pay there fare.
    We don’t want any damn amnesty
    But that ass hole obama does not care.

    Social security in a fix
    They say it’s almost broke.
    Well, it will only get worst
    I think obama using coke.

    His birth certificate is a fake
    The government covers his lies.
    We had our fill of this ass hole
    Democrats are just not that wise.

    I want our constitution back and sound
    For obama treats it as if it’s just trash.
    Will vote his sorry ass out of office 2012
    Maybe we’ll save our country lots of cash.

    God bless America and our brave men and women in uniform….

  • Kenneth

    How can the people of this country continue to put up with this mockery???? Congress must take this information seriously and call for an investigation, immediately. If this is true, then he never was president and no impeachment proceedings are required. He can be declared ineligible and removed immediately and all that he has accomplished will be null and void. As if he never existed!!!!

    • rd

      You are wrong – not even if you removed him from office would everything he has done be null and void. When you remove him – you’ve got Biden to deal with. Man’s not as smart as a turnip – but that’s who you’d live with for the next year.

    • Richard William Faith

      Hey RD,
      It might not be as bad as you think. At least Biden is a (marginal) American. True enough, he serves the same MASSAH (soros) as OH-VOMIT does, but he does not hate America AS RABIDLY. Besides, with OH-VOMIT out of the way, it would be all the more easy to get rid of Biden too! Think about this, just as a possibility: since our elections run a Presidential candidate with his own hand-picked VP candidate and leave the voter no mix-and-match choice, who’s to say that the whole TICKET can’t be declared FRAUDULENT?

  • http://yahoo A Soldier Dad.

    So, is USA now a lawless “nation”??? I see people are more preocupied with the gardener papers, than the person who can kill us all and we will soffer for his stupidities for decades to come.

  • bitter clinger

    Jerome Corsi is supposed to announce the name of the person responsible for faking this piece of junk…. listen to Alex Jones.

  • http://yahoo mike


  • John

    Eric Holder is Obamas strong arm.He will tweak the law to fit these libtards.The deck is stacked so well I don’t think we can unseat this piece of s–t.

    • Richard William Faith

      After doing a little research on the history of the Office of Attorney General, I can see that the concept of such an office may at one time have contained a SPECK if integrity; however, if one were to write a summary of the actual activities of the last few Attorneys General of the United States, and CALL that summary a “definition” of the office, we would end up with a “definition” something like this:
      Attorney General: The cabinet person charged with the responsibility of shielding and protecting the President against legal accountability for any and all of his own actions.

  • Richard Drozek

    It pains me without end that we have a media created leaders and also racial and gender candidates into the highest office our Great Republic. This clear review of a fraudelent birth document should be enough proof that this political party should be outlawed and the Mafia Unionist who elected this Southside Chicago lawyer should be prosecuted. Next, this fraud, Barak Obama must be impeached and removed from the Presidency before he destroys Our Great People.

  • Richard Drozek

    It pains me without end that we have Socialist Corporate media that creates illusionary leaders and also promotes racial and gender affirmative candidates into the highest office of our Great Republic. This clear review of a fraudelent birth document should be enough proof that the Democrat political party should be outlawed, the Mafia Unionist who elected this Southside Chicago lawyer be prosecuted, and finally and most importantly this fraud, Barak Obama, “must be impeached and removed” from the Presidency before he destroys Our Great People.

  • Richard Drozek

    It pains me without end that we have a Socialist Corporate media that creates illusionary leaders and also promotes racial and gender affirmative action candidates into the highest office of our Great Republic. This clear review of a fraudulent birth document should be enough proof that the Democrat political party should be outlawed, the Mafia Unionist who elected this Southside Chicago “empty bag” lawyer be prosecuted, and finally and most importantly, this fraud, Barak Obama, “must be impeached and removed” from the Presidency before he destroys Our Great People

  • Vera Jackson

    What really baffles me is that he has two beautiful little daughters. What kind of world does he want for them, along with all our innocent children and grandchildren? He actually wants Sharia law to torture them? This whole scenario seems like our worst nightmares coming true. We all agree, but seemingly feel it’s fate and just sit back and complain. The whole country hates him and what he is doing to us, so what are we going to do about it?

    • ready for battle

      ITS to late for his girls now. he has already taught them to hate the usa.

    • Richard William Faith

      Regarding your query as to how OH-VOMIT feels about the coming torture of his daughters, try (yes, it’s difficult for me too!) to understand that if he’s a true Muslim, all of that stuff is normal and okay. Well therefore, he must be a true Muslim. A friend who has little patience with me once told me that I have an ASTOUNDING GRASP FOR THE OBVIOUS. Oh, well.

  • Raymond

    George Soros has publicly stated:

    “Those who do the counting are the ones
    who put people into office.”

    Sadly he’s right.

    • Richard William Faith

      If by chance you have a video of Soros saying that, watch it carefully and see if he flashes a demonic little smile right after saying it. He’s probably thinking “YeeeHawww! I PAID them!”

  • http://none Floyd Hardee

    All the ranting and raving and name calling is not going to get rid of Obama or any of his cohorts. The only way to oust him and them is through the voting booths. Take away the illegals right to vote…that means welfare recepients who depend on government handouts and the vote buyers lose million of votes and they go down to defeat. Until you can convince your elected representatives to pass legislation prohibiting those receiving welfare from voting they are going to keep right on reelecting their good buddies(crooked congressmen) who write them checks made payable by Jack and Jill Taxpayer Who Is Too Stupid To Do Anything, they are going to stay in power and laugh at your (our) silly antics. They want you(us) to waste our time on birth certificates and any other distraction that they can come up with.

  • G Norwood


    • G Norwood


    • Scottie

      No one in our Government or Senate will do anything about ,even all who know he is Illigal ,and that only because they will all go to prison ,right where they belong .But one can only hid for so long before the truth comes out, and one day it will ,and I pray they all live long enough to live in the BIG HOUSE ,NOT THE WHITE HOUSE !! GOD BLESS AMERICA..

    • Richard William Faith

      I still think there’s a way to barter some face-saving for some cooperation (this is sometimes called a “plea bargain”; sometimes called “making them an offer they can’t refuse”): WE THE PEOPLE should INFORM our legislators that any and all persons in the legislature who actively pursue the expulsion of Obama (A.K.A., OH-VOMIT) to the FULL EXTENT OF SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION, are eligible to keep their posts until end of term and even eligible to run for re-election; those who do NOT, shall NOT be eligible for re-election, and should NOT expect to receive any taxpayer-funded retirement.

  • Harold Price

    I didn’t read all the comments so maybe I missed someone saying the same thing. But when Obummer stood there and presented his ‘birth certificate’ he made the comment similar to this, “Here it is, I’m doing this now to clear things up and stop all the distraction it caused so we can move on.” So if it was no big deal to produce it, why in the Hell did it take him 3 years. Proof or not common sense says he is a liar, and he has proven it time and time again. I was always a birther, proud of it, and the day he showed I said that it must take 3 years to forge one, bribe everyone and get it to look official. By the way, did they ever figure out his birth certificate he used from Kenya to get a good deal on college?

  • Raymond

    Some people seem to believe that Obama will be impeached
    or voted out at the end of his 4 years. Let’s take a look at how
    likely either is to happen.

    1). Obama being a Jew hating, America hating muslim
    with less than 2 years as a Senator, was catapulted all the
    way to the oval office.

    2). Despite being born in Kenya, he was able to side step
    all the legal requirements that position requires. Many
    Senators & Congressman/women assisted him in this
    criminal act. The main stream media as well as the
    United States Supreme Court also assisted in this crime.

    3). The Pharmaceutical & Petroleum Industry also
    assisted Obama to circumvent all legal requirements that office has.

    4). Being a homosexual & adulterer, the homosexual
    community backed Obama 100%. Let’s remember that
    many of our Judges, Lawyers, Senators, Congressman/
    women, Mayors are directly involved in such wickedness, and/or support those who are.

    5). Obama being a globalist is supported by other globalists
    like George Soros, The Rockerfeller family, the Counsel on
    Foreign Relations, The Mellon family, The Masons, The
    Catholic Church & many other groups/organizations
    that support a 1 world government.

    6). Communist & muslim nations want to see Obama stay
    in the White House. They gave him hundreds of millions
    when he ran for the presidency. The muslims want him
    there because he is a fellow muslim who has access
    to nuclear weapons.

    • Doug

      Re’ point (1) —
      Seems like you are doing a lot of hating.

      I John 4:7-8

    • The Bobster

      Is it okay to hate you, Doogie?

    • Richard William Faith

      The ABILITY to HATE EVIL is a GIFT, and a MANDATE, from GOD HIMSELF.

    • Bree

      Thank you for that Raymond, it is more than a wake up call but a giant reality check! There is such deception it would seem that we are left with no options. However being Patriots we must stand for America or go down with the ship. What do you think our recourse is?

    • Raymond

      Bree says:
      May 23, 2011 at 9:12 pm
      Thank you for that Raymond, it is more than a wake up call but a giant reality check! There is such deception it would seem that we are left with no options. However being Patriots we must stand for America or go down with the ship. What do you think our recourse is?

      Hi Bree.
      As a nation, America has inbraced every evil under heaven.
      The ship is doing down. You ask what our recourse is.
      Turn from our sins & turn to Jesus the Christ. As a nation,
      America will not do this.

  • Raymond

    Yes, he told us in advance what he planned to do. Few were listening.
    The following is a narrative taken from a 2008 Sunday morning televised “Meet The Press’.
    From Sunday’s 07 Sept. 2008 11:48:04 EST, Televised “Meet the Press” THE THEN Senator Obama was asked about his stance on the American Flag.

    General Bill Ginn’ USAF (ret.) asked Obama to explain WHY he doesn’t follow protocol when the National Anthem is played.

    The General stated to Obama that according to the United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171…

    During rendition of the national anthem, when the flag is displayed, all present (except those in uniform) are expected to stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. Or, at the very least, “Stand and Face It”.

    ‘Senator’ Obama replied:
    “As I’ve said about the flag pin, I don’t want to be perceived as taking sides”. “There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American
    Flag is a symbol of oppression..” “The anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all that sort of thing.”

    Obama continued: “The National Anthem should be ‘swapped’ for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song ‘I’d Like To Teach the World To Sing’. If that were our anthem, then, I might salute it. In my opinion, we should consider reinventing our National Anthem as well as ‘redesign’ our Flag to better offer our enemies hope and love. It’s my intention, if elected, to disarm America to the level of acceptance to our Middle East Brethren. If we, as a Nation of warring people, conduct ourselves like the nations of Islam, where peace prevails – – – perhaps a state or period of mutual accord could exist between our governments …”

    When I (Obama) become President, I will seek a pact of agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity, and a freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts. We as a Nation, have placed upon the nations of Islam, an unfair injustice which is WHY my wife disrespects the Flag and she and I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past”.

    “Of course now, I have found myself about to become the President of the United States and I have put my hatred aside . I will use my power to bring CHANGE to this Nation, and offer the people a new path..My wife and I look forward to becoming our Country’s First black Family. Indeed, CHANGE is about to overwhelm the United States of America ”

    Yes, you read it right.
    I, for one, am speechless!!!
    Dale Lindsborg , Washington Post


    • Richard William Faith

      The FALSE BAIT of ELIMINATING WAR has been a rallying cry of one-worlders for a long time, but it’s almost a NO-BRAINER to demonstrate that it DOES NOT WORK OUT THAT WAY IN PRACTICE! Just look at the old Soviet Union. This was a VAST piece of CONTIGUOUS LAND that was practically a WORLD UNTO ITSELF, all under one single government, but it was WRACKED with CIVIL WARS! HOW is it POSSIBLE to imagine that an even BIGGER experiment of this sort could EVER POSSIBLY SUCCEED in bringing UNIVERSAL PEACE? ESPECIALLY when it INCLUDES MUSLIMS? Those of us who were AROUND in the sixties and seventies REMEMBER that the Muslims were a constant thorn in the side of the Soviets, and we Americans were NOT ABOVE using the knowledge of this in “BALANCE-OF-POWER” games (a folly we learned from Mother England!). At the time I was an innocent and very apolitical youth, and yet even to MY naive little mind it was OBVIOUS that we were TRUSTING these Muslims way too much! My more politically erudite friends thought I was CRAZY, but now I’m having the last

      It really isn’t funny anymore, and even with the impending sacrifice of my PRIDE for admitting it, I feel a little sick to the stomach. I WISH I had been WRONG.

  • Insurgent

    Once a LFN—————-always a LFN !

  • Doug

    It’s more likely that the “proof” in this article was created in Illustrator.

    • Richard William Faith

      Where in PERDITION are you coming from? If you are defending Obama, plainly explain WHY.

  • Raymond

    The question which has gripped our nation is whether Barack Obama is eligible to be President and Commander in Chief. Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 provides that: “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.” The proper question under this clause is not whether Obama is a “Citizen of the United States.” Rather, the correct question is whether Obama is a “natural born Citizen” thereunder.
    “It cannot be presumed that any clause in the constitution is intended to be without effect, and therefore such construction is inadmissible unless the words require it….” Marbury v. Madison. 5 U.S. 137, 174 (1803). In other words, the “natural born Citizen” clause of Article II must be given independent effect from the “citizen of the United States” clause of Article II itself and of the Fourteenth Amendment. All Presidents must qualify as Article II “natural born Citizens,” not as Fourteenth Amendment “citizens of the United States.” The two clauses have different and distinct meanings or they would not have their own independent life in the Constitution. Article II says “natural born Citizen” and the Fourteenth Amendment says “citizen of the United States.” If being a “citizen of the United States” had the same exact effect as being a “natural born citizen,” then the “natural born Citizen” clause would have no effect. Such a construction is not admissible. If we were not to give special meaning to the words “natural born” and conclude that “natural born Citizen” and “citizen of the United States” mean the same thing, the words “natural born” in the “natural born Citizen” clause of Article II would be superfluous. Our Supreme Court has consistently expressed “a deep reluctance to interpret a statutory provision so as to render superfluous other provisions in the same enactment.” Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare v. Davenport, 495 U.S. 552, 110 S.Ct. 2126, 2133, 109 L.Ed.2d 588 (1990); International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America, Uaw v. Johnson Controls, Inc, 499 U.S. 187, 111 S.Ct. 1196, 1204, 113 L.Ed.2d 158 (1991) . Hence, we have to give special meaning to the words “natural born.”

    • Dave

      Well no kidding! Immigrants can become citizens but they cannot be President because they were not born here. The argument about President Obama is whether or not he was born here and the documents show that he was.

    • Richard William Faith

      The fact being ignored here is that neither the father nor the stepfather of Obama ever was an American citizen, naturalized or otherwise. The “narrow” context of this forum is the birth certificate; the BIG picture is that Obama is INELIGIBLE to be POTUS. He is not a NATURAL-BORN citizen; it is NOT TRUE that “BOTH” of his parents are United States citizens. Now IF he were a reasonably good President (which he is NOT), few if any would care where he was born or where his parentS were born. We DO care, because it is NECESSARY to depose him. Do you STILL not get it?

  • SpiritualMadMan

    I have to wonder who warned Trump off before he got to the sealed adoption records???

    • Muslim scum remover….

      they most likely told him live or die. accidents do happen. look at all the accidents when clinton was persident and gov. We have been soldout America. wake up…

    • Richard William Faith

      You have hit the nail on the head! This is PRE-ZACTLY why the only person qualified to take on such missions is a TERMINALLY-ILL PATRIOT (who KNOWS he’s going to die a MISERABLE DEATH SOON ANYWAY, and who THUS HAS SOLACE in the INALIENABLE KNOWLEDGE that the bad guys, however bad they may be, HAVE NO POWER WHATSOEVER to make it ANY WORSE for him). This is a job for someone with NOTHING TO LOSE.

  • DrG

    if you look close, the green background part has straight lines where the black copy is curved. If it was a real copy, the green background would be curved as well

  • Syd

    When Trump caused the ruckus, we all thought he’d follow thru with it & see that the bc document was verified and other things would be questioned as well. It just got dropped.Was that Trump’s way of supporting Obama…to bring it out in the open without challenge so it couldn’t be brought up again? It seems it worked. Nobody’s saying anything publicly. Just emails.

  • Douglas Dauntless

    Doesn’t any body realize that the Fabian and the Commmunist have full control over the Federal Government and the, State News-media, as Rush calls them. And now the powers that be are useing the Muslims to destroy us. We all know that Obama is a usuper of the Presidency and no one will do anything about it. Where’s Congress? wher’s the Suprem Copurt?

  • Edrod

    It’s a great feeling to see some of my fellow true Americans starting to see what a scam this congress and mostly our three branches of government have allowed to happen to our great country and all of our hard working tax paying public. They should be tried for treason and executed like the traitors they are. Please don’t changeyour minds before the coming elections America needs you.

  • Edrod

    The candidtates I would like to see run for president are GOV. PERRY of Texas and GOV. CRISTIE of New Jersey both of these men have taken control of their respective states and are now headed to the top as the two states that have continued to grow financially. They both have plans that work and are not SOCIALIST like all the Democrats.

    • The Bobster

      Both of those guys are terrible on illegal immigration. I’m going with Jim DeMint.

  • James

    If it is true that he is not qualified/eligible to be president of the United States, does this not mean that any legislation he has signed into law, and any other stupid decisions he has made are null and void?

  • MalikTous

    This damn Kenyan got in there on ACORN’s damn corpse-vote fraud with a fake citizen ID. Nothing new in DC or from the Dummycrats.

  • Edrod

    Get them out of power and then we can start to investigate and prosecute them for crimes against America and the Constitution. Our Constitutional lawyers would have a ball just writing up charges against Obama, Pelosi and Reid. They will probably be on an airplane headed to France as soon as they lose the election.

  • Mike Cutwright

    Funny, I see no comments by liberals. What’s wrong guys? Can’t handle that your messiah has truly been exposed?

    • pikachu13-a realistic thinker, that can see past the lies

      I am a liberal I didn’t know about this blog and you won’t get me to hide away so easily now that I know. Read some of my other comments that I have posted today, I will say it all!

  • Melia-Aneta Sese

    Oh … My … God! This is incredible, and it really makes you wonder just why they released this. Either (1) they are so conceited they think they can get away with it, or (2) (like the video maker stated) someone is trying to undermine the WH on this and Barry is nothing more than some “Manchurian candidate”. I’m really not sure – and normally, I’m never at a loss for words.

  • Commrade Soros

    Issa— Bring in those involved ‘procuring’ this certificate and let them squeal like pigs. These are FORGERIES for whatever reason.
    This is 1,ooo times worse cover-up than Watergate ever thought of being. It is ?before, during AND after” fact..

  • T-Partier

    This kid is an idiot.

    Or should I say, ‘now, if you didn’t know, this kid is an idiot.’

    The layering comes from scanning OCR software.

    • jackie cox

      The idiot part is right, but, in context its you who think we are idiot enough to believe you. Another thing, birth certificates made by the atending physician, nurse, places the childs footprint on the original paperwork which stays in the hospital record archieves, or may be stolen or altered, but forensic study similar to the one this aware kid show can also be used to illustrate falsehood. My question is why the senate do not began impeachment proceedings ?

    • Red

      Impeachment must begin in the House. Ask your congressman.

    • Eddie G.

      Can’t be impeached,he’s not a natural born citizen.

    • ketrout

      Just throw the bum out!

    • Red

      Can only be removed by impeachment, trial in the Senate and removal if so voted. Only other way is to VOTE him out, or he could resign.

    • Frank

      Right Eddie G. Obummer can not be impeach but could only be remove via Act Of Congress. Impeach are for Legally Elected Officials who are vetted and natural born Citizen of the Good Ole USA & whose parent are CITIZEN OF GOOD OLE USA. Obummer IS NOT. KENYAN father of British citizenship & American Citizen mother.

    • Public Citizen

      Stated father a Kenyan citizen when Kenya was a part of the British Commonwealth.
      Mother an American Citizen but not of legal age at the time the big Zero was born.
      Therefore, neither parent able to confer natural born citizen status.
      He is a through and through bastard by any legally applicable definition and not a natural born citizen.

    • Jeffm0518

      The Senate is run by Harry Reid and the Democrats. That’s why they will NOT start impeachment proceedings. They agree with Barrack Hussein Obama. It’s not just Obama that’s trying to destroy America, it’s the Democrats as a whole. Look at what they’ve done since 2006 when they took over both the House and the Senate. 2012 can NOT come soon enough.

    • Richard William Faith

      Partially correct! Reid and the Democrats DO run the Senate (for now); however, impeachment ABSOLUTELY DOES START in THE HOUSE. Read your Constitution. If the Senate shoots it down, at least we will have a roll-call vote for reference. Our Enemy Within can RUN but he cannot HIDE.

    • Johnnygard

      Richard, Think it through to the end. If the House impeaches, the Senate would acquit, just like they did with Clinton. It would be a huge distraction from the real issues before the 2012 election, and after the acquittal he would get even more “sympathy” votes ’cause he had been picked on by the racist Republicans. Gas prices, unemployment, the economy/inflation, Obamacare, talk to people about the issues! Oh Oh, spell check won’t work right now.

    • bp

      To Johnny: Issues begin with the man & his ideas, in this case, socialist ideologies! We need to convert the Senate, then we can IMPEACH, or defeat him altogether. Palin 2012!

    • http://verizon Albert Lloyd Grounds

      Mr. Faith: There is a better way than impeachment and that is annulment. This would remove him as president and he would not be authorized any pay, allowances or retirement. Unfortunately impeachment would.

      This is a serious matter and not only would the president be subject to criminal proceedings but also the leader of the senate and then leader of the house for being complicit by not vetting him. Personally, I would love to see all of them behind bars for what they have done to this country in a mere two years. This may be the most corrupt government in our nation’s history.

    • Carl

      I used Adobe Photoshop Elements and got similar results. The person who did this was either dumb or arrogant.

    • Kurt

      Definitely arrogant and stupid. What else could you expect from our Democrats.

      I and others noted the first day that this piece of paper was a fake. It was simple:
      Race of Father = African. In 1961 the word NEGRO would have been used and not African.
      Arrogance at work.

    • Whackajig

      I was 29 years old in 1961, living in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC. Just for the record, at that time there were lots and lots of words other than “negro” used to describe the kneegers. Birth certificates may have used negro as the designation, but the people who had to live near these sub humans had a few other choice things to call them.

      Yes, racisism is alive and well in America. Why is that? Maybe racism exists because some of us dislike the filthy, nasty, crime laden, disease infested, government dependent way these parasites live their lives.

    • pikachu13-a realistic thinker, that can see past the lies

      I guess you are a red neck still stuck in the 60s? GO MARTIN LUTHER KING JR!

    • Charles

      Jackie cox , Congress will not start impeachment proceedings because there are to many government officials that are involved in this cover up and Polosie is the leader of the group .

    • Sojourner56

      If we cannot even get the media to ask questions, how are we ever to get impeachment proceedings started? We can email and call our elected representatives all day — no one will go near this. There is a total blackout of this in the media and on the Hill. Frankly, it is scarey. For some time now I have concluded that a multi-million person march on Washington to call attention to this is perhaps our only option.

    • bp

      NO, this is exactly what “they” are hoping for (to impose martial law perhaps)! We are better than that. Patience.

    • gataheart

      I agree w/this; however, would certainly hate to put that many ‘conservatives’ into a single location where the BIG “o” could do away w/us in one hit claiming we were an ‘armed insurrection’ and immediately declare martial law. It’d be like shooting the goose that lays the golden egg but then they’d be rid of us ‘gun toting, hate filled, racist Caucasians and Uncle T’s’.

    • http://facebook Richard G Becker

      Not enough support available to impeach him. And they do not want a race riot.

    • Rumplestiltskin

      I’ve been thinking the same thing for a long time, with the damage this president is doing, why haven’t we heard anyone in the congress or senate calling for his impeachment? And then it hit me… Everyone is terrified, as they should be, because of the next two people in line to take his place, according to our constitution.

    • VeganDave

      Obama thinks that the People are ideots, and consequently, he won’t be challenged in his lies and deceit.

      The other thing (about the supposed Birth Certificate) that unfortunately isn’t being discussed is that the COTUS requires that BOTH parents must be citizens to qualify their offspring to be President – there are four VERY clear court decisions to that effect.

    • Kaypo23

      V.D., if you are going to call someone an idiot at least spell it correctly.

    • pikachu13-a realistic thinker, that can see past the lies

      If you can’t spell correctly I guess you can’t read correctly?

    • Pizzaman7

      You are incorrect. If you were to scan a paper copy of the certificate into your computer you would have an image file that is a single layer.

      Whoever created this document could of locked the layers when they were done creating this document and could of created a PDF file that was flattened into one single layer. Then a kid like this would not have been able to see all the different layer and manipulate them.

      Whoever created this document made a critical mistake in not covering their tracks but, like many people who work for this smuck, they don’t know what the hell they are doing !!

    • Dave

      I beg to differ. This article does a good job of explaining the layers.

    • JohnK

      So how much was this guy paid to say this. Or will he be offed if he decides to come clean and tells someone before he gets a chance to (Much like the Clinton years of Presidency).

    • jam23

      I hear this image layering theory being tossed around. I don’t have the capability to do it but it sounds like someone needs to scan the image and then see if adobe still creates the same layering.

    • http://BS Chuckh Holmes

      B.S. OCR software does NOT even attempt to LAYER (CHANGE to true type) a hand written line (script). This is a fake. EVEN if this document was NOT a fake he is still NOT eligible to president. His mother was NOT a natural born citizen for 16 years. she came into the country at Age 10 (NOT 2)

    • Patriotgal

      Mainstream media will not report this. Nothing will be done about it because it will quickly be swept under the rug by BO’s law team…

  • BimBam

    I have examined a Hawaiian Birth Certificate several years after his and it does not have a smiley face on the official stamped seal on the back.

    It is obviously a fake as the offical stamped seal has a misspelled word.

    oBama, typical of the elite marxist-socialist see the common people as something in their way, so as not to be respected.

    What is amazing is that they live off of our backs and hard-work.

    They truly are spoiled brats. And anyone who has raised kids like that, where everything is given and they virtually experience no hardship, we all have seen the results.

    This guy needs to be kicked out, and it is probably the first time he will get a spanking like that. Him, pUtin, etc.

    • JuddPaynter

      So the whole nation is ranting and raving that Obama Bin Ladens birth certificate is fake, yet I see no major official trying to do anything about it. All this whining, but no one who has power to get this guy out of the White House is doing anything. Nothing is going to come of this you know!

    • ketrout

      You are probably right!

    • Miss Vi

      We know he is a fake as is the birth certificate, but does anybody have the billions of dollars to get this out in the open? Like he and his commies spent to hide it? Trump tried, but got shot down. Makes me sick and tired.

    • Brian

      There is a book out just recently:

      It’s called: Where’s the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President

      It is a hot topic and worth a look.


      Trump did not try very hard to expose any thing except what an ass he is

    • Baf

      The senate has to start hearings first then vote to agree to start impeachment proceedings. If you noticed, the senate majority is controlled by democrats and they are bought and sold by this administration. Until Republicans can regain control…. no one will start the hearings to impeach. BHO has too many chicago thugs in place to silence anyone trying!

    • Red

      Impeachment is handled in the House. Trial is in the Senate.

    • Richard William Faith

      “Red” has “read” his Constitution. Everyone who wonders about this NEEDS to check it out for himself!

    • Baf

      My bad….. The impeachment proceedings start with the House Judiciary Committee. If they approve, it goes to the Senate to finalize the process by vote.

    • Whackajig

      If someone were to shoot barfup ovomit in the punkin head and kill him, we would not have to have impeachment proceedings. If the same patriot shooter got Biden, then John Boehner would be president.

      Obungle thought it was OK to kill bin Laden, a man who wanted to destroy America. Odumdum also wants to destroy America, so shouldn’t he suffer the same fate?

    • bp

      Good idea! Impeach both of them!

    • Carl

      Why isn’t anyone doing anything? Lets see, there is the race card, or the Senate is controlled by the democrats (they hold the impeachment trial), oh yes, all that he has done, those he has appointed or things he has signed into law would all become null and void. Not to mention the race war that would be started by the left.

    • Richard William Faith

      SCREW the race war! GET IT ON! I can’t WAIT!

    • rw

      I am in Afghanistan, I can tell you, you don’t want war. You might be frustrated, but don’t ask for war, avoid it..use the ballot before the bullet, thats what our forefathers died for.
      The bullets will come soon enough…

    • nik

      @carl: nobody’s doing anything because everybody but you tea party dopes know the whole birther thing is ridiculous. I almost pity the poor Republicans. The Dems are going to hang yall on them like ornaments on an xmas tree.

    • Richard William Faith

      Have ALL the Patrick Henry’s DIED OUT, leaving America a FAILED RACE of WUSSES? BRING ON this “race war”. “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!”

    • BimBam

      It should be, gimme liberty or gimme a liberal to hang, dammit!

    • Sojourner56

      This movement needs a leader: We need someone with big bucks to take out ads in all the major newspapers and get airtime on talk radio announcing a march on Washington. If Glenn Beck could get an approximate half-million to show up for his rally, just imagine how many we could get for this Constitutional crises if only we had the means to get the word out. I suspect there are far more people deeply concerned about this coverup than we realize.

    • gataheart

      i got four billboards in the hEARTland of uSa ..Coast2coasT & bORDER2BORDEr ..been trying to make them available to conserVativ cONsTiTuTiONalisT paTriOTs ..w/LED upgrade permits but this DEM.O.cRAT cITy [kcmo] takes my moola and issues ‘permits’ which DENY upgrades as applied4 & assured by head o permits dept who personally ‘walked me thru’ aps. Also got great nAFTa superHIGHway broadside frontage available for cenTral hdqTrs / exposure.

    • BimBam

      Yes, that is just as amazing. No one will do a damn thing about it!!

      That is why I do not like the Rebublicans as much as the demoncraps. They both are in cahoots. As someone pointed out, when both parties are in aggreement we (the people) are in a lot of trouble!

      This obviously happened in history time and time again and why our forefathers wrote the Constitution so that if the federal powers became corrupt the States could exceed them and if the States became corrupt the power reverted back to the people.

      The people had the right to REMOVE any government that was not “for the people” anymore as someone correctly stated already.

      The power lay in our hands by mainly the 2nd ammendment. The liberals work tirelessly day and night to get rid of this.

      If they do they can easily get rid of free speech and the right to assemble very quickly.

    • Infidel

      Here is proof that the Hawaii BC is Fake.
      The real Kenya BC with his foot print.,_

      Read the newspaper article about the Chosen One. He really was Chosen

    • Charles

      BimBam , It will be the common people that will being obama down by demanding that our government follow the US Constitution . The common people as you say is We The People . We will not have a fraud in our White House and we don’t care if he is black , White ,Green or purple you are not above the Law witch is the US Constitution.

    • http://ThePatriotupdate Chuck

      The Constitution says those who have the “ability” have the “responsibility” to throw off tyranny and corrupt government. Unfortunately there is not one manjack or woman in Washington that has 1 hair on their asses to do it and half of them are involved in the cover up. This is what happens when you have Lawyers instead of Leaders. Our children will wake up slaves on the continent their Forefathers conquered and you can thank all your Liberal buddies for that. Morons.

  • http://verizon Ann Rand

    No wonder he doesn’t have a birth cert. He was hatched on a rock in the sun..

    • Malinse

      Why do you partially educated Obama supporters think that cleverness replaces intelligence. Quit trying to cover up for Obama by your ridiculous comments. You know he is a con-man and you were duped, so put on the big pants and admit it.

    • Frank

      Some say he (obummer) was pooped from a space ship

  • Floyd

    George Washington in his farewell address to the American people to defended the Constitution by saying “…”Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.”

    Let us embrace Washington’s advice and stand united against tyranny from within and from without.

    • Sojourner56

      So let’s put our heads together and do something! Certainly there has to be someone in the wings with the means to get this started. Any ideas?

    • bp

      VOTE !!

  • Randy

    If it was a white president he would have been gone already, race plays a big role in this. Talk about riots

    • bob velon

      You bet, if he had been white he would have been tried sentenced and than hung for treason.

    • Rich

      Hahahaha If he was white, his birth place would never have been questioned. Please show me proof of Geo. Washington’s birth cert.? LOL

    • Baf

      McCain is white and the democrats questioned his birth certificate because McCain was born in Panama. Of course when McCain was born, it was a US territory until the other Obama Prez (alias J. Carter) gave it away!


      McCain was born on a U.S. Military installation Hospital. U.S. military installations are considered sovereign U.S. territory no matter where they are.

    • Baf

      By the way, McCains parents were born in the US and were verified. When G. Washington was born, records were not well kept and there were no official state registrars offices. Your statement indicates your IQ level!

    • Observer

      Does dumb run in your family?

    • bp

      It’s about ELIGIBILITY per our CONSTITUTION.

    • Eddie G.

      Not ’til after they cut his balls off first.

    • willie

      Well seeing he is black and white which part will you hang for treason. My advice is :Tar and Feather him then keel haul him in shark infested waters. What he has done to this Country U S A needs special punishment!!

    • nik

      @ bob velon. silly Bob. No such thing would have happened. What act of treason did he commit, by the way?

    • Ed

      What treason has he not committed!!? He has only recently shown any patriotism with U.S. flags behind him when he speaks, because he wants to prop up his image at election time!
      His motive is to totally destroy our economy, and is doing an effective job of that! Soros and others are bankrolling his campaign-Again- and his goal is to bring the country to economic ruin.

    • gataheart

      and should be nonetheless.

  • Gary

    I see a lot of people calling each other idiots. The real idiots are the ones that voted for Obama in the first place. I didn’t and I am proud that I didn’t. You BETTER fix your mistake in 2012.

    • Rich

      Just point out the Conservative candidate with an IQ higher than today’s high temp and I will gladly vote for them. Until then, the smarter of the evils gets my vote. No more idiots in the WH.

    • Penny Fuentes

      Rich, that is a stupid remark. We all know that liberals are supposed to be smarter than conservatives but from what we have seen of liberals as of late if they can’t dazzle with brilliance they baffle with bull*#&^.

    • bp

      Liberals are like little children trying to “play” grown-up. They are like the perpetual student who never graduates to the school life. Who said they are “smart”?!

    • Johnnygard

      Rich, You are the one that asked about George Washington’s birth certificate. You do know why he didn’t need one, right? At least ALL the candidates will be smarter than you.

    • nik


      made me laugh out loud rich. good point!

    • Nikita63

      Neither did I, and you are absolutely correct. This enemy within is undoubtedly the worst thing to EVER happen to this Country. He is not just arrogant and inept, he is corrupt and totally unqualified to hold the position he was allowed predominantly by Nancy Pelosi, TO USURP. Never vetted by anyone in Congress and not by as much as a single state, including his purported birth state of Hawaii; one should ask why it is the Congress is not DEMANDING forensic proof of both his citizenship and his eligibility which are truly one and the same. WHY? If the mistake isn’t fixed at the polls, and he continues his Anti-American citizen and civil liberty destroying programs and policies, the only option will be revolt. Here is one who will be active in it to preserve what I have earned in my lifetime and keep it from those who have never worked for anything and those who refuse to learn my language in MY country and who take from me and all of us and give Nothing to us but increasing DEBT! We’ll send all of you to Hades where ALL of you belong. You’d best be listening this time you scurvy parasites; American citizens; legally naturalized and Native born, many of whom are older VETERANS will fight again to Preseve what we fought to Preserve before. WE LIVED UP TO OUR OATHS: WHY DON’T YOU?

    • Red

      You have just expressed the opiniom of the majority of our citizens. Why is nothing happening? Why is there no oposiotion. No outrage? Ask your Representative and Senators.

    • anonimous

      If we revolt, he can jail us, right? Who has a right to investigate him right now? More people should read this now and maybe he will be impeached or a new Stalin or Hitler is here.

    • Eddie G.

      Sorry Red,they don’t give a sh*t about you or me or this country.

    • Allan

      Why is there no opposition?


      -Free transportation
      -Gymnasium privileges
      -Expense accounts
      -Cafeteria food
      -Free parking
      -Perks from lobbyists (such as free prime tickets to events we can’t get tickets for)
      -Days off (i.e. most Americans get one day for Memorial and Presidents day, while members of Congress get the whole week off plus recesses for as long as a month)
      -Free travel to far flung destinations
      -Cut rate on fine furnishings
      -A large free office staff to do the dirtywork.
      -High likelihood they become a millionaire in office if not already one.
      -An average pension 2-3 times larger than the private sector
      -About half of all retired congresspeople receive jobs in lobbying.

      Still wondering why there is no opposition?

    • Red

      There is no opposition because the voters are not raising enough hell with their repesenatives in the Congress. Some are that’s true, but not enough to put fear of losing their seats on their minds. They are being threatened and are not strong enough to stand up to the storm thst would be created by filing Articles of Impeachment in the House of Represenatives. Of course, they all live in fear of the “R” word.

    • cc1



    • Sojourner56

      Nikita, How about a multi-million man march on Washington?

  • BossMan

    It’s all in the book, “Where’s The Birth Certificate?”
    By Jerome Corsi
    BO is only a Resident whose rent is $ 2,000,000
    behind since he has spent at least this amount of our tax to hide the truth. BO stinks…

  • Jaime N. Salomon, Jr.,MD

    I share the sentiments of those who have made their comments prior.

    Whether such sentiments resonate with the Republican leadership in Congress has yet to
    come out in the open. The silence of John Boehner or Eric Cantor is deafening. They seem to be in tuned with this so-called, ”
    political correctness”. Remaining silent implies a tacit approval of statements by the
    liberal media or the left that the “birther
    issue” is an irrelevant issue. With the alarming number of ordinary citizens voicing their collective concern about the ever growing or burgeoning amount of documentary evidences pointing to the specter of ineligibility of this WH occupant to occupy the Office of the Presidency of the United States of America, if these Republicans in fact claim that they are in Washington DC in
    general and in Congress, in particular as representatives of the people, for the people and by the people to quote one of President Abraham Lincoln’s immortal words,
    then they are not acting as such. It seems they regard the “birther issue” as a non issue and that dwelling on it is political
    suicide. Mr. Speaker, SAYS WHO? You think it
    will cost Republicans the November, 2012 elections. Nothing is farther from the truth if only you or your staff would really examine the multiple documents that have so far surfaced online including the purported
    “birth certificate” release to the media and “shown” on television last April 27th.
    Regrettably even some FOX NEWS anchormen such as Bill O’Reilly and Shepard Smith upon seeing the “existence” or “presence” of a “certificate” on TV promptly and immediately and even sounding annoyed blurted out, “You see we have always known that there is a birth certificate” and “which proves the president was born here in the United States. Period”. Oh yeah? Have you actually bothered to scrutinize a copy of what was shown on TV last April 27th,
    Mr Smith? I used to like listening to your segment on FOX NEWS because you can be hilarious and funny. Until you overstepped the bounds of prudence, Sir. If you had more
    cautiously said something like, “now I could hardly wait to hear the assessment of document experts about what the WH has released, I would still enjoy listening to you. But you, Sir had the unmitigated and practically unrestrained braggadocio of having so authoritatively declared and insinuated that since there is a birth certificate then it means this WH occupant must have been born in Hawaii. Really, Mr. Smith?

    I probably echo the sentiments of hundreds of thousands if not millions of our fellow citizens all over this great land who as this comment is typed are truly wondering about whether the “birth” document shown on TV last April 27th is in fact truly a bonafide, certifiable and verifiable copy of what is securely being maintained and kept confidential in the registrar general’s office in that hospital in Hawaii. Speaking of which have you yourself or the legal staff at FOX NEWS actually been privy to the original document in Hawaii. Assuming a legitimately authentic birth document truly
    is available for subpoena by the US Supreme
    Court. Also, Mr. Smith following your declarative statement last April 27th, may I
    respectfully ask, would you Sir explain why there is also available and retrievable online not only a copy of what appears to be
    an authentic copy or reproduction of a “Certificate of Birth” of one, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA II, Certificate No. 32018 from the Coast Province General Hospital, in Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya which bears a right foot footprint as
    well as a reproduction of an authentic-appearing Certified Copy of Registration of Birth, No. 495, Coast Province bearing the
    signature of the colonial registrar, E.F. Lavender (Sir Edward F. Lavender).

    By the way, Mr. Smith, have you or your FOX NEWS research staff gone through articles on
    Post and Email blogs dated March 25, 2011 and
    April 21, 2011? I would highly recommend that you read the findings of the stellar
    investigative research of Dr. Orly Taitz
    concerning the time spent by this WH occupant purportedly at Columbia University,
    the time spent in Pakistan in 1981 as it might impact on why Dr. Taitz could not account for the USA whereabouts of this WH occupant from September, 1981 to September, 1982.

    There is also the blog dated April 19th, if memory serves right posted by a former IRS
    agent whose investigative report chronicles
    possible nefarious activities as well as possible ties to unsavory characters that this individual in question may have engaged or associated with in his teens or twenties.

    OMG, I thought there is no more additional

    There is just this matter of a book titled, “Where is the Birth Certificate?” by Mr. Jerome Corsi soon to be released May 31,
    2011. Reportedly he only spent more than 3 years of investigative research on the subject matter. Are you by chance assuming
    that all these independently-pursued investigative researches are all without merit, Sir?

    Admittedly with or since the announcement by Mr. Donald Trump that he will no longer seek
    the Republican nomination for the Office of
    the President of the US of A, there has also been a corresponding decrease in the fervor and clamor about the “birther issue”. It has
    been disappointing to say the least as Mr.
    Trump has been a fearless voice regarding the
    issue of ineligibility to be president of this WH occupant. I have yet to hear from any
    of the declared GOP presidential hopefuls that someone might follow-through with what
    Mr. Trump has spearheaded. I do believe that
    Mr. Trump still owes the American public, in
    general and the eligible voters, in particular to at least reveal the findings
    of his investigators fielded to Hawaii or
    to Kenya as the case maybe. Afterall he has
    verbalized that he also wants the truth about whether or not BHO is really eligible
    to be president of the US of A.

    Just in today’s installment under Content Summary is the Video presentation about Obama Birth Certificate Faked in Adobe Illustrator-Official Proof.

    It would be enlightening to hear the analysis of a forgery or document expert of the above.

    This WH occupant hides under the cloak provided by the Office of the US Presidency
    and the less questions there are about his
    birth certificate the easier he breathes.
    But this country is a constitutional republic and the citizenry is mandated to abide by its laws. Since no one is above the law that includes even this WH occupant.
    I agree with Mr. Donald Trump that BHO has been very lucky politically. It would be a pity if there is no vigorous Congress-initiated or US Supreme Court-mandated exhaustive investigation into the issue of eligibility to be president especially in light of BHO’s already declared intention to
    run for re-election. If in fact the US Congress, the US Supreme Court or for that matter, the legislature and/or governorship of each of the 50 States ignore the “birther issue”, BHO just may have hoodwinked American jurisprudence, made a mockery of the American political system and completely marginalized the integrity of as well as
    demeaned the dignity of the Office of the
    President of these United States.

    • Red

      How did such a slimy, corrupt, Muslim of such questionable origin become president? Why does the media work overtime to cover up his short-comings and continual blaspheming of his own country? It appears that the majority of the voters are in favor of the second rate socialist state that Obama and his thugs are creating without regard to laws, customs, courts, or the Consttution.

    • Ltjg

      Dear Red, The Bigger question is…”Who is controlling and using Obama as a puppit?” Take a good look who owns a great amount of interests in All the Big Media stations, Newspapers and Hollywood. There is your answer!!! It has been going on and evolving for years. Reagan was aware of it when he was in the Actors Guild. It has been building and building for some time now. Finally, one man has enough control and its not Obama. Obama is the front man. Obama is only playing President and not acting as President.

    • Ltjg

      I will give you a hint on who might have enough money to control Obama. He is an International Investor worth about 14.5 Billion and wants a Global currency. He not only has control of much of the Media reporting what his beleifs and values are but he has also funded many Universities with Teachers to spred Liberalism. They all are on his Payroll. Research…the answer is there.

    • Lone Star Lady

      The man we need to deport who is Obmaa’s puppet master is George Soros.

    • Richard William Faith

      Most probably, he is already living in a FORTRESS abroad. At various times I have heard it was in Canada and it was in South America; there is no reason to doubt that he has a multiplicity of these retreats. This could be all the better if someone were to sprout the stones to take him into custody; the United States is very probably the most difficult place to attempt such a maneuver in. I think it would actually be easier to snatch someone right out of the capital of Afghanistan. By all means, I believe that he should be seized and held without possibility of bail. Considering HIS history of crimes against humanity, I don’t even have VESTIGES OF qualms about TOTURING him. Is there a REAL, SOVEREIGNTY-LOVING AMERICAN out there with the funds and the will to sponsor an “expedition”?

    • Ltjg

      Bingo….We have a “WINNER” on the guess who is behind Obama Quiz. The Puppet Master is GEORGE SOROS!!!!!! I am so happy to see intelligent feedback. Everyone keep up the Good Work. This is a necessary Win and will not be an easy one. Whatever Canidate we get hopefully will have a lot of Courage, Fortitude, Support and Long Teeth to tear the Head Off these Snakes!!!

    • Richard William Faith

      Referring to my adjacent post (I have no way of knowing whether it is immediately above or below this one), it seems like a good strategy to hold him in solitary confinement AT LEAST until the 2012 election is FULLY ACCOMPLISHED, and the elected President HAS BEEN INAUGURATED. It would probably also be well advised to seize and hold his family and all known accomplices for the same period.

    • willie

      Lonje Star Lady, apologies before hand. The correct spelling is george Soreass, Thank you

    • cc1

      RIGHT ON, *LONE STAR Lady*(!!!).
      YOU BEAT ME TO IT(!!!!).

    • Whackajig

      Bullets do a better job than deportation.

    • willie

      George Soreass is the rat in the wood pile. with his billions he is trying to eradicate every decent thing in this world. He has it in line to murder at least 1/3 of the worlds population so the rich will have more room to live “high on the Hawg”

    • Whackajig

      Willie, it is OK for you to hate the rich, for they have and you have not. They have because they worked harder and smarter than you have worked. They saved, invested, did without things in order to succeed in life.

      Not all rich guys are like Soros, many of them give back to the community, as evidenced by the fact that Republicans give far more to charities than the liberweenies do.

      Further consider that the rich, the top one percent of our taxpayers, pay more than 38% of all the federal income tax collected. 47% of all the people who file federal returns pay nothing in tax. I think I know which group Wee Willie is in.

    • Baf

      Red, you can blame the media for this mess. They are the ones who got him elected after Ms Winfrey supported him. Start the blame with her.

    • Red

      True Baf, and they will demonize anyone who runs on the Republican ticket. None of the probable candidates can survive the fire storm that will be created by the media. Trump was the only one who could. The rest are just novice politicians, except for Gingrich and he is toast already. Palin is strong and very conservative, but she fears for the safety of her children and receives threats everyday.

    • Baf

      You are absolutely correct Red. Sad but true.

    • Allen

      No NO NO,Soros and I don’t care about the spelling owns the mainstream media.They are bought and paid for by him to cover up for obama.

    • Eddie G.

      And got away with it!

    • Ben

      The Donald was bought off with 60million. Let’s see what it takes to buy off Herman Cain??

    • Susanne

      Has anyone thought about the perfect timing of the BC , Donald Trump, and Corsi’s book?
      Does anyone beside me think Obama and Trump together might have pulled off a big sting?
      Notice no one is talking on TV about all the experts that have pronounced the BC to be a fake. “They” think they have put the question to bed.

    • Rumplestiltskin

      Ben, Where did you get the info that Trump was bought off with 60million?

    • cc1

      ONCE, AGAIN:
      I CERTAINLY COULD NOT have said it better.

    • Allen

      Don’t forget obama has his hand picked people in the supreme court so I very much doubt if they would impeach him.No,I think this matter has to be handled in another way but how is the question.

  • Raymond

    On Monday’s Today on NBC, correspondent Norah O’Donnell excitedly touted President Obama’s stop in Ireland on his latest European trip as she proclaimed: “The Irish eyes are smiling today as this country welcomes President Obama. And I can tell you that the people here in Moneygall are overjoyed that Obama has Irish roots.”

    The report opened with a musical rendition of ‘There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama,’ as O’Donnell described how “Obama’s ancestral hometown….got a face lift, a fresh coat of paint and an Obama Café.” After discovering from a local priest that Obama’s Irish ancestors were well-off shoemakers that may have provided charitable aid to others in the small town, O’Donnell wondered: “So you’re telling me that his great, great, great, great grandfather and ancestors were community organizers?”

    • Richard William Faith

      ‘Aye Raymond. Ahy’ve WUKKED with some English blokes ‘oo daiunt think too oily of theuse Oiyrish chaps. Do ya’ think them Oirishmen thowit they were tawkin to some chap naymed “O’bama”? Grayyt Oirish nayme!

    • old1

      Who bought the BEER that got the locals to turn out? FREE BEER gets a crowd out every time!

  • Danny Stewart

    The senate won’t do anything because they have demo-rat majority who already know he’s not elligible. The congress is republican controlled but they have no b*lls. I don’t look for anything to happen before 2012. Conservatives BETTER get out & vote, otherwise 4 more years & we’re all in the crapper.

  • Tinman


    1. We will NOT obey orders to disarm the American people.

    2. We will NOT obey orders to conduct warrantless searches of the American people

    3. We will NOT obey orders to detain American citizens as “unlawful enemy combatants” or to subject them to military tribunal.

    4. We will NOT obey orders to impose martial law or a “state of emergency” on a state.

    5. We will NOT obey orders to invade and subjugate any state that asserts its sovereignty.

    6. We will NOT obey any order to blockade American cities, thus turning them into giant concentration camps.

    7. We will NOT obey any order to force American citizens into any form of detention camps under any pretext.

    8. We will NOT obey orders to assist or support the use of any foreign troops on U.S. soil against the American people to “keep the peace” or to “maintain control.”

    9. We will NOT obey any orders to confiscate the property of the American people, including food and other essential supplies.

    10.We will NOT obey any orders which infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their government for a redress of grievances.

    • old1

      How many patriots you got signed up?
      Keep recruiting, we need you! America needs you! Hell, the World needs you! God Bless YOU!

    • Johnnygard

      Everyone should go to the Oath Keepers website and at least print out or buy some of their business cards. They have the 10 oaths on them. If you know any police officers or military people, hand them a card and find out if they agree. You will be surprised how many are members already and/or agree with the ideas. It’s dot org, not com.

    • BimBam

      If the Army, police, National Guard obey the Oath Keepers oaths, “we the people” have nothing to worry about.

      But, it will require a little work cleaning out the scum from Washington.

  • Raymond

    A sharply divided Supreme Court Monday affirmed a controversial prisoner reduction plan forced on California prison administrators that requires the state to reduce its inmate population by tens-of-thousands to ease overcrowding.

    The 5-4 decision authored by Justice Anthony Kennedy, a California native, is a wholesale acceptance of a ruling by a special three-judge panel tasked with resolving chronic overcrowding in the state’s penal system. The February 2009 decision orders California to reduce its prison population that has at times run nearly double its capacity. Approximately 37,000 to 46,000 inmates will have to be released in order for the state to comply with the ruling.

    • Eddie G.

      The crime rate will soar and the state legislature will be in a flurry passing yet more gun laws to combat the problem.

    • Eddie G.

      Also to combat the expected increased crime rate would be to recognize that the majority of those released are illegal aliens. Release ’em as ordered, line ’em up along the fence, and shoot ’em. The legislature will pass a law afterwards that it’s illegal to kill illegals but the problem remains solved otherwise.

    • American with a birth certificate…

      just more votes for the devilcrats….

    • Whackajig

      Soyent Green is a much better solution to the problem of prison overcrowding.

    • bp

      What’s your point? Is BHO’s BC in California?

  • dfrank

    We the American people can do som,ething about this travesty; and I believe we will in 2012. Until then, probably all we can do is continue to stoke the fire in the bellies of all who can see that we have been abandoned by the media

  • Alexander Kaminski

    If it is true that the birth certificate of Obama is a forgery, he should be impeached. The proof of forgery should be advised to the Speaker in charge of US House of Representatives with the request to start immediate procedure of impeachment without waiting for Presidential election in 2012.

    • American with a birth certificate…

      with one corrupt offical talking and bribing another corrupt offical its pretty pointless to think anyone will stop obama.obama and the democrats have sold us out so just get yoursleves some guns and lots of ammo while you still can and a couple thousand dollars worth of silver dimes and quaters to trade for food when our dollar becomes completely worthless.Can we all say SLODOUT… we must stop voting for anti American democrats…

    • Ltjg

      Amen!!!! Keep one close by and stash a lot buried in the backyard. Plenty of Ammo and Food. They want all your Guns so there is little resistance. No way to Protect your Family from the riots…No way to fight or Defend your Country. Crime will be on the Rise, Panic everywhere, No Money to Trade, Blood flowing every place. Who will come to OUR aid? What few friends are left? Will it be Israel after we try throwing them under the Bus or China the people we already “SOLD” our Country to?

  • Jstarusa

    wow, I dont care if it says he came from Mars, NO ONE is going to do a thing about it! Dont you realize if something wasw going to be done about it, they would have already done it! Welcome to 4 more years this baffoon is going to be in our faces. Disaster after disaster and the clown does nothing. If your state did not vote Obama, do not expect any fed assistance! We do need a president who holds grudges. We neede one for all of us not just a select few.

  • Jstarusa

    Sorry, that should have said “We do NOT need a president who holds grudges!”

  • Richard William Faith

    What are the odds that somewhere in a room full of computers and angry people someone is shouting something like “You IDIOT!!! HOW could you have RELEASED THAT FILE without FLATTENING it? DO YOU REALIZE *&^#$%^&*))^$@@#$%^&&**%^$#, and %$^&^(()^%$#@, AND FURTHERMORE &&**^%##@#@(){}\/-@#$!” I have a MEDICAL NEED to hear a tape of it played on YouTube. It would be the funniest thing I’ve heard since the recordings of Casey Kasem cussing backstage!

  • Hal

    Even the election in 2012 won’t get rid of him unless the majority of “we the people” get our collective heads from where the sun don’t shine and get our information from some place other than the big 5 media outlets. You should know by now there is not enough collective gonads in DC to do it.

  • Ralph

    Lets also remove John Boehner as soul brother of Harry Reid, Do you see the likeness???? Congress needs a leader with GUTTS!

  • stevor

    Ever notice how convenient that both of Obummer’s parents AND his grandparents are dead? I’d bet that if we did a DNA test on him (and there actually was somebody alive from the white side of his “family”, he’d test negative for being related to them.
    The CIA (who his “mother” worked for) had a way of getting rid of “loose ends”. Having bodies to tie him to others (or the lack there of) would be a “loose end”. I suspect that the “demise” of his relatives was to get rid of evidence. (I’m surprise that his welfare aunt is still alive)

  • old1

    You can’t impeach a foreigner that has illegally taken up residence in our White House. You can have him arrested! You can possibly deport him as we did his father. Congress can investigate him for treason. The MSM could have him flee the country if only they would report the true facts. Our Military could uphold their oath and protect our Constitution by Removing him from a position he has no way of legally holding. Congress and the Senate can unite and stop paying any attention to him and his fake administration, and cut of all their paychecks and Government expense accounts. We can also help by refraining from viewing any, newspaper, magazine, or TV station that continues to cover for this Communist, New World Order’s foreign puppet. Never forget this is still our America and We The People are still in charge! We have no king of the world as our master. We and the States we live in are the makers of THE RULES! We will be slaves to no New World Order or any group of the worlds super rich elite that create a fake Presidential puppet in order to make us summit to their forced slavery.

  • eva

    The Senate is Democrat controlled,,, they will not impeach. Won’t happen unfortunately.

  • Pat Sinclair

    In order for Obama to run for office in 2012 he must provide a real birth certificate. The name Obama was forged on this birth ceertificate. Wrong father or bastard, lets see it Obama.

  • John

    Obama is getting away with everything. The enemy is on the inside. Doesn’t Hussein ring any bells? How hard is that to understand? The dems are starting to bitch about not getting enough. There going to the cleaners too. You don’t have to go far to see whats going to happen. I can buy a house in Costa Rica right now for 30,000. The money difference between the dollar and their money the colon is almost 500 to 1. Do the math. 500 times 30,000 = $15,000,000 colones That puts the haves and have nots in a war. Stock up. Obamas done enough damage.

  • Larry C.

    If Georgee Borgee Soros is able to own with all his money so many news outlets around this country then HE is able to get the help HE-[O-“DUMMY]-Needs to keep the wolfs from bouncing on him, and making everything go boom-boom for “OUR” dear leader. The President use to be called the “LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD”. I HAVE A QUESTION FOR ANYBODY THAT CAN ANSWER IT–WHAT DO YOU CALL O-“DUMMY” THEN? Hey if you want to send me an answer, go to, and tell me what you think he should be called. May God Almighty Bless, and “KEEP ISRAEL IN THE PALM OF HIS LOVING HAND ALWAYS”. I AM A FIRM BELIEVER IN JESUS CHRIST–YA-SHU-[THE “MESSIAH”]-HE WILL PROTECT ISRAEL FOREVER, AND FOREVER AMEN. LESS ALL WORK FOR THE ELIMINATION OF THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE FORCE KNOWN TO MAN IN THIS COUNTRY AGAINST GODS HOLY-LAND, AND I AM SPEAKING OF THE SO-CALLED PRESIDENT OF THIS COUNTRY. GO ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CJB

    And with all of us and the youtube community aware of the fraud, the lame brain media and the congress ignore the obvious. Soetoro/Obama is shaming the nation. Let’s keep on this chicken$#it, worthless congress until they give us the investigation we deserve. Did you hear the one about another name tied to Obama’s fraudulent SS #?

    • Justin

      typical dumb person.

  • Paul Jannu

    Each one of U must start calling & writing to every Representative in the House & quote this the patriot website.

    Requesting them to proceed with impeachment proceedings. there will not be any problem annulling the Health Care Bill, as all Bills singed by Obama will be null & void. No use causing any more socialist/Marxist- bankrupting the country. Using the Air force One to go raise funds. Remember how a unfair Federal Funding, that is our money for his election & his party which is not agreeable to the Republicans or Independents.
    Pl Call the Representatives & Senators: write to them. I am writing to them write now.
    Patriot should file a lawsuit against Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate providing proof. There is none,who has a long form & a short form in Hawaii. The reason he brought in the Short form in the beginning is: he did not have the Long form. Even the Governor of Hawaii was unable to fish out his Birth Certificate. The Governor even said that Obama has the certificate, which he will bring out. Was he planning all this with Obama or what?

    • Justin

      This website is 100% biased as is all media. DO not quote this crap, form your own opinion.

  • Viva

    The requirement to be POTUS is to be natural born in U.S. to American parents. So how can having a father born in Kenya, Africa qualify anyone to be POTUS???????? All of the other things are a distraction! If we all started concentrating our comments and questions just on the fact that HIS father was NOT an American, our case stands up!

    • Justin

      the case is not about his father, also there is no case! you people are just feeding into the “Trumped” up drama.

  • Dean

    I guess we the people are the intended enforcers of the laws pertaining to those we have entrusted with power. They sure as heck have no intention of acknowledging the law much less enforcing it

  • Dennis

    With the tons of information available, I can only surmise that our reps. have either been paid off or threatened if they pursue the issue of obama’s ineligibility to hold the office of POTUS. The Registration of Live Birth from Hawaii does not include the official seal or the footprint found on a Birth Certificate. The photograph of the Kenyan Certified Copy of Registration of Birth, however, is clearly a genuine document.

    Donald Trump has become part of problem, because we still have not seen a Birth Certificate that would prove that the illegal alien in THE PEOPLE’S WHITE HOUSE is an American citizen. Our media now either consider it a closed case, have been bought off, or muzzled by the dictator currently usurping Our House!

    The issue of Obama’s eligibility is of paramount importance. We do not “have bigger fish to fry”! Once he is declared a fraud, he can be removed from office, all of his decrees will be declared null and void, and the nation can begin to heal!

    Anyone who is familiar with Adobe Software can easily prove the obvious and blatant forgery of the obama “Registration of Live Birth”.

    • Justin

      At first I thought you might be intelligent, then i kept reading. We do have bigger fish to fry, it’s people like you that are creating unimportant drama, while the world is falling apart.

  • Paul Jannu

    Impeach Obama: Even the Governor of Hawaii could not find his Birth Certificate. There is neither a DOCTOR NOR NURSE WHO KNOWS ABOUT HIS Birth. Write to each member of the House & Each Senator, Quoting the Website of the patriot: Call them day in & day out, mentioning that they will not be elected 2012, if they fail to proceed with impeachment. Ask them to call for his admission statement at Columbia University & all other certificates which will prove that he is a foreign citizen.He is deserves to be impeached & punisheD as he has lied to the Federal Government & to all the world. He deserves to be punished for these lies & his Socialistic/Marxist Agenda.Patriot Update should procure the photograph of Obama with braided Sassafras Hair in his college days. he & Bill Ayers tried to do it from the outside, which they could not. Now they found out a sure way to do it: from the inside. IMPEACH HIM, YES IMPEACH HIM.

    • Johnnygard

      Paul, Dennis, and others that think we can impeach him or arrest him. Think it through to the end. If the House impeaches, the Senate would acquit, just like they did with Clinton. It would be a huge distraction from the real issues before the 2012 election, and after the acquittal he would get even more “sympathy” votes ’cause he had been picked on by the racist Republicans. We can’t get him charged with any crime while Eric Holder is Attorney General. If he was born on American soil, he is a U.S. citizen according to the 14th amendment – do anchor babies ring a bell? The Supreme Court could rule against him, but it wouldn’t get there before 2013. If he was born in Kenya you would need criminal charges or impeachment, which as I just explained, won’t happen. Gas prices, unemployment, the economy/inflation, Obamacare, border security, talk to people about the issues!

  • Jim2

    Gosh, why didn’t the court order them to build more and bigger prisons? Oh, forgot, that would be common sense, and would do nothing to foment the coming civil insurection that will lead to national martial law. Yep, Obama’s wet dream.

    • Jim2

      Sorry, wrong discussion, this was meant for the California prisoner release ordered by SCOTUS. Obama still sucks.

    • Michael

      The birth certificate has been taken down.

    • Rumplestiltskin

      Not so Michael, I just downloaded it.

    • Justin

      where do you people come up with this stuff?

  • Painted Horse

    I think that the United States should go back to it’s 1959 borders!!! That way Hawaii would not be a state and Obama even with the false birth cert. would not be and American!!

    • Justin

      I think you should go back to 1959.

    • Cat

      Pre-1959 . . . We could dump Alaska, too. No pipeline, no Palin . . .

  • John in Arkdale

    Yes I fully agree and did from the start that this Pres is and was a fraud. I did no believe the Birth Cert that was produced was the real thing. No foot print , or hand print, and no seal that I could see was on it. If it was that quick and such to have produced the one they did so quickly, Why could he had not produced it before. I hope he does not get on any ballots by trying to use his forged certificate. I pray to our Lord that it is refused. That would stop him for sure. All the States must pass this new law and it must be proved without a doubt that it is a real one. We get asked for ours all the time in several matters, especially if it is a legal matter to prove who we are. I am not ashamed to show mine. I had to prove it to Social Security and other places when asked. He is no different then you and me.

    If need be, I would lay down my life to protect my family, my Country, these United States of America and defend our Constitution and the Republic that we stand for.

    Reid, did not win his election he got it by fraud of the voting machines that was proven but nothing was done. WHY? Lets go back to the paper ballots like we used to do. So what if it would take a little longer to count the votes. At least it would be in black and white.

    I do also agree that a photo ID should be required and then verified at the polls that you are that person With a picture by your name on the registration forms and at the polls. This is one way no one could try to vote twice. It might be the better way. All registered names are fully checked against those who have passed on and if they do that they should be arrested on the spot. It is what this may come to but it would make the elections honest and upfront. And that is what we need. A picture voter registration card would be helpful, That would be taken when you registered and then have to be presented at the polls when you go to vote along with ones other picture ID. Just like your drivers License is with your picture on it. Your drivers license could be your registration card with a place on it to show that you are a properly fully registered voter. Some thing on that order should be acceptable by me and I think it would be by all others who are sincere with some form like this. Not only ones drivers license but how about adding that you need to bring with you some form of an utility bill, car insurance, phone bills your cell phone bills and things like that could be requested to fully be able to register to vote. And for the last 3 months showing you reside where you say you do when one does register to vote in their district. This is always asked for in other areas. So why not here. Showing them would help to verify where you live . It could be that one would have to bring with their other ID, An Electric bills, phone bills, and car insurance bills or a combination of any three on the list that would be in addition to your drivers license. Which the registration office could take a copy of and have it attached to your registration forms and they would be at ones polling place. Yes, more paper work for the clerks at the polls but that would help to prevent those who do comply from trying to vote. It would be hard to register at any other registration place with out the correct forms being required in the district they live in. We must secure our voting registrations and do it NOW. before 2012. Just using ones drivers license is not enough you need to prove 3 other requested forms ( bills) that you receive and pay your main bills showing the address on ones drivers license. Simple as that or maybe it would be to complicated but it would work if it was implemented.

    Doing away with this electronic voting which is open to easy to cause fraud voting. Machines can be made to cast ones vote for another canidate other then the one you voted for. These voting machines are very suptible to this kind of thing. After all it is easy to make ones computer do that as well. So do away with them and go back to paper ballots. Do away with this Electoral College and go back to the popular vote as was first intended . One could win the popular vote and still lose because of this Electoral system we use today. I never believed in this type of a voting system either. One vote and that way your votes really gets counted. I did a write in vote this past presidential election. And no where did it show up when the votes we published as to how many votes per person was counted. So My vote was not counted in as much as I can see. I do not care if I was the only one who did a write in vote, it still should have been shown.
    Lets take American back once and for all . Vote the skunks out all of them that and replace them with lay people who can use some common sense. Do away with all lobbist to. Do away with these special interest groups and get back to what our Constitution says. The we will American back, of the people, by the people and for the people.

    Also no Amiesty for the illegals in this country . .

    • Justin

      Seriously people, congress is filled with old racist white guys, if there was anything that would keep obama out of office they would have found it! GET OVER IT.

    • rss

      Troll……there’s tons of illegal things that HAVE been found….just covered up by YOUR masters. If you aren’t a troll then you are one stupid idiot with your head buried in the sand…..lalalalala I can’t hear you…….

  • C-there

    This guy is half black and half white, identifies himself as a black. It took him three years to prove he’s American (he claims) and now we find out he’s really Irish. Wow, I wonder if the Chinese and Hugo Chaves feel left out.

    I don’t think he should be impeached. I think he should be tried in a court of law and do his time. Or maybe tried by tribunal in GITMO because his DOJ is just as guilty as he is and would cover for him.

    We need desperately to clean house in DC (Din of Corruption) in 2012.

    • Justin

      typical believer of biased media

  • unclehomerr..

    Don’t get hung up on the impeachment question.. that’s cart before the horse!

    Just find an ambitious prosecutor and arrest the bastard for fraud. Then seek impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors.

    You’re welcome..


    • Justin

      fakes can be faked to you know.

  • rjw918

    Interestingly, what you decide is evidence of a scam is actually evidence of it’s having been run through the pdf “Optimize Scan” process.

    Yep, there are some “ideots” out there…

  • emerson

    aren’t these the same “ancestors” this idiot disavowed in his book when he said he was uncomfortable with his white family and turned to his father’s black family for his ancestry? people, this guy is so screwed up if someone told him it was politically beneficial to claim kinship with a sty full of pigs, he would gleefully jump right in. he is an empty suit.

    • Justin

      typical village idiot.

    • bp

      Great point!

  • Deborah

    It cannot be proven that Obama was born in the USA, but it cannot be disproven either. Had his mother fulfilled the requirements for greater documentation, back in Hawaii years ago, it would be different, but she didn’t. That’s the end game that has kept this issue from prominence. However, now we have a fraudulent certificate, and that IS provable. The mesmeric bubble around his supporters tells me that 2012 is the important focus for now. Get the Senate into Republican control WITH A SUPER MAJORITY. Keep the house! Then go to work to reset to federalism. Republicans haven’t been very good at this either in recent years. Let’s take a deep breath, lower the decibel level, and move power back to citizens.

    • Justin

      typical half intelligent republican.

  • Todd

    Yeah, this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Everything, EVERYTHING he claims is fake, is more likely a scanning artifact from when they scanned the birth certificate.

    All this guy’s “proven” is that you can fake a document with a computer… gosh…THAT’s a revelation. I guess he’s also proven that he doesn’t know the difference between a live document and a scanned .pdf file.

    • Justin

      An actual smart person.

    • Rumplestiltskin

      First off I have never used a copy machine the saved the file in pdf format. The only time I end up with a pdf file is after I have altered an image in Adobe software and forgot to merge all visible or flatten image. For sure you will never end up with 8 or nine layers just scanning an image to turn it into digital format to be published on line. If you would like to see some of the various layers watch this video. It’s a little disjointed and I’m not sure what point he is trying to make, but you will get the point. By the way OCR is used to convert an image of a typed page to text format, it has nothing to do with reproducing images.

  • Todd

    OH, and I guess I should say…I DO THIS for a living too.


      Have you seen the birth certificates of “his children”?

  • me3tv

    And he is still laughing about it. To me the birth certificate is only one of many possible falsehoods in the Obama story. Millions of dollars were spent to lock up his college records. It is my suspicion that an even MORE incriminating record of “foreign student loans” at is various colleges exist. It is very likely while as a boy in Indonesia, he was given a dual citizenship under his then step-father’s home of record. THAT Indonesian passport would have gotten him access to a lot of special financial support for foreign students at some prestigious universities. I wish someone could break past that wall of secrecy over his education.

    • Justin

      a typical idiot.

    • Richard William Faith

      Negative comments without evidenciary substance to back them up are what can be expected from fools and ignorant people. I presume you are unable to point out anything wrong with the content of the writer you just criticized, or else you’re just too lazy to do any meaningful research. I will be DISSAPOINTED if you don’t just call me an idiot too.

    • pikachu13-a realistic thinker, that can see past the lies

      I just proved you are all idiots and Justin is right read all my comments especially the really long one, that breaks down how this whole video is a farce

    • Richard William Faith

      One more negative comment without evidenciary substance. The trolls are out in force tonight!

  • http://yahoo carol

    I beleive the correct Party Name is DEMOCRAP there are no more Democrats. Everyone needs to start calling them as such it just becomes natural it has for me also if you are one, and don’t like what your party has become re register in another party just think what that would do to their minds if there numbers fell off drasticly.

    • Justin

      typical republican, notice insults but no fact, that is the republican way.

  • Dave

    We need to call an exterminator,send him to D.C.get rid of all the vermin,–all of them!don,t they have rat exterminators in asian countrys you hire to remove the much unwanted rats!

    • Justin

      typical southerner.

  • Dave

    By the way look at the word democRATS.Need I say more!

    • Justin

      Typical republican.

  • Justin

    Do you really think they would release a fake BC that some pretentious punk could figure out?
    You idiots need to get over this.

    • Guido

      Dude, if I had a dime for every stupid thing the government did then I’d be a billionaire. Do you seriously think they are smart enough to get away with something like this? I’m not saying they faked it or not, but I wouldn’t put it past them. It would totally fit their MO to release something which is that easy to expose too. The bottom line is that he is in office now and should probably start packing.

  • Donna L. Schoening

    – – PLEASE note that ‘we’ really have no proof of who Obama’s (or WHATEVER his real name is) birth parents are!! – – I, for one, do NOT believe that the so called “O.Sr.” was his birth father – – also, O’s so-called birth mother literally disappeared for the last 6 months of so-called pregnancy – – she re-appeared in Washington State, enrolled in the University of Washington and with O. when he was 2 weeks 0ld

    • Brad

      Back in those times, the ability to go poof into the night for months on end was really damned easy. That makes for kind of a strange argument doesn’t it?

  • o c herrington

    My ccmments were not posted- I’ll it in this manner.
    My Mother always tld me not to fuss over spilt milk just don; do it agin. Pick out the Good and use it to the hilt.

  • Webscar

    Abridged Version of why that video is wrong:

    What sort of link has no Creation Date, Modification Date, Name, Location, or other sort of information?

    Wouldn’t you say that when a picture is edited to the degree you say, that a modification of some kind would show up?

    Looking again; if the information was edited -out- of the document, there should be some resemblance of what was there before?

    Err, wait. That’s totally opposite what should be in an edited document… right? I mean, there’s just ghosting on the letters and numbers that were there before…

    Basically, the Scanner that was used to scan the document utilized after-scan procedures to enhance it. Generally speaking this would attempt to recognize text and make it more legible. It may have also tried to perform OCR (Optical character recognition) whereby, the scanned document is converted electronically to editable text. Great for when you scan in your resume and want to edit something quickly. Not so good when it’s a document that’s created to make this sort of thing difficult to do.

    • Richard William Faith

      The REAL questions here are:
      Why are you protecting Obama?
      What has Obama done to make you feel that protecting him is a good thing?
      What truly beneficial thing has Obama done for the United States of America?
      Do you even LIKE the United States of America?
      Your statements say a lot about where you’re coming from.

    • guest

      Richard, those are excellent point’s. I ask myself over and over..what do those who welcome a marxist,communist and socialistic government think they are going to get out of it? There is so much living proof as well as eyewitnesses who lived in these form’s of government who shared with the world the utter misery,fear,repression, and utter poverty they lived under. Anyone who beleives otherwise is under a great delusion or insane. Think Nazi germany..Russia.North Korea..China. Shudder!

  • Barbara

    OMG! Whoever this is certainly makes a credible argument. Even I can see that had this been typed-which it certainly would have been in 1961- the type doesn’t line up on the lines (eg, the August date) Can’t someone please get to the truth? This may be as close as we get.

  • nick

    I was born in Spain.I am a U.S. citizen. I want to be the next president.No problem . Right ?Thank you .

    • John

      Well, you need to be corrupt too.
      Political party makes no difference, that’s only for show, and helps with the “divide and conquer” pollicy.

  • Janice Fortin

    Aren’t we all tired of talking about the
    birth certificate that everyone knows is phony. America knows ZERO about this man they elected president, supposedly because they were so thrilled to get the firt black president. Hell! If that were the aim of goal of electing a PRESIDENT….there were others, same skin, who actually love America and are PROUD OF IT. Honored to salute Old Glory and consider abuse of one’s flag sacriligious and definitely low class all the way! The kind of attitude that belongs in a ghetto. Who are proud to sing our Nationl Anthem and wear a flag pin, who are NOT seeking, like some sinister corroder of values, to remove the word of GOD in all historical documents and pledges. Why does this great country have to settle for less? For a pig in a poke, knowing ZERO about him, and he’s proving ABSOLUTELY NOTHING he wants is for the good of AMERICA. Electing him was some weird masochistic SUICIDE. Hope and Change? There is NOTHING hopeful about diminishing this country to TURD LEVEL. Opening the southern border to all manner of criminal and drug cartel with beheadings galore over the line threatening to accept obama’s invitation to INVADE AMERICA and do the same here? AMERICA CAN DO BETTER. It is a country where leadership and government lies with WE THE PEOPLE. WE THE PEOPLE WILL

  • Cat

    Wow. Impeachment . . . annulment . . . lining up lines of type . . . looking at a document under a microscope . . . If you people put half this much effort into improving your own corner of the world, you’d be a lot happier. This thread is so full of misinformation, it’s insane. I can almost feel the anger, resentment, racism and low self-esteem oozing out of my computer. I’d hate to live in your houses.

  • The Iron Yooper

    IF Obama truly isn’t qualified to be President, removing him will be extremely painful every step of the way. Impeachment is only applicable to qualified Presidents. There is no single authority with the power to remove him so the only available process is to strip him of his moral authority to govern trough public attacks, then, for the connecting Government systems to drive him from office by separating him from power. A Federal Judge calling the U.S. Marshals to drag him out to jail for treason should follow, and, then the immediate swearing in of his successor. The resulting furor would be the death nell of the Democrat Party.

    Let’s hope this idiot is just pulling our chain and tweaking us because this Constitutional crisis could easily get out of control. The people will probably be very angry about being deceived by a usurper.

    If Obama manages to stay in office until the end of his term, and, if he can’t stop another change of Presidents, the next administration could do a more orderly job of clean up after this idiot, but, the resulting repercussions would still end the Democrat Party for all time.

  • wsly


  • Brad

    Lol. Seriously some of you make me sad, there are real issues in the America, and in the world, yet still so many are held up on this. I highly doubt since his conception there has been some evil plot to make him into the president of the USA. Any group could have easily just had a child born here, to make things go real smooth. Knowing how paranoid most Americans (just about all of us) can be, would make this one of the worst attempts in taking over the USA. As in the end military Generals would not follow when they were told to wipe out the US. Think about it?

    • John

      Think about why Obama still allows the corrupt PRIVATE Federal Reserve Banksters to rob the USA and many if not most fake democratic countries.
      Did you know the Feds robbed 8.4 Trillion from American taxpayers, in 2010, and keep it out of the public books?

      If I know, Obama knows this too, and still lets it happen.

  • Richard

    I have a question. If Obama’s mother was white and his dad was black doesn’t that make him exactly half white and half black? He isn’t even willing to declare his race honestly let alone his birth location. Why is he referenced as our first black president? Couldn’t it be said he is just another white president with a tan?

    • guest

      Obama is not the first black president. He is the first arab african president. Obama is only 6% black(he only had one relative considered negro black,a term used back in the 60’s) He is 50% caucasion..43.6% arab and 6% black.He couldn’t run as first arab african because of 9/11.and simular attack’s by muslim’s,thus he ran deceptively on his 6% black heritage.

  • pikachu13-a realistic thinker, that can see past the lies

    This is pikachu13-a realistic thinker, that can see past the lies(Confirmation Name if YOU need to verify my Birth Certificate as well but since we moved it would be at the other City Hall Instead, SO its not a FAKE!(Unless City Hall recently got flooded like our Basement(Which that could have happened in Hawaii Since its surrounded by Ocean and Volcanoes too(It could have flown out the window and into a Volcano as well) This tid bit makes much more sense than the above comments and I will set the record straight now))). I am a graphic designer myself and use these programs on a regular basis. His rational and logic is flawed in regards to the birth certificate file. For one any graphic designer(at least those who know what is what) know that you want the smallest file size as possible when posting on the web(Also just to let you know Donald Trump is satisfied with it, my mom just chimed in) which means not having an high resolution file with tons of detail. High resolution files with all the detail have a huge file size. Any graphic designer knows this, and that we use the lowest file size possible to post on web because the lower the file size the faster the upload time. So of course the image will not be as clear as the original(no one in their right mind would go to a website and wait 20 minutes for one file/image to upload, that is why there is graphic designers to optimize those images). Second problem is if they are going to fake/forge a document they are not going to use illustrator(As the name states Illustrator is used for illustration! Not documents or photos). The programs they WILL use are either Photoshop or In Design. If you are curious what the in design program is, it is a page layout program, meaning the kind of program that sets these documents up(its a format program). Another thing is that what was probably done by the government was that it was scanned into the computer then brought into photoshop, only to be optimized(lowering the quality of the image to be placed on the web) and after that being saved as a pdf file so it is easier to be viewed on all operating systems(I have learned that jpgs that are made on mac computers are sometimes not able to open on windows machines(I actually have first hand knowledge of this because when I brought something to Office Max to be printed that was in jpg format that was done on my Mac they were having issues with the file)). Another reason they would bring it into photoshop after scanning IS to save it as a pdf. I know from experience any thing that is scanned onto the computer from a scanner will show up automatically as a jpg. Also if he really wanted to prove that it was edited and was a fake. I know for a fact that you can make the thumb nails of the layers larger in the layer pallet to be more visible. I will tell you the reason why this guy did not enlarge the thumb nails is so we would not see that was all his editing that he did. Like I said if it was forged/fake the editing would not have been done in illustrator it would have been done in Photoshop(the more realistic program for editing). Also for the record I would like to add that I have an official copy of my birth certificate sitting right in front of me. I would like to say my birth certificate does not have my foot prints on my certificate. Also my birth date is on the certificate but there is also three more dates on there as well. Two of the dates are my parents birth dates and the third is the date it was received by the local registrar. So I would have to say that the only fake document here is the one he made before he made the video. I am setting the record straight. Also before believing a .com website like, I would first check more reliable websites like .gov, .org, and .edu before referring to a .com website. Because .com websites can be the most unreliable out there(that is why it is possible to get viruses and spyware from them). I have never heard of a .gov, .org, or .edu website giving a computer a virus from visiting them(the only way is if they did not renew the use of that domain name and it is up for sale). So before you go after Obama why don’t you think it through clearly and do more research. Here is a brain teaser for you though. I turned my state income tax return forms for 2010 in on March 18 2011 a month before the deadline, it has already passed the eight week mark from when I sent them in. Why have I yet to receive them? I will tell you why it is because the state government is now republican that is why. Before I never had trouble receiving tax return refunds in a timely manner. I worked my but off for the money I received(minimum wage job also) in 2010. That is republicans for you they want to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Basically they want to wipe out the middle class that built this country to where it was before George W. Bush took over and slowly began to allow the middle class to disappear. I bet Jesus is up in heaven with his father(God, Allah, or whatever religion you are) going Why?! Why?! Why?!

    • Richard William Faith

      Go peddle your “class-struggle” tripe in North Korea. Just in case their market for that kind of preachers is saturated, you better have another skill for backup: something there’s a market for in their economy. They probably don’t need any stinking graphic designers.

  • Jeff Prager

    I’m a retired publisher and graphic designer and also have Adobe Illustrator. This document is a forgery and not a very good one and ANYONE supporting that it’s not a forgery is just uninformed and lacks the understanding to comprehend this video. I made a similar video and posted it to the web. It’s a forgery. Period.

  • Jeff Prager

    pikachu13-a realistic thinker, you’re a moron.

  • nyc web designe

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