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Obama goes to Disney World?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Topics in today’s show:

–Obama goes to Disney World

–Newt Gingrich wins South Carolina primary

–NBC finishes 8th place in TV ratings, behind several cable channels

–More news about the Italian cruise ship

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  • Raymond

    Obama belongs in a prison.

    • jim in TX

      Gitmo has some open beds

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      WE believe he NEVER came out of dizzy-land from the start!!!!

    • Larry C

      RAY I am so sorry that I could give you no more than one thumps up for your comment. It is the whole truth, and nothing but the truth–SO HELP ME GOD!!!!! Ray you are a genius.

    • El Lobo Solo

      I spent 5yrs working on a state prison system listening to “jive talking” inmates that sounded like the current POTUS.

    • john j

      looks like her best one in my opinion !

    • john j

      Also , I noticed no one gets any credit or discredit !… Hmmm …

    • MakpatHi

      Raymond as we used to say “in the Nav”, Put him SO FAR DOWN THAT THEY HAVE TO “P-I-P-E” Starlight to him!!!

  • Elaine

    Keep up the great work Ms. Miller. I wish your videos were ran on a weekly basis on all networks. Just so the viewer’s could get away from the liberal bias for a few minutes. Love what you are doing. Thanks.

    • Larry C

      Look on and you can see whatever you want from the company she works for at any time. newsbusted She is a great comedian.

  • nvrpc

    Oh he’s not going to Disney world, he’s going where the people want him to go and they proved it last night. the people want what he wants and her’s how it’s all going to go down.

    Here’s how the media is going to play this out and make the republican look like total fool. They are going to tell everyone that if it wasn’t for these fu-king republican Obama could have passed all the legislation he desired in his talk last night and this country would be out of a recessions, you all would have had jobs, homes, cars, etc. just like it was before the housing crash. In the end Obama will get four more years, ALL the republicans will be removed from the congress and senate and in 2016 we’ll get another democratic president that’ll ride Obama’s coat tails into the Whitehouse using the very same compassionate and understanding tactics as those use to destroy the republican party once and forever. Want to bet anyone?

  • armyvet

    Obummer had to go to Disneyworld to thank Mickey Mouse for his vote(s) in the last election and ask for his vote again next November. Acorn registered Mickey along with a number of other cartoon characters who all voted for Obummer early and numerous times. How else do you think he got elected?

  • cheryl

    Of course Obama went to Disneyland. He’s been living in Fanasty world for over 3 yrs now.

  • Floyd

    This President does not represent anything my family and I stand for. He is anti-American, he exports our jobs and allows ILLEGALS to take those that are available, he sends OUR money to other countries to boost their economies, he sleeps with terrorists, he sues states for upholding laws that are on the books that he does not deem necessary, he disrespects the flag, national monuments and the military, he has de-friended one of our greatest allies in Israel, he forces the country to accept his biased Obamacare and then gives passes to corporations who either donate to his campaign or that hire ILLEGALS, he regulates industry to the point of destruction, ad infinitum…. and then he blames everything else for his failure.
    This traitor quit representing the Great United States of America the day he started appologizing for her greatness. He has done nothing but trample our country, our flag, our history, and our Constitution all of his life, while living off our our tax dollars. It isn’t the color of the skin, it is the lack of Red, White and Blue!

  • guest on this planet


    • Larry C

      You sure they were not closer than that??

  • jimbo999

    He went to Disney to visit his twin brother, Goofy, and compared ears with Dumbo.

    • Larry C

      Isn’t his ears “BIGGER” than Dumbo’s??

  • tod

    They should burn it down now that he has infected the Happiest Place on Earth !!! Dr.Ron Paul 2012 !!!

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    First rate Comedy that Jay Leno, David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel should be using…..oh, wait….she’s not Leftist Liberal Libtard AND she is telling the TRUTH!

    • Larry C

      exactly Roscoe. It is so easy to tell the ones that know the truth, as compared to those that are idiots. The “IDIOTS” on late-night are all idiots.

  • LJWB

    obama should feel right at home, after all he lives in Fantasy Land now.

  • Pegi

    So perfect! His ideas are make believe too!

  • catfish

    Democrats: Party of freeloaders, Lickers and Suckers.

  • Larry Owens

    obozo goes to disney world and tells them he is going to help get tourist to their state and create jobs, while he cancels the pipe line project. I guess those High paying tourist will help florida… Ha, Ha..

  • donl

    Was it gay pride day at disney world ? Or did obama screw up the date ?