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What’s the Modern Definition of a Conservative?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Adam Smith and Edmund Burke are the most significant figures of the founding in the conservative movement of America. Their similarities and differences in the early 19th century formed the basis for the traditional moral values group and the libertarian group comprised in the conservative movement. These two sides of the conservative movement have lasted to this day, with the addition of the economics group of conservatives brought about by the new development of the Tea Party group. Modern leaders of the conservative movement, like Glenn Beck, and Ron Paul, are driving forces of the established conservative movement that goes all the way back to Smith’s and Burke’s day of American history.

In this video, Gary DeMar interviews Dr. North (in six parts) about his brand new DVD series “The History of the Conservative Movement” (available now at This is part two of the six parts of the interview.

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  • Jack

    This is not at all true, Ron Paul is a Rothbardian which is founded in the rejection of Classical Liberalism and Edmund Burke and Adam Smith. Thats why he is insane