Egyptian troops reportedly opened fire Friday on supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi outside the Republican Guard headquarters, where he was believed held, but there were conflicting reports on casualties.
The Associated Press, which had a photographer at the scene, said at least one protester was killed.
Citing security sources, Reuters reported security forces fatally shot three demonstrators.
But an army spokesman denied Egyptian troops shot at Morsi supporters, saying soldiers fired only blanks and teargas into the crowd. It was not immediately clear if other security forces could have been present and firing some kind of ammunition.
A Reuters journalist reported hearing shotgun fire and seeing at least eight demonstrators wounded by shotgun pellets.
BBC reporter Jeremy Bowen who was also at the scene says he saw soldiers fire on the protesters Friday. Bowen reports that as more protesters gathered and anger increased, they pushed forward and troops opened fire – first into the air, then at the crowd.
One man fell to the ground with blood on his clothes, said Bowen, who was himself lightly wounded in the head by shotgun pellets.
Three people were killed and 69 wounded in the shooting, the head of Cairo’s emergency services said, according to the BBC.

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