I’m going to write today about our rapidly developing autocracy (Government for The People, By the Vanguard) and our unraveling society. I will add my two cents to the words flowing from the figurative pens of every other political commentator in America, even if it seems a waste of time to express my views when others are saying the same things and far more eloquently. But sometimes you write or speak not because your voice is unique, but because you want to be part of a chorus of anger and outrage. You hope that in this way you can help drown out the false voices of our highest elected officials and their politically-owned army of left-wing scribes and mouthpieces. When the congregation sings a hymn, they hope the power of their united voices reaches to Heaven, and when they all say “amen,” it is an affirmation of their singleness of sentiment.

There are many things to ponder and they are coming at us with the speed of tennis balls on the practice court. First is the growing violence of our society. We are the global center of mass murders carried out by seriously deranged youths and serial killers whose escalating atrocities play to the galleries. American men and women, even parents themselves, torment and murder children and use them as sexual toys. And now, rising from the ashes of the deceased (or at least long moribund) KKK, we have black gangs and mobs out looting and pillaging private property when they are not maiming and murdering people wearing the wrong skin color. Like transvestites passing for what they are not, these latest brutalities are called games by their perpetrators and excused by the nation’s perpetual apologists for reverse discrimination as the entirely understandable outcome of deeply ingrained white racism. If it were not for the alternative media, those reporters of our daily travail not in thrall to our political masters, news of the crimes being carried out by the Black Klan would be deep-sixed entirely. I sit in wonderment and ask if there is any natural limit to the amount of violence a society can emit and absorb before it crumbles into chaos. There are days when it seems to me that Americans have thrown up their hands and declared that nothing can be done, so sit back and enjoy it. As long as it isn’t one’s own head shoved between the bars of a bicycle rack, the violence is best ignored or dismissed as some passing fancy.

I know that violence is part and parcel of the human condition. Some people are born wicked, with a taste for inflicting pain on others. Others are provoked to it by despair or taught through pain to pass it on. That said, our society today feeds and encourages deeply negative behavior. While many of our teachers speak about pacifist ideals and human equality and all the other feel-good things the left holds dear, the entertainment industry, also dominated by the left, spreads a different gospel altogether. It is a gospel that glorifies the violence of poor against rich, of black against white, and of men against women. We expose our children from the earliest age to such preaching and in the end we get privileged white kids bullying others to death, blacks forming up to beat the brains out of a white boy or rape a white girl, and mockery of any value not based on something that can be weighed and measured. I can’t get out of my head the white couple on their way to church in Killeen, Texas, a refuge they were destined never to reach. They were hijacked by a gang of blacks and set on fire. Can this really be 21st century America? It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to figure out that if you raise a child on a diet of sexual deviance and the violent, they will acquire either a taste for it or an indifference to it. If you fail to teach a child moral values, you end up with an adolescent or adult without moral values. You end up living not the American dream, but the American nightmare.

Society doesn’t start to fall apart in a vacuum. There must be a stimulant to conflict and decay and the stimulant that is most effective today is our own government. We are ruled by corrupt men and women for whom the greatest good is their own reelection and their continued access to the public trough. We have an opposition who still thinks they are operating in a democracy and thus operates ineffectively. The party of the president dreams of a permanent majority patched together with a great deal of help from the people flooding into our country from south of the border, and so they need the power to legislate without the Congress. They need to find a ruse that allows them to open the doors and sign up the voters as they shake off the waters of the Rio Grande. They need a president who rules by edict and a press that justifies the jettisoning of democratic rules. To get to that City Sunk in Darkness in a Hollow, they need to stack the deck, throw a spanner in the works, eliminate the rules one by one or wholesale. And this they are doing, full speed ahead. If these neo-totalitarians are to succeed in pulling the rug out from under America, they have to move fast. They have only three years left to finish off this great experiment in human history.

Last week was a black day in America and may in years to come be seen as the turning point where the possibility for reconciliation became as unattainable a dream as affordable health care. The filibuster, a procedure in use by the US Senate since nearly as long as the Senate has existed, was tossed on the ash-heap of history by the New Marxists in their quest for absolute power. The filibuster had limited use. There had to be major discord over a matter for the opposition to agree among themselves to take the floor of the Senate and keep it without a break for long hours. And sooner or later the filibuster had to end. As noted in a Congressional Research paper on the subject, the filibuster did not empower the opposition to permanently obstruct a vote on a proposed nomination or proposed legislation, but it slowed things down and called public attention to the cause of dispute. The filibuster gave the majority an incentive to craft legislation so as to gain the support of at least part of the opposition. It helped to soften the hard edge of partisanship that rules in the House.

Well, the filibuster is dead, along with our Jeffersonian ideals, and rare is the American who thinks that this depredation is the last. It is a certainty that the self-imposed limits to the ruling party’s abuse of power will be cast overboard at the first opportunity, setting off a political conflagration. We have an autocrat with little feel for America’s history and essence sitting in the White House and he is surrounded by others of the same ilk. Many of his advisers are the grandchildren of Russian and Eastern European communists (Mensheviks) who lost out to a smarter communist named Lenin and fled to the US to escape retaliation. But like the true believers Gram and Gramps were, they passed on their ideology of vanguards and masses, of the privileged and the permanently oppressed, and now those ideas have been brought to the heart of America. And when the same violence that engulfed Russia back in the day catches fire across our nation, I guess our only satisfaction will be that the descendants of those who carried this seed of destruction from their own country to ours will have nowhere else to run to escape the just rewards that await them.