In an editorial lamenting a new Virginia state regulation requiring abortion clinics to comply with higher licensing standards, the Washington Post quoted one abortion-clinic owner who noted that he can do such things as “stick needles in babies’ lungs” and “put tubes up penises,” but now he is going to have to deal with the “nonsensical” demands of Virginia’s regulation.

“Some of the clinics, including those operated by Planned Parenthood, which has a national fundraising network, will survive,” said the Post. “Many others, which are run as small businesses, probably will not.”

The Post pointed to a quote from Dr. David Peters, a Virginia abortion clinic owner, that was published in The Virginian-Pilot.

“I can do plastic surgery. I can stick needles in babies’ lungs. I can put tubes up penises and into bladders, and do all sorts of crazy stuff in my office with no regulations whatsoever. No government supervision,” Dr. David Peters, who owns the Tidewater Women’s Health Clinic in Norfolk, Va. “But for an abortion, I’ve got to have the sterile room–the size of the building matters–so, it just becomes nonsensical.”

The Post editorial lamented that another Norfolk, Va., abortion provider, the Hillcrest Clinic, closed its doors last week after 40 years of aborting babies in the state rather than comply with Virginia’s regulation.

“Hillcrest performed more than 1,600 abortions last year, about 7 percent of the state total,” the Post said

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