Our government is regulating small business to death in order to collapse the middle class and make us a welfare state.  I have proof.

At a cheerleading competition I start chatting with one of the moms.  Her store in Orlando, a small, successful ‘mom and pop’ that has been in the neighborhood over 37 years was just visited by a government official who gave her store an inspection and concluded that an extra sink was required, even though no food is prepared there, the shape of her toilet bowl seat must be changed to accommodate both sexes, and she is required to attend a $ 120 class, and get a license which will expire in five years, to teach her how to manage her store, what temperature the refrigerators should be, and other nonsense she’s already been doing correctly for over 37 years.  She was told that if these corrections were not made in a month she would be fined $ 5,000 a day until they are made.  This cheer mom would not let me video her for fear that the IRS would punish her.

In Texas, I was on the Joni TV show at Daystar.  I met a woman named Kelly, owner of a small company that sells jewelry, Kelly’s Treasure.com.  She agreed to go on camera.

Last week, a friend in South Florida, expressed his fear of the government, and how it’s irrational, illogical, and unnecessary regulations, fines and fees have almost bankrupted him.  A government inspector charged him $ 17,000 a few years ago, for an unnecessary change to his equipment, and last year $ 40,000.  He would not go on camera.

I was at an art gallery outside Naples.  The art dealer admired my “There’s A Communist Living in the White House” T shirt. (for sale here).

I said, “Oh!  I assumed art people would be liberals.”

She said, “Oh no, the government is killing us.”

I said, “Regulations?”

She nodded grimly.

I said, “Can I put you on camera talking about it?”

She said, “Oh yes, but come back, I have a customer here.”

I returned an hour later and she wouldn’t make eye contact.  She said, “My husband said no, he’s afraid the government will…”  Her voice trailed off and a man ushered me to the door.  I asked him if he was “the husband” and he said no and wouldn’t make eye contact with me.

I am not a business person.  But, I know that my stand up comedy jobs dried up in 2008, which is coincidentally the year I suddenly became an outspoken conservative.  Of course, people don’t go to comedy clubs when they are losing their homes. My husband, a 30 year police veteran, and all the other police officers in Dade County just got a sizable cut in pay, thanks to this administration.

Small business is the heart beat of America, and all around me the government is shutting it down.

Running errands today, I asked a small business owner in my neighborhood, “Is the government hurting you with any new regulations, just curious?  He smiled and said “No.”

The man behind him, the store owner said, “We’ve been here over thirty years and now I have to get a license to sell cokes and water bottles!”

I said, “How much is the license?”

He said, “$ 125 per year!  Just to sell Coke!  And, I was required to put a sink in the back with hot water to wash my hands before I put the Cokes in the refrigerator!  We don’t sell food or anything!”

I said knowingly, “When did this regulation and license thing start?  20 years ago?”

He shook his head no.

“10 years ago?”

He looked at me and whispered, “Four years ago.”

That’s five people in a month.  I am afraid for us.  Will somebody do something?

Take the regulations off. Bring business back here. Drill for oil here. Yes to the pipeline. It’s common sense if you love America and are trying to be a successful country.

The problem is Obama hates America.

The third generation Cuban coffee kiosk down the street just went out of business.  They couldn’t pay for their new license, and while they were scrambling to get the money, they were fined out of business.  That makes six.

Here is a good source recommended by Glenn Beck: DefendSmallBusiness.com