To vote for the lesser of evils is to vote for less evil.” —Dr Randy Alcorn, Christian author

“ It’s better to choose someone who is committed to eliminating some of the evil, than contributing to the victory of one who is not committed to eliminating any of the evil but, on the contrary, will promote it.”— Greg Koukl, Christian apologist

“What America needs at this moment in history is a turnaround specialist. Not a Libertarian. … That person is Mitt Romney.” — Wayne Allyn Root, Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee in 2008


This is probably my last column before Election Day on Tuesday.  So this is my last chance to persuade Patriots that a vote for Romney and Ryan is the only way our country has a chance to recover.  And after that, we hope that Patriots can persuade others in their families, churches, and synagogues to do the same.

Some people have already voted; that’s actually quite a good idea.  And even if their vote now can’t be changed, such people still influence others.  So this column doesn’t leave them out.  Some people have made up their mind for Romney, so this column is just reinforcement.  Others have voted or will vote for Obama regardless (I didn’t say “made up their mind,” because it’s an absolutely mindless decision).  This column is mostly for those still not sure about whether it’s even worth voting, or want to “vote their consciences”, “stand on principle”, “avoid the lesser of two evils” / or however they put it.

The brief case against Obama

Many of my columns have presented evidence of Obama’s malice towards this great  country, business, the “rich”, capitalism, and the Church.   Obama has also appeased our enemies.  And now, we know that he watched the attack that killed four Americans while ordering rescuing troops to stand down.  This is unprecedented in any White House occupant.  My fellow columnist David Goetsch has just penned Obama’s Dismal Record: One Last Look before the Election.  This presents a clear difference between Romney and Obama, and between the Republicans and Obama’s Dem allies, as these links document.

And, of course, Obama and his Dem allies rammed through Obamacare, a huge government takeover of a sixth of the US economy.  Romney has promised that on Day One of his presidency, he will kill Obamacare for all practical purposes by issuing a waiver to all 50 states.  Then if we elect plenty more Tea Party Republicans, they will work together to repeal Obamacare formally.

But if we don’t, Obamacare will be here to stay.  In a few years, too many Americans will be thrown off their employer-provided insurance and forced to depend on Obamacare.  This has always been the Dem way; when they get enough power, they bloat the government, force people to become dependent on it, and build a huge army of bureaucrats that can be counted on to fight for their bureaucracy and job security.  Then Republicans won’t be able to repeal it.  Similarly, when the Republicans finally regained the White House in 1953, they left FDR’s New Deal intact.  Even Reagan could not get rid of Carter’s Departments of Education and Energy.

Thus the third party propagandists, who claim that there is no difference, are deluding themselves, and many Americans, with potentially grievous consequences.

Consciences and principles

I certainly don’t wish to knock either of these, as they are two important characteristics of conservative Patriots.  However, a conscience is valuable only if it is properly informed.  I would not want the re-election of the greater evil on my conscience because I didn’t prevent it.

Janet Porter (née Folger), author of the alarming but well-documented book The Criminalization of Christianity, is a staunch pro-life champion.  She identifies herself as a “former Romney critic”—as am I.  Her top 5 reasons for now supporting Romney over Obama: 1) life (Obama  is an abortion extremist and supports infanticide, and forcing churches to pay for it); 2) gay marriage and assault on supporters of real marriage; 3) hatred of Israel; 4) freedom of religion against Jihadists, and national security; 5) America—foodstamps, unemployment, and debt.

Similarly, I want to see as many of my principles implemented as possible given the candidates actually available.   These include: respect for innocent human life from conception to natural death; freedom of religion; love, pride, and gratitude in this country; limited government; the rule of law; the free market; and the right to bear arms.  Wasting one’s vote on a “purer” candidate will simply result in a government that makes war on all principles I hold dear.

The former leading Libertarian Wayne Allyn Root has likewise endorsed Romney as the best hope for the recovery of free market principles (see top), because Romney is a proven great businessman who has made failing companies prosperous.   Conversely, if Obama wins another term, Root says:

“His gloves will be off. He will be free to be his real radical self. Without ever having to face voters again, Obama will truly wreck this economy from sea to shining sea — just as Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven, Barack Obama Sr., Frank Marshall, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, and a host of other radical, Marxist, American-haters taught him.

We will face a final economic Armageddon: the total collapse of the U.S. economy and our monetary system. Obama unleashed will send the IRS to crush his political opposition. He will appoint a majority of Supreme Court and Federal judges, so none of his violations of the Constitution will ever again be challenged.”

Bill Whittle recently produced an excellent clip about how Romney and Ryan are the best shot to advance Patriotic principles.

Both of these great video clips point out that if Obama is not thrown out, his attacks on freedom and the integrity of the voting process might make it virtually impossible for conservatives to win again.

Finally, while there are genuinely principled third party voters of good conscience, they should consider whether their leaders are worthy of their support.  There are only two possibilities: 1) they think they can win, which means they are deluded; 2) they know they can’t win, which means they don’t care that they are abetting Obama’s destruction of the country.  In neither case do they deserve support.

Sending a message?

Many who claim to be voting their conscience also claim that staying at home or voting third party will “send a message”.  However, by its very nature, this is a pragmatic argument, which is ironic since they often condemn Romney voters for putting pragmatism over principle.  But it’s wrong anyway.  Like all pragmatic considerations, we must weigh costs against benefits.  The “message” received if Obama wins is that Presidents and Congress pay no penalty for imposing big government monstrosities like Obamacare.  A rather high cost for the “benefit” of “sending a message”, which in most cases is “venting frustrations”.  Further, the “message” the more gutless Republicans will receive is: Obama’s extreme leftism wins election—therefore we must move further left.

And don’t forget that we heard the same thing last time.  Frustrated conservatives complained about McCain, with ample justification admittedly, and thought that an Obama win would “send a message to the Republican Party” and they would become more conservative.  But the cost was Obamacare and record debt.


Obama said he would be a “one-term proposition” if he didn’t fix the economy in three years.

Let’s all vote for Romney/Ryan to help Obama keep his promise for a change—it will be good for his soul.