It’s fun to watch liberals dance around the obvious.
Check it out:

It was a simple question posed by NBC correspondent Kasie Hunt to Georgia Democratic Senate hopeful, Michelle Nunn. Hunt was speaking with Nunn in a one-on-one interview and asked the question: “Would you have voted for the Affordable Care Act?”

The candidate’s answer was not a “yes” or “no.” In fact, it was so confounding that MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, during an appearance on “Morning Joe,” called it “terrible,” adding, “Boy, nothing screamed ‘practiced politician’ like that answer Michelle Nunn gave on health care.”

“It just doesn’t come across as credible,” he said.

What was Chuck Todd talking about? It might have been the initial 27 seconds of circuitous language heard from Nunn. Her exact words:

“At the time the Affordable Health Care Act was passed, I was, uh, working for Points of Light (a non-profit organization where Nunn served as CEO, earning $300,000/year) . So, I think it’s hard to go back…to look back retrospectively. But when I look at it, I think about…what do we need to do going forward? I look at it, I come at it from the perspective of someone who made payroll, who saw rising healthcare premiums, who believes we actually need to work together to make changes where it’s not working and improve the things that already are working.”

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