Today I was sitting in one of my political science classes, and our class had a discussion about campaigns and voter demographics. There was a lot of debate over which groups Republicans could make strides with and what groups are out of reach. I thought to myself what if people, to better visual the demographics looked at them like states on the electoral map. This way people can better visual which groups Republicans should target, and which groups are out of reach.

African-Americans: This group is like the New York or California for Republicans. Republicans discuss how they need to make strides with the African American community, but I really think this group is out of reach and a waste of time, money, and effort to get them to vote Republican. My strategy is instead let the Democrats waste their time, money, and effort getting them all out to the polls. This is a strange one because a lot of African Americans share a lot of conservative views on social issues that most Republicans have. But there is a bad stigma about Republicans in the African American community, and I think it would be better off to spend time and resources elsewhere at this point.

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