A new poll released today by The Hill finds broad support for the Republican position on the budget, until the word “Republican” is attached to that position. By a 2-1 margin, voters support the Ryan budget plan over the plan offered by Obama and the Democrats. That support, however, is on the details of the plan. Once the brand, “Republican” is attached to it, support evaporates.

When asked who they most trust on the budget, a plurality, 35%, say the Democrats. 34% say they don’t trust either party, while just 30% say the trust the Republicans. In other words, Republicans come in third on a two-option question.

Almost two-thirds of voters, 65%, believe the budget should be balanced by cutting spending, rather than raising taxes. 88% of Republicans hold this view, as well as 40% of Democrats. Indeed, only 44% of Democrats believe the budget should be balanced with tax increases, the core position of Obama and national Democrats.

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