If there’s one thing we know about Republican activists, donors and rank and file voters it’s this: they aren’t compelled by the current field of not-yet-official GOP presidential candidates and they’re looking for alternatives.

The New York Times even reported over the weekend that many of the party’s major donors are staying on the sidelines.

“A result is the chicken-egg dynamic that is delaying the party’s urgent need to begin raising money to defeat an incumbent president whose fund-raising goals are as high as $1 billion,” wrote The Times’ Jeff Zeleny and Jim Rutenberg. “Potential candidates have been slow to get into the race without the assurance that they can raise the money necessary for a credible campaign, while donors are waiting to see how the field develops before making decisions.”

Amid all of this, comes word from the Associated Press’ Tom Beaumont in Des Moines that Iowa donors are courting New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, trying to prod him into the presidential contest.

As The Washington Examiner’s chief political correspondent, Byron York put it, “in the back of their minds, many Republicans are hoping that somewhere, somehow, a superhero candidate will swoop down out of the sky and rescue them from their current lackluster presidential field. They know it’s a fantasy, but they still hope.”

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