We are at perilous times today and if we are not very careful our Nation is going to slip through our fingers. What I mean by this is President Obama is getting ready for a war against the American people. How can I say this and am I stating the truth.
Let me explain that there are two things happening right this minute in Washington, DC that will forever change America – for the good or for the bad.
First we have ICE agency leaders (Immigration Enforcement) testifying in Congress that they are not allowed to arrest and deport illegal aliens that are here in the United States. They can only do that if the illegal has a criminal record. If they do not have one, then they have to be let go. Ice agents cannot arrest illegal aliens that are staying in America. Does this sound like something our Government is supposed to be doing?

This is not the way our currently written laws stand today. This directive they are getting is being told to the ICE agency directly from the Whitehouse. We, the public, need to know this is happening. So I am asking if this wrong? Can any leader of any part of the US Government re-write the law as they see fit? Well, that is what the current President of the United States is doing. Currently, President Obama is not following the law of the land by giving these bogus orders to the ICE agency. He is not abiding by the Constitution of the United States. He is doing his own thing while he is in the Whitehouse. If you think this abuse of power, read the next paragraph.

Secondly we have President Obama and a host of other Democrat leaders tell us it is illegal for ‘water-boarding’ an enemy combatant. We have heard this for years and years how everyone was so up in arms because the Bush administration used this technique on a couple of war criminals. Now we have President Obama who wants to be able to “Kill American Citizens.” He is going to Congress to finally let them in on what his plan are on this topic. The main-stream news media will make you believe it is only if you are ‘engaged as terrorists overseas.’ This is really not the case because they actually say ‘if you are an agent of evil against the current government, they have the right to kill you.” Does this sound like something you want President Obama to be able to do without restriction? Do not listen to the news media, read the information when it is made public. It is a power grab of authority.

This means to you and me, at any time a “Patriot of the United States” is deemed to be evil against the current government, even if that government is against the people, we could be killed. What are we to do with this? When is it time for Americans to “wake up” to these facts of what is actually happening to us? We are allowing this perversion of laws to happen before our eyes. It is getting to the point where an American President can kill an American without due process. He is trying to by-pass our Constitutional Rights and is taking over our government with these two power grabs alone.

If we do not “wake up” and see what is happening, then America that we once had will be gone forever. I am not one to panic, but we must be aware of what is happening. Right at this time we have someone who is leading our country that is not following our laws. So if President Obama is not following our laws, then does he deserve to be President of the United States? The reason I am asking this question is to see if any of this makes any since or please tell me I am wrong. Listen to me when I say that I wish more than anything else that we did not have to deal with this issue, but, the fact is that it is happening right now. We better wake up and see it.

Back in World War II, I am told, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, it was before 8 AM on December 7th, 1941. We had an enemy directly confronting us and at that time the Japanese were said that they were “awakening a sleeping giant.” Now, I am asking “if our President is not willing to follow our own laws,” then I am asking, “Where is our enemy today?” No matter what, as a Nation, we better wake up and know what is happening for when we do, it might be too late to save America.