Scott Walker became the nation’s first governor ever to survive a recall election – and it was not as close as many predicted. With over 99-percent of the vote counted, the Republican Walker led Democrat Tom Barrett 53-to-46 percent, with Brookfield kidney specialist Hari Trivedi getting the other one-percent.

Walker’s victory margin was slightly bigger than when he first defeated Barrett in 2010.

Amid chants of “Thank You Scott,” Walker told his victory party in Waukesha that voters quote, “really do want leaders who stand up and make the tough decisions.” And he vowed more cooperation with his opponents, after he acted quickly last year to slash collective bargaining rights for most public employee unions.

In a scene reminiscent of last year’s demonstrations against the union law, over a-thousand people gathered at the State Capitol last night as the returns were coming in. Barrett, the Milwaukee mayor, told supporters to keep fighting for what they believe in. State Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate said his side was badly out-spent, but the recall battle was still worth fighting. And Tate said it would be a mistake to call Wisconsin a “red state” now.

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