Finally the sensible people in NY have decided to clean up the mess those Wall Street protesters have created. Those who initially came to Wall Street were an eclectic group of people with various issues and it could be seen by the signs they created. During their protest, they did not stop one iota of transactions on Wall Street, but they did stop the park from being cleaned for a few weeks. Some of us wonder how these people taken care of? Well, if we look at what is being told to us now, we can understand who has taken over this ‘movement’ and what direction they are heading.

Since a lot of these people were just a collection of various left-wing people, they were infiltrated by more sinister people that represent Labor Unions. Now, these people, who were NOT working, standing up every day, day in and day out, whom were protesting various things are now being supported by Labor Unions. Let me be clear. Labor Unions were spending money from their coffers to support people to NOT work and TO protest. Sounds like the Labor Unions have an agenda to me; supporting people who do not want to work?

Well, today on the news we hear the Wall Street protesters are NOT being made to leave the park they are occupying. However, the mouth-piece of those protesters made this statement “We are (now) called ‘Organization United for Global Change.’” So, let us get this straight, the various left-wing demographics that make up these Wall Street protestors now have found a common voice and they are trying to impose “Global Change” upon us all? In fact, they are bragging about how well they are linked to other places in the world by saying “On Saturday, we are going to be protesting in 591 Cities and 82 Countries.” So, tell me patriot, does this sound like something Democrats would do or Socialists would do? I mean, to reach out for World Wide Change as something us, Americans, needs to do? We know it is the Socialists who have taken over the Democratic Party in the US!

There are several critical points here and it is important to be very clear:

  • Labor Unions are supporting those who do not want to work
  • Labor Unions are behind World Wide Change
  • Labor Unions are a cover for Socialist and have taken over the Democratic Party

If you work for a Labor Union and you are paying dues into that organization, YOUR money is going into an organization that is supporting the overthrow of the Unites States by our current President Barak Obama! How does this make you feel?

I am NOT part of a Labor Union nor have I ever been part of a Union, but I know it makes my blood boil to know that the original purpose of Labor Unions is to help those workers who have been taken advantage of by ruthless employers. That was a LONG time ago when they actually did this. Today, it is all about money, power and control. The Labor Unions have been taken over by Socialists who saw a huge way to mobilize workers for a united cause and the funds they get from those workers. Now these Labor Unions are for the destruction of the Unites States! They want “World Wide Change” and what do you think this means? This means Sharia Law in the United States, it means the Government takes over for all private decisions people in the US are now making on their own, it MEANS “We No Longer are a FREE People!”

If you are supporting a Labor Union and you are an American Patriot, show your support for America and STOP paying dues to your Union. See what happens and see how much they really care for you! All they want is your money and your willingness to do what you are told. If it means you get another job that is NOT unionized, think about what you are doing… You are guaranteeing that your money and your mind are NOT controlled by a Socialist-Communist Organization, i.e. Labor Unions.

If you are a Patriot of the United States, take a stand against Communism and Socialism. Stand up for FREEDOM which is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.