Andrew Stuttaford at National Review highlights an interesting report on The Center for American Progress (CAP), the progressive think tank most closely associated with President Obama’s administration. Among other things, they publish the progressive blog Think Progress.

CAP is partly funded by a “business alliance” which offers perks to large corporate donors for a given level of annual donation. Unlike most think tanks, CAP does not issue annual reports disclosing any of these big business donors, but an investigation published by the Nation found that CAP’s business alliance contains many familiar names:

CAP’s donors included Comcast, Walmart, General Motors, Pacific Gas and Electric, General Electric, Boeing and Lockheed. Though it doesn’t appear on the lists, the University of Phoenix was also a donor.

To be fair, the Nation piece points out that this is really par for the course among think tanks in Washington. All of them market themselves to big business. Nevertheless, the list of big corporations and military contractors demonstrates that big corporations are not always (maybe not often) politically conservative.

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